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Facebook resorting to ever more dirty tricks against Google+.

Facebook has taken its cheating to a new low. 

As you know, I auto-post Google+ posts to Facebook. The link brings my Facebook followers back to Google+ for the pictures and comments and for the complete post. 

But now, when they click on the link, my followers get a scary "Security Alert: This Link May Not Be Safe" warning.  

As far as I can tell, Facebook is lying. Flat-out lying as a dirty trick to reduce traffic to Google+. I can't think of any other explanation. 

And they're apparently paying Symantec to take the blame for the lie. 

Both companies know that a link to Google+ is perfectly safe. There are no banner ads and no way for malicious code to be downloaded from Google+. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, been a malware event originating from a Google+ link. 

Even after you click "Ignore this warning," every single link is flagged in the same way, with no "learning" or option to accept all links from the site. 

I wonder what +Robert Scoble thinks of this.

Props to +Roberto Acevedo III for pointing this out to me. 
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Facebook means the link may be unsafe for them. Once you see a superior social site you will never go back.
I think it is crap and it is a matter of time before the facebook crowd opens their eyes.
Sure ok Google does the same crap as well.  They did it with some virus scare about 4 months ago..
Looks like some desperation is kicking in at FB...
lol silly FB. Only a social media website that feels like its in the same boat as myspace would act this threatend.
Shouldn't there be some kind of rule against facebook lying like that? 
I tend to do it the hard way, manually cutting and pasting between the two platforms... solves these sorts of issues... dont panic too much, FB is currently in its "Scrabbling for cash phase", which will be followed by its steady decline... all you need is patience mate.
Yeah, this is way shady. Links to all sorts of other things don't flag the security alert.
Does fb have a link shortening service? If so that may be a way around this problem?
people get used of facebook so they don't want to change.
This is exactly what we should expect from a bunch of con artists.
Facebook fight fair with a better user experience? Nah, just tarnish the competition. A much better strategy.
Thanks for the heads-up; I was thinking of following in your footsteps but now I'll wait to see how this plays out.
facebook + norton = reason number 3049835095835 to deactivate your fb account. 
Dear lord.... I was just about to email you this.....
This is not a smart move by fb.
Is this for people that have Norton installed on their computers or is it showing up for any Facebook user?
+Mike Elgan , I do have contacts in Norton as well as their PR company. Let me see if I can get some clarity on this.
just wait till you are charged to promote your posts... they are testing that concept in NZ as we speak... I predict a mass exodus, very shortly.
Just talked to Norton support... They claim they aren't doing it. Customer support transcript - 

Thank you for contacting Norton Support, you have now been placed in a queue and our next available expert will be with you shortly. 
The approximate wait time is 1 minutes. 

If you need help to download and install a Norton product, we have an online tutorial with step by step instructions available from 
While you wait, please feel free to check it out.
You are not currently connected to a chat representative.
Thank you for your patience. One of our experts will be with you soon.
You are now chatting with Jaime.
jon  Sullivan: Hi.
Jaime: Welcome to Norton Support. My name is Jaime. May I please have a minute to go through the information you have provided?

jon  Sullivan: Sure.
jon  Sullivan: You there Jaime?
Jaime: Hello Jon, I can assist you with your inquiry about the post on the facebook page. It originated before when Norton associated with facebook.
jon  Sullivan: But... it just happened...
Jaime: Norton is now offering facebook user a free 6 months of subscription.
jon  Sullivan: what...??
jon  Sullivan: I have a subscription...
jon  Sullivan: I'm a paying customer.
Jaime: The product Norton offers is only a trial like a pre installed on the computers. And the product is only Norton Anti Virus not Internet security.
jon  Sullivan: Why are you telling my Facebook friends Google is an unsafe website?
Jaime: What I can do is report this incident, can you send me the link?
jon  Sullivan: It's not a trail..... I've been subscribed for years. You charge my credit card.
jon  Sullivan: Here is the link...
jon  Sullivan:
Jaime: Yes you have a valid subscription.
jon  Sullivan: It says you think Google is unsafe.
jon  Sullivan: Why are you doing that?
Jaime: What I will do is to create a report on this if this is real or a scam.
jon  Sullivan: How can it be a scam? it has a link to
Jaime: First, I need to report this because I have no Idea, what I am sure of, that Norton did not create this issue.
Jaime: Thank you for telling us this valuable information.
Jaime: Rest assure that this will be address properly. 
jon  Sullivan: So, what you are saying, is that Norton corp does not consider to be an unsafe website?
Jaime: Norton consider Google as a safe site. You an check it on your website if you have a Norton Toolbar it will show that Google has a high rating from Norton. 
Jaime: What I am saying if the link will be investigated, or someone just making bad comment or issue for Norton. 
jon  Sullivan: Well okay then. Excellent. Can you get Facebook to stop warning my friends is dangerous please?
Jaime: What I am saying is, the link will be investigated, or someone just making bad comment or issue for Norton.
Jaime: Certainly. I will forward this concern, and thank you so much for the valuable information  you have provided.
jon  Sullivan: You can see from my link that Facebook is telling users you think is dangerous? I have a screen shot.
Jaime: Please send the screen shot on the Norton community so we can act on it together.
Friendster is supposed to be Facebook right now.
Oh, wow!  I just tried this is one of my own G+ links of FB and got this message.  I honestly didn't think FB could stoop any lower.  Shows what I get for underestimating them.
Makes me think G+ is having a significant impact on them!!
Should we be surprised?

Yup. About 75% of my links on FB to G+ are throwing that error (including the link to this article), with no obvious rationale or pattern, at least to me.
i delete my fcbk account , iam hapy with my G+ 
Yet another reason to dislike FailBook.
Why you are using Symantec ? 
dirty trick comes from dirty company LOL 
yup i dislike them soooo much i do not auto post lol but have to have a fB account o_O
Wow, just tested this by linking to your post from Facebook. Thats a pretty low blow. Facebook's got it's handbag out.
Thanks for the heads up Mike, I look forward to hearing the full story behind this.
Let's face it, either you know this warning isn't a problem, or you have duty to due diligence if you do not know if the warning is a problem.  As it should be.  Still, it looks like engineered non-compatibility, doesn't it?
I noticed about 2 weeks ago my G+ agent post stop I figured Facebook was on it...
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." For not really being a threat to facebook, G+ is sure getting a lot of attention from them.
#Facebook is a joke.
Since FB's "growth rate" has dropped off, they are probably redistributing staff to "guard the walls" (a vicious pun).
Oh and a Google+ album share I posted the link to yesterday on FB worked fine until now. Stupid!!
Probably not intentional, cos Norton pretty much flags everything.....
I predict if this doesn't work, next is going to be some sort of litigation.  As apple has set a precedent for everyone else, if you can't beat them with inovation, sue their asses off.
To those wondering, it's not a problem with Norton settings or such. I'm on OSX and don't have Norton Anti-Virus installed. Facebook is using it as a classic case of FUD.
Poor facebook, they've really acting like cornered rats now.
Yep same thing is happening to me. 
And it's not a shorten service doing it. A straight link to a G+ posting generates the security alert, while a link to, say, a tweet does not. So it isn't just that it only smiles upon sites using FB Connect. It seems to be selectively discriminating.
This suck definitely not beyond FB though.
How do you auto-post to FB?
+William Brine, I'm getting different results. A link that goes through twitter to G+ is triggering the alert; but a link that is directly copied and pasted from G+ -> Facebook doesn't.  

It could be an extensions or URL shortening thing.
Not surprised at all. Look at the sleazy Facebook IPO and "frictionless sharing" super surveillance.
I have had nothing but problem due to Facebook having that stupid "warning page" ever since they started it. Makes me not use Facebook as much (not that I used it that much before). There are a lot of things I don't like about Facebook's policies. I'm so glad Google+ came out. Now we have a pleasant rich place to enjoy socializing online.
Wow I just tested my links and the same thing happened... what dirty pool. 
I cant stand the finite FB. Infinite G+ all the way
I just shared this link with people that have me circled. Just when you thought FB couldn't add any more stink to the air.
no its any link coming back to google plus I have my google places link on facebook and after the locals add the places goes to google plus and this warning comes up
Does it do the same thing with Twitter links?
Am I the only one who finds this amusing?
+Mike Elgan I use the reposting process that +Mitch Wagner showed me. Basically manageflitter takes my post from here to twitter, then IFTTT takes it from twitter to facebook. The links end up being shortened twitter links, which do not give the warning.
+Patrick Hagge, I tested it on an older G+ straight URL link, so that could be why mine got through.   My Twitter and G+ links that are shared via extensions and automation are definitely blocked though.

Thanks for the clarification. :)
This is hilarious. It's like little kids fighting. 
Twitter links, at least the ones I'm using, are being blocked  +John Livingston.   Besides, even if you could bypass it using or; it's the principle behind the fact that you're now battling censorship -- it's bullshit.
How do you autopost to Facebook?
it shows how more cheap FB could be.. thankfully i'm not a fb user anymore... proud to be on G+ with all amazing friends like u :-)
well is a twitter link, which is what ends up on my account, which are not blocked apparently. I agree that it's wrong, just providing more info.
This may be "funny," but slippery slope fallacies are only marginally fallacious when it comes to capitalism.  While it's obviously not true that alcohol is always a gateway drug, it's usually safe to assume that when one's IPO plummets in the first week and they respond with stuff like this, it's only the tip of the iceberg.
+Danial Hallock mine were manually added links from G+ posts or picasaweb and I got the errors. Tweets or Path posts aren't affected, this is definitely something against G+.
Alex M
I think this shows the true nature of the Facebook executives. Their less-than-stellar IPO has corrupted their vision of connecting people.
I had a similar problem last night, where Facebook told me the link I was trying to share was "spammy".  I thought it must have been due to a TIME article hyperlink in my post (although why TIME magazine would be considered spam was beyond me).  Is Facebook really refusing to reshare Google+ posts?
Hahaha.. "as potentially unsafe by our trusted partner". How much did they pay Norton to make that stupid shit up? And was it as much as they're bribing comScore to help keep the FB stock artificially afloat?
It is no surprise... the very character is like that.... just one of the manifestations if your report is true.. I somehow, got it from the beginning... that is why never created an account on FB...
I had to force myself to login to FB just to post that image and rant about it.
I'm seeing this right now in Chrome for the same situation: Server error
The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.
+Mike Elgan are you sure this is applies to Google links and not just a glitch for every link? If so, I'm deleting my FB account now
Their mobile app warns me on every link I click. I am a big boy let me make my own choices. And stop reminding not to give my password to fishers
Several people have already confirmed it's only G+ links, +Caleb Allen. and links work (sometimes, if it's not automated from G+) and YouTube still works, so it's not all of Google.
Apple announced it is creating a mobile link pretty soon with Facebook that they purport to be swifter than any Google or Android offer, which may also relate to your annoying discovery.
Symantec has been dead to me since 2000.
I would love to see the uproar if facebook actually blocked all of googles shit like Youtube, etc 
What's funny is that they just released the FB Market for iOS and Android, and in the same move do this.
+Caleb Allen 
Unfortunately you can't delete even if you wish.... My friends have tried before.... while deleting, they got notified whether they still want the updates from their friends' list or posts. When "No" was selected, another notification made them learn that their account will remain dormant and any time in future they want to return, just type your username and password.
That, my friend, means what is in their user agreement that "the user does not own the data."
+Mike Elgan These kind of cheap tricks won't last long and at the end of the day people will figure out.
Ha, +Mohamed Rafiq, you rely greatly on the intelligence of the average social media user. 

Actually, more to the point, you over estimate the give a shit factor of most internet users.  The difference between a netizen and your average user is the degree in which you get pissed off at stuff like this.
+Mike Elgan  Since the message places the blame on Norton, someone should contact their media relations department to find out why Google+ has been flagged as potentially unsafe.
I really wish +Mike Elgan would have tagged this with #norton  so that it would trend.  It's obvious this is going to be a viral post.
It is working now. By the way +Mike Elgan, having two Mike Elgan on FB is kind of confusing, are both yours?  One has no posts (pizza photo cover) , but has more subscribers than your profile with G+ posts. And it is not working again, sorry. 
Sounds like more of a problem with Norton automated threat detection than with Facebook. 
It's not just Google+, I shared a Dropbox folder with my wife through FB and she got that message too.

I suspect it's just overly agressive right now, maybe they're trying to sell Norton subscriptions a little too hard.
+Irina Tcherednichenko Before Facebook has "subscriptions," their solution for people with "audiences" (like writers) was the creation of a "page" that was distinct from the user account. So I did that. Now I'm stuck with two accounts. It sucks. 
I posted this to Facebook Security:

Hey Facebook Security how do I report a critical flaw in your Norton security system?

After conducting some tests I find that it reports false positives for links to URL's pointed at Google Plus posts. The system claims the the site may be insecure and this may mislead people.

Is there a more formal way of providing feedback about issues? If so you need to make it easier to get to. Thanks.

If this concerns you, you should let your voice be heard on Facebook.
+Mike Elgan You have to re-direct them to your true profile :))  
dear last time i have a post that contains facebook.some then facebook saying that the link is invalid ........ facebook sucks.......
If this is intentional it is very telling: Facebook is scared of G+. And they should be. Their iPO was a disaster and as the stock falls and the funds continue to sink, the masses will react.
Apple today announced mega Facebook integration and they are dropping Google maps in favor of their own. So the lines are drawn clearer than ever.
We'll see how it plays. In the meantime, I prefer G+ over Facebook.
Thanks, I'm going to post about this. ^^ They will pay!

Facebook is losing more and more users. My friends will switch to Google+ soon, now this will be the most epic fan-boy war ever! Haha
Just be patient, Facebook is ending up like MySpace. I think in two more years they have less than half the subscribers of today.
Yep I just tried linking to my about page and sure enough the warning came up. Tacky very tacky. 
+Mike Elgan - how do you get your google+ posts to automatically post to facebook or twitter?
I read that Google plus experienced a 37% growth in two weeks this month. Maybe that has some to do with it.. Plus with today's IOS 6 announcement of native Facebook integration into the os, Facebook is fending off its position on the throne. 
Jorge S
Yep I hate fb..
I tried posting a link on FB today to a new article. First time I got an error saying the link contained unsafe content. So I went to another site for the same story, new link, same message. Tried another link, same thing. Clicked the link for saying I should not get the message for this link and got a silly email saying they can't look into individual problems. Then why the heck ask me about it! 
I noticed that yesterday - couldn't post a YouTube link on FB.
I think this is happening with a lot of websites, not only G+
Norton is Spyware in my book.
Here are all the media contacts of Symantec, in case anyone would like to tell them what they think.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
To be fair, "may not be" is a qualifier that can be used for anything. For example, this statement may not be in English and may mean something in another language.
Wow! this is crazy, goes to show that facebook IS afraid of G+ , only time will tell how this plays out.
Hi +Mike Elgan, same here. Just checked from my Facebook iOS app and I'm seeing the same sort of alerts. Just makes me want to stop posting to Facebook completely.
Sounds like an anti-trust lawsuit waiting to happen.  Facebook seems to be shooting itself in the foot lately. 
Haha ..... blame it on Norton.
They should be more afraid of their stock price.
I really don't want all the Facebookers joining g+ and ruining it. Let the gossip,farmvile,mafia war,stalker people stay away.
I don't think this is facebook. When you read the facebook terms of use, it says that anything you post on facebook now belongs to them. I haven't read the terms of use for Google+ yet, but it might be that when you post something that it still legally belongs to the person who posted it. So if that is the case Norton could see everyones photos as a threat because they have not been "scanned" for virusis yet, so that would be considered as a threat. Just a thought.
A simple calculation: Facebook is at 1 billion users. Easier to go down than up from here. They keep making blunders at the current pace, it will be down.
G+ has 100 million users. In the last 2 weeks it has grown 37%. Google actually has tangible products that are very embedded in everyday life. Facebook reminds me of the hot air tech companies of the late 90s that produced nothing and were selling at astronomical prices. Read a study how 4 out 5 Facebook users never buy follow through with a buy from ads.
Google sells at 15 times earnings. So does Apple. 100 times earnings for Facebook. I don't think so.
I find that only some of the links redirects me to the "This link may not be safe" page, which is even more extraordinary.
This is kind of a stupid question seen as Facebook is so crap but out of curiosity how do you post from you G+ to your Facebook as well?
I see what you talk about!! Get almost the same!!
Terrible news for the credibility of Norton software.
Who in their right mind use Norton antivirus anyway.
If FB does this without the help of Norton, Norton shouldn't be happy either, as it drags down the reputation of their warnings to the level of useless, time-wasting, safe to ignore, and probably not worth paying for.
Just display in the posted link's comment section prominently: "Ignore the safety warning; it's just Facebook's anti-Googleness" #FBmadbro
Deleted my book of face yesterday... I enjoy the maturity of google+ ... (dislike) facebook... Insert thumbs down here.
Douchebook! Copyright The No Agenda Show.
Like Norton is even worth trusting...
i don't think facebook needs any dirty tricks to win the war against google plus
Unbelievable..Didnt expect facebook to go to such depths. Agreed it is the top social network, but that doesnt mean they can resort to such unfair practise..
This happens for a bunch of sites for me, not just Google+
I don't see the Norton bit either - I'm guess it's been adblocked or something for me.
u fkng kdng me  . my first vist to google + to give it a chance and the 1st thing i see are comments from people who i have not subscribed to publishing obvious propaganda against its no#1 competitor, facebook . SURPRISE SURPRISE...  leaving now. likely not coming back unless/until it catches on and, thusly, worth my time.  on a lighter note, have a good week everybody.
Don't worry...we are all trust Google at least more than Face Book and Norton...this message insures that Norton not good enough to distinguish between good and bad links...try to use any other antivirus it may be better.
Option #1: A conspiracy in which Facebook hires Symantec to specifically target Google+ posts because they don't want their users to see any competing social networks....or
Option #2: Symantec has a crappy link scanning algorithm that is tripped by the multiple special characters that litter a Google+ link.

Based on company track records and Occam's razor, I vote option 2.
This will probably be fixed in a week or two.
+Nipun sehrawat - I feel like an idiot... haha.  Using google+ and didn't even try to "google" my question!  Thanks dude!
it is normal phenomenon ,dont care too much
I figured that this may become a major competition as facebook may feel Goole + is stepping on their toes, or at least trying to. I think a security alert is absolutely silly, however.
You could look at as a bad thing or a good thing, if Facebook is going out of its way to do this then they see G+ as a real threat.  So in a way maybe Google should be flattered by this, also they should strip there search results of everything to do with Symantec :) 
i would sometimes post links to g+ from fb and they just would't show up in the stream but only on my timeline, one of the many things i dislike about the book...
I'm currently disappointed at G+ because it does not show previews of links from my blog anymore (blogger). 
It is not a war. Facebook is where people drip their monthly/daily/momentary pms and g+ is where interesting posts are made.
Fakebook not :D
Jeko K
Facebook doesnt' have their name on phones everywhere...they're pretty screwed. In due time.
"And they're apparently paying Symantec to take the blame for the lie" - Is there any evidence of payment?
i left facebook age's ago [boring].
Let's all hope that everyone ditches FB soon and move on to G+... Facebook is far more 'unsafe' than G+... I hope they realize that.
ho my friends faebook spreading te virus online virus to the pc .. most of pc are hanging with facebook virus.. be take care before using should be active ur antivirus all
I wish there were a bookmark utility for long threads such as these. I dropped my phone and lost my place. :-/ Were the questions ever answered on how to auto post from G+ to Facebook?
how to protect my pc with facebook virus.. with fb my pc hang with virus.. how to control it
If facebook keeps Google links marked as "unsafe" I think that Google should give them their own medicine and do the same with facebook links from Google Search. Do you agree?
Jim Cox
On Myspace any link to a Blogger post was and most likely still is flagged as a suspicious link.  Hmm, Myspace was recently sold for how much?
+Matt Storms it'd be years or perhaps decades before that crowd looks anywhere else. I would keep them there and keep G+ great as it is. Filled with great minds and not stupid status updates.
Once in awhile either Google Gmail or Facebook will ask for account verification because of possible suspicious activity. Facebook doesn't give you to option to verify Fan Page via Land Line. It'll say you must use a device which ultilize SMS for verification. So, if you're cell phone is out of service, you can't use regular hardwired  home telephone. FB should just e-mail you a PIN and you just punch it in. But they haven't advanced that far yet. Too bad.
Instead of this lame trick why cant FB just show the content the link has in a popup like their photo viewer?
Never attribute to malice what can be put down to incompetence.

Seriously, it's probably just a bug that will be resolved quickly.  We at Google once managed to mark the entire Web as malicious.  It wasn't a statement about every other company but us.  Honest.  :-)
i just followed several links from +Mike Elgan from Facebook to G+ and i have not seen any alerts. are others still seeing this? wonder if this is really a matter of Symantec software blowing...if my work experiences in IT are any indications, that's the reason.
+Brian White  a google employee , posting such a comment, love and respect for google just increased . Keep up the good work.
Interesting.  I noticed this yesterday when I was helping fix my father's laptop.  He uses Norman AV, and it was showing the same link alert to a google website.
+Mike Elgan - I've been having this problem with google+ links on facebook, inconsistently, for the past month or two. It's been getting more and more consistent though. It happens with direct links to G+ posts and galleries. It sucks because it makes connecting multiple social sites nearly impossible. It especially happens on Facebook apps and mobile website.
Facebook itself is full of funny that they put such alerts...hehehe
+Art Edwards, probably, though I don't recall trying it when it happened.  A corrupted data file basically had an expression that matched every possible URL.  Oops.

These things happen and we put in checks to make sure it can't happen again.  (At least... not in the same way :-)
To the starter, it should be updated now, it might be nice to edit your post to let others know there is no more warning rather than generate unnecessary hate for G+ or FB. (Note: I am pro-G+)
Don't really care. Those who fall for it, stay over there.
Seems a bit self defeating to me.
Bad site ratings are a problem that all site owners, especially software developers, have had to deal with. Meanwhile, the 'bad' guys' usually skate right on by.
Look at what google is trading for vs facebook
Great, bloatware has infected Facebook lol! I still dont see why manufacturers would install software that slows their machines down, sure I know the get a kickback, but surely a customer would be more interested by a speedier machine, and a choice of which ever A.V software they want to use? Have you ever tried unstalling Norton?
Meh, it's whatever. Google isn't all that angelic either. Did you know that if you upload a family video and it just so happens to have music playing in the background, you may not be able to upload said family video? Every company does weird stuff. They lose their sense of individuality and expression as they grow. Still an interesting post though.
This is messed up but at the same time its just what I expect from FB and Norton
Facebook must be feeling the pinch from Google+ if they need to resort to these dirty tactics, and who are they to decide which one we user, I Know which one I prefer (G+)
As +Derek Ross said, you might be using a url shortening service. Or some other app. i tried posting on facebook to a link to a Google+ post and it shows up fine. Didn't warn me or anything. Maybe?
Hi . Thats about what going on with me as me Outlook page has now lost a few links and tomorrow. I tried to link my face book to google+. I have my Computer guy coming over to check up what wrong . I have just opened up Google plus as I see that having a big future because the cost factor is much lower and ar last Micro soft will not be able to ask such high prices for very little.
Saw this message on a friend's link to Google maps too. I can still somewhat understand and accept the rivalry between the 2 social sites, but of all things...

Why Norton??????????????

They did the same with last week!
This is truly a new low. The sad part is that mentioning it to regular people that only are using facebook won't make them use it any less, only get suspicious of Google+.
the "walled gardens" they want to maintain... their tactics creep me out
Well now, that's a load of crap ! Never did care for Norton anyway ....
Well its pretty obviouse whos idea this was... Mark Zuckerberg! I just can't stand him! Can't wait till Facebook dies!
This is not surprising at all. After all the CEO is Mark Zacherburg. We all saw how low he can be in the film right. This is exactly the kind of thing he will do when cornered.
This makes me very glad that I deleted my Facebook account two days ago! The best decision that I've ever made.
Hm, links worked for me just fine. I posted the link to this page and checked using mine and wife's account
Too many companies afraid of Google these days... that only means one thing, Google is eating into their market share... Go... Google... Go...
So something I did yesterday that was safe to do is now stopped out of spite. Let's protest this!
Norton has bever been up to much in my opinion. Only very good at strangling your operating system and causing impatience of volcanic proportions. Facebook was born out of trickery and will seemingly perpetuate this as a culture. A sure sign of being a loser is when you join up with the losers. (Because you realise you are losing?)
Lol Norton really!? Those guys are a fricken joke! I swear they make shit up so they can stay in business. 
This is not surprising at all.
+Mike Elgan I am currently talking to Symantec now and will post what was said in this comment section :)
fb sucks nut anyways only reason i have it is for old friends 
google is not a co site of facebook and officially fb dont know they alert their users........its their duty and responsibility
FB is lacking of imagination! Those people who still use FB because they think FB is cool, but that no longer is the case. G+ is coolest kid around the block!
Sinking to new lows to prevent competition... not the way technology should flow, my friends..
Incidentally, I usually know when a computer with Norton has a serious virus because it is the first thing to go down in flames!
lol it only happens when using URL shortener.
Quel surprise. It started with the IPO.
FB shareprice goes down the toilet, followed by announcement of bed sharing with Apple, now petty acts against perceived competitor.Still, if it keeps the sheep penned in....
do not use URL shortener, use to post full and original URL
I am honestly curious as to what in their coding triggers Facebook as unsafe?
Pshhh only rich brainless ppl use norton anyway, but definitely a blow below the belt being dealt there by Facebook.
Alright, this may affect me somehow, but, if my friends on Facebook couldn't be re-directed to G+, I would just not posting anything on Facebook derived fm G+ again.
Im glad im done with FB
Lately it's being triggering everything as unsafe to me. It's really annoying.
quite devious indeed, I assume that Failbork is scared and falling back on such tactics as it has no better way to defend itself.
i wish i could be done with facebook, but non of my "dear" friends use google+ ... bummer
If you don't like facebook or disapprove of their methods then boycott it, there's no use bitching, as the saying goes 'actions speak louder than word's'.
Yea G+ is very much better than Facebook. Now they are trying to trick against G+
Look like they might have fixed it. I just quickly post the link of this post to facebook and didn't see any security block
I contacted Symantec online and this is what happened:

You are now chatting with Anandkumar

Anandkumar : Welcome to Norton Support. My name is Anand. May I please have a minute to go through the information you have provided?  

Blake Harrold: yep sure

Anandkumar : Blake, Norton does not block any web site unless it don't have security certificate or if the site is malicious. I will need to check the links to help you further. Are you chatting with me from the computer that has the issue?

Anandkumar : Blake, I can connect to your computer remotely and help fix this issue for you. At any point, you can disconnect the remote session by clicking on the [End] button.
I encourage you to view the troubleshooting from your end.
Shall we go ahead with the remote connection?
Blake Harrold: i do not believe that it is my computers problem, many people on google+ are talking about this and how their facebook is blocking them from going to google+ sites. But yes, this does happen on my computer too

Anandkumar : Are you chatting from same computer?

Blake Harrold: yes. but can I provide you a screenshot of the warning it comes up with?

Anandkumar : I will need to check the settings from your Norton firewall and Internet explorer to resolve this issue. Should we go ahead with remote connection. I will not touch your personal files and folders and you can disconnect session whenever you want by clicking on end button?

Blake Harrold: first of all, i dont have norton firewall and second, im using google chrome. I wouldnt really like you remotely connected and going in my facebook. But please click this to see what the actual warning looks like:

Blake Harrold: also, this is a link to one of the posts on google+ about the problem:

Anandkumar : Yes, I have seen the error screenshot. Please allow me a minute to check the issue.

Blake Harrold: thank you

Anandkumar : Thank you for your patience. I have checked this issue and it is not due to Norton. If you wish you can remove Norton and check the links. Norton is not blocking those links it has been blocked by security terms from facebook. Please check the security page of facebook to check the actual issue.

Blake Harrold: Thanks. so what social network do you think is better? Google+ or Facebook? - just wondering.

Anandkumar : It depends on your choice and as per your needs. We cannot comment on any third party product.  Is there anything else I can help you with?

Blake Harrold: no worries mate, nothing else, thanks bye.

Anandkumar : Thanks for contacting Norton support. Have a great day!

Blake Harrold: you too!
I have to be honest +Mike Elgan, I wish Facebook, Google and Apple would spend less time behaving like spoilt children and grow up.

For me, Twitter are the only one of these big players to conduct themselves with a degree of integrity. 
i honestly use facebook over google+(only due to lack of my friends on here), but everything on google+ i try is sooo much better than the facebook counterpart. 

those dirty competition inhibiting mofos.
Two things I hate Facebook (which imitates a virus coincidentally spying on you all over the web). And I love gplus Its the perfect social network, but I hope fb keeps going as I don't want all those chavs on gplus telling us they "just made a bacon butty" blah blah and PS I won't hear a wrong word against google ... ha ha
so norton is just another barrier around their walled garden....
Would be nice if +Google would make a comment on this outrageous move by Facebook.
I don't know if it's related but ALL outbound links from Facebook have been broken for me, when using the Facebook app on my HTC one x lately. I get an interstitial page then the continue link fails. It just means I spend less time on fb.
So I think it's incompetence rather than malice.
It's dirty all right, but will all due respect +Mike Elgan, trying to choose between Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (and all the others!) is like trying to choose between forms of torture.

Use them, try to avoid being used by them.
+Jon Sullivan sweet! He was bubbling a little ha ha Norton I think is terrible anti virus I used avast for 5 years and its free , never had an issue it couldn't deal with and already the android avast app is regarded as one of the best on android . Plus its not a battery hog like lookout...
Facebook is so full of spam and phishing that this was needed years ago. LOL
Facebook is not full of spam ..!! its an great social networking website
No Wonder that could be done by one who Stole the Idea of his Co-Workers.
What a low act. I have followed your lead with auto-posting and do the same. I do hope that I can kill my facebook account within 6 months and won't have to worry.
han yaaaar fb waley Google-plus ki nakal behad karre hn!!!
I figured they'd try to block Google+ eventually.  I wonder if Symantec is doing this globally, or if it's only because Facebook put Google on a bad list.
All to keep the proletariat in Facebook's walled garden and watching their adverts .
Dev D
FB craze is declining....
gee isn't it bad form to advertise
on a competing sight? would you build your restaurants business up at your competitores restaurant? ass now get this shit off my feed i don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats what its coming down to ( cut the FB cord ),.....I recieved the same notification yesterday
All my G+ links, links to my artwork and photography on a Californinan site called Zazzle plus all the links to news stories were removed yesterday by Facebook from my profile page. I found a form, filled it in, complained back justifying why the posts were not "Spam" or "Abusive" (which they claimed they were) and within 15 minutes the lot were restored again. They are stooping below the belt this time.
Fb just can't accept the truth that g+, the best!
When it comes to cheating and going low both google and facebook runs as fast as they can, both of them sucks
I tried it. It's not as you said. The links are working properly. I thought I had 1 more reason to hate facebook...
Eww.  I just started the process of killing my FB account.  Thanks for the inspiration.
How can i auto post g+ posts to facebook
Download Exfoliate from the Play Store to delete your FB info...and posts...and photos...
so neither quite as 'social' as they claim....tut tut...
As they said in South Park: That's beep*ing gays as *beep!
Oh Norton, you fools.

Don't they realize by doing this, they are TEACHING users to ignore warnings? Then again, if Norton did its job properly, no one would ever get infected and then there'd never be anything to clean.
Actually, how do  you connect google+ with facebook, how did you do it?
can you please share how you did this auto posting
ugh, like its true.
I knew I had a good reason to not install Norton!
But y we belive u may b they are right 
Facebook: The EVIL EMPIRE? 
Easy solution to all this - Don't do facebook.
+Mike Elgan I assume you're talking about posts pushed to First of all, it seems to have been fixed as I don't see those warning messages, secondly.... why do you even bother? I mean there's hardly any interaction on those Facebook posts, compared to 300+ comments on this thread alone.

Also I thought you were on the Google+ diet ;)
What do you expect? Really, this is the norm in this type of business, no morals, make the rules up as you go & as Steve Jobs so often did, go nuclear on anyone that does something better than you, then try to shut it down or buy it. I'm afraid to say it, but in all honesty Google is just another player in this shitty game of grab as many eye balls as you can in the quest for the mighty dollar, & in my opinion Google is the least evil, but never the less still complicit in some acts of evil. At least they are up front & take it on the chin when they're found out. 
Oh my god. You lot are so pathetic. Get over it! So Facebook ALLEGEDLY (it could just have been a glitch for all you know) blocked people from clicking on Mike's link and being redirected back here. Big deal!! I have posted tons of G+ links on Facebook and not one of them, ever, has been blocked.

Facebook knows that it won't do them any good to block people from accessing G+, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do it. If they ever got found out then that sort of bad publicity could be very damaging, especially to their share price.

Anyway, do you people on G+ do anything other than bash Facebook?! Ok so you hate Facebook, we get the message! There is no need to launch a tirade of abuse towards the site. It serves a different social purpose than G+ and it works for many people. You don't like the content over there? That is plain and simple down to your friends being idiots. It has NOTHING to do with the site at all.

But more to the point, why do you continue to talk about Facebook, particularly in such a bad light? We get the idea, so give it a rest will you. It has become boring, and you're portraying G+ as an angry and argumentative place. Facebook has never killed anyone, Zuckerberg's success is an inspiration to millions and should be encouraged, and they are not the first company to use less than ethical methods and they certainly won't be the last. You all saying that Google is as clean as a whistle? Don't make me laugh!

My point is this - just stop complaining about Facebook will you. It is very boring, and is putting non-Google fanboys like myself off the site. Just give it a rest will you. And stop encouraging them +Mike Elgan!!! :-)
I tried to sign up for Facebook and my system crashed. I took it as a sign to leave the "evil one" alone. From what I hear, I'm not missing much anyways.
+Mike Elgan I think it is a sure sign of desperation to keep peeps on Facebook, last I heard usage was down 34%.
Who honestly gives a shit? So what, surly there's more pressing matters to discuss!
If you don't like the system, don't use the system.
I think for Facebook to do that, it shows that there must be a significant amount of traffic going to G+ from Facebook.
right, i was about doing same untill i saw this. Well such is the ills of competition.
All the more reason to make the switch from F to G.
Actually ... the alert is correct... facebook users can't handle a properly organized / add free / non-spam driven environment ... do you actually expect them to return once they have seen the difference ???
Not only did I switch to Google+, I also deleted my Facebook.
google + iz better than facebook i dont get on facebook any more
I mentioned on Facebook how much I liked the new Google+ iphone app and it was promptly deleted from my feed. Naughty naughty......very naughty.
That will teach you to use Norton security, which must be the most intrusive anti virus software I have ever the mispleasure to have tried.
No wonder! I find G+ more exciting nowadays...The crowds must be movin'. 
Everytime I create a post with using a URI from LinkedIn iy either (a) goes to the alert via PC, or in the unique situation all is fine, the identical alert will occur if accessed via SmartPhone
Well Facebook is quite honest, because Google+ is not safe for Facebook...
Here's the Mystery: Who is Insane and Blind enough to Trust them with a "Security risk"? I used both, they're Terrible! 
So It has to be a complete Lie or the Bullshit metre has left the Building!
You mean it's useless for me to send my G+ links on my FB posts??

What the ...
+Ryan Martin - Yeah i get that, that's fine. But why bitch about something that is allegeded and not confirmed? And does it affect anyone's quality of life even if it is true? Google fanboys are happy enough using G+ and all the other Google features, so why bitch about Facebook? What does it matter? It just makes G+ look like a desperate and argumentative place.
Facebook is just sad that G+ has a better interface and will soon dominate them.
It is also Norton that's a crappy antivirus... I dislike Symantec greatly! It also eats up resources.
Facebook is a complete waste of time,it ultimately wrecks people's life's & relationships.
I noticed the same thing, when I was posting a link to Facebook. It wouldn't allow it as a direct post. But I was able to add the link to a comment.

What's interesting is if Facebook continues this kind of stuff, AND if Google is smart and opens up the system so we can share to everywhere (like we can with YouTube), I think Google will become the   smart choice.

Facebook users will be slow to shift. Think of all of those people that took years to grudgingly join Facebook. Just as they get used to it, they will be seeing more of us early adopters sliding over to G+.

This is not Wave or Buzz. G+ is shaping up to be essential.
its saying...everything is "FAIR IN WAR AND LOVE"
whts FB n G+ in?????
Im on fb,im thinking of cancell it but i dont know how.Someöne who knows pls email me. 
Well Facebook has to do something to stop the rot. Their usage is plummeting. 
it's part of the game...besides there are more valuable posts on G+ and we don't need everyone coming here and post trash. I'm proud that my college uses gmail for students, which obviously helps more smart people joining G+
Just posted this post on facebook, and it didn't get blocked, so I am guessing they smartened up and whitelisted *
Gonna send a link to my FB page just to see it for myself.
FB is unsafe,period. Who would wanna get Zucked?
I got tired of all Facebook's games and I cut all ties. I've canceled my account. Now it's me and +Google+
+Mark Jaszczak I'm complaining about which is better than the other. I still use Facebook more, since there is more interaction between my friends/family. 
But Facebook usually allows us to share anything we want to our friends. We can share a youtube video with a click.  We can share news articles with a simple paste of a URL.

But we can't share something from Google+. I'm not looking to change Facebook users over. But, if I see an interesting post on G+, I want to share it. I don't want to double-post.
+Mike Elgan: the links I tried of my own (and yours) are working on Facebook again without the error! I also tried this in a different browser not logged into Facebook (I only then received the standard "check your URL before proceeding" message).

So perhaps it was a mistake and they fixed it?
i delete my fb account and turns to twitter and G+.. its better..
How do I post this to fb or "auto post"
That is just crap facebook(double thumbs down) knows that google+ is bringing stiff competition!!!!!!
Pathetic isn't it? I ran across this issue last night.
Just tested this myself. FB will drop this if the press gets bad enough ... Which would encourage many folks to try G+ for the first time.
to paraphrase (Dune movie) Baron Harkonnen: He who controls the traffic, controls the universe! :)
I'm sure it's already been said, but I can't believe Norton would put their name to this also.
i also think this is why FB snatched up Instagram - to ensure it NEVER gets a "Share to G+" option.
how do you auto post to fb ?
i just clicked one of your links on fb and it redirected me to g+ just fine.
Definitively deleted my facebook account last week... They have gone from social networking to social extortion, misusing personal information....... and now this? let's hope facebook has a swift death sometime soon... Can't stand their way of doing business
I am slowly weaning myself off FB
Really facebook"  That company have some lowdown people running them.....intergrate G+ with myspace and move on....
Just another reason not to use Facebook.
Facebook lock-in.  I think AOL did something similar in the early days of the Internets. We all know how that turned out in the long term
I got kick out of Facebook many times for no real reasons and now don't want to go back to it anymore,I feel so much better, FB is so "dépassé" and kind of "as been", they are so paranoid that the censure in it is pathetic, they still can not make the difference between erotic art and porn, and behave as robots on the subject, and give moral lessons to everybody to auto censure the other. By now after months in Google+ when I have a look on a Facebook page the comparation, well there is no match, Google+ got so much more class.
I suppose it would be a valid warning if I used Windows.
FB has a lot of tricky add, because every time an FB user click an add,the advertiser has to pay for that, that's how FB gets the revenue. I'm a small business owner and I thought I can place an add on FB for a minimal price for the service, they will say it's free to post an add, then they will ask for your CD info. then when you are about to sign the agreement, you have to read it carefully.. it say's that every time somebody open your website the advertiser will be charged ( something around $0.10). Imagine how many "curious george" you have to pay or somebody who open you website by mistake.. be very very careful using FB
I've been using the app Postolog, and it seems to work like a charm, avoiding this problem as it is a known FB app.
I wonder if it shows up if you don't auto-post.  I assume facebook now sees auto-posts as potential threats.  If you know the source, not an issue.
Been having problems with the FB app on an Android phone damn app won't let me click on any links , webpages or Youtube sites stupid thing thinks its trying to protect me from insecure sites , if you try and click on Continue it then reports lost connection ..... I'm hoping more people start realising how crap FB really is , btw I posted screenshots of this crap on my FB page
Wow... I'm 'that' insignificant []¬_¬]

I share a post about on +Google+ about an hour before 'this' lovely post and yet the in comparison to the amount of comments and +1's 'this' post has received, I don't even exist []o_o]
That's not 'Cheating' its just business. If you can't post G+ messages there, make the platform popular enough to not need to post there in the first place. This 'Cheating' talk is in itself childish and you as a tech journalist should know better than this.
To start I don't even like Norton. Now Norton + fb= deleting my facebook.
Is this still happening for others? I just tried it and didn't experience that, the link worked fine. I wouldn't put it past FB, just find it so blatant its hard to believe!
If you try to post Google+ content manually in Facebook, FB will say that it is spam.
Actually +Hasan Ahmad it is cheating....rather it is slander (slander is illegal).  The reason for this is "Facebook has teamed up with Norton to help protect you online....potentially unsafe".  So Facebook and Norton are saying Google / Google+ is unsafe when Google is safe and have real certificates on their site stating so; the same as any website that is safe does.   To further my point, this must mean that if I have Norton on my computer, it should warn me when I go to a Google / Google+ site.....guess what, it doesn't.
i used to enjoy Facebook waaaay back fact everyone i tried to get to move from MySpace to Facebook thought Facebook was boring n DIDNT make the switch! Now I think Facebook is crap its just a big ball of gossipy tabloidy ignorance n drama! nothing of real substance...basically the new MySpace...Facebook is meeting its own demise! In my opinion they should have left well enough alone BUT they DIDNT n that's why we have Google+ Im sooo hoping Google+ DOESNT go in the direction if its predecessors because I love the realness of people the ideas the real sense if community we have! This is what a social network should be! all that other gossipy rumor tabloid type crap can be done privately through text messages!
No, it says 'potentially', so its just like placing the word 'alleged' in a murder scenario of a possible suspect. There can be no kickback from tentatives, possibilities or probabilities. 
+Shawn Wilhelm how is that Slander? do you even know what that word means? This is using a PLUGIN/Customization to accomplish it, Google is not trying to push the data through their own servers to Facebook. It is a user circumvention customized by a third user to try and allow this. How is that slander? Come on, be realistic.
+Mike Elgan as many users here are reporting as their posting is fine from G+ to Facebook maybe you should check your plugin before you use the 'Cheating' word
Glad to see this was resolved so quickly. Just wrong, FB! Thanks, +Mike Elgan for calling them on it! 
facebook is just shit :)
all kinds of stupid persons post stupid things on it :(
and sometimes you may be spammed :(
I had the same thing happening +Mike Elgan. I also had Facebook telling me that a YOUTUBE link was suspicious. 
+Blake Harrold I have to say, I loved how you asked, "so what social network do you think is better? Google+ or Facebook? - just wondering." Brilliant!
Yes I do +Hasan Ahmad.  Do you.  Oh you don't here you go, the legal definition.  Slander is: a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report. 
Facebook the evil empire. Members should delete their account. Oh wait... Never mind.  
And this is Slander? you need your head examined. lol
The links appear to work now, but I wouldn't go so far as to call the problem "solved."  When a company as integrated into our social interactions (to the tune of a few hundred million users) starts censoring out their competition, even accidentally or until the blogosphere blows up, the problems are far from solved when they turn off the censor button.

The problem won't be "solved" until a formal apology is announced, and/or Facebook fades into the mist.  Go go gadget #internetdefenseleague !
Mike you got something started and I agree with you, I don't even like Facebook, I only go on because of my family, and as far as him use Norton, I think we need Norton to protect us from Facebook
OK everyone  we all know the reputation of Facebook do you really think Norton would put up with something like that. If he is willing to go this far to do what he is doing, then what are the chances he is doing this to Norton to. I am wondering aren't you
Even i am facing same problem.......When i auto post my blogger post to my fb fan page.......its showing some captcha words.....and when fans click my link..they get alert message saying...facebook think this site may be unsafe..........please if u r not familiar with it....mark as spam..................ohhhhhhhhhhh its ridiculous...............
Yes I just noticed today that my blog which auto-posts to Facebook is behaving in the same manner. Lame. 
I knew something was wrong with FaceBook, Thank you for sharing this info, now i know whats the real problem, I knew it was not my APP's ... 
It's not google or anitvirus's a facebook redirect, as if they don't want you to leave the site. However, we dont have the issue with Safari users. ONLY Internet Exploder and Firefox. We don't know why.
Cheating? hahaha. Vic leaving tells you where Google+ is going. Bye Bye. 
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