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Facebook abuses users, lies for money.

A giant ad took over my Facebook feed today. It said my niece "Liked" AT&T, and the ad hawked deals on BlackBerry phones through AT&T. 

Why would a 14-year-old girl who doesn't live in the United States "Like" AT&T? 

I asked her, and learned that of course she never did. (Nor did she even know that Facebook was telling people she endorsed AT&T with a "Like.")

How is it even legal for Facebook to use a minor's picture and name without their or their parent's permission or even knowledge to make money in an ad and lie about that person, saying that they endorse a product that they never used, liked or approved of in any way? 

Has anything like this happened to YOU on Facebook?

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I thought a few likes did not not add up... 
Good evening! I have seen the endorsements via Facebook... it makes me wonder if my friends are really liking them or not...and they are ads for clothing, furniture, beverages, etc.
Kirk Aug
I have always suspected as much. I have confirmed that my wife's feed has said I liked things which I have not.
I read an article about a year (ish!) ago about this exact thing. They've been putting false "likes" on people's pages for a long time and it's quite ridiculous 
I don't doubt it.  That way they can tell AT&T we got x impressions.

If  she is bored have her look through her Likes perhaps.  Many pages will display anything from bunnies to candy bars and one might accidentally like the page instead of the image.
Things like this happen all the time. I know someone who say their own name and picture on an ad giving a positive review for something. The ad wasn't even on facebook, it was an outside site.
Tonny Be
Exactly why I left FB long ago..
C Ames
They do that with all kinds of retailers. It says my daughter has liked all kinds of things like yamaha and macy's or Chevy trucks. Of course she had not. Now I just know it's a lie. 
I saw a similar AT&T Like today from one of my contacts. similar situation.  Two companies I hate (AT&T, FB).
Yes probably. And Im a fool for listening to these statistics! 
One more reason to delete my FB account, grrrrr. 
+Mike Elgan that was the final straw for me leaving Facebook a long time ago! +Leo Laporte discussed it on several TWiT shows at the time. In addition to invading my (and my friends) privacy, they're making it out like I endorsed a product that I never did, based off my Like. Also, they get paid for the ad, not me. #InsultToInjury 
A 14-year old endorsing a BlackBerry really sums up BlackBerry's problem
If you do not turn off (opt out) the ad controls in your account it will happen.
1) it is under privacy and ads.
2) when this originally blew up the first time fb did show everyone where those controls were several times when you went to open fb up.
3) most people just x out of it when they are trying to show you new privacy features.
4) this is where personal responsibility comes into play.
I don't see anything wrong with algorithms picking people out on a free site ran on ads who have not opted out of the very easy to opt out of control. 
Almost daily I go on my page and have a new LIKE for someone or something that I've never heard of. Makes me crazy.
+Jason Falter Whether Facebook can use algorithms to randomly pick people to show ads to once it has made known to its users of such in privacy controls is one thing. Saying that people have done things they haven't to deceive users into clicking links (sometimes even links that may make users question that person's character, integrity, or morality) is something else entirely! 
They will trick you into liking businesses like AT&T. The other day they were showing a picture of the DVD "Snatch" and made it seem as if you were "liking" the movie. You were actually "liking" Walmart who was promoting that they were selling the movie. It was intentially misleading you into "liking" Walmart.
When I worked at Subway for a short duration in between jobs, I received a similar notification that my mom "liked" Subway.

She logs in, plays games, and logs out. That's all she ever does.

This is definitely one of the reasons I never use that other site....
My experience shows they don't follow stated policies. I'll leave as soon as family and friends migrate to Google+ F.B is a fad! 
+Jondan Rothfus then opt out. Simple. 
Yeah, they shouldn't do their ads that way but the solution is like 3 clicks away. 
Opt out or don't use the service plain and simple. 
I've been seeing fake endorsements like this for several years on Facebook.
If you spend an hour or so carefully going through all options in your account and privacy settings, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon the opt-out of Facebook using you in ads. They make it difficult to find and move it often. Good luck. I've heard of bereaved family and friends stunned to learn than the deceased uses and endorses a product or service.
+Nick Donnelly , you can mute this post by clicking the "V" mark on the top right corner and select "Mute post".
Yep, same thing in New Zealand with Telecom. These form of adverts have been happening for some time...
Privacy settings - Ads - Ads & Friends
Been there for a long time, hasn't moved, 3 clicks. 
Some of us hit the escape hatch after the first few user-abusing fuckups features. Why people are still on there is anyone's guess.
You never hear people on fb or Twitter complaining about the opposing social networks. It's only on G+ it seems that people complain about the other two. 
If you don't like the other two then simply don't use them. If someone you know has been wronged by one of the other two then inform them and they can make their own decision. 
It's like people on G+ just complain about the other 2 so they can validate G+??? 
It's become noise on G+ when posts are complaining about those other 2 networks. 
Another 2 cents...
+Mike Elgan I left Facebook in 2011 and never looked back. +Deb Sturgess is bang on when she says it is difficult to find and set the privacy settings and they did keep changing.
I guess I should opt out of driving too, then. I know there are irresponsible drivers, bad drivers, drunk drivers, etc. out there. We shouldn't hold them accountable. After all, I knew there were risks on the road before I got in the car.

I make that analogy simply to point out that it is the principle of the matter. I'm sure Mike's post wasn't made to try and find a way to prevent other users seeing his name for things he didn't promote. The bigger issue isn't how to find a way to bypass it. He was pointing out the root of the problem, which isn't so much users' disregard of privacy statements as it is Facebook's unethical approach to using their users' names for their own benefit. 
+Jondan Rothfus The issue has been known for ages though and is constantly being complained about on G+. 
The only thing one can do is opt out or not use the service. Past that... it doesn't matter. 
No doubt those "likes" are paid for by AT&T. There's your revenue model right there. 
I'm always amazed at how many people "like" Walmart, but maybe they're just in it for the people-watching.
+Jason Falter Well I guess there are quite a few psychological phenomenons that is the cause of this, the underdog syndrome I guess. 
However, still Facebook is THE major player, and they have a history of treating people like shit, so they deserve it. And why wouldn't we mention that Facebook abuses their users to make money? 
I still have Facebook, but that doesn't mean I like that they treat me as shit.... is the only response to any complaints I have against a social network to just quit and shut up?
+Jason Falter it isn't until people gain the attitude that subverting more needs to be done to fix the real problem that it will in fact be fixed. If the only responsibility we had were to check to make sure we were personally not violating anything, then the world would fall into chaos around us.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
+Mattias Eriksson then leave it if you hate it so much? 
If you don't like the TV show you turn the channel. It doesn't have to please you. It's FREE even. You are the one deciding to stay or go. If you feel they treat you like shit then you leave them. It's that simple. 
The constant posts and memes on G+ about fb is really getting old though. It's like people who claim to have moved on just can't move on. Talk about Ahab hunting his white whale... 
So to your question... shut up or leave it. It's FREE and you're free to leave it. 
Kayla H
I've seen tons of these weird endorsements on my feed. I ignore them, but I did actually get a fb notification about a sponsored app. I did not appreciate it one bit. 
I had an occasion wher a friend who had died had liked an app. Obviously from the grave
Yes +Jonni Collins ...I've seen in-aisle football games there. I'm sure that's nothing on the Walmart weirdness scale.
Remember when Facebook used a picture of a rape victim to advertise a Canadian dating website?

I can't say I'm surprised by this. There's something wrong with you if you still think you can trust Facebook. 
Happens to me all the time +Mike Elgan . That's why I hate Facebook. Here in Google plus you only share the information you want to. Still I don't think it's illegal, you know, their playground, their rules...
+Mike Elgan when did Facebook ever respect its users? I would expect about anything from them. 
+Linh Nguyen but you can choose whether to share your +1 or not. That gives you the power to control to whom you share, so if you see something in your stream, somebody intended to share it with you.
+Jason Falter why don't you leave G+ if you hate us complaining so much?
As I said, is it really the only option... leave and shut up?
If you don't like EVERYTHING about a TV-show, do you go and sell your TV? There is radio you now! 
Let me tell you a little secret: "There are a lot of shades of grey in between the black and the white". I KNOW, mind blown!
Facebook is developing in a direction I don't like. This is why i deleted my account some month ago. I didn't regret it...
Happens all the time with me. I'm like, why would he like that, that's not right
I can't say I'm surprised. I rarely use Facebook these days, but when I do I always get ads saying my friends "like" stuff that I know they never would. It feels like my timeline's now just an attempt to force me into clicking on advertisers' links. 
I had a friend "suggest" a product and he didn't know they were using his likeness. As a politician, he wasn't happy.
Yeah, I deleted my Facebook for the same reason. Told all my friends and family they could find me here or on Twitter. It's been almost 4 weeks now and I haven't looked back.
+Jason Falter read the article... +Mike Elgan is not complaining of endorsements from people that have not opted out... He is complaining that Facebook is lying about those endorsements... I, for example have not opted out, because I rarely like companies so I though only if I did, my name would be associated with one of these ads. It seems that I was wrong and by not opting out this leaves your image open to abuse by Facebook to shamefully sell products that you do not support to your friends... This is the heart of the issue... Try and get your head around the concept of the breach of ethics displayed instead of making snarky comments suggesting the people in this thread are not capable of finding out how to opt out on the Facebook settings page.

Has for complaining, if you follow people like +Mike Elgan you are going to be discussing technological issues with people interested in them and for the most part, people that have invested a lot of time into Google services... So you most probably will be exposed to people criticising facebook, especially in posts describing their unethical behavior. If you do not want that then just follow Justin Bieber... I am sure in his threads the conversation will be very different.

This is an issue on Facebook. You don't know what is true or not without asking the person who "likes" the product or service being endorsed. Ironically, this devalues the process of liking in the first place. Eventually marketers will get this and then it will damage Facebook, forcing a change. 
You don't know the half of it. Google 'how to download a copy of your facebook profile.' Open the html file and gasp in horror as you see the data that facebook has collected on you and in all likelihood sold to advertisers and perhaps even the government (just guessing on that one, no facts to back up, but I have a strong feeling). The ultimate irony in what you will see is your Facial recognition data. Facebook is a book of faces, a book of biometrically identifiable faces. I threw facebook off by uploading pictures of people that look like me, checking in with fake GPS locations, logging in with IP addresses from Siberia, changing my interests. I am fluent in Mandarin and work in Ohio. This is the poison data that Facebook will then sell to advertisers so that advertisements can be targeted at you as often and as accurately as possible. My data is not only useless, it is deliberate attempt to devalue the data, sold en masse. It would only take a few dozen million people doing this to drive down the share price of FB. Another hundred million would crash the stock into the ground. I am going to make a youtube video about this soon, my youtube name is Tim8242
Phill B
I closed my FB account a while back, primarily due to things like this. My Mother, who has an account but aside from the few posts I put on for he back in 2011 has never used it, often was shown to have Liked pages. It's wrong, very wrong.  
+Paul Arrowsmith change will happen when somebody will sue FB over this. FB publicly stating that you like product you never tried (and/or liked) is a bit in a slippery situation. Essentialy FB lies about you and some of our civil laws don't need much of "stretching " to cover this situation 
Wow!! Let me just ask this... Have any of you seemingly intelligent individuals who are complaining about Facebook ever looked at the information Google has on you? Facebook has whatever you gave them. Google on the other hand has stuff about you that would surprise you. I found in my profile information that I have NEVER given anyone, like for instance that I lived in places around the world dating back to my birth. Google has WAY more power than Facebook. But hey, just keep those blinders on and follow the sheep in front of you...
This happened to me as well, but with some brand of water... Other people saw in news feed that I liked it, but that was not the case.
+Nick Donnelly  and everyone else, I guess!
How to turn off Emails from Google+ (because they are annoying and unnecessary!).

1. Go here:
2. Untick everything in the Email column.

I couldn't agree more that this G+ Spam is a major turn off for people. G+ is a great place for all sorts of things but this email option should definitely be switched off by default.
+William Conner most people in this thread are not complaining about the information facebook or google have... Especially because, for the most part, we where the ones that provided them with it... The issue is how the two use that information... Google uses it to provide you with contextual ads on your searches, maps etc... Facebook uses it to actively pose like you to your connections and make you endorse product to your friends... There is a very large and important distinction and if google was doing the same thing you would see a lot of outrage against them as well. 
It's a long time since I stopped liking stuff on Facebook. I actually pruned all my likes and I use the Disconnect extension for Chrome to prevent Fb tracking me by cookies. I trust them to be untrustworthy. 
And this is why people dislike Facebook. However they still don't leave the site. I wish everyone would just move to Google+
+Jason Falter  I don't think you are correct. Facebook's policy is clearly stating.

Social ads show an advertiser's message alongside actions you have taken, such as liking a Page.

Therefore, they are not at liberty displaying completely random page with your like, if you didn't like it. 

Opt out or not, there is something not right. It's either a bug or they are trying to pull a fast one. 
+Mike Elgan Has it happened? Yes, damn right it did - it was only the start of the reason why I left that shitty, micro-cash shilling, scam-endorsing crapfest of a site.

Not only did I get word that I'd 'liked' a number of services which, as a couple of friends let me know, were completely out of character for me and raised their suspicions. Then, I received a number of emails, asking me to check my password for my Adverts Account; I hadn't created one so I assumed it was a spam email and ignored it.

It was only on a rare occasion when I went back to check on my Facebook that I discovered that, somehow, someone had created an Ad Account, created three adverts, attached three separate credit cards to pay for them (I'm guessing stolen or hacked themselves) and were generating revenue that needed to be paid - all under my name.

Cue: a month of convincing Facebook to shut that nonsense down, re-reimburse whoever had been scammed and remove the ads. It wasn't the fact that I'd been hacked that annoyed me the most, it was the hoops I had to jump thru to convince Facebook to get off their arse and do anything about it. It seemed like, so long as there were adverts up and running, they were going to take their time taking them down.

Closed the door, never looked back since.
This is old news. They've been doing this for years. It used to be listed in the privacy settings. I'm not sure if it still is. You've only noticed just now because it has become worse than usual.
Am I to believe this wholeheartedly +Jason Falter ? This is the same company that stole all of the contacts from my phone (even those not on Facebook, ALL) and subsequently removed many of my entire contacts for those who were on facebook and decided that the never ending changes to privacy and user settings (most of which got pushed further and deeper in settings submenus that you could never find them without a lot of effort and to top it off you were always opted in for the least secure setting until you changed it.) Decided to delete/suspend their accounts ( we all know they are never deleted)

F that S! 
+Jason Falter 
"4) this is where personal responsibility comes into play."

I carefully restricted privacy setting only to find later they had all been changed, without my consent, without notification.
I deleted my FB account.
this is where i hope Google will be nice and not become facebook. FB so many times showed that they don't care abut user privacy that it became unusable 
I should delete Facebook for sure because to much drama on Facebook and ads stupid games questions
Facebook is not only a social network it has many objectifs in this world.
+Mike Elgan There's a pretty in depth article describing how this is being done with dead people's accounts too. The opt-out doesn't actually work either.
The price of fame, I guess. FB fame.
+Mike Elgan, yes this has happened to me. As well a many on my friends list. I only use FB to promote music, but via my own posts. I don't "buy" ads on FB. Because basically they would get swallowed up with all the other ads that are ALWAYS from big brands.

Their play is obvious. Sell ads of only the big brands. And the sell by impression, the biggest and oldest scam going. Impressions means how many times a server sent the ad out. And you as the advertiser only have a report they send back to you as proof of the ad going out. Your word against theirs. Not very convincing to me. It's not targeted in any way. If you want FB to send targeted ads, you have to pay them some insane amount of money to do it.

This coupled with FB generating false "likes" by people on my friends list, and some reports for years now that you as an advertiser can simply pay off shore companies to use scripts to generate false "likes" makes the whole advertising gig dis-reputable.

I like google plus so far. I hope it doesn't become like Facebook. It seems that their ad model works and where they don't have to sell ads across this network.

I am very pleased to have shut my Facebook account down. Google+ is where people are coming.
I am not surprised but wouldn't know since I block adds and so should everyone. My question is if this is FB's making or if a advertiser figured this out. And what makes us think this will never happen in the Google ad empire? 
+James Healy worst president ever. Not sure where that comment from you came from but it's 100% wrong. 
A friend of mine on FB has been highly critical (to put it mildly) of GoDaddy's CEO on FB. Because of that, FB now thinks she 'likes' GoDaddy.

That means that those 'suggested posts' are fake and entirely misleading and sometimes embarrassing for the person involved. 
+Mattias Eriksson as to leaving G+... I could but I also have a nifty block button for folks like you ;)
+Duarte Molha this issue has been known of fb forever and ran into the ground. Also, it's not tech.
+Gran Dan every time a policy changed took place it was pointed out in the media and usually on the site showing you to change it.
The point is, fb will probably not change and all the bitching and whining on G+ is not going to do anything. Leaving is the best way to show fb you disagree because active users is everything to them.
Aside from how they're able to do this, +Mike Elgan I wonder WHY they would do this in the first place? How can you build trust in the reliability, and value of your "social signals" if people have no idea whether or not it's actually true?
I have been avoiding liking pretty much any consumer company because I see these fake endorsements. I see now that it doesn't matter if I actually like or not... but I still won't be telling facebook about what products I really like.
One of many reasons I no longer use Facebook. 
Please notice that the only defense of Facebook on this post is from an obvious Troll. 
+Linh Nguyen never mind... I'm not going through all the posts on G+, all the articles on the tech sites, and everywhere else it has been reported ad naseam. 
That is what a search engine is for. Really easy to pull that info yourself. 
Hey, it's all good... 
Just log into fb, hate every moment of it, and come to G+ to bash actions that are known to take place there.... 
That's winning. 
I on the other hand see the futility of it and the futility of trying to point out exactly where the controls to stop it are. 
People will be people. 
Like I said... All good :)
+Jason Falter It is irrelevant that you can turn it off and opt out. For a start this should be a mandatory opt in model, but even that is not the point. The point is that there should be no need to opt out of a scummy advertising tactic like this. It should not exist in the first place. In fact I'd wager that it if actually illegal in many countries that have higher standards regarding misleading advertising and appropriation of likeliness.
Maybe this explains why so many of my friends appear to "like" Walmart.
+Gran Dan :facebook apologist
Now that is funny!!! I rarely use the site myself but then I understand what they do and I don't put myself in those situations. (Personal responsibility, it's a libertarian thing so I doubt many people in today's hand holding society understand those views). 
I love how people on social sites are so good at assuming everything. Classic!!!!!
Let's not forget about the apps that will hook into your Facebook account and post things on your behalf, it probably includes "likes" posts as well depending on what you do in the app.
I can never look at FB more than a minute before wanting to go back to G+. Sure, I know Google is monetizing everything we do here, but it's so much less annoying about it.
I have seen this happen with friends who supposedly "like" companies that don't even offer services in the area they live.  This is one of many reasons I recently got rid of Facebook.
+Jason Falter Did you think I was insulting you? An apologist is someone who offers an argument in defense of something, which you've been doing this entire thread.
It's all managed in the privacy settings.
+Jason Falter do you, as a libertarian, think Facebook should have a responsibility not to misrepresent the views of its users? Or is it "freedom for corporations, screw the little guy"?

If an athlete has a sponsorship contract with Nike but Facebook uses his likeness in an advert for Adidas, should he be allowed to sue? As a brand himself he's somewhere between a corporation and a regular person, so I'm wondering if you think he still has the responsibility of checking the tech news to see what rights Facebook has granted itself over his data, or if Facebook should act responsibly to him.
We'd all do better to get off and stay off Face Book. I deactivated my FB account again last week.
+Jim Harrington Deactivated your account again?

I am aware they would change privacy setting without permission or notification.

Please don't tell me they re-activate deleted accounts, and I now have a facebook zombie going around pressing Like buttons!
In regards to the legal aspect of this issue. For Canada at least, its all within their rights. When you were asked to accept the very complicated and lenghty terms of use you entered in a "contract" with Facebook. In exchange for using their platform they allow themselves to gather a plethora of information. Its completely legal. On the bright side, some of the Canadian political parties, such as the NDP are taking steps in adopting a new legislation that would force websites to make a simple and understandable terms of use, to better allow the consumer in understanding exactly what they're getting themselves into when the accdet the terms of use.
What's Facebook? It's dead to me. I left in February. 
Yes, it happens at least 2 times a week (and with me only going on FB about 10 minutes a day max) I do not click on ads. Ever.
Yes, it happens all the time.
+Jason Falter maybe the reason why G+ people are the only ones complaining is because G+ users are smarter than most users of fb and twitter. What Facebook is doing is straight wrong a voice should be put to it, it's like me using your name to endorse beating up puppies without your permission . 
This happened a lot during the most recent presidential election. Friends of mine who I knew to be die hard Dems were liking Mitt Romney pages.
Also there were samsung ads saying that my friends liked and that never happened.
FB is very shady. 
She probably used some app with FB login and the app is abusing her. I doubt that this FB's fault.
I'm no facebook apologist, but I'm guessing she put in a fake birth date when signing up for Facebook (so she can qualify for having an account at all), and then accidentally liked something AT&T or Blackberry related. Facebook 'like' buttons litter the internet. 
There's this project in my country to mine a couple of mountains for gold and create an environmental disaster and everyone opposes them. Well, their facebook page has many likes, including from my friends who are vehemently opposed to the project. I guess they payed a lot to show those likes up there.
Minors aren't allowed to use Facebook.
+Kirk Aug Riiiight you'll be like: "Honey, I swear I didn't "Like" that picture of <<insert hot model name here>>. Must be some sort of facebook marketing scam. Yeah, that's it... a facebook marketing scam!"
vsc _
I've been seeing this all over Facebook.
I don't do FaceBoard Mike. This is just one of many as why I do not partake.
+Mike Elgan  Are you sure she hadn't accidentally "liked" AT&T ? It is pretty dumb to Facebook do such a thing since they strive for at least "superficial" privacy. They wouldn't gamble on it. Either bug or she did liked it.
I had one thing said that I liked actresses and actors which I didn't like. 
In some cases couldn't this be construed as Slander?
This BS has been going on for at least two years. Check out the astonishing interview with the Facebook head of PR, broadcast on British TV in 2011. 

BBC interviewer Emily Maitlis' jaw practically hits the floor when she realizes the PR car-crash that's unfolding. 
Think about what's happening here: The guy in charge of public policy hasn't even considered what the policy or position should be about this!

I wouldn't have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears (and if anyone can be trusted to edit an interview fairly, it's Auntie BBC).

Wow. Just wow:
Noticed my mom "Liked" some product a few weeks ago. Odd since my mom doesn't even know how to like something on facebook.
Facebook is just a giant cesspool of advertising now, I'm both amazed and impressed that Google hasn't indulged almost at all with Google+. Instead, they are finding way more clever ways to exploit this service.
Simple solution. Don't use Facebook! 
this is new news? Its been like that for a while (2 years at least if not way longer)
Edit: also note ANYTHING on the facebook website is subject to be used by the facebook company at their discretion. If a picture or profile is loaded on their website they can redistribute that (and other meta data) how they see fit (within normal legal means).
Here's the basics on the terms and conditions for a few of our most popular websites


With over a billion users, Facebook is the definitive homepage for many web users. Its terms of service, data use and cookie use policy span more than 14,000 words over eight separate pages and would take even the quickest reader more than two hours to dig through. But what rights have you handed over to Facebook?
Specifically for photos and video uploaded to the site, Facebook has a license to use your content in any way it sees fit, with a license that goes beyond merely covering the operation of the service in its current form. Facebook can transfer or sub-license its rights over a user’s content to another company or organisation if needed. Facebook’s license does not end upon the deactivation or deletion of a user’s account, content is only released from this license once all other users that have interacted with the content have also broken their ties with it (for example, a photo or video shared or tagged with a group of friends).


Fast becoming the second social network behind Facebook, Twitter's model for monetising the service has yet to be established, a fact clearly seen in its terms of service. Twitter's terms give it broad scope to use, change and distribute any photos, writing or video posted through Twitter's service, to any other forms of media or distribution method it wishes, including those which Twitter has not yet thought of or developed. Similarly to Facebook, Twitter's license also allows it to pass any of your content to any partner organisations for any reason.


Making only small waves in the field of social networking, Google+ is probably not the place where most users first agreed to Google's terms of service. Most users probably signed up through one of Google’s many online services like Gmail, Google Maps or Google Drive. Luckily Google has a modest set of terms when it comes to user’s content, restricting its use of such content only for "the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving our Services, and to develop new ones."


The free file storage service that promises to ‘simplify your life’ takes only the smallest liberties with its user’s content and rights. Dropbox limits their use of your data "solely to provide the services… no matter how the services change, we won’t share your content with others…" These permissions do extend to allowing Dropbox to share user’s data with "trusted third parties" but again, only in order to provide their existing services.
Facebook is pretty much MySpace now, ie. the cesspit of the Internet.
Clearly this is a bungled fraud attempt as no human would actually like AT&T for any reason- minor or adult alike.
This happened to me during the last presidential election. Somehow I was tagged as "liking" Mitt Romney...and noticed that a few of my otherwise Democratic voting friends showed up in my feed as having done the same. I know for a fact that I never did such a thing (I'm very careful about these things) and confirmed with my friends that they didn't either.

A few days later there was scuttlebutt about Romney and some unscrupulous, online-marketing types manipulating Facebook. Nothing ever came of it even when hundreds of people stepped forward saying they never "liked" Romney's page...which had coincidentally gotten a huge surge of "likes" in a very short time.
I have a Facebook account, and I agree, it has turned into ads, ads, and more ads...thinking strongly about dumping it for good.
This is one of two reasons I barely use facebook anymore.

The other reason is that it seems like every second or third post on my news feed is one of these ads. There's simply too many of them for it tp be an enjoyable experience. 
FB has been doing this for a long time. Last election, fb said I 'liked' Mitt Romney, which was utter bs. FB sucks, pure and simple.
+Fred Langa Wait, so you didn't "Like" Mitt Romney? When I saw that on Facebook I thought it was true since you had previously "Liked" magic underwear, according to Facebook. ; ) 
Googlista's... such funny folk.
FB advertises using peoples pics (which one can opt out of) and it's a high crime and the proof that FB is a vile, evil, money hungry beast. 
Google gets ready to do the same thing (with an opt out) but this is the greatest thing ever because now I'll know what my circles are liking and what is good. Thank you Google for helping me live my life!!!

And very, very few people see the hypocrisy... Amazing...
+Jason Falter what I do not get is why after such as long thread you have not grasped the complaint in this case!


it as nothing to do with opt out or opt in or if in fact there are many Googlistas in G+ (go figure... why would that be ???!!!! )
Maybe you should read through the thread again because it morphed into other things too. Don't worry... Google can do no wrong. They are the greatest company on the planet and love us all. All hail the Google. 
Google can do plenty of wrong... just read through some of my posts and you will see I have plenty to complain about them... but in the case there is not similarity...

Google gathers data about you to better target ads that they display to you. Companies pay google if the targeted ad is relevant enough that that if gathers good click-through rates.

Facebook is using the data it gathers about you to sell you image to try and sell products to your contacts... there is a huge difference in the 2 approaches.
Which is the ad angle that Google is trying to emulate. 
(Currently, Google does not have an ad unit incorporating more social data ready to be used by advertisers, the company said. Instead, the company wants the ability to create such an ad unit in the future and is notifying users in advance.)

It's basically the same thing in end. 
You can opt out of both but FB is getting slagged and today Google is like a God to its followers for emulating it. 
Whatever... it's hypocrisy all the same. 
+Gene Reese this is the first step. As stated in the article I posted, Google wants to set up a similar ad network to FB. 
But, it's all good because it's Google!!!
Partisan tech is 100% EXACTLY like partisan politics. 
Again... The point of the op is not the ad itself... It is the fact that the person had not liked or endorsed that company.... I have not opted out of the Facebook sponsored stories even though I could have, because I do not see it as being a big issue if my name or image shows up recommending things to my contacts that i do endorse. 
Many folks are leaving FB for such trains. Sadly, the way I keep up with family and friends is thru FB. What they are doing it illegal, or at least deemed to be !!!
Once it said that I either liked or had redeemed a coupon for Dominoes or some other large pizza chain. No such thing had occurred.
Jason Falter. thanks for the news how to turn that off to opt out
Have an FB account, don't use it. How long will it be before Google+ starts flooding this real estate with ads as it does with search?
That post really spoke out to me +Mike Elgan. I had a similar thing happen where someone I know has had very bad experience with a particular UK mobile network suddenly appeared in my stream as "liking" the network. I showed her the post.

I am now off Facebook on a long term basis. If will probably delete my account next year.
Hi +Mike Elgan, I got another reply, saying he made his point with the first comment... Not sure if that can be defined as 'making a point' though... 
+Gijs Molsbergen The guy just doesn't know what he's talking about. This is a screenshot I took myself. My niece lives in Africa. When I posted this, the consensus is that this happens all the time. 
Yes, it's disturbing... And it is misleading users on a very sneaky way. I emailed Facebook asking for an answer... I doubt whether I'll get one. I'm going to ask some of my friends if they liked certain brands or products. If not, I'll let them take a print screen. This might be a case to write about... Did you get any reply of Facebook btw +Mike Elgan?
Can you still control this from the ads and privacy? I think Facebook has quietly removed the option to opt out.
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