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How to pacify kids in a store.

All you need is Netflix and a tablet. (I took this in the REI store in Campbell, California.). 
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Great way to keep them from running loose!
I like tablet. but not enough money buy it
You're absolutely right +Mike Elgan. My wife and I have been using that trick on our 2 year old for haircuts ever since his first one. Music play lists on youtube is what we use.
Maybe it will be' better playing a gambe with them but Who has the time to do it between homepage, job and all the things all of us have to finish in ONLY 24 hours a day......

yes, I like playing game on the tablet
+Mike Elgan - indeed! The car dealership where we got our van has free wifi, makes tune ups & oil changes a breeze with the lil' guy. Hmmm, everyone should have free wifi, I'd stay longer and shop more. Haha.
I cant have netflix in my country! lol but still have the tablet
Does one of them look like a young Hemingway by any chance? ;)
Does this feed a childs constant want for stimulus and create a vicious loop?
I'd rather have my kids on the climbing wall.
+Daniel Burke hmm...I'm from Nepal and have been in the US for about a couple years for Undergraduate studies. I really don't get the way Americans see Sherpas. The way we see Sherpas and the way Americans see Sherpas are completely different. also, I have no clue what REI is.
I'm actually developing a new handset that shuts off when it detects use by anyone under the age of 9.
Oh and they have this new thing called crayons, you won't believe how awesome that is, especially with paper...and it's about half the weight of that other thing.
I thought it was a picture of the local library after those who support a balanced budget and tax breaks for the rich had been voted in.
Kids......................... enjoying.........hahaha :))))))
This works on adults too :-) 
The world would be a better place if parents just taught their kids to behave in public.
Nice, it also looks like they put them in the storage room as well.
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