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The Avengers has made one BILLION dollars!

At the risk of sounding like Dr. Evil, The Avengers movie has already made one billion dollars at box offices worldwide.
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it is a great movie! if you make great movies people will go to the cinema and watch them! they wont download :)
I must be in the wrong then with my opinion of it.
Yeah, I helped them get there!! Lets see a decent movie from more characters from the marvel multiverse.
Seriously? Isn't that insanely fast? Even Harry Potter 7 part 2 (#3 according to IMDb top box-office-thing) has made 1.327 billion. !
I'm surrounded by tasteless retarded idiots :'(
por fin se dieron cuenta que el humor, la acción, los efectos especiales y todo lo que tienes esta película, vende
Trev,not wrong just not for you I guess.
+Daniel James I wouldn't bet on it, LotR movies are also just around the one billion mark. Only Titanic and Avatar goes way beyond a billion :)
Only 1 billion dollars?? My god, internet piracy is wrecking the industry!!
Wow! Is it that good? Or are cinema prices crazily high the world over?
The heck you say! Pirates are ruining -- ruining I say -- the film industry.
Joss, wrote the astonishing x men, for a year really cool writing.
(sigh) the poor movie industry, brought to its knees by downloaders...(sniff)
One BILLION dollars ~in my best Dr Evil voice~
Thor, needed more action and dialog 
There goes another crop of studio execs screaming a doped up "I'm King of the World". Way too much money in film entertainment these days with base tix running $12 and Imax 3D running $20. At those prices they're not reaching my wallet, I'll wait a few months and see it on Epix.
If SOPA had been passed they would have been now at 2 Billion.
In the sequel do the Avengers buy Instagram? :)
Vic, Thor made over. 400 million in his own movie 
And who said Hollywood was been affected by piracy? Ofc, on 'old' times there was space for trash movies, idiots directors and some lame actors. But this time is over, we are not limited by what Hollywood offer, but what we like to see! Thanks to piracy, we can erase last decade of trash movies and begin to make a new era of brand new movies.
No accounting for poor taste .................... or the state of the real world is SO BAD that a good dose of ESCAPISM and save the world heroics is really really really badly needed !!
Amigos no hablo ingles pero quiero opinar sobre es producto del cine...que me dejo impactado super pelicula.....ademas me gustari aque estuviera Spiderman......!!
Excellent movie!!!! We are waiting the 2nd part :-)
Possibly the US could offer movie tickets to the tax payers to entice them to pay more (especially the rich ones)? LOL!
I have a terrible concession to make +Mike Elgan, please forgive me. I haven't seen this film yet. 
one of the top 10 worst movies i ever seen ...ever ...and i seen a lot of tasteless retarded movies :D
It's sad to see that a movie is rated by how much MONEY it makes
But wait...I thought the Internet was killing Hollywood? <snicker>
It made this much so fast because of the 3D ripoff tickets, but yeah, let Hollywood not say that that it's losing money.
There's a lesson to be learned here, Hollywood, give the people what they want. That means no more Adam Sandler! ;-)
+Simon Skiles I give Star Trek 2009 2.0 - 2.5 stars (out of 5)...I give the The Avengers 1.0 star (for a few funny pits) although The Avengers is retarded, stupid and tasteless :)
+Ron Enderland you are right :( ....My friends are retarded and tasteless and only want to see retarded and tasteless movies and sports ...I'm surrounded by idiots ...sometimes i give up to their wishes ...
I won't bother to waste money on this, personally. I'm saving it for movies with a bit less action and a bit of a better script <.< Which is a shame, because at least two actors in this are very good. But yeah, not worth my money.
+Corina Iane great thinking, i like action, but the action in this movies was made for stupid boys who like power rangers, fake wrestling and sports, ....and script was extremely poor ...and movie was targeted to tasteless idiots
Yeah, it looks like its target audience is 14 year old boys... There's nothing wrong with a light action-comedy, but I wouldn't promote that as the gold standard of Hollywood.
And the Sheeple of the US have spoken. They don't care that the MPAA is trying to take away their right to privacy.
+Corina Iane Not 14 years boys ...6 years old boys's like watching power rangers ... and oh yeah, Thor used his harmer lol
I dunno, I'm not sure 6 year olds would be able to really appreciate Black Widow's back ;)
So, on G+ I finally learn that I'm a "tasteless retarded idiot who likes movies that are made for stupid boys".

... and they say that social networks are for entertainment only :-)
THE BEST WAY to enslave a group of people, is to know everything about them, ...people think: I have nothing to hide, why should i care about PRIVACY, you need to realize that the more "they" know about you, the more they can ENSLAVE you and ENTRAP you and MISJUDGE you
+Mark Striebeck I'm in Facebook too and have YouTube channel :) ...but I'm not on tweeter of my space .....anyway, most people like this movie, so don't feel bad about your taste, you are not the only one, ...the media and the education system are not design to make you smarter, it's designed to make you an efficient employee in your field
Oh someone's gotta get Joss recorded doing his best Dr. Evil Impression after this...
+Ghassan J +Mark Striebeck +Corina Iane Where the generality of mankind contented to prefer the easy philosophy to the abstract and profound, without throwing any blame or contempt on the latter, it might not be improper, perhaps, to comply with this general opinion, and allow every man to enjoy, without opposition, his own taste and sentiment. David Hume An enquiry concerning human understanding
With respect, Hume didn't have to live among the people we do.
For me "Wrath..." takes the cake and I can't wait to see Rosamund Pike chained to a rock!
E.U debe ser la sociedad mas estúpida que he conocido. Gastan 1 billon de dolares en una simple película que a los 2 meses se olvida y ni siquiera son capas de gastar 100 dolares para recuperar las casas rematadas por hipotecas. Gastan millones en guerras absurdas en el exterior y no son capas de gastar 100 millones para tener un sistema de salud gratuito y publico como la gente. Realmente dan lastima, mas que patriotismo es estupidez crónica. Pero allá ustedes con sus peliculas "propagandas" al mejor estilo nazi.
when the media, education system, and the entertainment industry, work on making the majority dumb, tasteless and stupid ... then we have an alarming problem
guess that will help make up for "John Carter"
Really cool movie... Worth every penny.. Watched twice..
100th comment!!!! WOOHOO!
Luego saldran a llorar la productora porq hay tantos millones de descargas ilegales... y estas perdiendo plata y se estaria "robando" el dinero a los pobres actores....

Personalmente pienso volver a vermela en cine.... sin 3D esta vez....
muy divertido este filme me gusto mucho.pero yo no he vist.jejeje
It needs to be said: When movie popularity is rated by box-office money, instead of the number of people who saw the film, that's a huge incentive to inflate theater prices.

I'm not trying to begrudge The Avengers its number-one spot over Harry Potter, E.T. or Star Wars. I'm just saying the current system encourages studios and theaters to charge $20 or $30 a ticket instead of $10 or $15, because it's that much quicker to breaking records.
holy shit that's insane. GO JOSS WHEDON!!!!
$20 or $30 a ticket? Glad I don't go out to movies anymore.
Today I joined the crowd give few dollars to Hollywood.
We were wondering when will the other marvel super heroes help out Superman, Wonder woman, Spiderman and Batman! Batman's last movie was a real sad story... I just hope they will have a story line which will make the life of Batman more acceptable...
by "made" you mean it has "taken in." that's not income or profit.
eso esta favuloso todos los super heroes juntos ............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
I could see it twice!!! let's go the the 2 B$!
Me fasina y Hulk es mí mejor parte jaja , vean y disfruten .
neidi g
hahta buena la peli
no la he visto pero me imagino que bueno pelicula wow ya iso un billon de dolares wowww!!!!!!!!!!
Can't say its a surprise, but still amazing
si esta chevere
tiene toda la razon ok
no estaba en quiebra Hollywood por la piratería?
chen x
avengers assemble
JoPa Mi
Looking forward to the dvdrip. :p
Not to spoil anything, +chen x, but that phrase wasn't used in the entire movie (that I can recall). But that's the only thing that they could've done better. It was awesome!
And all without a single shark, nor a single laser...
+Ghassan J It's funny because the movie holds a rating of 8.7 at IMDb...maybe YOUR tastes sucks.

Uh, about the movie...I haven't seen it yet, but all the reviews have been veeeeery positive, some even say it's the best superhero movie of all time. I wouldn't be surprised if it even surpases know what.
La peli apesta bastante, decepciona, tiene más de una hora de charla, preparando un argumento que parece no llegar. Echo en falta mucha más acción.
Tio... ¿Tú cómo te tele transportas a esa realidad paralela en la que vives? OMG
Yeah,.. you can't help but feeling sorry for the movie industry. Imagine what that movie should have made if the world was fair, and the pirates weren't destroying everything...
And to think, The Walt Disney Company only paid 4.24 billion for Marvel Entertainment.
Now, if we can get the following all would be great: Jim lee and Chris Claremont x men
Peter David's version of the hulk, Jonathan Hickman version of the fantastic four and frank miller and Chris Claremont of wolverine.
In agreement Pálsson until those who remain thinking in the old methodology of running an entertainment conglomerate and make the leap of faith to understand and work with the advancement of media technology those who embrace it will continue to fight and innovate.
Rain000,Oh, and I'll take pictures. Lots of them.
So much for worrying about movie piracy...
How many people who paid to see this movie were introduced to these characters when a friend lent them a comic book? Most of them, I bet. Piracy is not a crime, it's free advertising.
i like this movie
Loved it! I saw it last weekend in 3-D IMAX. After all the billions, I see Robert Downey Jr. being able to own Stark Industries in real life.
hawk eye could shoot someone without looking
saw the Avengers yesterday, great movie...
tremenda pelicula!!!
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