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How cool is this?

A friend of mine had her hands painted with henna, a process called mehndi.
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looks like that would take quite a while to get such a beautiful intricate pattern!
Its quite common among the women in my country...
This is very cool and like the designs :)
Surprisingly does not take too long. I know people who do it and they can do a whole wedding party of ten or more in a couple of hours.
beautiful. I had it on my hands and feet when I got married and had my son! absolutly beautiful...
Thank god that is not a real palm hand #tatoo.
It's believed that the more you love your "would be" the darker the end result of the mehndi :).
+Josh Goodman does depend on the skill. But if they have been doing it long enough, they get quicker!!
mine only took a hour for the intricate design,but Hoya that did mines was very skilled
This henna art is a part of tradition in India.. thanks Mike..
Beautiful......................nice art.
We Indians have been using for this years..But we never faced any allergies that I know of from my personal experience. But we make it from scratch..May be some companies to make money , they add chemicals that may cause this...but if you go with leading brands and good corporate companies , i feel we are safe...but then each one has their own opinions..Read the ingredients before you use..
I've thought about getting henna tattoos on my feet for my wedding.. bare feet, a simple sheath-dress..

Now for a groom.. hm.... ;)
One of my friends draws these designs with Sharpies!
Li Sa
so cool
Seems to be a day of henna. One of my friends also got a henna tattoo. (do you call them "tattoos" or just "painted with henna"?)
Its made of herbs it helps to keep ur body cool
wondering: permanent or temporary?
+斜月三星 .. it is temporary.. the stain washes off in a few weeks
shit on her hand, look shitty, very bad
It's temporary. It's really popular in the Middle East.
You should come to a wedding in India +Mike Elgan . Mehndi is everywhere. And much more intricate than the picture above...
We Indians are doing this for ages, and it has come a long way with our tradition and culture. This is one of the very important aspects of a bride's makeup for the Hindu marriage.
i love this tradition of mehndi,the colour ,the smell and everything about it
Evergirl us in East Asia at her wedding Cermony
mauri this means hi i am rarry from kiribati see the internet and u can see it hahah
Ash very beutiful.............
for Good Style Just see any bridle @ first day of her marriage specially in pakistan
Unfortunately art is disappearing.
Today you can see it still only in ceremonies, in the Muslim countries
Or an old lady
Mostly in marriages, festivals and any special events people artistically apply mehandi in India
xue lu
I like the right one.the left should keep clean.
its a custom in india....a very elaborate one :D
The ladies in my family do it for every family event. :-)
I had a rather gifted mehndi artist just doodle on the back of my hand between classes at USC, and it was so striking I didn't want to get it wet for days (even though it doesn't just wash off) :) Some folks are slightly allergic to one of the colors of henna, though (black?). Have a smallish spot done the first time.
Beautiful! I first found out about mehndi art back in 1997 when +Madonna had her hands done during her Ray of Light period. A gorgeous representation you have here.
fun to use, but its almost like a tatu, since it has a Long life line haha.
Its common in India for to-be-brides to get mehndi done a day before her wedding.
Its not just palms or hands.. its even done on legs till knees.
This is basically arabic culture came to India centuries back :)
@not much douglas as low as a dollar and average 4 dollars on both hands.
It is common in India, Pakistan and Middle-east countries.
Mega x
tatoos yours ?
Its better than a pain only gain !!!
in Indonesia, Pontianak, West Kalimantan, some women use this for their wedding ceremony
ya offcourse its very beautiful i like heena i also painted my hand wd heena i like it smell
It is artistic and colourful.
They are very unique and beatiful!Just sad because there only temporary.
i love mehndi.. this one is really good
this is soooo common in INDIA...hahahha..
:) it's in the culture of india... Your friend must be an indian I gues...
I wouldn't be able to handle that on my palms, would want wash my hands all the time, but nice design.
In Malaysia we called this process as "Inai". Malay people use henna around all the fingger tips and also patterns on hands and feet during the night before their wedding ceremony.
in sudan we called also "Henna" ..
for married women only , starting using it .. before wedding party ..
I read half the comments and they mostly agree its a nice thing
so it seems I am the only on who thinks this is repulsive?
I like (normal) hand look much better than this ugly colored looking whatever it is
Call it Mehndi, or Henna..same thing and it is very common in Arab countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, and also East Africa and a few more countries. Designs can get very intricate and we do not really have to wait for an occasion, but can apply whenever it suits the mood. I love Henna!
I thought it was a kind of tattoo.
I would have to agree I kind of like the outside hands with the beautiful decoration. But find it hard to like the palms all painted up.
So weird. Who wants a tattoo on his hands? Better put it on arms.
great in india all women paint their hands with mehndi on their marrige
its nice . pakistan's tradation
Now, do it on the canvas please
A popular style from India
Really Nice.
its a traditional in india ...
gals paint there hands for festivals and wedding!!
Its actually a tradition in the sub-continent (India and Pakistan). Although, now it has taken on a more festive / wedding specific application - in the olden days (of Maharaja's and before) it was adorned as a sign of opulence and later as a sign of beauty and then onwards to show happiness.
Some designs are even more intricate than shown here.
wooooowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0 :D awesuuuummmm B) xx
I am Indian.This is usually seen in our tradition.You can see more of these when there is an Indian wedding.
This mehndi even stays on your hand for 2 or more days.
indian culture is good culture
Its an Indian Tradition. Mehndi is the colloquial name of the plant whose paste is applied.Henna is sometimes added to the paste for added effect.

This prep also serves to dye hair and cools down the body. not usually applied in winters in colder areas. :)
Oh yes it looks wonderful....part of Indian culture...
so beautiful................
i try and do that but fuck me its hard with jel pens
Yup in India every girl/woman does it...Seems its exciting new thing for ya eh?
Actually Henna/Mehndi is a part of Islamic culture which had been used by muslims and other arab people hundred of yrs ago.. then this cultural thing came to India with the muslims... when the came to India... and now its very common in India and as well as in all Muslim countries...
the answer will be clear after washing hands :P
its Indian tradition every Indian woman proudly does it,and its not look scary anywhere.
It is beautiful.....would love to have it done. Raine
I love this.
I'm in the beauty industry and would like to do this myself.
...these people has too much free time on their hands... :P
I love mehandi very much ... its good design also
it is nice... common in India and other Asian countries...
yes it is very common in Pakistan. ut the fact is that i hate mehndi
there must be an underlying significance, if only self decoration, indicating vanity.
Originated from India as adopted across middle east as Henna....Its an essential part of all happy occassions from the Indian sub continent to Middle east...the trend has been carried forward regardless of conversions in to Muslims...
These must have taken quite some time and the detail is exquisite
This is an INDIAN CULTURE. Specially on the occasion of marriage.
thata a rajasthani mehandi in india
henna was really very good
i luv it and often decorate my hands with it
In Malaysia the Malay and Indian communities commonly practice this for special occasions like marriage... in Malay it's called INAI
i love it:) bt m still in skul so they only allow it when ther's a wedding in my family:(
Not trying to be racist... I think it looks nicer on tanned skin... the contrast looks too obvious on pale skin tones...
Henna is the ever lasting trend in india,pakistan&most of the arab is used to dye hair healthily&safely as well
you can get the same pattern for 3 dollar in my country. you pay more you get better one. I'm from morocco ;)
Yeah, I have seeing pictures of beautiful indian ladys with this types of exotic tattos. Very Impressive.
the cutest indian tradition ,
bahut achha lagta hai jab koi ladki mehndi lagati hai(ift looks great when a girl has menhdi on her hands)
Our traditional mahndi is better than modern tattoos.........
it is our tradition ...& there is no side effect like modern tattoos...which sometime cause skin cancer..
this is not cool but fool people do shit on their hand, assholes
dont do shit on your own hand foolish assholes
If you live in east london then this is nothing unusual you see people get it done every year
Beautiful its a tradition of our country pakistan and almost in Asia
+maaz ibrahim Mehndi is just an Urdu/Hindi word used for Henna. It is an extract or powder of plant of Henna or Mehndi that is used in this process. The name is just a noun, not a process. The people who have written the article on Mehndi, didn't justify the topic -- they just talked about its application. In Arabic, only a word Henna is used.
muteşem ötesi bi şey bende yaptırmak isterdim harikaaa yapanın ellerine sağlık buda bir beceri işi
This is one of part of beauty of ladies.
its the beauty of east........,..
the most country that uses this kind of art is Republic Of Yemen the root of all Arabian country .
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