Will the iPad 3 have advanced haptics?

I try to avoid joining in on the Apple announcement Kremlinology. But I can't resist this one.

Apple has sent the invites to press for their March 7 iPad announcement, which always has subtle clues about what will be unveiled. (I'm never invited to Apple events -- I'm on the Apple blacklist.)

Today's invite includes the image below.

The two facts that jumped out at me were these: 1) The incomplete sentence "and touch"; and 2) there's no physical button in the picture.

Apple wouldn't emphasize touch unless there's something new about touch. So what's new about touch?

One theory is advanced haptics, which as I've detailed in the past, have the potential to completely transform and improve the multi-touch tablet experience: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9135897/Haptics_The_feel_good_technology_of_the_year?taxonomyId=12

You'll note that my column linked above itself includes a link to an Apple patent for haptics: http://www.bgr.com/2009/07/02/new-apple-patents-include-tactile-haptic-feedback-fingerprint-id-and-rfid-tag-readers/

Another theory is that missing button. It could be that Apple is dispensing with the physical button.

What's YOUR prediction?
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