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Iceberg implodes, showering tourists with giant chunks of ice!

Sometimes nature inspires awe. Sometimes it throws ice at you.

Props to +Mick Rogers
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Wow what an experience! That was crazy...
This sounds like the beginning of a superhero graphic novel! There may be mysterious, humanity enhancing DNA in that ancient ice!
Awesome video --- I would think a once in a lifetime shot!
"Why don't we just stay here and watch it?" Kabooooom! OK, maybe not such a good idea.
I wonder what the distance was from their craft when it imploded? This could have had a much different ending if they had been any closer, there were some pretty big projectiles coming at them...
Wonder if the tour operators will learn to respect ice in the future in keep a safe distance.
Not sure how close they were to their 'mothership' but what if random ice chunks had punctured/disabled the zodiac?
boo Jay
It could have been worse, they could have been on a tour of a volcano... :)
The Iceberg kill itself because it knew that the humans were near.
Yeah yeah yeah, this might be a once in a life time moment, but sadly... it's a sign of Earth dying.
This has been happening for eons, it's part of the process take human beings off the planet totally and it would still happen.... this is nothing more than a natural event caught on camera.
cannot agree more with Vinoth Ragunathan. it's cool but really sad at the same time.
+Vinoth Ragunathan The tip of a single iceberg collapsing is not a sign of anything. Icebergs (the part we see) collapse & change all the time, they are not constants.
Dear Dad Al Gore
Apologies, clearly you were right.

The internet.
The world is run by "C" students = Global warming
If the Earth is going to die it's going to die, we have very little to say about that, the one thing we can do is adapt to the changes until that happens.... but panicking over icebergs melting or imploding is a bit dramatic.
I'd be more worried about the Sun's activity and how tied to electricity we are. if the worst case scenario were to happen with sea level rise we can always relocate, if the Sun were to release a massive amount of EMR we all might be thrown back into the Dark Ages... both are remote possibilities in my opinion but I think one is much more worrisome than the other.
But we have Chuck Norris who could save us
Apparently many forgot to read the history of the science they tout.....the Earth will warm and it will cool again and again just like it has since it's creation, maybe we will be here and maybe we won' live life to the fullest and experience all that it has to offer, and catch it on video for the rest of us to enjoy
I wonder if anyone got still pictures of it? I'm sure they did looking forward to the posts!~ hint hint... :)
That happened so fast! I would never expect the whole thing to just go down like that, after a few bits falling off...
It must have been mostly on land, because a collapse of that size over the water would surely have swamped their puny inflatable. They have all just used up at least one of their lives.
LOL!!!! WOW! "WOOHOO, we survived".. haha.. I love the cheering afterwards... everyone loves a good show :)
It was in the water, you can see through the berg and the chunks that begin the video are clearly splashing in the water... I think the reason no huge wave was created was because it was contained inside the berg, the structure of the berg stopped the wave from forming... the middle collapsed and the outside areas contained the wave.
now that's the moment when you think: "ooops, i should've stay at home..." :)))))))
awesome video, though! once in a lifetime opportunity for common adventurists, i guess...i'm jealous anyways... :)
Hey Mum
omg, thts amazing! it exploding is so loud... tht dude looks like a superhero.
Hey Mum
haha, u look like Conan ^-^
haha the audio is hilarious.
o shit o shit o shit
Global warming at it's finest. It made me kinda sad.
We rented jet skis in Newfoundland and went out to view the ice flows, If we had known they could explode like this we might have had second thoughts....
Thing I learned from TV (yes, you can actually learn something on TV) is that it is normal for more than 2/3 of the mass of icebergs to be underwater/unseen. What if the op part of the berg had collapsed and destabilized the iceberg causing it to roll over/resettle. That would make for a great theme park attraction.
Not so much fun if you're in a fragile semi-rigid inflatable craft on frigid waters.
What would your last acts/thoughts be if you had 3? minutes to live after being dunked into that frigid water.
It rained ice chunks on the deck of the Titanic before it went down too. People were picking them up and putting them in their drinks. Crazy!
Yeah, crazy right. Why wasn't this one the nightly news.
For people surprised there were no huge waves - here's a trick question for you... If all the free floating ice on earth melted - how much would sea level rise?
why is that a good thing, that iceberg has been there for thousands of years, and in our short time on earth we've managed to destroy so many things, amazing right
I didn't really understand the laughs in the video. shouldn't we be worried or something? just my opinion...
That must have been an incredible experience.!
Despite the title, for some reason, I wasn't expecting that to happen like that.
I wonder how long it would of late if the wave from the boat didn't hit it? Days, Hours, Mins, ....
How is that awesome you idiot? People could have DIED!
+Alex Brown Because its not that unusual for ice to melt when we are going through a solar cycle. The same thing happened in the 17th and 18th century.
"why don't we just....GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!" Not too smucking fart!
+Alex Brown icebergs melt all the time, they certainly don't float around for thousands of years, +Goran Siska if all the free floating ice melted, the sea level would not rise by a single millimetre.
Hey Hey yoiu don't! know me you don't know me! Gay idiots
Dude, that is not what I was saying, and I hope that everyone is safe and ok.
You're living in a world of your own,and probably cocooned by self denial.
I work with logic statements and collections of computer data all day long and sometime it is very hard to stop your mind after work.
Its forcast in that part storms tornadoes etc be safe in America especially Kentucky Ohio, Aronzia I live in UK, so safe for now.
I show this to my 8 year old and say "uh huh... no global warming my butt." His reply, "I bet global warming is because of people who get excited when ice bergs attack them."
Does their insurance cover iceberg terrorism?
ahahaha thats cool i guess.........
So much fun! I'd love to experience that!
omg i would hat e to be near that becaause i am afraid of water its fun but it can kill you
Wow! Would have been fun to be there!
Sad Yet beautiful ! Awesome Video :)
What does global warming sound like? "YAAAAAAY"
Glad everyone is cheering for global warming!! Yeahhh!!!!
Mollie, how about natural cycles
OMG! That was sooooooooo cool! Because all the pieces came raining down! LUV the action!
Iceberg: "I spit my last breath at thee."
Yeah that sort of thing happens when centuries of mechanical stress are relaxed.
That had to be a rush and scary after thinking about it.
that's insane!! what a great catch on video
ohhh i would of been scared soo cool great video
And they just stood there on the zodiac and watched?? Dude a piece of history just feel apart.
They cheer because the danger is over and they are alive; it's an emotional release.
Notice they left the area? for good reason.
That was totally awesome. It's amazing the ability of nature to shock and awe. 
Damn you Al Gore, sending your Mother Nature after them it's it's Magical Global Warming powers.
So many emotions. Amazing, frightening, sad and so many others at the same time.
I love the elation of the witnesses! Awesome.
NICE!!!! THAT HAD to be what caused the titanic to go down lol
I don't really understand their cheering.. "Oooh, that was awesome!" -- well I just don't think so :/
See? Global warming can be FUN!
Stop bleating on about global warming! Yes it's happening, yes it's a natural cycle of the earth, it heats up then cools down FACT. All the moaning and groaning ain't gonna change anything! Enjoy life, you only get one. Unless you're also so insecure you believe in a god!
Probably all the noise from the gobby passengers that caused it.
IDIOTS! That is not a good thing... Ever heard of GLOBAL WARMING!?? Smh
Seriously ppl u get excited that the ice is melting and we destroy the environment so much that for our kids it wont be here to enjoy it ??? ffs
that is soooo cool probaly was scary though and possible injuries could hav occured but well that is AWESOME
If all the ice melted on Earth, the oceans would only rise 6" - IF the shorelines did not move. Simple math using tree-hugger sites' data on ice volume, standard conversion factors, etc. It isn't melting. It stresses and breaks apart. This happens to glaciers, too. As they creep, they can only hang over so far until they break off under their own weight. People are so gullible. <sigh> BTW, it didn't "implode". It merely caved in. Watch it - over and over and over and over until you realize it's not a big deal.
you are right Jodeus
The Polar Bears are not cheering . Global warming is real. Sigh.
Look at the winter we had in Massachusetts this year- this spring many will have horrible allergy issues. Nothing we can do but keep reducing the carbon footprints.
Did you see that the boat almost had a problem staying afloat?
That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.
Val Val
that was very cool if i should say
who need new pants! i know i would have.... amazing once in a lifetime experience!
Thanks people especially Steve Hall Phillip Plait and Mike Elgan, definitely a natural event which I suspect has happened many times.
My view is our world goes through these eras many times. Explaining many odd things we discover out of kilter.
The penguins r gonna die cuz no ice NOooOooo not the penguins
that was not smart they could have gotten killed if a piece of ice hit them on the head
that iceburg was pwned!!!! the penguin apocolypes is coming!!!! everyone move to Coasta Rica...
I would have loved to be there on that boat
I cant get why they find this so awesome. These things are happening all over the place because we are screwing our world, and the ice melting is making it even harder to stop the situation from worsening!
what's fanny here?!, nature suffers because of global warming and that's for somebody fanny:((((
Sad to see people cheering this 
Thats sooo cool!!!!!
Thats Fucking epic but at the same time sad for the global warming.
omg that was freaky and awesome how did u get that on video
You are damn lucky to see it and live.
so cool! hahaha!!! loved the reaction after ice flew at them... <silence> <fleeing> then... "THAT WAS COOL!" hahaha
What a moment... too much yelling for my liking but ... I definitely understand the excitement.
Mother Nature is impressive!! Lucky that no one got hurt. Ice can be dangerous when thrown at high speed.
Free Thinkers don't buy the Global Warming hysteria. Just people who want to feel good about themselves (or are getting a lot of money from the government to supply "proof" in "research"), that they are "saving the world". Makes them feel like they are doing something worthwhile. All one has to do is use his own head, and not accept what all the "experts" (or politicians) say at face value. Do your own research and use simple, basic logic with a little common sense thrown in. Do your own calculations.

Haven't you heard? It's called "Global Climate Change" now - because they finally accept that "Global Warming" is a farce. It changes (up and down) to regulate itself. It's a natural process. It was happening before the industrial revolution and the nasty ole SUVs and HCFCs and it will continue to happen for eons to come (or Dec 21, 2012, whichever comes first). Only now, there is a lot of money in it - YOUR money. How does the old saying go? "Follow the money." This one puts all other scams (combined) to shame, and a lot of people are playing into their hands because they want to feel good about themselves. The thermostat on your wall and the cruise control in your "eco" car do the same thing. It goes up and down to regulate your home's temperature and your car's speed. Surely Mother Nature is a little bit smarter than a measly human. It's pretty arrogant to believe that mankind is so much smarter and more powerful than Nature.

If you've been in this world for more than half a century, you would have seen many gloom-and-doom predictions come and go. Some because of an imminent ice age, some predicting many species' extinctions by 2010 - if we don't do this or that (that hasn't been done, BTW) NOW, before it's too late! How many doomsday scares will it take before people wake up? Think, people. Think!

There was a time that schools taught us how to think. They have increasingly been teaching students what to think. It's sad.
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