Why Path is redundant.

I read recently that the social network Path has about 6 million users. Yet it seems to get a lot of mindshare.

The reason for that, I suspect, is that pundits like it. And pundits like it because their Facebook and Twitter accounts have become noisy with the endless chatter of strangers and content.

So they retreat into Path in order to find solace. Path prevents you from having more than 150 "friends."  And so posting on Path feels intimate, rather than public.

Fans say they like Path because:

* It's just carefully chosen friends.

* It's beautifully designed.

* It doesn't have ads or app invitations.

But here on Google+, a few intimate friends sharing on a beautifully designed app free of ads and invitations is what we call a circle.

Path is a feature, not a product.

And with only 6 million users, your family and friends don't have accounts. And if they do, they probably don't check or use them.

Your people do, however, have Google accounts.

And if you're a Path fan, I challenge you to answer this question: What can Path do that Google+ can't do?

Unless your problem is that you don't have enough social networks to check, Path is redundant and has no reason to exist.


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