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Six CRAZY Android phones that will change everything this year.

This year, the mobile phone becomes something entirely different, and will gain powers and capabilities beyond science fiction. Here's what's coming this year:

* A phone that transforms into a tablet, which transforms into a laptop!
* A phone that becomes a Minority Report TV remote!
* A phone that's as powerful as a PC!
* Software that transforms any Android phone into a PC!
* A phone that gives you 3D without glasses!
* A phone with a built-in PowerPoint projector!

All these phones are coming this year!

Get the details:
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Which phone will you dump the iphone for? I'm picking the padphone!
Well, at least there's true innovation which will hopefully lead to fewer patent cases.... but who am I kidding!
The padfone looks amazing and would be extremely valuable to so many... the 3d phone (if it's half as good as a Nintendo 3DS) would be a ton of fun to have... the rest, I'm not as excited about. But yes, definitely some leaps and bounds being taken every single year.
Motorola already had a phone that turned into a laptop, hope the price are more to the south this time around!!
Hehehehe... I can see a "Phones that didn't change anything" post at the beginning of next year... HAH!
Not still excited . Waiting for a teleportation phone!
+Bibin Mohan YES, AND You can do it through a stylus which I think is awesome...

Phablebook (Phone/Tablet/Notebook) FTW!
Holy smokes. If half of this is true it looks like is my many will initially start with Gingerbread? lol "My Minority Report phone will be updated to ICS in 6 months."
+Bill Weber I think the awesome thing is that this is all possible, despite not being on the latest version... It's one of the many things I truly admire about the Android platform...
التكنلوجيا ستغيّر عالمنا تغييراً جذريا
Waiting for Ubuntu landing in my Galaxy S2 and communicating with my notebook :-))
Honestly if I could have my phone without voice service at all I would jump on that plan.
+Bill Weber One out of 400,000 apps, I'll give you another one Nova Launcher... Now name a third...
فلننتظر الهواتف التي تشعر كما نشعر نحن....
Only if samsung made the pad phone... :(
This is great!
That picture really looks like a Pandoras Device :)
Put a phone in a box and it becomes a tablet and put a tablet in a larger box and it becomes a laptop and put the laptop in a still larger box and it transform into a stationary computer.. o_O
So, will any of these phone be good phones? Because what I really need is a phone that is a good phone.
+James Pakele but you said that things can work across platforms...they can't. There is no guarantees that the 600 dollar super phone you get will ever have 4.0 on it. I am tired of the fragmentation.
I've been wanting something like the ASUS Padfone for some time, good to see someone is paying attention. However, I'd prefer it if the pad had its own processor, apps and wi-fi, and the only thing plugging the phone into it added was LTE. That way, I could let the kids use the pad while I'm at work with the phone.
LG has a phone with 3D using same/similar technology as the 3DS, and it was released in 2011.
We need these gimmicks to sell phone now?
Iphone sounds smarter every day
These are all extremely cool developments, but with the exception of the tablet/phone they all seem basically like novelties that won't affect most users' productivity. What I really want is a phone similar to the current generation of smartphones but with significantly better battery life. I have heard this same sentiment reflected by several others, as well.
Ok.. +Mike Elgan I love your thread... but really "Change Everything" all this leads to is the article you wrote a week ago about technology that was "Supposed" to change everything... yet didnt :-) cant we find a new way of saying... WOW... this is neat... as opposed to setting the standard that its an anticipated game changer...? the fact is, the consumers will decide what will change everything with their wallets... regardless of what industry analysts or all the marketing hype think/say... just my .02$
I can afford it, I will certainly go for the Asus padphone.
Consider this:

You already have a phone.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy an accessory which turns your phone into a tablet?
I think it would. :)
So, if I wanted a phone and a tablet and a laptop, I would have to buy all three, wouldn't I?
Until this is out, I mean..
+Bill Weber I'm saying that features in which you have to wait for "mother company" to build into the system on other platforms can be done without that on Android...

Did we have to wait for iCloud Music? Nope, Amazon Cloud Player did it first, even before Google, we didn't have to wait, and I could do it with Froyo... And that's one example of many.

In fact, I could do, almost, if not every single thing with Froyo that I can do with Gingerbread, or even iOS 5 for that matter...

Fragmentation is not as bad as people make it out to be, if you just look at what the phone can do, instead of what number is next to the "Version" label in the "About" section...
there was a phone that had a projector in it but it failed miserably
I want one that then transforms into a Camaro.
At the risk of being a party pooper, what's the point of the Matryoshka doll phone/pad/lappy? I can pretty much guarantee the pad shell will cost nearly the same as an actual tablet, and ditto for the laptop conversion. And after paying nearly full-price for a phone, a tablet, and a laptop, you have a bunch of components that can only be used individually and never simultaneously. It took about 3 seconds for my initial reaction of "wow! cool!" to turn to "wow! that's really dumb!"
So you drop that in the toilet and now you are really up the creek.

There goes your phone, tablet and laptop in one fell swoop. also, you will have to upgrade all at same time when something faster comes out.
This will never go anywhere but a niche market of jack of all trade, masters of none.
I love my Transformer Prime and the Padfone is the logical evolution by combining it with my S GS II as long as both the dock and tablet have battery so as not to completely drain the phone I think it would be awesome device.
Are you actually going to be able to make a phone call with any of them?
I would be all over that Padfone if it actually makes it to Canada.
The Asus Padphone is an amazing idea. Top that Apple.
It's still really, really cool though. :)
Even if I won't buy it - for the same reasons +Patrick Ryan listed.
If the tablet-adapter was a lot cheaper than a regular stand-alone tablet - and why shouldn't it be? I could see myself grabbing one.
I don't have a smart phone yet, but if I had, I would consider getting that adapter instead of shelling out a ridiculous amount of cash for an iPad..
Especially since I am not going to use my phone and my pad at the same time.
That doesn't mean that I want it to turn into a laptop or a stationary.

What I want is basically a tablet sized phone - when I need it.
At the above. I highly doubt it.
Now i know what i want for next Christmas!
I would consider picking up a padphone in a second if ran targa 3 or another quad-core processor.
Why the term "iPhone killers"... it feels... old.
thats what i want , so cool
software that transforms any android phone into a PC?? define "PC" here as no software in this galaxy or any other, can make me plug my iphone into my android phone and load itunes then sync my music!! Hilarious.
3d without glasses? havnet we already got the HTC Evo 3D?
Powerful as a PC? again, define PC! coz two years ago an HTC phone came out with specs rivalling most startup laptops.
Yeah but i bet they don't have the 'Snake' game like my Nokia 3210 ..... Ok so you're all 'Well Jel!' now lol
Look out apple, others can innovate too !
Thats so cool. i want it. lol
3d without glasses. Guess what. Nintendo did that first with the 3ds
So it will just project PowerPoints......crap
I find it incredibly lame to hide one display inside another, instead of docking in a way that makes both usable.
We already got 2 glasses-free 3d phones last year!
I love the Asus pad phone and much of the other stuff is interesting/exciting but 3d phones... meh. In face meh is showing more interest for them than I have.
I wonder if I would like it more than the blackberry bold I have. I write a lot of poetry, and I need a nice keypad. Not like my ipod. I can't go there as fast as I go in my bb. I have to find out.
getting the transformer prime :-D ... funny article though .. they mention windows devices (huh? didn't know they were even in the game still lol) but no authentic word on the android devices which have dominated the market share for the past 3 years ... lol i mean the iplunk didn't even move on the chart till vzw came on with them and still its not dominating anything .. Now the iPads are, but not the iphone ..
I'm still waiting for a phone and phone network that doesn't drop calls, other than the military-grade system that's available. By the way, I just heard that the U.S. Pentagon has shut off its Internet today to make repairs. Hey, don't disconnect that defense network! It might strike back against its perceived enemies... us!
:O is fantastic!!! I want one!!!!!
better design than the motorola atrix but the pricing will be key for the success of the product. Most likely they will demand premium and let it fail. This is the problem in the Android world, think about paying $300 for a smart phone on top of 2 years contract, where iphone is at $200 selling huge volume.
Hate to say it but Android doesn't really have anything that will change everything this year. Until a "supplier" can build a dependable constantly updated phone with rich features Apple is the only way to go. Spec's don't mean everything, but reliability, proper functionality and minimal bugs do. Plus a better support center.
The main thing I hate about Android is: new phone each week and no phone has the same OS. Talk about taking 12 steps back in Technology and 1 step forward in overkill.
Dual boot Android phones with Ubuntu? So, the manufacturers and programmers are getting better. They're only two years behind the private devs now!

Though, the idea of a quad-core phone is pretty sweet. A lot of HTC phones, especially the HD2, are already running with 1gb of ram and as fast as a lot of desktops. Add a quad core to that and it would be insane.
This will be ultimate for android . Ics multiple platform and devices that can transform . hope samsung makes this for galaxy s 2
Sweet. But do _ANY_ have a matte screen?!?!? I cannot believe how stupid the sheeple are at demanding glossy screens that are useless under glaring lights....
The EVO 3D has been out for some time, and provides 3D without glasses.
freaking awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to point out to Mr. +Mike Elgan that the word cr*zy is a mentalist slur. If you wouldn't use the n-word, the t-word, or the m-word (cough*Microsoft*cough), don't use the c-word. If you do use the n-word, you're racist. If you do use the t-word, you're cissexist. #PSA
Is it normal that I just got my Galaxy Nexus (yesterday) and I want a new one already?
This Cant Be Maybe The Last 2 Things With HTC Already Have But How Could A Mobile Do All Of These Stuff Like A Phone That Transforms Into A PC Or This Mobile Becomes A Tablet Maybe In 2234!! If The Earth Doesn't End..
A phone that transforms into a tablet, which transforms into a laptop! THIS. this will be my next refresh. rather then cough up $600+ for a tablet and/or notebook, i'd rather have it ALL, which includes a carrier modem/spare phone. it's WIN-WIN for my pocketbook.
NOTE: I'm aware of Motorola's earlier efforts, but i wont buy their price-gouge dock.
None will kill the iPhone because of it's huge app store and game center.
Linux is going through bad times, Gnome 3 and Unity !!! Ech horrible. Phone 7 puke, android is going down the drain ..
Check these out (from Manohar) what big brother has in store for the future of general purpose computers. I have to say I don't like the way things are going.

The article:
The video: 28c3: The coming war on general computation

Two other amazing talks was given by one of the core developers of Tor.
Linux Conf Australia Keynote: Keynote - Jacob Appelbaum
Chaos Communication Congress: How governments have tried to block Tor [28C3]
this is what I'm talkin about!
I really don't see any of those devices "killing" the iPhone. The article even mentions they are phones for niche markets. Even collectively they'll have a problem. With iPad 3 and a new version of iPhone inevitable, I don't see Apple really worrying or their marketshare decreasing in any major fashion. The only one that looks appealing to me, personally, is the ASUS Ice Cream Sandwich device.
Still waiting for 1 that'll vaccuum & laundry.
i would like to have one of them
I want a phone that transforms into the Batmobile.
+Mike Elgan Am looking forward to the innovations coming this year and the next. If we could get the cell phone companies to be better at their jobs and stop the limitations on traffic then this could be great
Is there a buy it now price? 
* A phone that gives you 3D without glasses!

I'm guessing already pointed out, but that's not new...I have had one, EVO 3D, since Jun 2011 :-)
can't believe the Samsung Galaxy Note isn't mentioned there... It is the only phone with a Wacom technology stylus and it is the only 5.3" phone in the market with cool features no other phone has. In fact I am selling my HTC EVO 3D for a G-Note unlocked and using it with StraightTalk no-contract unlimited plan for $45 p/m, instead of the BS contracts and EXPENSIVE $80 p/m .
OMG! i wish for a phone like that for my birthday next year :D
How long before Apple decides to sue because of copyright infringement?
Jay Tee
Definitely "a phone that's as powerful as a PC that transform into a tablet that transform into a laptop."
Seriously, what is the point of this?
So to kill the iphone you need one of those giant swiss army knives that everyone wanted as a kid but no one could actually use when it came to finding which finger nail grabber thing to pull out for the proper tool?!

I've had an android phone for about 2 years and I want my iPhone back because the damn thing just works.
+Kevin A. Cole You can save the 3d pictures as *.mpo or *.jps files, and view them in any compatible viewer on any compatible device. You can upload your 3d videos to YouTube, and they stay 3D (and can be watched on your 3D HDTV).
The issue isn't that you can only see the 3D on the phone (cuz 3D is 3D), it's that so few people have more than that one 3d-capable device to enjoy the content with.
+Markie westhouse - What's your number? I'd love to call you on your 3ds. *grins*
+Alex Wiebe
+Ibrahim Maameri My gay what?

It makes me sad that Sprint couldn't get me a stable, working EVO 3d in 4 months of trying. Two had camera issues, and the third (that was not a refurb - they took it from store stock) would not live more than 15 days without a factory reset. They ultimately replaced it with a Motorola Photon, which is (slightly) less phone, but has been completely rock solid.
yup I want one of these transformers!
Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Gimme.
What about a phone that actually can make phone calls?
Wow and i mean wow look that. This is proof of how rapidly modern technology is developing. That is an awsome piece of technology. What will they think of next??
I'd like to see a phone that has an fm transmitter built in.. im tired or using a cord or adapter for listening to my phone in my car,
Not that cool. Gadgets like these have a short shelf life. Find these things on an electronics store bargain shelf. Tries to be an iPhone killer? There is no such thing. Cram in crap that no one uses is anti-iphone. Simplicity is key. Not gadgety goop. Lastly? It's all about apps...
My husband mentioned a new phone to me to day. Said something about a phone that's a tablet. Cool
Lol, 3D without glasses already failed in phones a few times.
NICE...I like the flexibility and features manufactures can add to an Android OS.
is it going to be easy to use lol good luck with that....
Kyocera Echo was the closest we had to a transforming tablet phone. Poorly executed. My Photon is Dual core 1 GHz and 1GB of Ram. More than enough to run Ubuntu. Said software makes it a PC. EVO 3D did this 8 months ago. So all of this happened last year.
This year will be interesting with the new quad cores coming out and Samsung making a bezel less phone. And maybe Apple making a phone that uses 4G LOL.
You expected less ...
Technology will always 3 or years ahead of production line lol
...what happened to the Asus padphone.... +John Dresow i agree. I cant wait for a padphone...South Africa so slack
These are really boring. A 3D phone already exists by LG and it was a flop. The rest sound like gimmicks.
that's just too much technology in one thing.
As powerful as a PC? thats pretty vague and misleading. My PC runs at 3GHz, has 16GB of memory and over a terabyte of tertiary storage. Drop the marketing bullcrap and get back to me when a phone has that.
Laptop w/ mobile phone in trunk.....that's bitchin!
الله اكبر جوال جوا جوال؟غريب والله
Ha. The iPhone has been killed the moment the T1 hit the market.
Removable face stereos... FAIL, Docking stations FAIL... this isnt a game changer... this is a bad idea. The phones and the device will get worn from docking and un-docking, the connectivity will get worse and then the operation will degrade. Just like all of the other devices like this. Not to mention the weight of the device will be misaligned if placed like this in the tablet.

I understand the desire to eliminate extra gadgets, but trying to do both like this is a bad idea and its a gimmick just like the $35 tablet for everyone...
lol...geez...hold up i am still trying to type without spelling
Amazing! With creativity and actually doing something with it, one can pursue almost anything. Imagine our SciFi of today and what we may be playing with 20 years from now. Buckle up, its going to be an incredible ride...
My Sony Ericsson Xperia NEO V is already changing things for the better... add to that, I just upgraded to Android Ice Cream Sandwich today! Woot!!
41! Now THAT's a digital camera replacement!
Mohammed Sedik... Android is that mobile OS that offers choice. Oops, I meant fragmentation.

I think they are jumping the shark with this device.
It's quite amazing. Better Asus patent that else Apple will again say they invented it therefore only they can patent ;-)
Yeah The iPhones iOS 5 copied a lot of crap from android like the notifications bar
Yeah but it will probably be the power of a cruddy PC.... I don't buy this...
There is no phone that is as powerful as a PC.
I can't wait for Ubuntu on android. That is sick. No longer a need for a computer or laptop.
I would be impressed, if anything up there was new, relevant, or at all useful. What on earth do you need full PC power in a smartphone for? There's nothing you can run on it that would need that power, plus it's going to be damn expensive to make. Easily a $2k phone. And why do you want a crappy low-res high-cost projector... in a phone? Use a cheaper, higher quality and more stable PROJECTOR. And why would you want a phone that can transform into a tablet or a laptop? It's going to be uber bulky, slow (compared to the ultrabooks coming out this year), crap quality, small HDD and limited UI. I'll admit the TV remote one is pretty cool, though I've been doing that on my iPhone for about 2.5 years now. And 3D without glasses? Please, Nintendo did that half a year ago with the Nintendo 3DS. The tech's been out since 2007. Hell, I could write a small UI mod for my Mac that would do the same thing. It's not really that impressive. Don't get too excited :)
About time someone realized that a phone, tablet and personal computer are all the same thing, with different specialization, (but mostly overlap).
This is definitely some technology porn right here
I have a 3D phone that needs no glasses & I really do like it, cant wait to get my hands on one of the transformer phones though.
Come this is so dumb, there is no Phone as powerful as a PC, how this got 636 likes is beyond me.
Alice S
that is called technology controlling humans
that is so awesome how much is it and were can u got it my dad might want it....
The Asus one is a guaranteed flop. Neat features, but the quality will almost certainly suck, because otherwise it would have to be given a price people would only be willing to pay for an Apple product. They're going to have to sacrifice quality to make it affordable.

As for Nokia, the camera would have to be tested, but even the greatest camera wouldn't make it worth moving back to Sybian.

The beam is the most interesting one. Of course, not practical unless you're plugged in, and again, we don't know how good it will really be.

The mysterious LG phone... I don't know. I hope it beats Samsung's phones though.
Sounds like another nail in the the Apple coffin
what next? A phone with a dishwasher?
Vee A
Can someone buy me the ASUS Padphone, please? Um kay, thanks!
Want the asus padfone
What next? A phone that can turn into your are keys if you can't find them?
ASUS Padfone is indeed a product of revolutionalized thinking. Instead of this ''phablet'' re-interpretation that some companies seem to be buying into, it's nice too see that others(ASUS) are beginning to see the bigger picture = phone to tablet to laptop!!
Sweet, I'm still learning how to use my inspire,getting better at it though.
That is so cool, to bad it still doesn´t exist.
Android rocks. The possibilities are endless.

Lol they need to make the comments on google plus from newest to oldest
I'd just settle for an Andriod 'phone I didn't have to charge twice a day after I 'd had it for a week or two. As for 3D without glasses. Without my glasses I can't see a dam thing, let alone 3D. What about something that delivers pictures directly to the brain by plugging into this little socket thingy I have behind my ear?
I'd say the transforming phone and the power point projector are the only ones all that new. But still that's pretty epic.
Yep then i wonder what's
next lol, however I like the the stylus with the padphone i think it should work with my transformer!
Now the phone with the powerpoint projector works for me. As a presenter, such a device would revolutionize my set up time. Boy Iwould love to pull that out of my bag. PPT's pre-loaded and a menu where I can select which one I want to show. Oh this is getting good. Where do I get it.
Sign me up if you need a guinea pig!
I'm still waiting for the flying car I was promised. Future, I am disappoint.
Padphone! That's the one that could shake things up... If performance and capacity are good, even using a docking station at home/work could be a good option, i.e. 20-something inch screen and all that goodness
Ready 2 trade my new one technologys movin on
I want the phone,
runs on andriod:
has cover design by Apple (Sorry apple fan - i like only cover)
has Corning® Gorilla® Glass by Sony
has Sony Autostereoscopic 3D which supports in all angel view
has 1080i Beam Projector by Samsung (Such as Samsung Galaxy Beam projector smartphone)
has Camera 41 MP by Nokia (Not like Nokia 808 - revolutionary 41 MP camera, the camera is so bulky)
has Speaker by Bose (Hellya!)
has A7 processor (kickass)

Impossible dream to have such a phone??? i will wait for 2014!
Jack Le
I need a phone which can cook 3 meals a day for me. I don't think it will come true in this century. LOL!
Ubuntu for android is a great idea.
These superphones are awesome for those of us that are power-users and have flexible, open minds, but as iX sales indicate we're a shrinking minority.
Whats hot is based on shares and comments, smart guy lol. Its not hand picked by google
I am salivating over this Samsung Galaxy Beam!!! my presentation will rock...super hot and on the go at conferences!! I can't wait to get it.
So finally, 2012 will be the year of mobiles. We've heard that for so many years now that it started to sound almost like a legend despite it obviousness.
So what happens when you get a call? can you hold the tablet up to your face?
They have had glasses free 3D phones for a while now.
but i like to have phone an pad as seperat devices, where is the sence of this?
These are not iphone killers. iphone suffered massive trauma when The (definitive article intentional) Samsung Galaxy series collided with it (yes & the Galaxy Nexus too!)
Please send flowers & condolences to Apple HQ using the same courier that delivered to RIM.
Include suggestions of converting to Android.
+Tim Peck serious question?

You would do what you do now - use the mic on the tablet and the speakers to talk (which is already possible using Google Voice).

Of course you could also disconnect the phone and use it as normal, or use a headset/mic combo on either device.
Wow that will be amazing phones , they should be called "genious phones" instead of smart phones
I thought these accomplishments were already achieved...
How about a andriod phone that you can upgrade to the latest stable driod os release and you don't have to worry about getting a new phone because the software is so out of date...
All of this has already happened. I remember that two years ago there was a phone with a mini projector add on that cost a couple hundred more. The only thing I haven't seen is the phone to tablet to computer. I have seen the phone to computer tho. Check the Ubuntu website for the latter conversion. 
you won't get anything as original this year. Intriguing!!
This is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Android has so much potential :)
Not bad looking but no competition for the galaxy s2
I have an iPhone and its totally amazing!!

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Irrelevant that it won't kill the iPhone. It's like what Linux did to Windows. Linux didn't replace Windows on the desktop, it just surrounded Windows by insinuating itself into everything BUT the desktop - into corporate servers, Cloud server farms on the internet, DVR/set top systems, routers, VOIP routers, oh and yeah, some phones. Today, you can't NOT run into some flavor of Linux on a day to day basis. You are using it, even if you don't know you are. Your using it right now if you're reading this post. Something like 80% of the internet runs on Linux. A miniscule piece runs on Apple stuff. Why? Because of the cost.

Android phones will probably keep its 50% share, maybe even a little less but "Android inside", because of the very low cost of entry, will be everywhere - in your car, your fridge, specialized medical and industrial equipment, projectors, tabletop displays, shopping mall interactive displays, etc. So long as Google keeps it cheap, it will be there. You just may not know that you're running on it.
Maybe a phone that transforms into a wife can be helpful to a widower like me
Things said in now they're still expected...I think these ideas are not the reasons or facts for a phone become popular
Damn!!! I just got a iPhone 4s too!!!!
looks cheap. it drops. it brakes. done. get me a mac.
if the name has an "x", "s", "p" with a numbers. run away.
HTC also has a glassses-free 3D phone out in 2011. As to phone2pad2laptop, I can see the advantages of larger input and output in a still carry-able package, but I'd go for Ubuntu on Android instead because it's not tied to a specific OEM; just add keyboard and monitor.
+Irvin bennett Because too many other people thought he was awesome and he ended up on the "what's hot" list.
i would love to get the asus padfone then put Ubuntu in it for a real laptop experience :) cheers!!
It sounds great but how about battery? Without a longer battery live, these will just like a useless block...
None are iphone killers...they arnt even trying to be. The bulleted listed is overly sensationalized. The tranformer is the only one of interest but all are tacky gimicks. Keep trying to kill iphone and ill be a happy android user.
Becca K
WHAT!!!??? i NEED one of dem!
Can't wait for it ... just improve the battery life....
That's sweet. I hope they improve Android when that comes out. Cuz right now it kinda sucks. It does a lit, but isn't smooth or solid like iOS, and it crashes too much. 
I am very interested. Please keep me posted. Thank you.
+Van Maybach you don't appreciate the big effort and money that #apple spent in #marketing ;)
Do you think it's easy sell all that hipster crap?
BK Lee
if the price is under 500$,i will by one
"A phone that's as powerful as a PC!" - I would argue that we had that last year or even earlier. The specs on a lot of the 2011 phones were comparable to PCs (sometimes even better, depending on the PC).

We also had a glasses free 3D phone a year or two ago with the HTC EVO 3D. It also took pictures and video in 3D.

The thing that I'm really stoked about are the smart glasses that Google claims we'll have sometime in the 4th quarter.
That is veeeeeeeeeeeery different
No glasses 3D already already came out with the EVO 3D...
Seems like a bad design to me. The tablet is a hunk of plastic when not connected. Personally I think the evolution of apples portable products peaked at the iPhone 4. Requiring a satchel or bag for the iPad is silly. Maybe the later iPads will solve this though. Android would be an option if just one manufacturer could make a quality phone. 2c
And none of them will work right and none of them will be updated.
These existed last year, with the exception of #1.
woowww... love-love!!
Uh.....I think I'm going to return my new rezound and just wait it out for one of these. :)
That's why Apple is scared of Android its the true Iphone killer. I have been telling people from day one.
Ping He
what makes me sad is most of these came out in MWC in Spain. What did we have in CES? Old phone with a bigger battery...
-Ubuntu for Android is what got me really exited.

-There are already a few phones that do 3d without glasses.

-The padphone looks promising
Eric Wu
Android is a iPhone career but a Barrett problems.
Wow, 3D without glasses. Its been done before and no one cared.
How much the cost for that amazing gadget
I want the phone that does the dishes
تخيل ......... هههههههههههههههههه
Looks like a case with a phone I'm a dork what is it
it is a cellphone docked in a notebook.
I want the pad phone with siri on it....and keep my unlimited plan.
The EVO 3D already gives you 3D without the glasses. As for everything else, I'm stoked!
I am holding out for the phone that makes coffee.
OMG, Mr. Jobs its time to ask your mates a favor :{~}
How about a Phone that 80% of it's price comes from the brand? Oh that must be not an Android :D
samsung galaxy beam is FTW! i have never thought that cellphone companies would ever come up with that kind of idea.. really revolution
I have a 3d phone and have had one, the atrix already docks, packages for remotes have been done, you can run win 95/98 on android/ios already, ky phone is as powerful as many netbooks,and projectors have been done (chinavasion)... So... Um... What's so special again? Though the 41 megapixel is kinda cool.
Glasses free 3D phones are old news...
Pye Lot
+David McMeekin T-Mobile 20 quid six months internet unlimited, I've no credit in the payg sim for nearly a year now.
Old news, you can download TV remote app from market. The projector phone was out years ago. 3D? That was available last fall. Ubuntu has an app in the market that makes your phone into a desktop. Apple has done this already with the iPad(or maybe it's just a prototype, not sure)
IPad- Where you connect two tablets together
Damn Awesome shit there dude!!!!
I wish I had the amount of money to actually have one of those of my own...
Looks cool but what's the point?
The point is that one goes inside the other X)
its so cool ........ can i get it ....ahhhhhhhh
All sound interesting, and do show that perhaps for specialist markets they can finally compete with the iPhone, which they have struggled to do since 2007 when it launched.
Technology goes on and on . How far will it go. Makes sci fi more believable every day.
Sorry about the last post... I meant to ask "What android brand is this phone/tablet?"
I think the projector phone would be the funnest of the bunch
Is that the asus pad phone
its a good thing but i would like to know is it safe as well....
@Loreto - which 
What would be awesome is if one phone could do all of that....
Well i cnt wait bring on the technology
Nice!! Hope that I could install other distros on the Ubuntu Phone :)
superb!!!!!!!!!! love to have this in collection!
+Max Pray needs some crystal meth to get him into the android fever.
ng Bin
woah!!! AWESOME! where can i get it?
Does the computer sync with the phone or what?
+Patrick Ryan I think you're hit the nail on the head. To be fair to ASUS, the Transformer (which I own) is not that expensive, but it does cost around what a high end smart phone does.

I also own a Galaxy S2. Those are not cheap either.

I imagine that because they're likely to sell them as a package, they're not be as expensive as buying a phone and Transformer has for me (fingers crossed :)))

The price point is going to have to be good to attract users.

I've used iPads (friends have them) and I really can't say that you can choose between a Transformer tablet and an iPad. Reviews say the same thing. If you use a lot of iToy ;)) things then you're going to want to keep using them because they're designed to work together and keep people within that shiny, shiny, shiny (did I say 'shiny') white mirrored room. However, on a purely capacity/hardware/function basis, there's no difference.

So, the phone will need to be very good to cause people to want to buy the whole device. I would get one if the phone was as good (or nearly) as my Galaxy S2 and ran Android ('natch'). However, if the phone is mediocre, then I'd be sticking with my current Transformer/phone combination.

I think ASUS are going to have to really work hard on the phone because the Transformers show they can already make great tablets.
+Rob Jeffrey I agree. I'd rather a very good camera a 'la the Nokia N8 (and a proper Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss lense) than some 3D screen thingummy.
Hey fellas , this is no joke ....Angels must b using Samsung Galaxy S 2 phones ...that's seems 2 b how a lot of folks world wide r getting super ideas !
it's a it's a phone it's Samsung Galaxy Note .. The next definitive fashion accessory cum comunication device 
respect this technology will be established on store, find this wouhhhh
Asus is actually my favorite mobile manufacturer! I'm getting everything that Asus comes out with as far as cell phone technology.
I'm sure they'll work just as well as the formerly "revolutionary" electric car.
Finally! Next we want upgradable parts.
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