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How Bluetooth 4.0 will change your life.

Wireless technologies have been transforming domestic life since the availability of home radios in the 1920s. Since then every new kind of wireless technology and every new application has brought more transformative changes to the home. 

Television, for example, used to receive its signal wirelessly, which enabled its fast adoption in the 1950s. As the use of cable TV spread, transforming a wireless signal into a nonwireless one, wireless remote controls added another convenience. 

Cordless phones changed when and where you could make and receive calls. Wireless garage door openers and other special-purpose wireless devices subtly improved people's lives in small ways. You probably have a Wi-Fi network in your home, which you use to connect computers, laptops, phones and possibly your TV to the Internet. 

You probably also use another wireless technology called Bluetooth. If you have a wireless headset with your cell phone, or a wireless keyboard or mouse with your computer, you're using Bluetooth. 

Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are geeky technologies working invisibly and behind the scenes to subtly and profoundly change homes all over the world. They've eliminated cables, reducing clutter. And they've freed you to place consumer electronics devices anywhere. 

Here's how Bluetooth 4.0 is going to change your life:
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I've always liked the concept of Bluetooth, it's just had too much damn latency. I'll be glad to see improvements on the technology.
Who makes and improves these technologies? We are the consumers only. 
Some day they will tell children to surprise them that Gadgets were wired.
I love reading things like this. Watching technology evolve and change the way we live is fascinating to an old baby boomer like me. And I'm looking forward to adding all this bluetooth capability into my home and lifestyle, too.
This can't happen fast enough. But it needs to be implemented well.
Whatever happened to ultra-wideband USB - which was supposed to transform all peripheral devices by doing away with connecting cables?
Great article. Just yesterday I was talking about 4.0 with my brother and brother-in-law. Now I can send this article with even more information. :)
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Doug Abel
I STILL hold that we need to have Bluetooth capability in all of our TVs, stereo systems, media players, etc. instead of relying on IR.

So many people want to put all of their electronic gadgets in a closet or closed entertainment center, having them hidden away out of sight.

Remember, if it's out of sight, your infrared remote ain't gonna work! Make them Bluetooth like Sony did with the Playstation 3 remote. It works through walls and doesn't require line-of-sight...
bluetooth got its name when the guys son lost a tooth, and someone painted it blue
What you get after eating a blackberry ?
- Blue-tooth
People have always sought to freedom. Wires, cables limit of our freedom. Wireless networks provide freedom: as a movement and thought - always remaining in his online blog or at work.

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How will it compare with visible light communications?
technology is advancing so rapid even these days people uses phone like modem on a hotsport area installing towards computer and tv
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Yes, I agree raphael. Technologies are developing rapidly, dial-up modems have only meet at the Museum
this was a lame article.  where are the real improvements?  does it self-negotiate or not?  i didn't see much shown here that Bluetooth doesn't do already.  hype, hype, hype.

also, "...Apple often lags behind other companies in the introduction of new standards and new technologies" is totally wrong.  Apple is probably 50/50 on lagging and leading.  they haven't hesitated to drop legacy ports and have introduced industry-standard technologies (USB, 1394, Thunderbolt), while certainly being slow to adopt core bus standards (IDE, SATA).
Get away tech going backover galaxy s3 hasnt evengot usb storage so no pc apps work with it
The dependability of Bluetooth is a huge problem. If you buy two random name-brand devices, the odds are they just won't work reliably together as advertised. The consumer suffers. I suspect the whole thing being overly complicated is the cause.
Sounds like some pretty awesome stuff like no doubt
i like this technology but some how it will become complicated as year goes by
How I got by without my wireless BTooth Dre' Beats is beyond me. 
I remember when we were told the same thing about the first generation of BT.  We'll see what happens, I guess.
I've been waiting for this for a long time. Great post!
I have that photo as my desktop background.  It's awesome!  :-)
Is there any read what is the effect to the human body and brain of long-term exposure to WiFi and BT frequency waves?
I will believe it when they find a way to keep cell phone providers from utterly destroying what you can do with it.
I dont know whether these facilities are there or not, but on a mobile phone, bluetooth should be able to connect simultaneously to multiple devices and transfer data.
I have yet to see bluetooth work as advertised. I really want it to work reliably, hope that will change
I'll have to watch Captain America again? Once was bad enough.
What about wifi direct, isn't that supposed to be good for communicating with devices that support wifi? Just wondering how it compares it seems like it's probably on par or better than Bluetooth 4
But 4.0 is here since 2010, if 4.0 "Will change our lifes", why doesn't change it NOW??
A question, if anyone knows: would the range be improved as well? That's quite a limitation, as far as I'm concerned.
Ken D..
television "used" to receive its signal wirelessly.
sigh*** times really have changed.
Let's hope BT gets better.  It's pretty awful as it is now.
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Lets add some more cancer causing rf devices to our lives...
+Jeff Golenia Has it been proven to be that dangerous? There are gazillions of waves going everywhere at all times, anyway, even without any human-made devices.
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The idea of this smart home is a very expensive idea each switchable item in the home requires replacement to a bluetooth model to enable control
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Remember Android Home that Google introduced last year? Will it use Bluetooth?
More tech hype, have no idea why some normal person wants to control the lights from the phone. I never even noticed Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0
I don't quite understand why BT4.0 should be that much of an improvement? I can program or watch shows recorded on my PVR using my Motorola smartphone, I can control my Samsung TV through DLNA using my 7" ($100) chinese tablet or even watch TV on it from any place in my appartement and my device doesn't need to be charged more than once or twice a week. My smartwacth let me control my smartphone without having to grab it and I can listen to music stored on my NAS/PVR in any room thanks to wireless DLNA speakers...
Compliment you're sure and these is a great article compliment
OH, technology. ;) Dontcha just love it?
How will u introduce d bloototh and d compatible products in African markets? I know dat will boost ur products a lot.
How will u introduce d bloototh and d compatible products in African markets? I know dat will boost ur products a lot.
What's behind the battery life? The article makes some bold claims about power usage but doesn't explain the what and why. I'm skeptical.
Really, wireless technologies create; a different world today. A great revelation of the world.
So the cost of better battery life is a much lower data rate. I think this is a good thing, because it means you will think about the technology less when you use it. Not thinking about a technology is the key to fast adoption. 
+Feroz Bakht it's funny, but I have a friend whose, 20 something,son didn't believe her about television being free OTA technology. I do mostly agree with you though, kids will wonder why we ever used wires.
Its easy to believe that millions of waves moving around us but not mixing each other, because we are using all these devices.....but its really hard to believe that each one of us is being protected by Angles, they are next to us hearing, listing, and making note of all our actions, even a slight thought of our mind/heart is not hidden from them...where are we going????
+Atif Syed - we are talking tech not make believe. Understanding how tech works does not require you to suspend belief.
I'm no Luddite, but maybe I just like the process, I don't know. I for one can't see too much appeal to the average person beyond a few device categories. Now if all these Bluetooth enabled devices could be made to talk to a central coordinating brain, then maybe we'd have something. For example once your alarm goes off the system knows to automatically start your coffee, turn the news on TV a few minutes later, turn certain lights in the house on, and maybe wake up specific family members at pre set intervals. Being able to turn a lamp on and off remotely holds little appeal to me.
I have wireless everything its crazy. My car I start it with my phone lock and unlock. Music is all played thru my phone. There stereo in my houseis wireless now I'm trying with house lights and the garage door opener.
Just make sure that you get plenty of exercise Damon. My aunt went wireless too and gained 20 pounds. 

And just we humans are so evolved to be able to create such jaw dropping technology to advance our lives, so too do we ourselves need to evolve so in order to use it wisely and responsibly.

:-) Enjoy it with a big heart and a good conscience. 
Wasn't bluetooth 1.0 supposed to change our  for the better
Technology has done its part to make life comfortable, simple, and easy. I have to ask the question though is it to our demise as a human race?
I'd be curious of the range of Bt4.0
Would be interesting is someone made some kind of hack and drove down a street taking contol of everyones appliances. Current bluetooth has terrible security. Does Bt4.0 have improved security features?
Good article, more facts would be good though =)
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Now we are just dependent on batteries.
+Gabriel Walsh - i am not against tech, me myself being a C/C++ Programmer love coding, creating logic, resolving issues and keep learning, when I see a software/application running i can visualize the code behind, my eyes sees the logic, sometime i can not comprehend the logic and think  how this is being coded, but still I do not deny the application. My point in my earlier comments is, if we can not comprehend something why do we deny it, various religion explains that the angels are writing our actions, we believe it but DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT ( actually deny it) , this was an easy example for our tech mind to comprehend angles around us. The main problem is, we think God is an NON-Tech entity and try to avoid mixing believe with tech, I would suggest you to try this cocktail you will really love it.
+Michael Yockey Battery life improvement is mainly due to very low duty cycle, where BT 4 (aka BT Low Energy)  radio is powered almost completely down, and used very intermitently. The radio itself is also more energy efficient buy low duty cycle is the secret sauce. #IoT
Will BT 4.0 still have a 2-4 second wake-up time?  Compared to ZigBee which is stated as 30ms.
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Soon as Apple was said in the article I stopped reading, why do they even bother with Bluetooth in their products , bt has a piss poor track record and nothing going to change it imo...
why would the movie have its name labeled in the bottom corner?
They said this about bluetooth 3 as well, and according to performance tests I've read it doesn't live up to the hype.
Wow - you mean you'll be able to watch movies on your TV now!!! cool!!! And wirelessly too... hang on - didn't we sort this all out in the 1950's - wireless tv signals?
Bluetooth is great, who needs a router ! Most all of new electronic devices are paired this way. 
"Bluetooth is great, who needs a router/",

umm, at 1MB/s I do!
Now that is what i call amazing !
So the pizza delivery bot will deliver to the Smart house that called it! Watch out, the Geth will be here before you know it!
Seems like bluetooth 4.0 is still going to run into the problems with the number of devices that can be part of a piconet.
seem it too much blue and red make me sickly.
It's about time. I've been hearing about bluetooth coming for so long I started thinking aliens were going to get here first.
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Article is so full of faulty statements, I find it hard to take serious. "...or a wireless keyboard or mouse with your computer, you're using Bluetooth". oh really? Maybe you used a Bluetooth one hooked up to your iPad, but neither the one I use for my desktop, nor the one for my laptop use Bluetooth. Both with battery lives well over 1 year. Bluetooth can be cool though and very practical, but not in the hyped way this article states. I have read far better articles by you Mike.
sound nice but I don't see anything about backwards compatibility could get really expensive replacing things just for a new up date version of Bluetooth because I know from experience nobody mentions it till to happens were you here Bluetooth an you find out you need to know what version the product you're buying is lol
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Great article. I knew about 4.0, bit didn't really understand what made it so special. This is very exciting stuff. :)
What is the effect of all thses transmission waves arround us, can someone pls educate us?
Nathan Godillon
Your not the only one
i made myself hungry typing that science out
too bad ive got a fridge full of empty
a stomach full of hungry
and a brain full of boring
or id be doing that instead of wasting my time here
ya today wireless technology is growing fastly ,now blutooth range should increase ,it makes our life efficient.
I see one benefit listed in the article, low power consumption. The rest is an assumption that mfgs will switch to bluetooth 4.0 from their current proprietary wireless technology. This is not a definite thing by any means.
and then there's carrier frequency band saturation.
also, alhassan: there's virtually no effect on the human body whatsoever from all these radio waves, as none of these are broadcast at power greater than 5 watts (strongest is cellular due to requiring much more distance). radio waves only ionize at very high power (unlike alpha, beta or gamma radiation). microwave ovens operate on 2.4GHz, the same frequency as wifi (which is why they interfere). they're just spat out at your food at 1000 watts or more instead of the innoccuous 1.5 watts or so that wifi tends to broadcast at. Granted, there are more factors involved, but this is an easy explanation. If you want to know more, check out wikipedia. ;)
Cable , what cable? Most of the world gets there tv thru a antenna or dish, Is the guy on drugs?
I've been waiting for this for about 5 years. Thank G+ it's here :-)
a little misleading article as Bluetooth 4.0 requires matching hardware to be low powered and still require charging albeit longer lasting 
David O
wtf!? bluetooth 3 is not even available in loads of devices yet:/
i love wiiu its going to be amazin
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Oooooooo, smart home here we come.
An epilogue to Doomsday where machines talk to each other and starts a war against man. 
Pebble was/is a massive kickstater project. I'm shocked you never heard of it
This was a "paid advertisement" not so cleverly disguised as "news"

Get real!
who's life is getting better with this technology?  my life is fine right now - this stuff is just going to make rich people lazier and do nothing for those people who really need their lives improving.  all these 'advances'... ...and yet there are still millions of people around the world starving :/
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For the future development of blue-tooth, i think the great obstacle to be overcomed should be the transmission range that signal travels. The most accomplishment that today technology achieve is around 10m away from the source. 
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