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Will the iPad 3 have advanced haptics?

I try to avoid joining in on the Apple announcement Kremlinology. But I can't resist this one.

Apple has sent the invites to press for their March 7 iPad announcement, which always has subtle clues about what will be unveiled. (I'm never invited to Apple events -- I'm on the Apple blacklist.)

Today's invite includes the image below.

The two facts that jumped out at me were these: 1) The incomplete sentence "and touch"; and 2) there's no physical button in the picture.

Apple wouldn't emphasize touch unless there's something new about touch. So what's new about touch?

One theory is advanced haptics, which as I've detailed in the past, have the potential to completely transform and improve the multi-touch tablet experience:

You'll note that my column linked above itself includes a link to an Apple patent for haptics:

Another theory is that missing button. It could be that Apple is dispensing with the physical button.

What's YOUR prediction?
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Google blacklist? You mean Apple?
I predict that the next version of iOS will include the Calendar app.
iPad could also be in landscape, hence no button.
You, Loe Laport and many other really influential voices have been banned by the Apple Overloards. I think eventually their press conferences will just be David Pouge sitting in an empty room clapping LOL.

I guess they don't believe in "winning people back".
Does the iPad 2's icons look that clear (dunno, don't own one)? In addition to no physical key, does that image hint at Retina possibly?
It could also mean that they have physical devices there - that means the actual release of the new version would be soon and not months away.
Unfortunate you are on that "black list". I find you to be one of the more balanced reporters on tech. Shame on Apple.
Now the beer app will dispense real beer! That's the best kind of feedback I can think of.
I think the best upgrade Apple could make to the ipad 3 would be to replace some of those ugly-ass icons. For a company that's know for their "style", I just can't believe how those icons haven't been replaced by now.
I would love to see some sort of haptic feedback in the iPad 3 (I thought it would be on the iPad 2). It would make it a much better gaming and typing device, though my suspicion is that none of this will be a part of the release. I think the reference to "touch" is alluding to the missing home button (ie no physical buttons at all).
The image does look pretty crisp and a retina display is a popular theory for one of the features in the iPad 3. I'm not too surprised at losing the button. Not sure what's with all the Apple hate. Yeah they introduce a lot of features that have been done before, but they packaged them together quite well and their devices work fairly flawlessly.
Hmm interesting. This patent is old, I thought they burried it deep. Btw Sony has one in the same vein too (2d span of hexagonal elements). Apple was already busy with a rather large change of cpu/screen/net .. I wouldn't bet they had the time to bring something so radically new. I wish they do though.

ps: you just made the next week a very very long one ^^.
+Igo Tan Doubtful with the way Apple emphasizes touch in iOS. Maybe motorola will come out with a slider tablet, a giant Droid.
I still doubt Apple will bring full haptic today. But this 'And touch' is too bold not to mean something. I'd bet 10$ on the japanese company that adds 'texture feeling' on top of LCD ( slick, grainy, woody .. ) not full haptic , but still a very welcomed improvement.
Android 4.0 has full mouse keyboard intergration.
Two guesses: 1) iPad 3 are available to attendees to get first hand experience. 2) No button. "Slide up from frame" to display recently used apps or resume from sleep mode.
Perhaps some bleeding edge technology that we would not expect to see in production just yet ... holography? quantum memory? freedom from the need for a nearby cell tower?
Mind reading....if you get the 64GB version. The other versions will have a less accurate method where they pretty much just randomly guess what you think. It will be called "male reading of the female mind"
Is it just me, or is there WAY too much light on the fingers in that pic? I'd wager they just took a picture of someone pointing at a LCD screen and photoshopped it onto a product shot of iPad 3.
Retina/LTE/8m Camera/Quadcore/1g Ram/128g storage and android tablets plus windows 8 tablets having a horrible 2012-2013...

Can't wait!!!
Who cares it will be 3G and no Flash
Flash is dead plus there are flash browsers for iPad. Iswifter and live desktop...
Is there a browser for 4G too :)
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