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The world's largest shopping mall can't attract stores.

The world's largest shopping mall is in Dongguan, China. Called the New South China Mall, the place can hold 2,350 stores.

Although the mall was completed 12 years ago, some 99% of the stores have never been leased.

There's even a 13-minute documentary about it, which you can watch free below.

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if there is a blue and it's dark good night
So there's only 24 stores active in a 2350 store mall? In China?
B Ossia
When you have no sufficient domestic consumption this what you have to deal with and as your export collapse your economy shrinks as well. This is what China has to deal with in the near future when its currency gains more value, its inflation rises besides the minimum wages. I see how the party might come to an end.
We have the same problem in Ruidoso (NM). Our mall only has space for 6 stores though, so there's a bit of a scale difference.
Seriously, who wants to open a store if there are 2350 other stores next to you? That's a better place to hide than the second page of Google search results lol
All the malls around here have an abysmal occupancy rate. I wonder if it's a trend or just secondary to the overall economy.
Opening a mall is like starting a book store... Out. dated
true but if it had some furniture in it it would be even better~!!!!!
Building shopping malls seems to be the trend as well in some third world countries. From where I come from, Indonesia, there are shopping malls popping up everywhere. My area used to only have 1 decent shopping mall about 10 years ago, now that shopping mall has been expanded 4 times its size, and 4 more new shopping malls have been built since then.

Although not as extreme as the New South China Mall, most of the new shopping malls also have problems leasing the spaces. I wonder if they also have these problems in developed countries.
Seems fairly obvious they need to get some major transport infrastructure in there and maybe develop it from a tourist point of view. Interesting video.
This is the best example that not always bigger is equal to success
They have a lot more of big things ready but empty. Even factories with complete machine parks ready to roll. They are so big that if they would all start-up the whole market would be disrupted.
Here in China people often biggest with being the best, and they advertise things as being "the biggest in the world" just because they think that business and customers will come simply because your mall, tower or business park is the biggest...

You know - If you build it, they will come - Kevin Costner style
This mall does remember me on Google+ a lot... Few active people... but elsewise it's completely empty...
on the plus side finding a parking space is a breeze
Why does one build anything at all?
wow..they should have built it here in the u.s people here love to shop
Yeah, well, people here don't travel half way across a continent so they can make a couple bucks a day at a job with an abnormally high suicide rate so they can send a buck a day home to their families. I think it's not that they don't like to shop there, but more that they can't.
Eerily reminiscent of the dot-com bust of 90s in the US. Looks like a history repeating itself, except these are brick & mortar companies.
Funds used to build this useless mall could have been used to house, feed, clothed and medicate people and animals in dire need. What a waste. 
Hindsight and all--what if it had been successful? That would have been much more productive than just handing out food and shelter. 
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