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The enchanted and mysterious world of.... Google Street View?

Artist Aaron Hobson has collected beautiful and haunting images from Google Street View, and displays them as art. Most of them are from extremely remote locations that only locals ever see.

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Some of those are downright eerie.
Nice! +John Dobbs , get it from the official source: These file repositories can sometimes have malware or be packed with extra jumk from the hoster. I think cnet was busted recently for doing this. Anyway, if it's available direct from the source for free, no good reason to get it from anywhere else. Be safe! :)
Thank you for the great share!
Looks like the street I grew up on. We always wished someone would move that old trailer so the meth-cookers would go elsewhere...
My wife found an abandoned Soviet light house used in the excellent movie "How I ended the summer" looking at Google Maps. She saw a thermo isotope generator and asked me if that's what it was. I'm not sure if the shiny thing in the photos is a new generator or a movie prop but that's what it is supposed to be. What were the odds of that?
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+Gary Levin They have vans driving on just about every road in the world taking pictures every 10 yards or so and uploading them to their massive database. I wouldn't really call it "finding" as opposed to "blanketing everything". It's up to the users to "find" things once they're in Google StreetView.
i must say these pics are really awesome! rather awesome is an understatement for it!
Beautiful photo and I have to admit that this looks like a painting
Loved the ones of Huautla, Mexico and Capetown, South Africa
like this, feel peaceful~~
I think we crashed the poor guys web server.
The guys should have linked Google Maps in every pictures, so we could click on the picture and go to the Street View.
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