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If you're interested in the #Kony2012 thing, you MUST watch this show!

Al Jazeera's _ +The Stream _ will focus on and debate the #Kony2012 video activism movement -- the good, the bad and the ugly.

Is #Kony2012 a bold new way to leverage social media to effect positive change in the world? Or is it just the White Savior Industrial Complex on crack?

The show is LIVE on YouTube, starting NOW (at 12:30pm Pacific Time, 19:30 GMT):

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Kony told me I'd miss my family..
I nevur miss at close range.... ಠ_ಠ
PS this goes back to attack those who have a cause. It is well documented the terrible blight of these people for years and
both President Bush and Obama have talked about this man
for years. It's complicated and tragic, but Africa has taken
a backseat to most the world problems, especially since
9.11 To attack those who brought this to the public dates
back to the Romans and they were not the great bunch
of guys, especially to the messenger!!
Is everyone watching the show?
Saving lives is good there should know that, if that is being liberal, well give me Liberty!!
Kony is as of today MIA. No one knows if he is dead or alive, not even the people that worked with him.
What this organization is trying to do is get more money to the genocide government of Uganda, and perhaps sell some oil and this way no one will care about children abuse by the that government. You know, like now but with a lot of more money.
Right, lets keep attacking a good cause?? Next we will say it's good what's going on in Uganda..dear Lord help us!
Dann D
You know the Al Jazeera TV channel .They are really prejudiced people and they are anti christain and Jews you should watch their Arabic channel and you will find out
+Linda Plue Kony still has his rebel army, abducted child sex slaves and child soldiers. It is true that his forces are smaller since retreated out of Uganda and since Sudan has stopped supplying him with arms. Many people are worried that he will take advantage of the next political crisis or disaster in the region to regrow his forces and power. Since 2006 nearly 3000 deaths or abductions have been attributed to him.

And why should Kony be ignored even if he has stopped committing crimes? We still bring pedophiles, serial killers and Nazis war criminals to justice even if their crimes were committed long ago.
The racist, uninformed and rigid ideological comments here are astounding. Google+ is turning into Facebook.
Hopefully they recorded it and will post it online!
+Aloysius Jr I'm not familiar with the most of the names, events and connections you have mentioned so I won't make an uninformed comment about them. (But my first impression: they sound a lot like conspiracy theories - some facts may be correct but the narrative which combines them often assumes a missing key fact or connecting piece of evidence. But as I said, I'm not familiar with many of the examples you cited, so I won't debate you over them.) No one has suggested giving any money to Kony if that's what you are saying.

Broadly, you seem to be suggesting that because there are other similar cases and situations to Kony and his crimes in Africa, the US and around the world which not received adequate or any attention, Kony is not a priority. And you might be suggesting that there are other better causes which deserved the intense and suddenly focused attention that Invisible Children achieved with their video. That might be true. But for whatever reason, the attention is on Kony right now and it should be utilized, not only to capture Kony but to educate people about the other serious issues in the region. And if there was ever a single person who clearly deserves to be tried for crimes of humanity and who actually can be brought to justice, it's Kony. What message does it send to the other warlords, dictators and evil bastards that the world ignored him because it was too complicated? Some of them will be untouchable because of circumstances, power or politics but not all of them, and not forever. I think people are turning this into a far more complicated issue than it should be.
Thanks for sharing. I don't know what to believe at this point.
White Savior Industrial Complex on crack.
Kony 2012 bullshit is propaganda to bring US troops into Uganda.
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