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Google StreetView shows Detroit being reclaimed by nature over time.

Wow -- a stunning decline for a once-great city:

Props to +Mathew Ingram
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Google is the new museum. Good share! 
I noticed that feature the other day. Pretty damn cool. 
I bet Realtors just love this. 
People say they like nature only until nature takes over. Lol
The pictures are great, but the reason is a shame.
Maybe if they renamed their city to Kabul the American Govt will pour billions into it rebuilding the infrastructure and economy......
+John Jenkins Doesn't the US govt have to be responsible for the destruct... sorry, you're right.
On May 27, 2014, 9:46pm Walt Mossberg, Code editor asked Sergey Brin if it's weird how much Google knows about its users

Sergey says there is a lot of data that Google processes and stores, but doesn't "know" because "know" implies sentience. 

Google Cams document a sad album cover for the J. Geils Band record Detroit Breakdown
Sad and yet amazing how fast it has gone from normal urban/suburban to nothing but nature!
It's like "Life After People" live.
Steve B
Taking back whats rightfully "its"
But why is this happening? I mean population just keeps growing so it seems that people should be claiming more land from nature than the other way. Any one from detroit or elsewhere who can shed some light?
+Paul Duggan I have heard of a place called Detroit. I am not from the US, I live on the other side of the world and I don't know what is going on in Detroit. Could you provide some clues?
I am a Michigan Man.   I can only hope that Detroit can revive itself #hope  
Wow that's intense to look at. . .sad. . 
History Channel, life after people.. a very entertaining series...
The 68 riots started white flight. Population dropped. Taxes dropped. Corruption grew. Denial the last 10 years completely destroyed it. 
That is an amazing visual representation of the economic downtown and the decline of a city.

On a positive note, this technology is going to be an amazing resource for people in the future.
You wouldnt belived how that street looked before 2007!
That's just sickening and sad. RIP Detroit maybe you'll rise like a Phoenix one day. Sad.
no oil or gas there +John Jenkins - so even renaming it to Kabul probably won't stop the city from going down. Nice try, nevertheless :-) 
Pretty sure arson and fire has helped nature out a bit, in this case.
Interesting title, but the decline in the photos is manmade (lots being bulldozed) - much like the city centre where its greatest unique assets (prewar skyscraper architecture) is suffering a similar manmade fate. (Mis)managed decline.
Detroit forgot to brush its teeth. Now only few left...
It is amazing how fast nature can erase our footprint
That's what happens when you let the crooked unions and liberals run your city for multiple decades!
Matt S
it amazes me what kind of shite build quality houses are in the US. Go to europe (especially germany) and you will have homes that survived 2 world wars....
+Brad Norman from what I've read, it is a catastrophic decline. Just looking at the population of the city can tell you that, people are leaving in large numbers if they have the means to do so.
Its what happens when you build a town on one industry
+P. Warren Brown where did you get that information? What do unions or liberals have to do with anything? Unions seem to be doing a great job in Germany. 
+P. Warren Brown Oh, not that we don't have problems of our own, but we are doing just fine with all the unions, the universal healthcare and the social safety net here in Europe, thank you very much.
Phil Y
+P. Warren Brown unions had nothing to do with the decline of Detroit. It was the way Mayor Young, the City Council and the School Board ran the city and schools. How many school districts do you know where the school board members where chauffeur driven and had 24/7 police protection detail like the Mayor? 
আস্সালামুআলাইকুম!সবাই ভালো আছেন তো?
If I were the owner of the last house standing, I'd be tempted to purchase the land around me and turn the site into a large garden or farm.
The city of Detroit, the Detroit residential area, and Metro Detroit (aka Suburbs) are three entirely different habitats. The area pictured above is within the Detroit residential area. Not all of the residential areas are like this, some great, some not so great, and like above some have been abandoned.
I think its kinda great that street view captured this. Street view was sent to be a tool for finding a location buy now it can also be a way of chronicling the history of a city.
+Eric Anderson, Don't know much about the geographic differences between the City of Detroit and the "Detroit Automakers", eh? "Detroit" the city and "Detroit" the automakers are distinctly different entities.

GM has been largely out of the city for well over 50 years, despite occupying a few buildings and being HQ'd there. Ford has been based outside the city limits pretty much forever. Chrysler left Detroit over 20 years ago. Relatively few employees for any of them live within the city limits. The suburbs, along with the automakers, have prospered despite the decline of the City of Detroit. 
Phil Y
+Michael Glenn really? You don't even live in Detroit so how do you know? You heard on the news? Get you head out of your ass and read up on how corrupt the mayors Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick were along with city council and Detroit Public School board.

+Łukasz Byjoś totally fucking uncalled for. Also the city as mentioned is on the rise, with many parts of it looking much much better.
+Michael Glenn: So you are telling me that the simple math of a union forcing a company to pay twice the cost of labor to employees and the liberal government of Detroit taxing the companies to death equaling that business moving to another city where that business can save money not adding up? Man, what cool aide have you been drinking -- or are you really that dumb?
Detroit is also revamping their entire roadway lighting (80,000 fixtures) to be LED.  That will improve safety and appeal.  
looks like a nice neighborhood now.. put in some corn and chickens!
Striking photos, +Mike Elgan, although so sad!

White flight had been under way for 25 or more years when the 1967 uprising began, +Roy Tierney. The article here will provide in-depth background that supports that statement:

Some commentators agree with your analysis, but the growth of the suburbs (white flight) was fed by the construction of freeways; development of suburban shopping malls contributed to the death of Detroit's downtown; and racism, racial prejudice, racial fear - call it what you will - was a major factor in all of these elements bringing us to today's disastrous plight.

1967 was not the "beginning" - research 1943 when a true race riot occurred, yet growth continued until the late '40s.
Obama stated," I will not let Detroit go broke". He lied as usual. It's a shame.
Detroit is a microcosm of larger problems. Detroit and this country will not be fixed until people start caring about one another.
+John Jenkins +Paul Duggan +Stuart Ikin I'm not starting a debate, rather am genuinely interested in your perspective (I'm about to finish my master's degree in City Planning). Do you feel that the decline of Detroit and the consequences that go with it are the federal government's responsibility? And why? Why shouldn't the city government or state government bear the responsibility?
If they added a picture of Mogadishu, Somalia I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
May be if the car companies made half decent shit they wouldn't have this problem
+Prem Suraj people are leaving the city. The city is raising taxes but giving less services. The city is not taking care of the city and people are getting tire of it.
+Mark Andrews I'll take a Ford truck or car over any other American vehicle, I found them to be rather reliable,even after being rear-ended by a bigger vehicle.
I wonder if the StreetView car was manufactured in Detroit?
What you maybe observing is the rise and fall of the American Empire
I don't view fewer American suburbs as 'decline'.
+Brandon McAnsh It's not racism for one to merely mention events that were most likely driven by racism. It was not said that whites are better; the economic fact in many cities around the U.S. was that as whites increasingly left for the suburbs, the city suffered and sometimes fell into decline. That can happen when any large portion of the city's population leaves, especially if they represent a majority of the higher-income families which contribute the most to economic drivers like running local businesses, pressuring schools to perform, and paying taxes. You take a lot of productive citizens out and it really matters not how productive or not are those who remain unless you reach a certain critical mass of productivity to maintain things and avoid decline.

If you hold onto the fantasy that there's absolutely no difference in what whites in the U.S. have vs. what blacks have, it totally clouds how you see what was said. Whites, on average, have more income, education, and financial assets than blacks. This does not imply that blacks are inferior by nature but rather that history (e.g. slavery, Jim Crow laws) but them at a huge disadvantage of situation for many generations. The gap has certainly been reducing in width over time but the complex nature of the economy and society in general continue to buffer change. Also, yes, racism still exists in America but I think it's far less prominent in the younger generations and it no longer has any legal justification.
+Matt Sokolinski grandparents build their house in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in the 1930's. The INTERIOR (!) walls were cinder block!
Perfect spot to film the walking dead spin-off, don't you think?
Does that excuse ("nature reclamation") work as rebuttal to HOAs?
+Prem Suraj unions, corruption and people keep voting democrats is what flushed this city down the toilet. 250,000 Americans left Michigan so far!!!!
What a DUMP Detroit has become! I will never live here!
like all towns in the US they have been hit with a horrible economy. We have been looking to buy a home you can only imagine what we have seen its really very very sad :0(
look at this as a lesson
why is this happening. why did the industry fail. why arent the city adapting to the change. Always in suffering there is lessons
As an Australian of 50 years of age I have seen our manufacturing industry decline and people lose there jobs by the thousands to the Asia region, causing similar sights in our country towns and suburbs. I love Detroit, its history and music, I hope some day it the city returns to all it's glory.
O certo é de baixo pra cima!!!veja dessa forma!!!
+Jeremy Jameson The context of the claim matters entirely,which in which this case was completely derogatory in nature. 
When illegal immigrants are given amnesty, they will fill in the empty homes.  The rest of us are being pushed out by this government, to make way for the 'New Americans,' who will not only be dependant on a socialistic government, but who will follow orders, without regards to the Constitution, freedom, or citizenry rights.
+James Lanning That's the worst they could do is give amnesty. I've seen this change, I hate saying illegals but that's what it is, when they start moving into the neighborhood and the community leaves because they see what it's turning into. I was brought up in a nice neighborhood. When I drive through it now, I can't believe what it looks like today. You can't blame them all because they're all not the same. A lot of them come just to get the whatever free stuff they can carry and have no interest in becoming an american citizen. I say the hell with that. We need to help our own citizens.
+James Lanning I can't see how illegal immigrants lead to such state. It's more of the state government wasting money and spending it recklessly. The Roads don't even have lights! and in horrible horrible shape, holes every where and torn apart!!

The infrastructure is suffering tremendously!! I'm not sure if politicians have their priorities right? People of Michigan need to ask a lot of questions!! but they don't seem to care!!

250,000.00 people left Michigan, that's a huge impact, those 250,000 were paying taxes, now they left the state!!

Michigan needs fiscally responsible politician otherwise it will be like Greece, which is heading toward that direction.....
+fadi aboona It's not that the illegal immigrants are causing the problem.  Your right about how the government, at both state and federal levels are dumping money out of this country and into other countries.  In the form of "Foreign Aide."

But there are already articals out on Obama's plans to 'enlist,' immigrants into the US military.  By doing so, he can create an army that is both loyal to the government, and not concerned about the American Constitution, individual freedoms, or legal rights.
There are a reported 11 million illegals in the US at this time.  But that number my be closer to 16-20 million.

By joining the military, immigrants will be offered amnesty, to stay in the US, and then after they serve, they will be offered citizenship.

Overnight, Obama could create a million man army, just with illegal immigrants.

They would be dedicated to serving the government, from which all entitlements flow, 
 and they would follow orders, without concern for constitutional or legal recourse.

But those Americans, who are opposed to a socialistic government, and want to remain free under the Constitution, and who want to remain armed, as such, will become the "ENEMY."

This new army, comprised of immigrant loyalists, will be what Americans are facing.  And as they are pushed aside, the cities and towns of this country, will become the homes of those who are forever dependant on the government for their livelihood.

Here are just a few article links to this topic, and why we as Americans should be raising a fuss!
+fadi aboona Sorry 'bout that.  But that's just a sample of the read.
The point is, this government, now bought and operated by Wall Street, (meaning big corporations), is totally engaged in it's own agenda.  It has nothing to do with "For the people, by the people."
We simply do not have the luxury anymore, to believe a single word that falls from the mouths of politicians, from the Oval Office down.
Amazing what can happen to a neighborhood in 5 short years.
Funny ... Just another prime example of virtual reality ,,,,, must be that vril parasite that everyone on earth is infected with .... And..... That has been going on for a long time,,,,just wish those damn reptilians would hurry up
You can say that's what we have to look forward to in the future everywhere if the government continues on this downward spiral. They just said, F the people. It's now, "By us and For us. God help us all.
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