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This is the Big News of the day: Google Search goes all sci-fi on us.

The future begins today, folks. And you don't need to get accepted to Star Fleet Academy to learn how to use it. 
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its weird I had this like 2-3 weeks ago... Maybe I was part of a limited beta test.. 
It didnt work that well with the mic embedded on my laptop...maybe I need an external mic to make it better
Now we'll  have to put up with people picking up the mouse and speaking into it.
Siri ... <boop boop> ... How do you spell "obsolete"?
+Adam Tyler Siri: "I cant find "How do you spell obsolete"...would you like me to search the web?" 
I wish the mic button was in the url bar. That's where I do my searches.
Works great with my AT-2005 USB Mic
Is there a companion Android app to use your phone as your microphone? Or will they upgrade your phone's conversational functions?
Love this feature, really feels like the star trek computer. This is the future of computing.
Using this stuff I wonder how Stephen Hawking keeps it working with spell check;)
and it understands my accent which is miracle by itself
This is the same search engine that Google Now applies to #googleglass - it's crazy impressive. This new voice-search engine combined with the bone-induction mic on the developer's #glass  unit is really, really impressive.
Ok, so, way cool and all... but how does this help me at work? I cannot be talking to my computer. I need to TYPE my questions. If it can understand language then it can understand typed questions. I'm seriously disappointed. I was way looking forward to this and it is so severely limited.
Isn't easier to just type something in Google search?
hmm, doesn't appear to be working right for me. LIES!
+Bill Weber Me, too. It was strongly suggested to me by a senior Google honcho that this is very likely in the works. 
+Mike Elgan I would suggest that it is definitely in the works not just very likely. Google Now = Google Future
It doesn't work that well in Chrome 27 yet, I get errors but I am sure it will be fixed.
"Okay Google" is not waking up the conversational search. You have to manually click on the mic button. Is there any settings to make it happen?
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