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Apple registered 250 people for CES.

A common misconception about Apple is that the company doesn't pay attention to the competition and remains aloof from what's happening in the rest of the industry.

The opposite is true. Apple obsesses over events, and closely tracks competitors.

One example of this is that Apple, which is neither speaking nor showing at CES, has reportedly registered 250 employees to attend the show.

Apparently a a Paid Content reporter "spotted Greg Joswiak, Apple's head of iOS product marketing walking around Sony Corp's booth at the convention center."
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He could use an iIron for that shirt......
Will have to get the battery pretty hot to use the iPhone as an iron.

(oh snap)
It only makes sense for Apple and any other company to study its competition. But it is rather smart how Apple does their marketing and use actual employees to look at the competition.
you all think apple is spying... or looking for potential patent infringement cases?
i like only creater's......So like apple ,android......
But Apple is also a retailer so it would make scene for them to go the a conference for retailers.
+Zo Fryer The iPhone, the iPad and the iPod? Ever heard of a little computer called the Macintosh? They make six different models. How about Apple TV? Not to mention their wireless routers, PC displays, NAS device, webcam, wireless keyboard, mouse, etc.

That's a few more products than 3, I think.

oh, and someone told me they write software, too.
+Juan Collins I can honestly say I've owned an Android, Blackberry, and Windows device and thanks to Apple and iOS I don't have to go through the tragedy of Android, Blackberry, or Windows again.
+Juan Collins That's what you have to add to this conversation? Tell us about the type of cereal you eat next. 
+Zo Fryer So then Linksys and Dlink have nothing to worry about from AirPort? Sony, Panasonic, etc., have nothing to worry about from Apple TV? They make more than four things. And yes, people are worried bout Apple. They should be. Smartphones killed a whole slew of gadgets -- ever notice how cheap GPS navigators have gotten?

Apple isn't out of the game yet.
+Zo Fryer Can you elaborate a little bit more on that "80 percent"? It's more customizable, doesn't terribly waste space like the notification center in ICS (screenshot from my Nexus - - notice extremely tiny icon on the left and the wasted space, only 4 words displayed - it's a stock app), and allows you (configurable option) to see previews on the lock screen when locked with password/pin, while the ICS version doesn't.

I'm seriously curious what's so big that the ICS version of notification screen has according to you that the iOS version lacks, that would require years for Apple to copy ;) And I'm curious as a SGN/Android user.
+John Larson Love or hate Apple, they essentially created the smartphone category. +Zo Fryer See my profile pic, to the left of this post? Yeah, buyer's remorse. FWIW, I've never owned a single Apple product. Ever. My Android smartphone is the first GPS navigation device I've ever owned, unless you count the 20 year old Magellan handheld I've got stuffed in a drawer somewhere.
+John Larson No doubt that stuff from Danger like the Sidekick were headed that way -- that's why Google bought the company and hired all of its innovators. I don't think Apple is a innovator at all -- surely they took what they saw as the best stuff (multitouch displays and whatnot, which they purchased) and created the iPhone from it. But from the general consumer perspective, Apple had the first serious mass-marketed consumer-oriented product in the category of touchscreen, tablet-like smartphones with adequate processing power for things like 3D graphics and such. I'm not saying that makes them genius innovators, John, I'm just saying that prior to the iPhohe and Android and smartphonees like them, GPS navigators were like $300-$500 a pop, now they can be had for as little as $50.
+Zo Fryer Ok, that's (swiping) indeed one nice feature in ICS's notifications that doesn't exist on iOS. But still there's more stuff missing in ICS like the issues I mentioned in my previous comment, so it's hardly "80% copied, still needs years of work" ;)
+Zo Fryer I completely agree with that. This is still all besides my main point that the people at CES have plenty to fear from Apple. Jobs' vision for Apple was to become the next Sony and they've mostly succeeded at that, including all the negative connotations that one could associate with that statement.
+Zo Fryer Really? I've been using ICS for almost 2 months (GSM version, Europe) and there's load of things I would like to be improved. Widgets wasting a lot of spaces. Gigantic tiles in contacts favorites and bookmarks, without a possibility to switch to a list view. Extremely ugly notifications (like - it's useless, doesn't say what happened and the icon is tiny. wastes space, again). No notification previews on the lock screen (with pin/password). No ability to zoom (pinch-to-zoom) emails in stock GMail app. Ugly formatting of web pages - - or not saving open tabs in the browser, so if I switch to a different application and after 30 minutes go back to the browser, all tabs must be loaded from the network again. What is crazy considering the fact that Nexus has 1G of RAM, and iPhone has only 512M and doesn't have this problem (I can go back to the browser after hours of doing different things and all tabs are still there fully loaded). Seriously, I could go on, and on, and on. And I'm an android user since the very first phone (G1). It's far from being perfect, I find it amazing that you like everything about it.
+Zo Fryer Right. Considering only functionality, Android indeed is pretty awesome, though still not perfect - some things are missing (including things related to notifications as mentioned in my previous comments). And indeed one could say - functionality wise - iOS is behind Android, and I like iOS a lot ;) Though for many people there's more than just pure functionality when it comes to the entire experience (it's easier for my family members and various non-tech friends to use iPhone than android devices; they love sharing pictures via iMessage and using FaceTime; some apps work really better on iOS than on Android etc.).
+Zo Fryer You are a little bit delusional. Most iphones are not jailbroken, exactly the opposite is true. Vast majority of iPhones are not jailbroken. Apple gives some choices that are generally not available otherwise - like buying a phone that doesn't have any carrier-preinstalled crap or themes. They didn't lose the market in a year, for instance see - and if you want a really fair comparison, compare Samsung to Apple, or HTC to Apple. Not all-phone-manufactures-in-the-world-but-Apple to Apple. ;)
+Zo Fryer Most of my non-technical friends don't know how to do any of those. As a matter of fact, some of them who bought Galaxy S2 (because carrier "pushed" them to bought it, they don't even know that Google makes Android) still have default widgets and default icons on their desktops, and they don't realize they can add new if they want. And no, they are not retarded ;)

I don't have problems with my android devices, but I'm a developer and a long time Linux geek. Most people aren't. Android may be beautiful to you because of those things, or to me, but to most people if something doesn't work in stock/by default, it doesn't work at all. I'm serious.
+John Larson most of my friends who own Android devices (non technical ones) bought one not because they wanted an Android device, but because carrier' sales person sold it to them. I think it's really that simple and that's the main reason (coupled with the fact that majority of android phones are cheaper than iPhones) why Android gained such a huge market share. Otherwise, I don't want to hijack this post anymore and I'm off to trolling somewhere else ;)
Apple has changed the tech industry, but the industry is adapting and changing as well. Competition is a wonderful thing. Now if only the patent system could be fixed and then innovation can become the norm.
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