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The view in Santorini.

I was just cleaning up some YouTube videos in preparation for tomorrow's Flying Circle hangout, when I ran across this video.

I took this in May of 2008 while on a trip to Greece. This is the view from the balcony where my wife and I lived for one incredible week.
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I am ready to travel there!
Beautiful place! But you should have cranked up the music a little louder. That was some good mood music. :)
One of my favourite places in the world. Were you staying in Thira? We always stay in Oia at the place that has the windmill. Stunning sunsets. Santorini is magical!
I prefer Greece from a sailboat but ashore is great also! I proposed to my wife in front of the Parthenon then taught her how to sail afterwards for a week through the islands. Special time.
Heh. I was there last year, and it was wonderful. I wish I had bought 20 kilos of those peanuts covered in honey and sesame seeds. Best. Snack. Ever.
+Mike Elgan Santorini... like something that J.R.R. Tolkien would have no trouble fitting into one of the Three "Lord Of The Rings" books... simply magical!
Went there in 2010 and getting married there in 2012 - fantastic place.
Yup. Spent an entire month on the island (Oia Village traditional cave house) many moons ago. Went back many years later. Still, priceless.
I spent a week on Santorini and loved it. Views were amazing. Only thing, I got pretty sick to the stomach on the buse ride along those insanely high cliffs from Fira to Oia where our hotel was, but it was worth it!
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