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Dog ramen getting more popular in China.

Instant ramen noodles with dog meat is growing in popularity in China, according to a Hong Kong news report.

There would be a joke here about "woking one's dog," but unfortunately this stuff comes in a Styrofoam cup.

According to reports in Korea and Japan, the dog ramen is made in a region in China where there are a lot of Korean immigrants. But it's exported to Beijing, Guangdong and even to North Korea. The stuff is cheap, too -- about 30 cents per cup.

China reportedly mulling a law against the consumption of dogs and cats.
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Maybe in the Whitehouse, too!
IMO, you eat meats you killed something. Disgusting just because you pet them? Come on.

Our parents teach only one thing: "Value the food, eat with respect."
Oh yea, there;s whole outdoor markets where they're just like any other thing at the market. Whole, dead and cleaned up and skinned. I always fall back on "to each their own". I'd have to be really stinkin hungry + I could never consider it a normal thing. I've had too many that were like family members so I don't think even time would make that settle well with me. 20 years maybe but ehhhh nah. A goat I could do but even that wouldn't feel right. We've been lucky here maybe s too I would suppose. God Bless the USA & Momma's fried chicken. :D
Reminds me of that conversation in Pulp Fiction, where Jules said he wouldn't eat a pig because it's a filthy animal but liked the company of dogs despite them being filthy too, because dogs have personality. lol

Anyway, if there's a crisis for food, why discriminate?
They eat whatever they can that's what happens when you have a population of Billions....
I guess I will "pass" on the hot dogs during my next China visit.
I read an article in a dutch paper, that a dog has a brain ( i assume intelligence) of a two year old child, at least as it comes to compassion. Ironic or what!
I personally wouldn't eat it but I think what's more disgusting is people shooting innocent wild animals and calling it "sport" hunting. I heard it happens somewhere in America too.
+Corina Iane It will be too much to think if you conditionally permits yourself to eat a spices or not.

Cried overnight when my chicken pet get killed for a dinner when I was a child. But hey, If you're not going vegetarian then you have to face it.
people grow up please... Try going to India and telling them how awesome your beef steak was...
True, but a dear is rarely a pet and a bunny does not feel your emotions like a dog apparently.
I haven't been out of college that long have I? $0.30 per cup seems high for Ramen.
If people are hungry they would eat everything. As a poor parent you want your kids to be fed.
Yes so true and we foresaw a possible issue with hunting so we started the fish and wildlife department to use as a checks and balances system. Our hunting began based on the taste of the meat and not an essential need to feed the hungry. We have been lucky eat tasty meat. I'm sure someone told me once that dog is as gamey as bear. In my family anyway we never wasted anything, respected the death in order for us to call ourselves fortunate and never be greedy. 1 good Elk, that's a score! Meat for many and for months. Stews, steaks, an abundance. Blessed in my book.
DEER are wild animals, they live in the forest there is a difference at least in this country, if people in other countries want to eat whatever that's not my call...
+steven smit Every single spices has a feeling, like people don't believe cow has preference before some scientists say so.
Just reinforces my practice of not ingesting ANYTHING made in have no idea what is actually in the products...see dead fetus flesh capsules. :(
The only issue with eating cats and dogs is the passage of parasites. As both dogs and cats are carnivores they collect parasites and then pass them on to us. It's the reason why farmed pigs are kept to a vegetarian diet despite being omnivores (also the meat has a more pleasant taste than if they are fed a mixed diet).

As for the moral issues about eating pets; pish posh and flim flam. Cows are revered in Hinduism but when has that ever stopped anyone who isn't a Hindu from eating them?
Well, I guess it is not much different than eating any other animal. Like a cow. If humans like cows so much maybe they should try other animals too.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥T'aime le chocolat toi , non ?
And there not aware of that in those country's, Daniel?
Individual societies see their own unique cultural norms when determining what foods are acceptable to the majority of that societies citizens in this country dog is not one of those foods but in some Asian and other countries it's fine just like cows and other animals are sacred in some countries and we eat them here so it's simply a societal difference, certain countries eat whale and dolphin which I personally find distasteful but I have no right to tell them not to or expect them to follow my example...
+Stephen Gray is the most awesome guy on here. People are eating pig, cat, rhino, elephant, dog, ostrich, dolphin and he's trippin because ramen is like 20c more than the last time he got it. Classic! :P
The problem arises when the two divergent opinions intersect, example would be if a dog restaurant opened for business in this country that would not go over well at all as would a beef BBQ restaurant in say India....
We've made dogs into domestic pets. If we had made goats or chickens into domestic pets to the same degree, people would object just as much to eating them. There is not a particularly big difference between a dog raised as a meat animal and a pig raised as a meet animal as far as ethics are concerned. It only sounds cruel to us, because we have convinced our selves that there is a much bigger difference between dogs and other domestic animals than there really naturally is. Would I eat dog? Well, no. Because culturally, It's not an animal I consider to be an eating animal. That doesn't mean that in other cultures where it is, they are wrong, it just means they are different.
I can recall a documentary, that even in these country they are aware of this contradiction. Loving a dog and eating it.
If i am wrong this custom will die with as older people over there. In the documentary people where not very brief round this topic. A taboo so too speak. Time will learn.
Reminds me of stuff my grand pa said of Japan, circa WWII...
I, most definitely, agree with you, +Elle Gray. Forgive me for my poor attempt at sarcasm in my previous post. Cheers.
Q. Why do some cultures eat dog?
A. They heard that fido-chemicals were good for health.
They want people to agree with them but under their own terms. Tough stuff. Oh wells...
it's weird. In the photo, the background is China.. but, the ramen is written in Korean.
I thought dog meat would be kind of gourmet style and seeing that now in the context of cheap instant food that's even delivered to poor North Korea surprises me. Just some fake news story?
+Jerome Shepherd you probably never had Chinese food anyway, at least if you didn't travel to China. "Chinese food tastes the same everywhere. Except in China"
If this was just China they were talking about, I wouldn't bat an eye. But Japan? I'm pretty sure dog meat is still not on the menu in Japan, WWII starvation notwithstanding. I sincerely doubt the authenticity of this article.
Culture shock eh?

Some cultures would not eat pigs or cows because belief barriers. Some cultures already accepted insects, reptiles and other meats into the food chains.

Citizen of the world, how did we get here and will we stop tomorrow?


PS: Don't take your pets to these countries for vacation period!
+Alvin Brinson , I have never seen dog meat sold here in Japan. I think the original post referred to Japan (and S. Korea) as the place where this was first reported.

In Japan, people will pretty much eat any living creature that they can pull out of the sea. But the land based critter section of their menu looks rather similar to the west.

People sometimes say that the Chinese will eat any animal that has either four legs or its back to the sun. I haven't been to China, so I won't be able to tell you if this is true. Morally I don't see much difference between eating a pig and a dog, both highly intelligent animals. And I say that as a dog owner.
I'm a Chinese,I know this is very cruel,but when you guys eat beefs,have you thought India people resist eat cows?

I don't eat dogs,but I can't tell other people what they can eat.

BTW Korean immigrants lives everywhere in China,not just north area.
+Martin Andersson True, I misread the post. A quick search of the net has seemed to indicate it's misread in a few other places. Guilt by being the one to report it, it seems.
In other countries, especially the poorer areas, eating dog is normal because the "dogs" are actually wild dogs, not poodles and domesticated dogs we have here in the US. When I went to the Philippines, the wild dogs looked more like hyenas with smaller ears. They are so poor that they eat whatever they can find or kill and the wild dogs can be dangerous. These are not the average pet being slaughtered and served at the dinner table. Every countries' customs are their own. I wouldn't eat dog, but I'm sure if push came to shove and I had nothing else to survival instincts would sure kick in...
Could be worse...Solent Green Ramen Noodles. Eat what is available or what you want. Be a Vegan, Meat eater or Ramen Dog noodle lover.
+David Munoz LOL! Solent Green! What a nasty end to life! But it's freaky how that could be the future... O_o
+Sorah Shin I don't have exact origin of the cultures, but places like India and Africa sells salted spiders and rats as snacks.
Hey, as a Chinese, I need to say something, the ramens pointed by the arrow are printed in Korean, not Chinese.
By the way, even though I dont eat dog meat, I believe that people should respect the eating habits of others
If the dogs are killed humanely then I don't see a problem with it. I'm sure we do lots of things that offend people from other parts of the world. 
Our favorite flavor, Creamy Chicken, seems to have been discontinued. Maybe this will "taste like chicken"???
If you must hunt to eat which I doubt is the case in Korea then as an animal lover I can understand it. But having it in supermarkets and coming from a factory is horrible! I have realives in N. Wisconsin that lived in the woods and farmed. My people from the woods ate deer, rabbit, squirrel, fish from the lake or anything in season. We also drank unpasteurized milk, ate our own beef, had gardens and picked berries in the Summer. It was the best food I ever ate or ever will. (I'm pretty healthy too.) None of it was ever wasted, and the animals didn't suffer for long. We never felt the need to eat dogs, in fact they helped in hunting and retrieving. They were a part of the family. I wonder what Korean's eatting dog meat would consider a pet, or how they think of animals in general. Anyone capable of commenting?
Personally I would never eat a dog or cat because I just couldn't! But I was brought up a taoist. Anything that walks with its back to the sun is edible apparently. If I have a go at somebody for eating dog or cat then I'd better turn vegetarian because I'd be a first class hypocrite as I am now looking forward to getting a lamb kebab. Lamb, damn that's a baby sheep, init?
Wont be surprised if  these people start eating humans in coming days.
+Abhijit Joshi If you means illegal things included, we have corpse market in Vietnam, we have baby soup in China, we have all kinds of cannibalism in our history.
Holy shit, baby soup and corpse market? +Vicary Archangel I guess there really is such a thing as zombies. (Just joking of course.) I suppose you eat whale meat too? I got a belly ache.
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