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Wow...someone had alot of time on there hands
is that a tractor for rice farming? or just an experimental? the front looks like it's possibly hydraulic assist
Judging from the background, the terrain needs wheels like that. Wonder what it needs such a long wheelbase for...
Dutch conversion.
Nordic (Suolahti, FINLAND)
Valtra (Agco) starting-point.
With that wheel stager it would crush any crops. The only thing I can think of is pulling a deep plow or ripper. Maybe a sub soil injection rig for livestock waste?
That's one seriously cool looking tractor. I wonder if I would be allowed to trade the family car in for one of these. 
Anyone notice how we figured out what, where and more in just over 30 minutes? The power of Google and Google Plus, people. There's no escaping it. +Mike Elgan , case in point for G+ again.
I saw something similar to it at a tractor pull once except it had a wing
Install bullet proof glass & run over cop cars
all day long,seriously!

that is great how did it get made 
D Black
Yeah Batman could be a farmer. I can see him riding that tractor at the secret BatFarm.
"I'll take you for a ride on my Batman Tracker, we can go slow or maybe go FASTER!!"
I must get one. That is the coolest tractor, I have ever seen.

That looks like a vehicle in a game I am making.... sans the whole tractor part....

Lin Sai
this is so good 
If I was in the market for a tractor this would be it!
It's the tractor farmers deserve, but not the one they need...
mani s
what was that?
Cool see that in next bat man movie :)
That farm would be the best producing farm in the world!
Able to leap through wheat fields in a single bound...
That should've been used in the movie. Lol. 
farmer friendly?
Does it come with missiles and/or laser beams?
Thats cool. Is it one of a kind??? I know theres someone who loves... 'DOUG' A MANAGER FROM SHARIS IN UNION.HE WILL FLIP.
i think it's very expensive.
Be creative...I think itll be berfevt for joker."lol"
I think with a blink of an eye.done.tada!!!
hahaha.. thats so funny dude..
Looks similar to Batman car..
Raj D
When did u launch it India
Cas e taff tumas. Sapos 1 lo Vanuatu nomo.
The girls will just go crazy. 
That Is f***alicious. Me need, me want.
It's for planting carrots & to grow straight they don't like compacted soil. With the wheels configured like this the weight of the tractor is spread across the whole carrot bed instead of having the front wheels running in line with the back. The hydraulics provide drive and steering to the front wheels. Cool engineering.
so sweet for me ...................i like machenical things very much..............
That is awesome but it's sad there's people not eating while some dude is driving a batmotractor. 
nanananananananananananana bat farmer
now thats what a tractor should look like, when we done working on the farm we can simply go hangouts grab some drink with our buddy, just add some stereo and its done :D a cool all wheel drive
Another thing to add to my lottery win wishlist! 
Can you use this for anything with that setup very cool but no use me thinks... 
Haha! Looks cool, but very unpractical.
high tech farmer LOL 
Hong J
Good one.
Poor crows and squirrels would be on the endagangered species list!
Poor crows and squirrels would be on the endangered species list ! 
Can I borrow it for this coming weekend?.... Please (^o^) 
It looks cool but it only goes about 15 to 20 mph. Lol!
so picture him going from naught to 15mph
Shut up and take my money...all of it! Lol
I know what happened to the driver even? This, +Mike Elgan is not driven around on the floor ex platform is it? That thing could be more fun than a barrel of salmon.... Just trying.
Repost from reddit, good job.
Avery good at design, n indeed looks well equiped f 4 modern neds , so nice even to look at !!!
good tractor and will be go into every family !
Lol I just got the weirdest look frm my friend for laughing at this in a really quiet room. Haha
Nanananananana Batman!
Valtra with powered nose wheel
Dealer Offringa in Creil has two Valtra T 171 Advance tractors converted for seeding Parisian Carrots in the North East Polder and Drenthe.

Valtra with powered nose wheel
Valtra T 171 Advance is used with this version 2 months

Valtra tractors are used worldwide and sometimes converted. Thus Valtra dealer Offringa from Creil two Valtra T171 Advance tractors specially converted for sowing Parisian Carrots in the North East Polder and Drenthe. The Valtra tractor with this adaptation seems like a tricycle with the powered nose wheel. The latter is a special! With this embodiment contractor Agri-vison from Bant the seedbed of Parisian carrots riding right which makes for great returns for his business.
Wow! fantasy.Can anyone explain tht tractor what purpose going to use?
kindda make me feel if i was a farmer too..:-)
"It's not who I am underneath, but what I PLOW that defines me." A quote from the upcoming movie Ol' McDarknight.
Grt revolution in de field, super nice yea!!
Is it just me or does this look like it belongs to the farmer from hell?
it looks like a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION to me.
aaah! I love it how can I get it!
Brian W
that's a mean farm machine
masih ada...price RM550..postage rm25..
Ho goods is urs creation well done be always the way u r 
ok this is the best traktor ever
Wat make of tractor is it mike
Yeah! Right! get a life Sony
Going to be awkward to put a front linkage on
that is one wicked machine!!! i would like to drive it!!
I bet it steers like a dog
Send it to my farm, I ll give it a test drive....
Too funny...I hope your going to take your girl for a spin! :-) 
Cool for my mom going to market 😃
hahahah is the dark night trakter XD
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