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Google+ lets you control email after you've sent it!

Sure, you could send regular email, but why? 

As a sender of email, Google+ gives you control over the message. 

Let’s say you use Google+ to send email to your boss in the evening. You sleep on it, and wish you had added a few additional comments. 

Because you sent via Google+, you can!

Just open the post and make your changes. When your boss gets around to reading your email, it will show the edited version, not the original. You can edit as often as you like. 

You can edit email even after the recipient has read it. 

You can also delete emails after you’ve sent them. 

When the recipient opens the e-mail after you’ve deleted it, they can see the first few words. But if they use Gmail, the body of the email becomes “This post no longer exists.” 

If they’re not using Gmail, they get a link to a Google+ page that says “This post could not be found.”

There are services that let you delete messages after sending. For example, a site called Burn Note ( ) allows you to write a note to someone on their site. They get a link to that note in their email. 

Once the recipient starts reading the message, a timer starts and the message is deleted when the timer runs out. Messages can be read only once. 

Burn Note is nice, but you have to decide in advance that your message is going to be deleted and choose in advance to use Burn Note. 

If you send email via Google+, you can decide to delete the whole conversation after the fact. And you can do it without the pressure of a timer. Just delete it when you want to delete it.

Neither you nor the recipient nor anyone else will have access to the email conversation after you’ve deleted it. 

One caveat, though. If you send an email via Google+ to someone who does not have a Google+ account, they will not be able to comment on the message. (Even they create an account, they won’t be able to, because the message was not addressed to their new Gmail account. You can, however, tell them in their email that by clicking on your name and going to your profile, they’ll be able to send you an email from there if they’re logged in.) 

To send an email to a Google+ user, just use a + mention in the body of the post. That will trigger Gmail to send them an email version.

To send an email to a non-Google+ user, or to any non-Gmail address, just + mention the whole email address in the body of the post. 

Sure, you can send regular email. But why not take advantage of the total control Google+ gives you?

UPDATE:  +Jannik Lindquist pointed out that Hotmail, and presumably many other e-mail systems, will receive the full message, rather than just a link. This full message will remain the same, even after you edit the post. 

Here's a work-around: Post only the words you would like to appear in the Subject of your email, then send. After it has been sent, edit the post by adding the "body" of your email message. That way, recipients on Hotmail and other systems will get just a Subject, plus a link to the full message, which you can edit or delete. 

(Pic props to Paramount Pictures)
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There are many situations where the ability to edit afterwards is considered a weakness instead of an advantage. Google Wave was better in this regard because you could get the message out there, and edit it, but still have complete records of conversations.
Thanks +Mike Elgan I didn't know you had to +mention the non-Google+ members in order to send them an email.  I recently shared an album from a trip home, and most of my family aren't on G+.  I thought this was the best way to force them to sign up (and facilitate my deletion of Facebook), but I only put their emails in the share box.  But with the power of greyskull, I can go and edit the post, and whack those emails in the body.
When this takes off, it is a nice way to change email use into Google+ use
Awesome, isnt it! I did not all of that... Google really offers the best services.
Thx man, I'm going to take advantage of this on a regular basis.
So in effect - do not accept G+ "email" as it can be falsified after the fact.
OK, I see the great thing it is technically.

But I don't see the advantages. I like emails to be frozen. I don't want to take into account if the message has changed. Even more if there's not traceability of the text.
I'm sure the ability to delete email (evidence) would be welcomed by the bankster & the Murdochs.
dont accept it as a legal contract but for normal communication why the hell not.
Reliability in conversation? Edit your mail after it's read.
+mentioning does not trigger an e-mail if you have changed your settings...
The only problem with this technique, which I use, is that for non-G+ members, they can't just hit reply to send you a response.  It is VERY annoying for non-G+ members.  (I've been using this technique since G+ came out.)  I wish Google would fix this one problem.  LET PEOPLE REPLY!
+Marcos Chimeno +Christian Sasse Note that it's a balance of power issue. When you send the email, only YOU can change and edit it. The recipient can't. So if you don't trust yourself, don't use it... ; ) 
+Čedomir Ilić it depends on context.  It isn't really email.  Email behaves in a certain way.  One of those behaviors is that once a message is sent, it is sent.  You do not get it back.  You do not edit it after the fact.  This is not email.  It is internal messaging masquerading as email.  It introduces behaviors that are not the same as email - behaviors that can (and likely will) be used in conflict with expected behavior of email.

The flip side is G+ messages.  We know that they are fluid.  We know that they can be deleted, edited, etc.  There is an expectation of how those works.  I'm all for "why the hell not" there.

Mixing the two is an issue.

Microsoft did the same thing with Exchange with the recall command.  That doesn't always work - even within the environment Exchange is deployed.
+Mike Elgan The following paragraph simply doesn't make sense:

"To send an email to a Google+ user, just use a + mention in the body of the post. That will trigger Gmail to send them an email version"

You are talking about sending from G+. How should mentioning a G+-user trigger Gmail to do something? 
Oh this is great. Let me send him a "nice" email and by 5am i will edit it to nice email. At least some satisfaction since i have to work mondays.
I think we have different ideas about what email is. In my world there is no editing after a send, nor should it be an option. 
+Paul Hosking It's email if the recipient is a Google+ user. When you make a change to the post, you actually change the body of the message that's in their Gmail inbox.
+james hobbs Clearly it's merely optional. Anyone who wants to voluntarily prevent themselves from making changes to their own e-mails after sending should just use regular email. 
I assume this will only work if the person you are "emailing" has their notifications setup to receive emails anytime they are mentioned in a post?
To be more accurate, this post would say, "Why bother emailing someone when you can just post to their G+ stream?"  You aren't emailing them.  G+ is emailing them (if they have it enabled) to alert them you mentioned them in a post.  Maybe that's just semantics, but it seems pretty different to me, especially given that I myself disabled email alerts.
+Mike Elgan at which point, it isn't email any more.  That is G+ messaging integrated in the Gmail interface.  It is internal messaging masquarading as email.

(On the plus side - at least these non-emails are flagged with little G+ icons... assuming people fully understand what that means, including the implications +Mike Elgan has highlighted here.)
I like this feature! It is a good tool for people like me who have heavy fingers and tend to send email (s) without making sure it has the intended message. Although in a business transaction you always want to have the original unedited version for auditing purposes.
I think what you're referring to is the email notification when someone is mentioned in a post... but that is a setting that can be turned off (and often is turned off by people). Thus, it only works if the recipient wants to receive notification emails.

To turn off this setting, click on the settings icon (the gear at the top right of your G+ feed) and click settings, then you can scroll down and check whether or not you want to receive emails
I'm impressed except for 1 flaw, if they can still read the first few words of a deleted message and you opened with "hey ass hole..." they might still get the gist....
+Mike Elgan completely true. But I use to make small edits for spell fixes and so. What the other end of the communication will think? An small change or a completely different message?

I think is what +Paul Hosking says. This we are talking about is not email. Because of editing but also because it depends on the email the other end uses (ey! Everybody knows someone that is still using Hotmail out there.)
This is ripe for misuse.  Think of all the ways stalkers and bullies can torment people with this and then delete the proof.
You need not mention their email id in the body of the post but just in the circle box.
+Marcos Chimeno Right. So use or don't use, whenever you think it's appropriate, and be aware of this capability when someone sends YOU an email from Google+. 
From legal point of view you are absolutely right.
There should be an information that this is a google+ post, and an information about the fact that it has been edited and when, clearly visible ofc. But that is besides the point this functionality is great for communicating with non g+ or gmail users which I am "blessed" to have in spades ;)
Because "Google+ lets you control something that appears in the recipient's inbox like email but isn't technically email after you've sent it" isn't a good headline. ; ) 
How do you create a subject line though? If there's one thing that ticks me is the lack of or an irrelevant subject line and if the subject isalways going to be +name has shared a post with you on Google+, it may make for a confusing experience especially dealing with archives
Sounds like Google Wave-ish
+Mike Elgan how about "Enchance your email with Google+"?  Or "Google+ gives you message control" or even "Google+ is your new free memory hole." ;)

I don't mean to be sniping.  But there is some pretty fundamental issues here.  There's got to be a better way to introduce this without getting overly complex or misrepresenting what this is.

Google blurring the lines is bad enough.
This is kind of misleading since G+ is NOT e-mail (even though the thread shows up in your e-mail account).  It's still G+, with an e-mail based live-view where you can read and post (even edit).

Chats show up in your Gmail account too, but no one confuses a record of chats as past e-mails.  Groups (forums) can show up in your e-mail (if you're subscribed) and you can even reply.  But it's still a Group thread, not an e-mail conversation.

I think it's dangerous to blur the lines of distinction by suggesting you can edit or delete messages from another person's account.  You can't.  But you can edit G+ posts and the e-mail live-view will see the edits.
DOes this work for Google App users as well for corporate email?  If so there's a huge problem especially during e-discovery or for those that have to keep record of their email conversations, unless the system tracks edits somehow that can be discovered?
I wonder if any of your enthusiastic commenters tried a single thing of what you describe for themselves, +Mike Elgan :-) They are certainly bound to be surprised if they send a message to their Hotmail-using boss and expect to be able to edit it in any way after having sent it
+Paul Hosking That "thing" that appears in your Gmail inbox that looks, walks and quacks like email isn't email technically, but that's too fine and irrelevant a distinction for my Google+ stream, where I'm just trying to communicate clearly to a generally lay and international audience how to do something. 
You can't trust G+ not to fiddle with your GMail, but you can archive it yourself out of their reach. A somewhat fiddly but very reliable method:

I love GMail, it's the best email client I've ever used. I also make my own archive of it roughly monthly. But of course you could do this daily or even hourly.
I am sorry, but that simply isn't true, Mike. Hotmail-users will get the full text of the post and a link to see it on Google-plus. The full text of the post will not change - no matter how many times you edit the post on Google+. Prove me wrong :-)
+John Brooks Messages sent from Google+ are clearly marked as such. Links to Google+ are clearly links to Google+, and it's no secret that social network posts can be edited. 

It's an option. Nobody's being forced to use it. Nobody's being tricked. 

The use of this Google+ feature doesn't affect regular email in Gmail. 
"you actually change the body of the message that's in their Gmail inbox"

This isn't really true. The individual messages are there and viewable separately (and free of subsequent modifications) if you are accessing your gmail account via another client. They're even separate if you are viewing them via the android gmail app. Only the gmail web interface collapses them into a special format and gets the most current version of the post and comments.
+Jannik Lindquist The burden of proof is on you to prove ME wrong. I don't have a Hotmail account, and I'm not going to create one. 
In regular gmail you can set a send delay so in case you accidently hit send you can catch it. I do that with exchange too. A five minute delay give you a second chance to reword.
To summarize, messages sent via G+ can be modifed after transmission which is a nice feature that email doesn't provide. 
Ok, I'll bite.  What sort of knucklehead "business person" would use the Gmail domain (or Hotmail, or Yahoo, or etc.) as their primary BUSINESS domain in the first place?  Call me old fashioned, but your business email should travel only through your purchased domain.  You should NOT route through Gmail, even if you think it makes you look young, cool, hip, or <choose your fav descriptor>.  How lame.
+Ralf Haring that's part of my concern.  There seems to be a lot of rules to catch up on.  No longer is Gmail a web application for email.  Now it's email unless it isn't.

G+ has once again poisoned the well.  At least they leave a little icon.  I can deal with that.  I wonder how many understand the full implications of that icon?  I didn't until now (silly me expecting gmail to be email).
OK, so +Jannik Lindquist is saying that Google+ delivers the full email to Hotmail:

This is different behavior than the third-party email systems I tested. 

This email won't be changed when you edit it. 

Can everyone test this on Hotmail for a second opinion, and also on other e-mail systems? Let's figure out where this behavior occurs. 

Thanks, +Jannik Lindquist. I'm going to update my post with this new information, plus a work-around. 
If I were a terrorist I would love this!!
I always thought it was nice and convenient for you to engage in a conversation with friends in G+ rather than email. G+ is just like email, but quicker in a lot of ways.
You are welcome, Mike - but as you can see your post has already been reshared 195 times. A lot of trouble ahead for anyone sending messages to their Hotmail-using friends, bosses or co-workers thinking that they can edit the post after sending it
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+John Lipscomb Many businesses use Google for their business email. Not Gmail, but their own domain, using Google Apps.

It drives me nuts when I see businesses, with their own domains and websites, still use crappy aol,, or any other address other than the one that they own.
+John Lipscomb look in to "Google Apps".

+Mike Elgan for giggles, I tested with a Google Apps account.  Works as you advertised.  It took a bit for changes to sync up.  Of course, my apps account had to have my G+ account in circles for the integrated messaging functionality.  Otherwise I got the email with the big red, candy-like button that directed me to G+ proper.
Okay wait I think I get what it means. But how do u do it?
Ahh I got it👌 thanks so much for taking a sec to help a random guy out lol
So where can I block people from editing the e-mails they've sent to me, after they've been sent?
seems that I.T technology is going beyond all beliefs .
Maxx D
Just going to leave this here for people who are rusty on their formal logic:

Michalos, Alex. 1969. Principles of Logic. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall. p 370 - “usually one who makes an assertion must assume the responsibility of defending it. If this responsibility or burden of proof is shifted to a critic, the fallacy of appealing to ignorance is committed.”
+Maxx Daymon I'd rather commit the fallacy of appealing to ignorance than open a Hotmail account. 
This is ingenious. I love it. Thank you. Now just make it for gmail.
Tried this out and it didn't work. None of my G+ recipients received an email. Do I need to change something in settings?
Wow awesome.definitely useful in certain situations
Glad to know google is giving us some privacy options
Maxx D
+Mike Elgan I'm finding it hard to disagree with you on that. There's a lot I'd rather do before opening a hotmail account, some involving sharp objects in my head. :)
I'm never gonna get sued for sexual harassment again!
+Mike Elgan, +Jannik Lindquist is correct. It's just common sense that google cannot edit an email after it is sent to a place google does not control. Even in gmail, the unmodified emails are there and viewable if you access your account via a 3rd party client. Only the web interface hides them from the user and displays a special G+ style display.
#reads email# "this email will self destruct in 10 secs"
Lol good joke there. "Sniff sniff" is that smoke? #POOF# omg, my poor computer...Lol.
Hrm. I'm definitely not a fan of this. Especially for work email. Zero accountability/traceability isn't a good thing. While it might be nifty to think of it going 'upward' and changing emails to your boss after you send them and realize it's a possible 'Bad Thing (c)' to have sent, it could easily go the other way. Your boss performs some CYA on himself after having sent you the wrong info, and suddenly, you're on the hook for this revision that you weren't even aware of.

I'm all for being able to change and delete emails prior to their being read. If you screw up and need to correct things, great. But being able to meddle in emails after the fact that way.... Not good at all.
pretty cool. now if you send something and then regret it you can delete it.
Guys, guys, guys. Please understand that the "This post no longer exists" is just a cover. The EMAIL is never altered; emails can NOT be altered. If you view Gmail in basic HTML or through another client (Gmail for Android or Outlook or whatever), the original email (with full original post contents) is there.

Saying that this is bad for accountability is fundamentally failing to understand how email and Gmail + Google+ integration works, and you probably don't deserve to be in a job position to care about email accountability anyway (because you don't understand it).
Can you tell me what ssl means? I need to no so I can start getting mail from my google+ . Please help me. 
Awful. I use email as a paper trail. Will stick to Outlook and Delay Send.
Cool. But won't it make more problems than solutions?
Emails wont be acepted as proof of conversations any more.
Someone can tell you something, You act on it. Then it is not "IT" anymore. (If you get the drift).
I'm a old lady and a country woman. I don't understand big words so can you just give me an example. Thank you.
Sounds great for sending death threats!
I'm concerned that this post is only going to lead to confusion for those who don't understand the difference between Google+ notifications and genuine email.  This is an interesting but limited use-case that depends on side-effects, and not really something to promote as the new Google+ Email service.

Mike writes, "Sure, you could send regular email, but why?"  Because no one wants to get an email that says, "Just teasing; click here to read the real message somewhere else. By the way, you can't reply."  At least that how the recipient will feel after a few of these.
+Stormy Henderson Well, it's a free country. ; ) This is how I send some, but not all, emails, and I enjoy doing it this way. 
+Mike Elgan I got to say this one of the less thought out posts I have read from you. There are so many problems with this it isn't even funny. 

Mentioning a G+ user in a post doesn't do anything but notify them on G+ if they don't have their email notifications on within G+. So no email notifications no email through mentioning. 
Also the process of in which a non G+ user has to go through just reply, would seem to anger more people. This isn't efficient in any way.

Best option is to use your email provider save it as a draft before sending it if you have any doubts, then come back to it later.
Nice, thanks for this tip. The problem now is to change the way I send email. I love Gmail.
+Patrick Hedgecoth People do have control over their email, and that's how it should be.

There's no perfect way to know how someone might have configured their email. For example, maybe someone has filters that block your email. Maybe they have one of those anti-spam notification things. Maybe they never check email. 

As with any other email communication, the only sure way is to try. When they reply, you know you're getting through. If they don't, you need to try something else. This is no different. 
If I started getting e-mails from someone who was only including a link to a message on a web site, they would very quickly end up on my spam list.
That sounds like a shit ton of work. Couldn't you just .. you know.. think about it a bit before you send something? / avoid using communications when not in your right mind?
+Mike Elgan  But as a recipient of the email I would be always worried if I get an email though Google+ . Imagine you are making some important financial or professional decisions and someone made an offer through an email regarding it. What if that person later decides to change or delete that email and you have no other proof ? (I am saying this because once I have been in such a situation and the email helped as a proof)
Wow. That's a lot of information. Thank you for taking the time to write all this information down. Otherwise, we might not have heard such things.
+Saurabh Gupta Exactly. Now that you know about this feature, you can insist that you not use Google+ for this negotiation. Knowledge = good. 
+Christopher Jones That's right in theory. In reality, people regret things after sending them, or would like to polish their prose or correct spelling. 

I decided to write this after a whole bunch of people have been commenting (not sending email) on things and + mentioning me. When I went to read what they had written, they had deleted the posts. And I thought: How cool to give people a second chance. 

People are people, and sometimes people want a do-over. 
Well. It looks like we will have to start printing out emails and filing them in big metal gabinets as proof of the conversation.
Sometimes people need to feel stupid before they realize their mistake. And not in a condescending way either.

We all begged for real-time communications, now we have it, and now we want to go back to the old way so we can second guess our responses? 

I have more respect for you if you make a mistake and then blatantly correct it rather than shoving it under the door. At least then I know you're learning. 

Can we stop coming up with ways to rationalize our mistakes, half-ass work, or half awake written emails? Everyone knows its a busy world, let's try to be a little less correct all the time and a little more forgiving.

This is just a complicated inefficient way of doing something we're already successful at.
"After it has been sent, edit the email with the rest of the email."

What does that even mean +Mike Elgan ?

This is turning into a train wreck man.
+Patrick Hedgecoth You're right. That was unclear. I've clarified it. 

See how useful it is to be able to go back and edit messages? 
+Mike Elgan I see how you're trying to get people excited about this concept, and honestly I would be if it was efficient. But you editing your post is more like editing a Blog entry with correct information than editing an already sent email. 
+Patrick Hedgecoth Whatever, dude. Everybody's learning a lot here today, including me. That's what this is all about. 
I've had a couple of weirdos post something eerie then delete it. But I know something was said because I read the first sentence! I just can't trace it back in time to block. Sigh!
 *"Google+ lets you control email after you've sent it!"*   

 Again, highly misleading and dead wrong.  

If you said  _"Google lets you edit Google+ posts after someone have been notified about it"_,   you're right, but that's just stating the obvious.   What you are describing has nothing to do with internet email, which by todays standards is defined in the SMTP protocol.   Perhaps in future protocols message altering will be possible, who knows, but not by RFC 5321. 
and to think, there are people who still dont even have a computer, or just refuse to go Digital in any way. ever, to live a non digital life, imagine that... ^LoL
+Kjell Thomas Pedersen Dude, I could nit-pick anything to death, challenging the definition of every word anyone says -- like when then-president Bill Clinton told a grand jury: "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."

For most people, those messages that show up in their email inboxes are what they consider "email." 
Hate to sound like a troll, but everyone critiquing this for work environments and emailing the boss...
One: If you used this method to email something nasty to your boss, that was stupid. It's not worth the risk whether it works 100% or not.
Two: If you use Google+ as your messenger for important financial conversations... I would recommend getting another job that doesn't involve selling trading cards to other kids. But, that's just my 2 cents. Thanks for the cool trick Mike!
O yay I can send people emails from G+ and go back and change them when I screw up, it's like a pencil with an eraser, I Love G+, that function is going to be great and no one is going to get pissed that they can reply properly to my email.

+Mike Elgan Is that better?? 
I don't like that feature. I would use it only if the revised email had a copy of all the previous changes included on the final post.
Awesome guys .. but does the email address have to be the same as your g+ email address
It's not really misinformation. It's incomplete information, which is why he and other, more productive bodies (rather than be sarcastic) are testing and updating via this cool function, provided by Mike Elgan (anyone know how to + mention via Android phone by the way?) to provide the most recent and accurate information.
+Mike Elgan Let me ask you, can you attach word documents/spreadsheets to a post and "email" that?

I've also noticed that peoples post who shared this post before your update about Hotmail have not automatically updated.
+TJ Riddle In all probability I will write a column about this for one of the publications I write for. This comments thread will supply the bulk of my research, and I can assure you the column will be more complete, accurate and clear than any of this. Google+ is fantastic for thinking in public and crowdsourcing ideas. 
Nice feature. Didn't know that. Sounds like Google Wave technology calling us all from the grave!
There's just one little thing: it's not true email.
+TJ Riddle You should just be able to type '+' and have a menu pop up with people, even on the Android app.
Another reason to love Google+ (like its current users need another reason ;p)
+Patrick Hedgecoth I didn't claim that it's efficient. I put it out there as an option that people might want to be aware of. 

Having said that, it's efficient for me, personally, because I use Google+ so constantly. Same stream. 

It can also be more efficient to have a back-and-forth in comments than in emails. 

Everyone can make their own choices on this, obviously. 
"Sure, you could send regular email, but why?" Doesn't sound like you're speaking for yourself to me.
After reading (most) of the comments, I now realize there was some serious leaps of (mis)understanding.
I still say email needs to be static, (and I'm happy to hear Gmail still agrees)
Original post below
I think it sucks, if I send ( or receive) an email, I want a static message, if I need to revise it, I send a another email then if there are any questions we BOTH have the full history.
+Mike Elgan Well the edited base-post is somewhat better since it talks more about editing G+ rather than Gmail, but the following statements are still totally wrong:

     "You can edit email even after the recipient has read it. 
      You can also delete emails after you’ve sent them."

That's impossible in Gmail.  What you CAN do is edit the G+ post and the live-link in Gmail will reflect those changes.  (Does the live-line ever vanish from your Inbox??).

The statements about Burn Note are also wrong.  You can not delete an e-mail in someone else's account.  The way Burn Note (and other such services) work is by keeping the note on their servers and sending a LINK to the message.  If the message is later deleted from the Burn Note servers, then the e-mailed link becomes useless.  But it's still in the Inbox (not deleted).

It's CRITICAL to describe this stuff correctly.  People are easily confused since e-mail and G+ live-links both appear in your Inbox.  And people are quick to make assumptions that are not correct (we're already seeing it in above posts).
Jeff C
So I can deny whatever I send in the future by editing the mail after the recipient reads it?
But then this is not really an e-mail, is it? It's more like sending a note saying "come to my website and read the real message."
+Brett Carver I tried it on multiple accounts and it works as I described it. Please try it. 
My point is, let the Google+ team invent the features for G+. There's a reason they're in charge. If you figure out a neat little trick, then share it with us, but tell us it's something that works efficiently for you because YOU LIVE, WORK, and PLAY on Google+, it might not be efficient for everyone. From the way you put it at the beginning, you made it seem as if this was the next big thing and something no one was aware of. It's not, it's a step back. There's a reason Gmail and G+ are separate, I think Google learned that lesson already.
One interesting bit is that this applies retroactively. It isn't just new/recent G+ notification threads in gmail. Notifications after around 31 August of last year also appear in the new way. Those from before appear for me as normal gmail threads. They also don't have the G+ icon to the immediate left of the date when in Inbox view.
As expected. Fair enough I suppose, considering I have already rejected this entirely preposterous idea.
+Mike Elgan 
" I tried it on multiple accounts and it works as I described it."

I have never denied that you can edit/delete G+ post.  The point is that G+ posts are NOT the same thing as an e-mail.  You can not edit/delete an e-mail message from another person's account.  If you want to advertise this (potentially useful or deceptive) feature, just be sure to be CLEAR that it's G+ stuff, not e-mail.
yea that's what i was just looking for... cant send an email through g+, just g+ post/comments, totally different from an email...
If I sent a G+ post instead of an email to a client I would be frowned upon. 
Interesting, though I have to agree with what others have said about the post being misleading.  I did test by sending to another gmail account of mine, and the message received there does not reflect any changes I made afterwards.
+Brett Carver I think this article was either talking about e-mail notifications or people that do not have a Google+ account, and are just in a users contacts. 
Google+ - Making cheating untraceable since 2012  XD
Can I copy-paste your posting? I would like to share w/ my freinds who have no google+ account yet?
So I can delete those drunk emails when I get sober!
nice that it blocks out the address in the conversation to avoid privacy issues
so, test... oh look at that. my email still showed up in a public stream. fail. :( -this was an edit
+Zhenming Zhang I believe Gmail Labs has a feature you can enable, but I think it only buys you a few minutes?
How is a post an email? My boss doesn't use g+ nor most of the free world. How do you keep making the what's hot list with this stuff? Oh and I've made five edits to this post and still have bad grammar.
Thats pretty cool, will have to test it out
I guess its GOOGLEMANIA around the earths hemisphere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + 1
The "boss" thing was just an example. People seem to be latching on to that. Really, people need to right-size this tip to their own contacts and their own circumstances. 
I find it funny that the tag line reads:
"G+ makes sharing on the Web more like sharing in real life"
I'm not sure about you but in my life I can't call someone a jerk and then go back and delete it. ;-)
+Brett Carver This isn't a standards conference, but a simple post being broadcast to a huge international audience of mostly end users.

It's reasonable for that audience to call all those messages in an email inbox "email." 
I think its a useless feature. Firstly, nothing but the most casual emails will be sent using Google+ because sending a post isn't half as professional as using a proper email service. Secondly, the complications of deleting/editing the email (esp. in cases where mail is not sent to a gmail address) make it very much a hassle. And finally, there's nothing a follow up email can't solve that requires you to be able to edit/delete the email you've already sent (barring a resignation mail that you want to take back.. ;) )
Does this mean that the recipient requires a Google+ Profile?
It is what it is.. real must recognize real and not listen to half of a story told nor should said person(s) judge until they know the full spectrum of assumed story. Or some shit like that..
Doesn't your post assume that, in case of your example, your boss has 'E-mail notifications' turned on (or not turned off)? See, I have E-mail notifications turned off for example, so people can mention me all they want, but I'll never receive an e-mail notification about it. So unless one knows for sure that the other party hasn't turned it off (The default was 'on' before, maybe Google+ has changed the default now, I don't know) then there is no guarantee that this trick will actually work, is there? =)
Great info. I never considered sending an email through G+ until now.
Google Wave, reincarnated! 
+Frank Opstaele Not a dumb question. 

It's just like posting a regular post on Google+. But anywhere in the share box, just type a plus sign, then type the person's email address and hit enter. Their email address will also appear below in the address box. If the recipient is a Google+ user, just type a plus sign and their name, then select the right person from the drop-down menu. Type your message and click "Share." That's it. 
Call it "+mail" or "G+mail", perhaps?
I love the glimpses of Wave I see in Google+
Complete Fail. Once a message is delivered......that's that... Done, nada, zilch. Even worse.... Emailing a link Looks like you've been hacked.
Don't let the naysayers bother you +Mike Elgan, your idea works great if the point of the message is actual collaboration on something.  As I think someone mentioned, this is almost like hacking G+ to allow some old Wave functionality.
Interesting but complicated. Not something I would want to rely on for business use. Try to get it right the first time or don't send it. People won't like receiving emails with just a subject as odds are they will read it before you have a chance to edit it and will end up calling me for tech support why their email was blank ;)
Is this correct?
It works really well when the recipient:
- uses Google+ and 
- uses Gmail web client and
- has email notifications turned on in G+
but all other situations lead to a somewhat crappy experience.
are you implying Simon Pegg's new email caused the 'TomKat' split? lol
Ken S
+David Furphy yup, that looks to be the method of communication being proposed here.

In addition, I would add that it offers virtually no benefit to the recipient and quite frankly makes their experience worse.
We do need such a wonderful idea in many situations.
"Thank you,
This email program its a good idea,
by the way, great photo too,
caught my attention.
the photo didn't catch my attention, and thats the way i feel
Cool! This will just reinforce some bad habits... Saying before thinking.
Hold up, this pic is from the mission impossible movie. The first part.
+Michael Hart I'd be a bit careful tossing around phrases like "you don't know how email works" in these circles.  Especially when half of what we're talking about isn't actually email. ;)
thanks for sharing. didnt know google+ can email too.
EMAILs can no longer serve as records!
-credibility of emails coming from Google+
I agree with Joseph. This is total loss of credibility which email has until now. Email will no longer be old email which you can use in business.
This is NOT good move from Google. With this move Google will destroy email as means of reliable business conversation.
please chat woth me i am sam kumar
Why would we chat with a stranger CREEP!!!!!
those are serious infa-red invisible tracking beams passing through our computer chips!
thnks . this helpfull for me .
Those genius' at google strike again..
Greg S
Man, and I thought Exchange email recalling was a gruesome hack :)
Im pretty new to google+ add me. I.hope to build strong here.
+Mike Elgan 
"This isn't a standards conference..."

So the implication is that it's OK to call something by the wrong name?  I think it's more important to be accurate and specific when communicating to a large audience that might not understand that e-mail and Google+ notification are VERY different.  The look different, they behave different, they serve different functions, etc.

"It's reasonable for that audience to call all those messages in an email inbox 'email.'"

It may be reasonable, but it's misleading.  Again, we're already seeing posts in this very thread that prove people don't understand the difference.  

I don't even understand why this is a debate.  Why not just use the correct words to describe things?  What is to be gained by misleading people?
or maybe they need something stronger=testosterone/adrenaline and then some weed to calm  down the data base.......
I'm lost a bit on this one
wow looks like ur having a  bit of a rough day
a b
What a surprise~!!
Can I request a video tutorial link for this? I'm brand new to G+ and most of this doesn't make sense, yet, sounds interesting! Lol
Dat gud nd it shal b wel wit all.
How do I share this outside of the +g app please. Or am I in a walled environment.
Thanks....did not no that....

a person very is busy with   find important information
Hmmm...This could pose a serious problem for the law...:p
If we make any changes after the recipient read it, will they have some notification in their inbox or what?
The end of this post definitely needs a, "still working out the kinks
tony d
Any security issue??????? 
Great piece. Thank you! ღ (◠‿◠) ♥
+Mike Elgan This doesn't see to actually send an email, but it shares a post on Google+ only.  Also the recipient gets an email from sure what the numbers are)... so there can't be a conversation unless both ends of the exchange are on Google+
But then again, I might have missed some settings.
”Hotdogs good by you for the BBQ?”
”You're cool with a rape fetish orgy instead of a BBQ right?”

What could possibly go wrong? LOL
Google+ really is a big step forward in email and social integration. Google have taken all the lessons they have learned from their previous ventures and have created a foundation that helps users to share all different types of content in one place. Being able to edit emails in Google+ is another great addition.
+Mike Elgan I got a out half way through the comments and decided to move on but I wanted to say thank you for the post

I "get" what you were trying to relay to us and appreciate it. G+ is a different way of thinking and there are many who need all the help we can get!

Thanks Mike!
This is a definite feature that I should start using. Thanks for the tip. 
+krisna prasetya No, modifications to not generate subsequent notifications.

+Justin Joyner Not only is it highly likely for Google to retain a copy of all actions performed on G+, but the recipient of the email notification retains a copy. You can remove a post shared with the wrong person so that it is no longer viewable on G+. You cannot remove the email notification they were sent.
So now someone can say something and get someone else to do something then go back and change what they said. The potential for problems is enormous 
Now this is very helpful. Thank you!
Will it let email recipient now edit has been done so they can re read it?
This is one of the things that made Buzz great for communication. It is nice to see it re-introduced in Google+. 
This is a very misleading post... No offense, but this has nothing to do with being able to manipulate email. It is simply a strategy for creating a link to a blog post, which is obviously editable... and then emailing that to someone. How is this "new" news?
I agree with +Shawn Drape Google Wave handled the delete facility in a safer way as it was keeping history of every edit. The delete after send feature could have many disadvantages if some resorted to it as a mean of proof or documentation.
+Tree Fine If the recipient uses Gmail, then the "post" appears inside an email message, and appears as email. When you edit it the post, the message in their inbox is also edited. 
I see the benefits of this, no doubt. However, this is a Google-specific functionality - not email, in general.

Now, if the entire world were using Google as their mail platform, this would be revolutionary.
The idea, though, is to use Google+ posts as an alternative to e-mail. It shows up on different email platforms differently, but it brings all together into comments conversation, rather than an ugly "ReplyAll" thing via regular email. 
tony d
It would be great to assign an expiration date so it could erase itself from the recipient mailbox. I am pretty sure that this is possible to do.
I did not read all 380 comments.  For those concerned with threats/stalking/manipulation - it seems to me you could take a screenshot or "print screen" capture of the "email", then print it to an email to yourself in order to "prove" what was initially said, in case it is altered or deleted.  
I was really excited to comment and then I forgot what I was going to comment about because it took me so long to get to the bottom of the thread
My two cents - this is going to be another way that Google is going to 'win' with G+.   It is going to seamlessly weave social conversation (which can and should be corrected/amended) with email.  FB is trying to approach this from the reverse by forcing its FB email addresses.    The difference?  Not likely people will email their boss from an FB email address.
More problems with this method.  G+ used to send a bounce message to non-G+ users if they tried to reply to these emails.  They've stopped doing that apparently.  I know of some people that have tried to reply and they didn't get a response.  My problem is that I use this as a method to do a newsletter that includes over 50 people not on G+.  Who knows how many have tried to reply and have no idea that I didn't get it.  :(  Looks like I will have to start using something else.  Too bad, because this was the feature that attracted me the most to G+.
I got here because I've been searching for a way to decouple my G+ profile from the emails I send. I just found out that whenever I send an email to somebody who uses gmail my G+ profile shows up in the side bar with my latests public posts. I want to turn this off. It's not appropriate when I'm sending professional emails for the recipient to get notice of my social media activity 
Great! That's what I need on this funky Samsung tablet have given me hope...and I am just about to die here! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Mike Elgan
 what if you have sent an email from a regular gmail account and you want the recipient not to get notice of it ?
+Mike Elgan, does it still work? Thank you.
how to delete one to one hangouts!!! but the recipient also shouldnt have the conversation history!!! 
Is it even possible if you befriended someone to delete previous messages that was sent to them..
I took some great pictures and broke them into many albums and spent several hours to write captions, when done I wanted to copy the ALBUM Link into an email and share them with my friends who are not on Google+/ The links do not open by over 1/2 of the 125 people I sent them too. I need help as these same people do not want to be on Google+ what do I do?  My email is
This is a terrible feature that you can delete an email after you send it. I was sent an abusive email. I went back to it later and it no longer existed. Google has no ethics if allow this practice! Google should rethink this option!
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