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'Brantrepreneurs' need your support!

A few woman have invented this concept for a bra that can hold a mobile phone, as well as credit cards and other necessary items.

It's a Kickstarter project to raise money to sell the concept as a product called the JoeyBra.

Give them a hand!
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Interesting. How comfortable would this be, though?
Don't forget to wear your anti-perspirant.
WHOA WHOA WHOA! BAD idea. if this thing sells, we will need surgical gloves to handle the sweaty credit cards and perspiration drenched cell phones, and all that white powedry deodorant all over everything in that pouch.
They need to make it bigger, to hold my #GalaxyNexus ;o)
so when it rings hw are u gonna take it and answer it b4 it is fowarded to voice mail and cancer. Think again
As a woman.. humm humm, It doesn't look to comfortable! I'd rather use somewhere off my body..
I'm going need for men as my side shoulder in arms is felt me enough incase :D 
We all hate butt-dialing... but boob dialing we could probably tolerate
It might be a nice idea but I really think someone would have come up with this earlier if the market was big enough. It also looks like an easy target to copy if it would become popular.
As a sidebar note, cell phones don't give you cancer from RF radiation. This has been a complete fallacy since the first day it was fabricated. The 5 - 6 watts of RF radiation generated from a cell phone transmitting to a cell tower is 500 times smaller than the amount of RF radiation that is coursing through your body right now due to Airport radars, weather radars (from tv stations etc), and microwave radiation from TV station towers and many more sources. A cellphone, CB radio, Walkietalkie, short wave radio, are all limited by the FCC to a max power it can generate and have never been anywhere near as powerful as the things I just listed above.

If you were going to get cancer from any RF radiation that exists coming from the airports and what not, you'd be dead already.
It's not a good idea,if the robber ask you to give out your phone.
When you take it from your bra,maybe that would invoke them the desire to rape you.
ya because we r looking a the phone
This is great for clubbing! You can't dance like Jagger while carrying a purse. Wish they'd thought of this idea 20 years ago when I was still eligible for even using this word "clubbing"...
They need these for men - I know many that could use one...
absolutely hilarious! but perhaps needed, since women use their bras at times for extra storage space.
Need a pistol holster on the other side.
Store it in the front and all men will suddenly drop their cell plans just for the opportunity to borrow her phone.

Either that or men will never stop calling them just so they can see them answer the phone.
To have a breast cancer?
I'm just thinking that's going to be "interesting" when the phone rings in Starbucks. Probably less so if she lets it go to voice mail.
¿No seria peligroso tener un smartphone en esa parte del cuerpo?
I was under the impression that girls already used their bra as a purse when they go out to bars. At least girls I know do / did.
Why on bra? Is this suppose to be similar to a money belt for travelling? I think they should design this for panties. :D
Thats Sweet, Did you Create it !!! So you think a guy could benefit form the pocket as well ??? Cool........
One failure of antiperspirant and you have voided your phone's warranty due to liquid exposure.
can I have one? you! Radio2012.Us very nice!
Sounds like a good idea to me, just not so sure about the name!!!
It would be better to wear a mobil phone left and small bottle of alcohol right, for first aid... for other people...:)
gross imagine when girls are at the club all the arm pit sweating uuuuggggghhhhh
is it suitable to 'place' anything there ?
WELL - given all the radiation concerns is that a place for the phone that could increase the causes and conditions that may lead to cancer?
Better place for condoms than a wallet :P
yeah, they are going to love these at the Airport
There is going to be a disaster with 40°c from the body plus 50°c from the cellphone. Just to say.
I'm not sure having a radiation source next to your boobs is such a great idea.. mind you I do keep my phone in my pocket.. hmm
Well I guess it would have a lot of disadvantages as far as the internal organs of the body are conserned and might lead to several life threatening diseases.
I don't understand the application of this. Why would I want to keep my phone in my bra?
i think putting pockets in bras is a good idea but not if they're intended for electronic devices.
*smooth jazz playing*
*couple getting romantic*

"Opps Sorry let me take my phone out of my bra, forgot I put it there."
What a buzz kill that becomes

or imagine that thing falling when undressing
ahahah great invention
good idea how to keep my phone safe in the office. (hihi..)
They just want to sell off their Bra's, they aren't conserned about anything else.
Igor K
ah a breast cancer ingenious
Plz dont use this type of bras it's unhealthy
a new way to create breast cancer?
I'm glad to see some men care about these natural lady lumps. Didn't even think of the fact they could cause some not so wanted lumps.
I have seen similar at my gym, sports bras, for holding phones, membership cards and locker keys. It's not that new of an idea, just directed at a different market.
Imagine smelling your sweaty armpits each time you answer the phone.
what are you looking at?
Very resourceful for the women. However their lady lumps would be a more lucrative target than before.
Good mike u really searching Like HOT.......Keep it Up.
formerly it would attract only even older people will search Bras (if they are working for a cellular company) Lols...
third apple in bra...!!!!!
All they need to do now is invent some pants with pockets
I give it a month before Apple owns the patents to the Bra and starts to sue every bra manufacturer on the planet.

The iBra will be a magically fantastic touch screen device for your breasts. Have you ever wished to have more cleavage? There's an App for that.
and for those of you who do not know, if this woman is not patted down but goes thru the X RAY body scanner this will NOT show up!!!!!!!
oooooooooooooo wav........................//////////
How about Condopreneurs, for guys? ;)
Carrying cellphones that way is going to cause breast cancer. Mark my words. It's already been shown that they can cause brain cancer, and just think how much more time the phone would spend in that bra than in actual use. This is an EXTREMELY bad idea.
Unless she's a B-cup or bigger who cares!
Groupings/phone-thefts are going to go through the roof!
cup size small than mobile case....ha.ha
Sam C
Does no one else think it would be incredibly awkward and inappropriate for them to get at their stuff with a shirt on? Low class in the best situation.
ha ha ha...thy r imp so spare thm n pls give them a break
T... that's a bur...burden.... l...let me take it off... you...
Kiet Le
Her arm pit will always be moist and dripping sweat! Yeah, Great idea.
smart boobs dumb idea. wear your phone as a watch instead, add in a peizo module that charges the battery while dancing.
Interesting concept but there would surely be issues with moisture / condensation getting into the phone?
Kiet Le
Imagine breast burns. And it isn't from the licking. LOL
but what happens under sweat conditions mobile and cards are not sweat proof
keep the phone on vibrator...boobs will enjoy
Brilliant. That's exactly where the phone goes when I'm danincing my ass off! :) Kickstarter donation check!
Just imagine going for a snuggle and suddenly her boobs vibrate! o.O
R Malik
made for only modelling
the "joeybra" haha good luck with that one!!! one love business any try might be a " buyers buy"- tk
R Malik
this is not to use
OMG, the comment above me,
made my day :D Looooooool!
Juli B
Maybe if I was a secret agent...but not if I'm a normal person!
but looking at the practical side.............i wonder it would be too discreet to see women inserting their hands inside their tops , while shopping or on the road or anywhere, to take out their mobile or credit cards from their bras
mobile fun with boobs.............!
I don't think it's comfortable, unless for those women who are used to carrying a hidden gun.
Cash is a place to stash here especially when traveling .. ooo yeah..
The best way to get breast cancer.
cancer from such close proximity with electronic device
Great idea but in my country well my hometown, the elder bra has this same thing for long time already so this's not the first one. :)
true rue. :)
when i go out i always keep my notes and phone in my bra
cause sex sells wish i had one of those ...... and an iphone too :)
stupid idea - it can lead to breast cancer i think
The cancer thing isn't likely. Phones do give off radiation but it is a relatively small amount. For people that think all radiation is bad, pretty much everything gives off some amount of radiation. XD Now for the post, I think the area would be kinda inconvenient unless you are wear a tank top. Cool idea though.
but it is harmfull to keep mobile near to ur heart ...
why did it take so long for people to invent this haha. legitimate question though
Trust men to invent a way of making the world's most uncomfortable item of clothing even more uncomfortable..... or so my girlfriend would probably say.
is it really safe healthwise??cancer??
Actually rocket my mates dad studies the brain & at the moment is studying the effect of mobiles on the brain & has found that the brain heats up on the side the phones being held to.That being said I still hold mine to my ear! can't get too stressed as just about everything kills you these days...
At least when it vibrant everybody will know bcuz ur boobs will vibrant
super place for keeping mobs!
Haha George flecknell I agree big time
Don't know why but it makes me feel a bit queasy!?!
My girlfriend carries everything in her bra what no modifications to the bra.
would it tickle when it rings? ;)
gud idea...... sirji
Hey women dont sweat...they perspire, but darned good idea!
anytime the phone rings, she has to open her shirt? what if she is wearing a t-shirt or an evening dress?
This is disgusting. I once saw a woman at my store reach into her bra and pull out her sweaty cash and hand it to me. GROSS!!! This is a bad idea.
maybe if this bra concealed a gun instead of a phone it would be a good idea....
this is such a cool idea now i dont have to take a bag i can just hold my money and phone in my bra pocket
hahaha yeah i think boys will benefit more if girls on evening dress use that bra,,
I have a question?
IPhone is a more beautiful woman corset ؟
من یه سوال دارم ؟
آی فون قشنگ تر هست کرست زن
The ammount of Class A's that will be smuggled through airports and nightclubs in these will be astronomical!! Best invention ever!
Don't forget to bring along
Have they taught of a gun if u have a licence to carry one.
It's a bit niche, are they making one for men's underpants?
not so good how do ya xpect a women to put her hand in her bra for every call she gets that too in public huh......this is one serious duck act
i phone ko chor. i phone wali is beautifullllllllllll
nice concept try some more concept ladies
This is really bad idea for a couple of reasons.
Con Man
I will give them both of my hands...for them braz :P
dar lay
This season is very hot.
+Kyle Etzel All studies of the connection of cell phones and cancer have shown absolutely no relationship between the two. And there have been many.
I'M worried for women in general in terms of (radiation).Any one consider that while carrying a device so close to vital organs allday

Long.!!!Cant be good for our mum's,sisters,wife and daughters.
not convenient to use .....
Is it healthy to keep it so close to sensitive tissue and what of body heat on components & battery-cell life?
it will be suitable to keep the Condoms
Is this some kind of social experiment to see how bad an idea can be? Radiation, cancer, the constant lump of a cell phone on one side. Or how about how inconvenient it would be a for a woman to have to get to her cell phone under her first layer of clothing when a call comes? Or if she forgets to silence it and it starts ringing, is she expected to scramble with her clothes to get to the cell phone compartment in her bra? "Oh don't worry, I'm not getting naked, I'm just trying to silence my phone." WORST IDEA EVER.
Wow!! Even it has been discussing in a hangout, should be nice idea :))
This product may cause breast cancer!
I'm all about creative ideas and solutions but I just can't see this happening...
May be impossible to copyright/patent and very easy to copy. Cute idea, bad investment.
Well I think this Idea will not atall work in India...
That'd be cool if I was a female, but how are they supposed to get their stuff out if they need it all the sudden? how could you answer a phone call in a timely, normal manner...
yes!! this should ne created for every girl i never had pockets!!
a little bit concerned about the possibility of burning my boob putting an iphone in there...
Any perspiration and it's goodbye phone!
Is there a closure so as not to lose something seeing as how one would forget it's there? I like the idea for not losing a key, card, or money(providing it closes somehow, velcro would ruin many a garment.) but not a phone or anything like that. in the case of a hold up, robbery and sexual assault I guess(no pity for the robber anyway). As for no one knowing something is there, ya, until you go to pull out your i.d., money etc.
Given that there is a concern that mobile phones can cause brain cancer.. I think a Mobile Phone holder in a Bra is ASKING for trouble..

sorry better said NOW than a million law suits in the future
If i have to, i will put the phone, debit card or paper money under the shoulder strap. If it falls, it falls into my cleavage :-) Under the arm, terrible spot.
My dick died yesterday ... i wanted to kno if i could burry it in your a$$? 
Yasir G
What a beautiful networl
They should think different. The pocket is far away.
nice place to carry the phone
I wouldn't carry that so close to my heart imo.
All the fun of looking at a nice-chested woman aside, does ANYONE really want a device which emits (receives) MHz radiation literally packed up next to important organs? Geez!
um, already been created. ie girls just sticking their phone in their bra.
this is a great idea though, especially on a summer day when you haven't got any pockets or a bag with you. The only flaw is, is that your side wuld have to be wide enough to fit your phone. Mine isn't!
Its a has been proven that it can not cause cancer.
OMG O.O gladly lend my hand to help take the mobile phone if needed =D
Mobile phones next to breast and lymph nodes. Horrible idea mates! There has been extensive research about the effects of phones' electromagnetic radiation and tumours/cancer. Phones shouldn't be kept anywhere near our bodies. This isn't meant as a put down of the inventiveness of anyone, it is meant as a genuine concern that people don't have the information they should!
Quite innovative to me... it's a workable idea
Only a woman could invent this. It unpractical, unless women start wearing only bras. Plus radio electrical device right behind the lymph nodes? c'mon...
It's a little bit awkward the moment you'll get the phone I suppose. :)
For other small things that you dont use alot, why not? Even some just place items just like paddings! lol
I am not sure if the sweat from the armpits won't ruin electronic devices. :|
Breast cancer in the making
Wonder if it's really pratical
Considering the radiation emanating off most electronic devices (especially cellphones and doubly so for smartphones), this would be a prime causer of breast cancer if used for extended periods of time.
This is innovation. Simple yet very useful. Hmm next time my friends phone rings I'll know where to look...
oh,it is very bad for mothor who gives breast milk to child
i dont think its safe idea have you considered the health in having your phone next to your skin...wat say you of those sweaty mamas that cant hold a sec withuot dripppin
This seems close to the breast...have they taught of any side effects?
where can i get one of those thingies! im tired of vibrations on my girls upstairs. lol:)
FYI.....cell phones are not safe for women to carry near breast tissue that is vulnerable to the kind of energy given off from the batteries of these devises. credit cards, cash, yes.....phones..... thats a no no.
Oh, wow, yea, what a great idea, let's have ALL women run around ALL day, 24-7, with miniature microwave ovens strapped to the side of their breasts - Like the incidence of breast cancer hasn't skyrocketed enough in the past decade??? If, for whatever reason, you hate women in general that much, grow a sac and be a serial killer or something. Don't ask others to get back at mommy for what she did to you - Better yet, why don't you become the test-model for the new mens underwear I'm inventing? Has a small pocket where in the absence of a couple things, you can stick another. And, hey, might be therapeutic to set it on vibrate and give dear old mommy your number... (Edit.. is your nickname Joey, hmmmm?)
Oh come on, really? Silly idea that almost no women are going to use in real life when working out. There's already devices for people working out and carrying phones. Should we have underwear for men to carry a phone. Good grief, this is what passes for what's hot on G+?
Jay Raj
Nice concept. But just curious, can Android fit in?
Whoa, someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, it's been proven that mobile phones don't cause cancer, having it there would be no worse than wearing a heart rate monitor, millions do that already with no problem, and anyway in the post other uses are suggested e.g. credit card.
Well the concept might be introduced in the west just now, but women are using bra for this for quite long in remote parts of the South Asia..... Anyhow, great work.
i guess she has the vibrate option on xD
I don't think it is proper to put cell phone close breast, have you forgotten cancer? I do not support it!
could work if they made chicken fillet (bra inserts) shaped phones...?
Additionally, this concept design is impractical. What is the actual use of this? Is there any efficiency whatsoever? This "JoeyBra" concept is a logical fallacy on two parts: impracticality and health risks.
i think the concept of putting credit cards and such is very good but mobile phones not. :/
How the hell you going to get it in there in public if your wearing long sleeves even short sleeves is not going to be very easy to get on without showing your breast lol
I somehow don't find this appealing!
Thats one way to increase chances of breast cancer?
Wait until she sweats. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great for clubbing, could be bad news for breasts though if your mobile's on...
Steph M
I always keep my phone and money in my bra, its the safest place lol 
and no one can take it right steph
Steph M
Nope :) But i dont put it at the side, i put it in the cup, especially money so theres like no chance of it being taken or falling out

This is a growing trend! I've seen so many of my friends and women day to day that put their phone in their bra. I'm sure these ones will sell out!
So they have to take off their shirt before they can use, or a win for perverts?
I love this idea! It looks like the peer place to store your phone and other small items without them being noticeably in your bra!
ancient idea!!!!!!ask our women farmers in egypt!using something like that for ages for money then cells but not ATM of course
What... Pull up your shirt to answer your phone? That's lovely. "Here. Hold my coffee. My boobs--I mean--my phone is ringing." "Did ya get a good picture of my side-boob while u answered my phone?" oh... & and perspiration? Ew. 
Cant wait to see when they start doing this with panties. Vibration for the win.
good pocket for keepin' mobile i like it but when mobile on vibrate milk convert into lassi
thanks thats a greatest contribution if u may extend this to Africa coz
Seems like a breast cancer incubator. 
Mmmmm might be award when it rings on silent.. because all people would see is u feeling Ur brest @_@
No ones says you have to put your phone in it.....just put your cards there....its a great idea....just needs a pocket for my car key...feel like its better than my stuff getting lost floating around my bra.
good place to jump start the heart...if breast cancer is the way and tumors are your take.
This is a project at a university colledge business class. I dont feel it practical because as most women wear shirts iver their bras, access to the armpit is difficult. I'll just stick with the cleavage thankyou
What if the iPhone explodes inside ...
Why would you want your phone smelling like your arm pit?
I only wear bras on rare excursions to certain bars, but that does not look very comfortable to me.
You'd sweat all over it and void your warranty....
That doesn't look like a convenient place. Pocket in a bra - ok, I could use one of those. But under the arm? I can't see myself going for it in public.
And the network radiations would kill ladies with cancer!!!
Very creative, I like it, but my my phone starts to vibrate it would be funny, can you imagine if I'm talking to a friend or a fellow worker then your boobs start to bounce like a rabbit, that would be weird (lol)
too bad my big Samsung Note will never fit this bra...
Women have been using their bras to stash things for longer than any of us have been alive. And I'm not sure that pocket would work out too well. First time you sweat all over your cell phone or cash. And how tacky would it be to always be reaching in there?
I've always wanted a phone to smell like Armpits.
They need to make one for manly thongs. xD
The only way you could be in any danger from the RF radiation is if you were talking constantly while the phone was in the bra thing. So skip the Bluetooth headset and there won't be a problem.
Good concept but too flawed.... Bigger women = Water Damage & Cracked Screens.... Text Message recieved = an eye full of boob for any in view!
Sorry but I don't think I'd want to be reaching in the front of my shirt every time my phone rings.
Underwear that makes a woman need to unbutton her blouse to answer her phone. I don't think a woman invented this.
Would be a good place to carry your gun too.
Having worked cellphone service & repair for one of the big three, I can say all kinds of women put their phones in their bra's. And they are all surprised when I start explaining LD liquid damage. Plus, common it's sick.
ew stashin your valuables in your armpit? better have on some killer deodorant!
This is not a new trend it's already in a practice in INDIA!!!!
Jenny A
Just read the article. The sizes available are for women who don't have much cleavage to begin with. Guess larger women have to stuff their bras the old fashion way. 
Old school... my grandma used almost the same technique!!!
Perhaps the cellphone would be too much to carry but, even now days, women carry their cash in their bra (specially countries with high pick-pocketing issues) ... Some carry it inside their socks during long trips...
When you travel you actually learn...
Is not a new concept, just they trying to make it more appealing/modern...
i need this so badly sell me one
you should wear nothing over it to answer the phone asap.
Hoa Le
Sweat will leach into the electronics and eat up the connections.
Wow i could really use one of those!
Rob Go
Armpit phone. Um, yeah, gross.
Seems like you would be digging around under your shirt an awful lot...most people check there phones many times an hour....oh wait, that's awesome!
Nice... the only problem is for mobiles and the thing that it is bound to cancer. So they will be more prone to breast cancer. It will still be cool for credit cards and money but it will look strange for a woman to grab money from there at a supermarket jejeje.
Epic FAIL... but I would love to be there when the phone is on Vibration mode ;)
This is borderline obscene, showing an iPhone on Google+.
That's breast cancer waiting to happen!!!
Right on. I hope there is a special "non-odor" covering? Maybe it could be a co-venture with "Ladies Speed Stick". I would move the placement. As funny as it sounds it needs to be in front where you would not have to dig for it. I hope it comes in a pretty colors too. Maybe it could be a spy cam and video on the move. Have fun great concept but with tough restrictions! If you need a Product-Tester - I am in - Google me please. In my industry our phones are already stuck to our bodies might as well make it official. Good luck.
Great! Now, we're going to be seeing..........."Phone enlargement surgery"!
If you're a little smarter in the picture refers to the relationship hidden in the logo of apple and breast
If people eat natural things you can not find it.
I don't need all that phone RF so close to my girls....but good concept for money and cc's...
Don't think it would really make it in the market, but it was a nice idea to use. Maybe somthing better next time with that same idea.
Innovative but it is useful, don't think so!
hey mike make it little transparent so that guys will be attracted and girls would love it
hi mike u find new kind of pockeet''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Bad idea-There are posts & information of women putting cell phones in their BRAS & develop Breast Cancer...
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