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Movie industry lobbies hard against bike lane color because it ruins their shot.

Movie industry lobbying groups are petitioning the City of Los Angeles to change the color of a bike lane in downtown L.A.

A neighborhood called the Historic Core is often used in movies for scenes that are supposed to look like New York City. But a big, bright green bike lane "kills the shoot."

The industry's proposal is to use the exact same color used in New York City for bike lanes. 

In other news, they have bike lanes in New York City.

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This is why we can't have nice things
I assume it kills the shot because it is a similar green to the green screens they use for effects.
+Stephen Fox that is not a nice thing. It is a major hazard to navigation. Painted pavement is slippery.
I have a dream that someday technology will enable us to change the colour of these bike lanes in the editing process. sigh, Perhaps someday.
+Travis Koger that's not really a concern. It's more to do with the fact that it means costing more money to alter it to look like NY when they shoot in LA.
Definitely a First World problem.
They can just digitally remove those in post. Big whiners...
+Travis Koger It has nothing to do with the green screen, read the article. They can perfectly use blue - or other colors - screens too.

It's a ridiculous argument though. Next they're gonna tell use we can't drive flashy cars because it would kill the shot.
Maybe, +Joe Lancaster; but in a city with a lot of its economy tied up in the movie industry, the movie industry kind of gets to call some of the shots.
Never mind the real, human lives this distinction may save. Can't Hollywood just CGI it out anyway?  Minor compared to what they've done in the past.
we can't let the safety of cyclists get in the way of film companies saving on their production costs....
palm trees, and a green (no slippery, I asked a local) bike lane. 

new york?
+Craig Lennox it's a bike lane that will be dangerous any time it gets wet. Morning dew, snap smog shower, overspray due to simulated rain in a movie, spills...
Reasonable to ask for this.
Tell em to use special effects to change it. Geeze. Road safety and consistency is more important. Green lanes are a national program. 
Beyond crazy. If they can digitally remove the palm trees to make that street stand-in for NYC, then can do the same for the bike lane. 
Crazy! I didn't even know NY had bike lanes. If Hollywood is worried about it, then change the color and have THEM maintain it and pay for the upkeep. 
+Martin Espinoza I can assure you that these green lanes aren't unduly slippery when wet. Of course, it never rains in california. :-)
This is probably the first time I read about a group lobbying for something that will have no one being worse off. I don't see a problem here. 
I imagine the the bike lanes in NYC are probably also known as "shuffleboard target practice" lanes.
I depend on the film and television industry to make a living here in Los Angeles. 
The Local and State governments of California have taken this Industry for granted and don't do anything to keep production here in Los Angeles.
Billions in revenue have been lost to other states and other countries because of the increasing costs of shooting here and the incentives to shoot elsewhere.
Many of us that do depend on the film industry are struggling to make ends meet.
The city of Los angeles just added fuel to the fire by adding another cost of shooting here.
The addition painted bike lanes and the added costs to production are not trivial.
+Martin Beck unless they use a substantially different paint from other road paints, then the paint will reduce traction. It's not only a hazard to cyclists, but also to motorcyclists who have to cross it.
Meg L
Green bike lanes are clearly something CGI departments can't cope with.
+Meg L They can use CGI to hide the bike lanes. But that costs money and time, Both come at a premium here in Hollywood.
Please see my previous comment.  
The film industry's objections seem unreasonable. Location filming in LA is way up this year. green lanes or not:

It's not standard paint. It's a thermoplastic with embedded anti-slip compound. 

I would rather see a raised road surface for bike lanes, or physical barriers separating bikes and cars. If the film industry would lobby to have the lanes replaced with something more substantial -- but less zowie green -- I'm sure bike commuters would be happy to support the idea.  
+Mike Elgan - yes they have bike lanes in NYC.  In fact, FYI, there are tons of them (and many more are coming).  Under Mayor Bloomberg, NYC has been removing entire car lanes all over the city (and especially in North-south Manhattan avenues and turning them into bike lanes.  In many cases they add lines to the road to separate the car lane, and in a great many others (again especially in manhattan) they add either a concrete island or fluorescent padded poles to physically separate the bike lanes from motorized traffic.  in fact the program has expanded to such a degree that most of Broadway south of Times square has been turned into pedestrian and a bicycle way, leaving only a single lane for vehicular traffic.  This makes driving on broadway so annoying that most drivers tend to avoid it.  Lastly the city is adding giant pay per ride bicycle stands all over the city, which work similar to luggage cart stands at airports (you pay to release a bike which is then rented to you for a period of time and must be returned to a stand to terminated charges.  By and large, bike lanes in NYC are the same color as the road, except that they are marked to make it obvious that they are a bike lane.
Why can't they CGI the colour out in production like they do everything else?
How dare you try to promote bicyclist safety while there are movies to shoot?!?!
+Stephen Glasskeys, to CGI out the bike is another additional cost to an already expensive production. This and other costs are pushing production out of Los Angeles and costing the city and state billions in lost revenue.
This affects the tens of thousands of people who depend on the film and television industry to make a living. 
The funny thing is that whatever the color of the Bike lanes is, most people have no idea what the real NYC looks like, except NYC locals or anyone who has spent a long time here.  Why else do you think that cities like Vancouver and Toronto are used as stand-ins for NYC in all kinds of films?  Usually only locals can tell the difference anyway, so this argument is silly at best.
Meg L
+Joe Beam Oh, so the welfare of the film industry and those who work in it is more important than the safety of cyclists? Ridiculous.
+Martin Espinoza Actually, the green color (at least in SF) doesn't have the reflective coating that makes more paint stripes so slippery. It also wears out faster, but I suppose that's a reasonable compromise for traction.
Don't get me wrong +Meg L, I and many of my fellow film crew members are cyclists. So we are well aware of bike safety. We bike to work too.
We just feel that our way of life and livelihood is under threat. Also the economic well being of our home, Southern California.
There is Billions of dollars in revenue leaving the state because of runaway production.
Feeling sorry for the people who work in the fi industry isn't easy. But we are people. 
If the bike lanes in LA and NY were the same colour this would not be an issue for Hollywood, right?  And this is a national program, so seems natural to agree on the best colour and make them all so.

Incidentally in London they are blue or red.  Making them non-slippery isn't much more difficult than choosing the right (specialist) coating.
They can put local digital effects workers to work taking out the color.
No wait, they ship that work overseas.
Since painting the bike lanes on Spring St., no shooting has taken place there.
The city counsel has agreed to repaint them with white paint and less paint. Making the film and television Industry happy and saving money on paint.
Would that leave the lobbyists and city council open to lawsuits from cyclists injured there? Time will tell.
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