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If you had to choose, would you choose Twitter, Facebook or Google+?

Social Media Insider is running an online poll asking: If you could use only one, would you choose Twitter, Facebook, or Google+?

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Once you vote you can share it... on Facebook or Twitter.
Hey, I just discovered that if you sit there and watch the page, you can see the votes go up!
FB for interaction today. Tw is tapering off. G+ for future plans (it will need to grow in capabilities and user base to achieve this).
I noticed them going up too. It looks like Twitter is winning so I chose not to share it there!
That is a loaded question when you post it on G+ itself because everyone on here thinks it is so wonderful when the rest of the world has never heard of it. I pick Twitter.
The best way to get me to not share something is to ask me to share something. No offense, I just find the request annoying.
Google+ (still a novice here) then twitter - FB for family only because they all won't switch to G+ at the current time. Sheesh.
I remember back when the earth was cooling there was still a high value placed on surveys conducted via a random sampling design. Oh well.
Interesting to see the demographics on voting as well. Gonna keep this open for a while ....
the best joke is, that after selecting g+ it shows a form to share on FB and Twitter :)
I already chose, and here I am!

Interesting that as soon as I click my choice, it asks me to share it on Twitter and FB, but no G+ option!  I guess in the long run that helps G+ on this particular one.

[Edit] Dho!  Miroslav beat me to it!
Do you have similar number of followers on all networks?
Facebook. All day. Every day.

I actually KNOW the majority of the people there in real life.

I like knowing people in real life. :)
After voting, I could choose to share with Twitter or Facebook..  hmm.
G+. My twitter exists to give me an login, fb is for the few friends and relatives who are only on there. A login once every couple of weeks is plenty 
Now i try to choose " 푸라스 ".
Funny. After choosing Google I was invited to share on Facebook and Twitter but not Google.
G+ all the way  FB and Twitter are only cuz my work made me. 
 +Google+ leading the poll for now way ahead of FB & Twitter, that's cool.
I'm torn, my first thought it twitter but G+ has more potential. Today twitter, tomorrow G+
I want to say Google + but right now Facebook has a strong hold. G+ wins for new though.
+Mike Elgan, google+ because its connected to ALL BEST SERVICES OF GOOGLE and I can take out anytime my account that facebook cannot do for you...
Google+ is an easy choice for me, as I don't use Twitter and I left Facebook years ago.
I'm still a big Twitter fan. I just like the interface.
If FB and Twitter sold themselves to each other and disappeared into a pan-dimensional Starbucks right now, I wouldn't cry.
G+ is how I get down! It's the adult version of FB with a sprinkle of Linked-In accolades :)
And when you vote you can share your vote on facebook or twitter :-/
Slowly but steadily. .its g+ for me..its kinda simple:

1.the UI.esp on mobile devices . beautiful, vibrant..smooth

2.the basic idea of circles.

And, the v fact that it isn't as saturated , as full as fb.i know sooner than later, that's gonna change. .but till that happens, g plus it will be for me.. posting here in Google is google plus....i closed my fb and i never had twtr.....i have all here but in 1 tool...G+!!!!
I much prefer G+, but I'd have to choose FB, because G+ is still growing.
Hah... I already did chose...  I'm here...
If I could get all on my FB to G+ then I'd choose G+
Funny that they want you to share but don't offer the interface for G+.
well considering I saw this post on G+, then it's got to be.....
If G+ were to fail, then I'm going back to MySpace and using search engines like Lycos :)
Of the three choices, G+.  However, until G+ is as good as old school usenet and IRC currently are, we will continue to be inundated with questions like, "How do I do <>?", "Why does <> happen?", ...  G+ is no more complex than usenet and IRC, just less well implemented.
Raj D
I would choose that island.. 
I like google+ the most. Best place to hold a discussion. Facebook has all my friends an twitter has the most open-ness though.
Twitter. I'm only on G+ cos it's forced on me.
And yet you can only share the poll with Twitter or Facebook. Who was the genius who thought that one up?  I voted for G+ BTW.
Haven't said a word on fb in over a year, never opened a Twitter account. 
I deactivated my FB account and kept my "Page" only 2 learn that my "profile" is still live! And Posting! via my old Twitter API link! ... and I don't have access to it! > means that 1) FB is just LAZY and 4got to unplug me 2) FB is sneaky and keeps my signature for SEO purposes 3) FB is  not as competent w the Internet as you assume and 5) FB is a bloody waste of time
Use them all in a more meaningful; you can get everyones vote on a particular law, subject, etc. regardless of age, because there are some smart kids out there. "We the people" right? The government works for us, not the other way around. But when you have central banks hi-jacking our country since 1913, dumbing us down with everything possible, seems like these social media outlets create an illusion that one has a voice. The only thing they are used for is to monitor us so they can domesticate us to the point of helplessness in the event of an emergency. And people like this Mike Elgan are useful idiots.
All depends on what ur looking for
G+ deleted Farcebook account months ago. Missed it for a week or two but that passed. My mates phone or text me now. Nicer. 
G+ - some irony here in that when you take the poll and select your vote, you are prompted to share your vote...with FB and Twitter, but not Google+.
Google+. I gave up on Twitter as soon as Google+ debuted, and I use FaceBook with increasing reluctance mainly to stay in touch with family members who will never try anything other than FaceBook.
Google+ obviously! However access to any communication and freedom of choice is an American value... I think?
Ken S
Twitter is what's left when you remove everything useful from Google+
Twitter I think, just because annoying messages with junk I don't care about are limited to 140 characters, thereby limiting their annoyance. 
G+ still has crap like "Interesting Facts", or "Amazing places"
Google + for me, I"m slowly getting rid of facebook
I can't leave Facebook yet since I have so many friends overseas that won't come to g+. Twitter to me just still doesn't make sense, I used to have it for high news events but g+ is so much better at that now.
Twitter to me is hey I ate this or I'm doing this. I haven't found any in depth conversation going on there yet. 
Like some others that have posted here, I don't use Twitter and I cannot stand FaceBook because of its information overload (I'm ADD). Information Security is another reason I hate FB.
I do however, like G+ although even this can get a bit busy for me too.
G+ if it didn't have the problem with the contacts in circles and Android phones
I did choose and I chose G+.
I will use all the three because they become boss of your life if you are using any one of them and start ruling you as if they are your bread winners. I am not lying. Try it for yourself. Rely on one and they will ban you for using their services fully. So watch your back before making them your boss
Google + if other people used it.
I would say Facebook for the time being. Right now G+ is filled with way to many Facebook and Apple haters. G+ has a lot of potential and I love the idea of the What's Hot feed, but Fandroids are trolling a lot of Tech websites these days and the G+'s Hot feed is full of them. 
Facebook. I rarely get on G+ because none of my friends have moved here and I find the UI to be unattractive and cluttered. At least Facebook is just unattractive.
Ugh, as much as I hate to say it (it makes me feel a little dirty), it would probably have to be facebook.  G+ is, by far, the better product.  But most of the people I want to interact with (as far as family and friends are concerned) are still over there in Zuckerberg land.
Fortunately, I don't have to choose.  :)
I hate FB but thats where everybody is right now... So FB it is ... 
Why is Google+ so far ahead in this poll? Who is "Social Media Insider"? Is it +Mike Elgan ?
if all my friends from FaceBook were on and using G+, G+ by far. otherwise FaceBook
Honestly FB, coz most of ma frens are on FB.
Check 'Votes by Operating Systems' for an amusing, not-so-startling revelation :)
Does this mean everyone would use it too? I would be more devout in my g+ if I could get ALL of my friends on it 
Im sharing this because +Fred Fifield says he won't share this because it was asked of him. 
Google+ No question...I've found the reason more people aren't using it is because they don't know how to use it.  The more I tell them what it can do they are amazed and ask how long it's been out! lol...
Hangouts, Events, Party Mode, Circles, On Air, Communities, Mobile Group Chat...on and on...
Facebook most definitely it may be over populated and full of some arrogant assholes but i the end it gives you alot of different possibilities along with a possibility to roleplay or just keep in touch with your friends. Yes i am a roleplayer and i do spend more than half of my time on facebook rather it just watching the screen or doing what i can to keep myself entertained.
G+. I know all those people in real life and have other ways to contact them...because they are really friends. G+ i have met a ton of people, read fascinating articles and enjoy the level of conversation here.
I use all 3. I'd love very much to dump fb.. but very few of my friends & family use G+ no matter how much I try to convince them to switch from evil fb. Notice how everything has to do with fb! pure evil. 

and I am unanimous in this!
Unfortunately at the moment it would be Facebook as most of the people i know (who are not in the know themselves) still use it. Am pushing for them to come overt to the dark side so hopefully i can son day Google + :-)
To share your vote on their site, you have to log into Fakebook or tweeter, but not G+. Yet, when I voted, G+ was over 70%.
Why is every one kissing up to g+

Such a cool pic! Where exactly is this little paradise?
I've been on Facebook for awhile, and I will admit that I've enjoyed it quite a lot.  Unfortunately, maybe because of it's size, it's begun to treat its subscribers more like servants, and they are some kind of Facebook nazis.  The frustration is growing, and it isn't just with me.
A Google+/Twitter hybrid 
With Twitter I'm yelling at everyone.
With Facebook I'm yelling at everyone I've ever known.
With Google+ I'm yelling at specific groups of people that I want to yell at.

Twitter because I'm still a teenager and im not yet that into G+. The Facebook craze disappeared for me after high school.
I did choose, I deleted my Facebook account way back when I got into google+ beta. Twitter was never my thing, I use too many characters and I am not famous. 
Ask this question on Twitter and you know the answer. Ask it on Facebook and you do the same. Ask it on Google+ and look what we've got: an interesting discussion!
The only reason why I can't leave facebook is because of all the content that I have uploaded there.
What for? Work: Twitter - keeping in contact with friends: facebook - innovation and style: google+ ;)
Well I like to tweet, G+ is awesome... I would say both of them. 
I don't even have a Twitter account, so that's out of the question for me. I much prefer the features and design of Google+ over facebook. The only problem for me is that almost none of my facebook friends use Google+, so it is much less possible for me to network with friends that I already have.
Three different tools for different target! some times all three are needed, can not be compared easily!
... I need to go there for 3 weeks right now
Thats not a fair question. Your asking who likes Google+ on Google+. If you want true results you need to ask from a third party source. Just incase your wondering, I love Google+.
I chose "The Pub" a social network as old as writing maybe older
Sam Eb
If G+ let me find local people and make new friends then I will choose it over facebook and anything. The reason I am saying this is because I never made friends on facebook that were near to me
I laughed out loud when I chose Google+ and got a big window that says "Share your vote!  Connect with Facebook or Twitter."
im actually trying to get them all under one "feed"
I'm wondering, Facebook and Twitter still exists?
Interesting watching this work ... compared ... massive shares here and almost no votes on the site itself ...
I've never had either of those so I am required to say G+. And that's fine with me :]
ummm i've never had a twitter, don't have a facebook, and google plus is fun soooooo lolz fill in the blanks XD
Google+, my Facebook will be going away soon I think.  I rarely visit, and when I do, all I see is drama.  I find Google+ far more intellectually inviting.
Oh,no.i have find there is no G+ bar for sharing,i need a Facebook share now.that's unfair.
Facebook. But only because everyone I know is on it. Nobody on G+ even though its better. No point if friends aren't on it...
Google+, of course. Now where's my Ingress invite. 
I wanna chooce facebook... Coz im just started g+..:)
I say: G+. But if you Posted the Info about this poll on Facebook, would still so many people vote for G+? ;)
I find it disruptive how much nonsense spews from the mouths of Facebook users and the username I wanted for twitter is being squatted on. So I never created an account for either. I literally waited for Google to make a better product. From my perspective, my patience has been rewarded.
You should watch this ... twitter is kicking into gear :)
g+ is better dan fb...
Bt it comes latter than fb...
Funny how, when you cast your vote as Google+, the webpage pops up with "Share on twitter or facebook", total absense of G+.
Google need to acquire this voting gopollgo site and build it into G+
I don't fully understand G+ just yet but so far it's definitely more informative and entertaining than fb. I can only tolerate so many posts and pictures of someone's kid(s), cats, food, and how they like Jesus.
Twitter seems to be counting up like the second hand on a clock... Get voting g+ people 
g+ as that is most like diaspora, and I do not believe in these centralized networks in the long run.
I don't consider twitter to be the same type of network as google plus or facebook and I dont' think anyone should.  Last time I checked twitter had no friends lists equivalent, no wall or circles equivalent, no chat equivalent, etc etc so on and so forth.  You just follow peoples updates and people follow yours.  Maybe it's changed though shrugs 

so out of Facebook or Google+ I'd choose google plus all the way.  The only reason I put FB first is because it's in alphabetical order :P
Al M.
I prefer G+ but all my friends and family are Facebook cultists.
G+ not as many procrastinators , drama majors (pun) & trouble makers on FB not to mention the level of intelligent dialogue is much higher here in G+ then others. Just my .02 cents 
G+... Much more robust and intelligent than the other two
Call a looser but this is so fun to watch ... :)
I use FB for keeping in touch with family and friends, had to unsubscribe from some during the election, their constant rants and superior attitude took its toll, I now know why I never kept in touch with some in the firstplace. I was also concerned about their App constantly tying into more and more of my OS, so I disabled it, and just use the Browser, its so much faster. Still great for family though. G+ is a nice change, but few people I know use it.
yea; everyone I know is also on Facebook or Twitter
Tough one. Each service for me has a different audience and different use case. I use FB to interact with most people I know and family, G+ to interact with like minded (read techy) acquaintances and Twitter for public interaction and real time news.
Bruce L
G+: Fewer self portrait bathroom mirror profile pics... 
Hmmm how does this work? some parts of the world do not really give a crap or what?
It has to be G+, because I won't use Facebook or Twitter at all.
Google+, but the issue is all my friends and family won't abandon Facebook. Can't get them to be active here.
Facebook is for the masses, like you are in a crowd or discoteque, where you can meet anybody meet your friend's friend's friends,...etc, 

Google+ is different, it is more closed, more natural. It is more intimate. It is not so unreal like Facebook. Facebook is crazy i think, It would be banned in years to come probably, communication is on steroids.

I like Google+ more but it is more quite ('boring' ;-)) place comparing to FB. It can happen Google to be inpatient because of ratings and ruin Google+ by forcing people to much into communication.

Google just has to make easy progress with Google+ and adding new features and slowly gain popularity.

Facebook is to crazy, people use it just because everybody use it. Google+ could be used because it is good.

Just nice and easy. 
Google plus. I have the same issue as many other poster; my friends and family won't make the leap to Gplus so I'm not as active.
Dave T.
From that angle, that Island looks like a really nice bud of weed.
that is so cool how it is in shape of a hart
Never Tweeted & just when I thought Facebook is addictive....I can only watch it left behind through my rearView.》》》(seated on G+)
New to Big G+ and so far I'm impressed! Love the communities. 
google+ is the only one I really use at all at this point so this is an easy decision
I still say Twitter because it's still my main source of new, tech or global.. I love G+ but until I find the right people to follow, it's twitter that's number one.. 
Not really sure why I'm on Google plus. All if these social sites are data miners and lord knows what they plan to do with all that data. Scares me to tell you the truth.
Twitter hardly compares to Facebook and Google+. Out of Facebook and Google+, Google+ hands down. But overall, probably Twitter, because that type of social network gets me a little more and still allows me to share what I want. But missing Google+, Facebook or Diaspora or any of the other small competitors would be a pain.
g+ . . dude. 
After filling out the poll found at the link the webpage asked me to share my vote and login to twitter or facebook!!
 the polls showed that most people are picking Google+.
Facebook, because... well... there are people there.
Twitter. I'm a new junkie and a sports junkie. Neither has gained remotely the traction on Google+ as they have on Twitter.  Same for entertainment. Take Downton Abbey last night. It was insane on Twitter through each time zone. It was a blip on Google+.  Same with the NFL playoffs.  As an NHL fanatic there was zero about the NHL on Google+ during the lockout. I have 115 sportswriters on one Twitter list for hockey alone. I had more reading material then I had time during the lockout. 

I like Google+ just fine... but the question was if I had to choose. 
Twitter banned me for saying Santorum is what happens when coultier fucks palin in the ass and I live in tn so I get death threats from folks on fb...again g+
new to google and it is strange to have you a stranger on to my wall Is it open to all? I am used to facebook. this is strange.
google+ just got suspended today from facebook, and with twitter ahhh, you need it for a few games.
F@#k Twitter!!  Google+ and Facebook are used for two totally different types of socializing. At least for me..  I don't know anyone on G+ personally.  But it has way more interesting posts.. Apple and oranges
I choose Twitter , G+ needs more time to attract more people

I've never been on Facebook or twitter ever. 
g+ of course
+Mike Elgan you posted in G+, Twitter and FB(I) - didn't you have to choose only one? ;) 
Facebook since I have been using it for the longest and setting up a profile and account for another one is a pain in the ass.
Sam R.
I say MySpace
If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can see that the only guy with a windows phone voted....
G+ seems to have the edge for me. In terms of a social app it ticks all the boxes. FB and Twitter need you to look for contacts. G+ puts everyone together who have similar interests. If I choose to comment, or discuss a subject, I am free to do so. This could lead, very quickly, to a large international personal network without much effort. Being easy to use on my droid makes it even more attractive. I look forward to meeting new and interesting people.
G+ or twitter. twitter for celebs/smosh and G+ for everything else. Facebook is full of ads and pedofiles.
That's the order for me. I love Twitter best; I wouldn't give it up. I use Facebook primarily for keeping in touch with sister and friends from former job... but I like the "Pages" aspect. I rarely connect in G+.
Funny. The poll can only be shared automatically with Twitter and FB after it's taken, yet the OVERWHELMING preference is G+. I'd say that validates the results even more.
G+ add I have found the opinions either for or against have on average been favorable and intelligent. Also sometimes what you want to say can not be condensed into 140 characters or less. 
I like Google+ the best.but not as many people use it as they do Fb or Twitter
I would choose twitter or g+ bc they're better than fb
I can't decide between twitter or google+ they're both so good
I have Facebook and Google. I never seem to be able to log in to Twitter, it keeps on showing I entered my name or password wrong. Getting cheesed OFF with trying.May just uninstall.
Haley M
I loved your picture so much
Haley M
I love the picture so much I just want to have the picture. 
what a sight! It's... It's... MAGICAL!
It is sooo butiful ocan I love it 
I chose a time ago already G+ and that suits me fine. But I can not go to the recommended site ( an 404 Error), alas!
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