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Pill cures racism?

A heart disease drug called Propranolol appears to have the side effect of reducing racist feelings.

Researchers asked two groups of volunteers to take a racial "Implicit Association Test" after taking either Propranolol or a placebo. The Propranolol group were found to have fewer negative reactions toward people of other races.

If the study shows what it appears to show, it means that the drug may reduce the subconscious, impulsive level of racism, but doesn't effect racist beliefs. For that, the only cures are scorn and ridicule.

Props to +steve cooksey
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I don't get this. What would go through a researcher's mind to suggest - hey we should test all these heart disease candidates for RACISM.
Evan F
well, it is designed to combat heart disease....
I would be more interested in seeing actual data on this.
David H
Something else that can cure racism... love for your fellow man. Just saying.
So, this is a drug used to treat chest pains and lower heart rates. And because they believe fear is the main cause of racism, this drug will help control and relax the nerves? Sounds more like a sort of specific anxiety pill. But, they only believe that fear engineers racism, and as a proponent argued in the article: "Biological research aiming to make people morally better has a dark history."
A doctor of a different race than the patient(s) in the study most likely filled the prescription. Hence the love for another race for the heart help. It unconsciously happened. Again, I would love for it to be true, but am skeptical.

I seriously doubt this is specifically related to racism.
One can only hope for a pill with health and behavioral benefits. :-)
How about a pill with wage and salary benefits lol
"CAUTION: May cause open-mindedness. If you start treading black people equally, see doctor immediately!"
Why stop at racism? How does it work with homophobia? We shouldn't be looking for "cures" in science that we, as rational beings, should be able to find within ourselves.
Maybe the ultimate goal is to be cured of life. Honestly try imagine a world in which every trait that is regarded as negative by some large part of some society at some time can be easily eliminated by 'medication'.
Should be propagated via water streams in the USA
Allow me to comment, there is a known neurological basis for the feeling of 'otherness' a set of nerve reactions in the brain that you use to determine the difference between yourself and 'other stuff' - now if you consider that the pill causes changes to nerve chemistry ( specifically targeting the vasovagal nerve clusters around the heart, but not necessarily stopping there ) the chemical reaction could alter the subjects experience of otherness.

This theory could be tested by analyzing their sense of physical space. The neurological phenomena has been isolated using brain scans of meditating subjects who claim ( presumably reliably ) a sense of 'oness with all things' during meditation. Specific areas of the brain are detectable altered during these states of self induced 'oneness' and the nerve reactive agent here could be triggering that nervous state in the subjects - this would indicate that 'strong' racist feelings are not merely emotional / logical problems, just as OCD and ADHD are not 'purely' emotional / maturity problems - there is a physical correlation.

I suddenly wonder if this pill has any functional similarity to the Euphoria drug..
it may be just me, but to treat racism with a pill sounds like a terrible idea.
Racism is bad. We are all the sheep under one Shepherd. But if the pills can eliminate the rotten parts in our minds, what about the noble parts? What about our personalities? Would certain mad scientists invent some new toys to assimilate us. By then, would human still be human? Or just some bio-robots?
Sandi H
it sounds awful. is this like mind control with a pill
+Mike Elgan{ LoL.}>>>>.;)..Really,this is the way I feel..People in life have always been affected by racism..Wish this wasn't the fact:(...I am not,nor ever want to feel racism...I have seen it in others,but happy I am not like that:)..No pill Mike Elgan!!!!!!>>>How about you???..Bet you take alot..LOL....Just thinking outside the box!!!!!>>>:)
-_-" that's the look I'm giving the 1st researcher who suggested this.
Don't be stupid, +Abhilash Bingi! lol 50% of the population will always be stupider than the other 50%.
what's the function of Propranolol?
It does help with anxiety. I can see how it could lower the feelings of anxiety you might feel when confronted with someone different from you.
Isn't it the primal idea to reject and or fear what it different from you and your group? Intellect takes over and corrects the primal by experience?
I've been taking a pill ,that stops me ..feeling & being ,,an ARSE-HOLE for big whop.!~!
and You ..don't want to know what the 3rd pill's for.!!
"For that, the only cures are scorn and ridicule." Hilarious!

Even though, on a serious note, I heard education might kinda work as well...
for #Republicans age 12 and over: take 40 mg pill once daily
noted side effects: increased curiosity, strong thirst for knowledge and increased questioning of conventional wisdom, clear thinking, open mindedness, increased tolerance of others, increased patience and listening skills, and reduced fear and panic attacks
+Mike Elgan Take the test!!!!!~I did and I was right:) racism on my part!!!~being all said and done,sounds like a winner to me:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hate to say I told you soooooooooooooo~
What the heck is implicit racism? It sounds like something a marxist would come up with to call people who believe in equal treatment, not equal results as racist. So is this doublethink (1984)in a pill or Soma (Brave New World)?
someone one be a complete idiot to take this
Like all b-blockers it somewhat reduces anxiety, maybe all race haters have some mild form of generalized anxiety disorder?
Steve K
If you take enough of this med then you will no longer be a living racist!
Just to speak of this pill is making our brain's go crazy with thought's......:P...
+Piborg Heredia Why stop at just putting this into the water system? What about drugs to calm people down, how about something to sterilize people? Let's dump loads of medication into the water supply, without caring about side effects or long term repercussions.
I'm sure the pill reduces other subconscious, impulsive feelings as well...they just single out racism bc it's a more controvercial subject.
Just a beta-blocker- it reduces blood pressure & social awkwardness.
I think that until politicians and others can no longer profit from racism the overall problem won't be solved with a pill.
kinda kool and kinda bad coz u could start making drugs 2 control u lol
pill already exists. its called ecstasy
This beta blocker affects how recalled memories are put back away. It in theory reduces a persons tendency to worsen traumatic and hateful memories when that person recalls the memory. Use for ptsd could be revolutionary. The implications for how we naturally alter memory when recalling events multiple times is fascinating.
This pill is called
But racism is the new black.
Should just smoke some weed.. I never met a racist stoner.
Then again weed cures anxiety and makes you simply not care about a lot of things, so it could be having the same effects of this anti-anxiety pill for the heart.
propranolol is just a beta blocker...used for thinning blood/old-school cure for migraines/etc...
Maybe it messes with the rods in the retina so you can't differentiate skin tone any more? ;)
So we can use any beta-blocker to treat racism? I find that hard to believe.
Simplest way to get rid of racial feelings is to get rid of racial terms.
I take propranolol twice a day as a treatment for high blood pressure and anxiety. It's a beta blocker. It is supposed to keep your heart rate lower especially during high stress. Some people take it before giving speeches or performing in large groups. It lessens performance anxiety. Having never had any racial tendencies I can't comment on whether or not I am less racist. I CAN say that my reaction to almost everything is dulled slightly. At higher doses I could see people reacting to their own instincts in a dismissive manner. I believe the research as I know what the drug feels like. I'm sure it affects the response to racial tendencies. I doubt it cures racism though. All of my original instincts are still intact. I'm just too disinterested to react sometimes. Being scared, sad or euphoric are out. 
My doctor gave me this for anxiety when I stopped smoking. And it worked too! Too bad someone doesn't do a study and publish that... It would have been nice to not have to suffer through all of the failed attempts I did before it.
Smoking pot has the same effect, more or less.
wow, I take this pill for migraines. Maybe I'll pay more attention to my tolerance level now.
This seems like a joke....especially when the end of the drugs name is lol.
WOW. IF this is true.....maybe they should put it into the water supply worldwide ....we could all use a dose...cause we are all racist ....WEATHER WE CARE TO ADMIT IT OR NOT
total bs there is no such thing as a cure for racism.
Shawn Q
They said that with lobotomy, oh god if we could only retain those numbers.
You mean it makes black people less racist? WOW!!
Perhaps it triggers the same serotonin receptors as class SSRIs but I could see phizer coming up with a campaign to market and exploit this side effect, yes.
But would the average racist want to "get better"?
Maybe not, but the average racist might have heart disease, that needs treatment, +Jeff Gustafson :)
Looks like we are on the way to discover a pill against stupidity!
Let's put in in the water together with the statin, and aspirin...
ребята, некорректно присылать мне такие фото...
This drug probably messes up the senses so bad the person will think monkeys and men are one and the same.
I take propananol and it doesn't work for me. I tell you now- if you're not white British, I hate you.

I have Propanalol entire range. brand name Migrabeta TR-40MG Capsules.
That's fn great tony they might survive the right ascention on dec. 21 yeah white people
Haha, that's cool: "Heal Racists!"
Awesome! Possible to import to Croatia? Majority scream for side effect help! <3
This is a load of bollocks. The drug slows the heart down making the patient more relaxed, so when filling out a questionnaire on there feelings they are bound to be more easy going. Most illegal drugs do the same thing.
It's like +NICOLAS PERKINS said: it alters the emotions connected with certain memories. To say it cures racism is so fucking sensationalist. The medicine they're working on currently will be used for a much larger scope, namely to cure or alleviate PTSD and other affective disabilities. I doubt racists will be lining up for this sort of stuff, and nobody would have the right to force it on them.
Also, unlike PTSD, racism is arguably genetic - rather, discrimination against "the other group" (be it racial, political, religious, etc.) - because the groups of humans who discriminated against different tribes and sought to push their own to success lasted longer, therefore their genes of discrimination got carried on.
carina lane racism is not sign to our exsistence as a human being
Think I'm going to go watch Equilibrium now...
Racism is identity politics. The only cure for racism is to end politics.
it is not even 1st April yet !!!
i find it amusing that the last three letters in the name are "lol". maybe i just spend too much time on the internet...
It doesn't cure anything, it just masks it. Pretty much, that's what drugs do.
How can a feeling be racist? Emotion and feelings are neither right nor wrong. It is how we respond to them that we shoud assign judgement.
Now that I have read this, I feel I have been given a suppository
someone needs to slip the micky into the punch at a few racially driven protests and see what happens.....: )
racism is a cancer to the world, save the world, please avoid it
or maybe the patients taking HEART medicine, finally have come to grips with mortality and continuing to hate others and build stress might cause a HEART attack.
Reading the article, it reminds me of a sci-fi movie experiment. Like, causing the citizens of the movie Running Man to act kind and respectful. How about accepting that we have responsibilities to all things of the earth?
The problem is that the fashion and cosmetics industries profit from racism and discrimination. Politicians looking to distract people from the real issues facing society also use racism and discrimination as a means to direct attention false ideas to gain political power. If you make it difficult for companies and people to profit from racism then you can begin to tackle the underlying social and economic issues that matter.
The holy Quran states: " we have created mankind in different races (tribes) to ease identification process; however, the dearest among you in presence of God is the most virtuous one." So, one gets right learning of Quran, there would be no room for rasism! No pills and nothing but love for mankind!
The should put in the water in the South.
Я здесь оказалась совсем случайно. У нас слова расизм не существует! Это где-то только в США.
конечно рассизм это само по себе не должно быт в понятии.как то его надо убрать из лексикона, но препарат которое вы назвали он урежает частоту сердцебиения и при этом наверное снижается агрессия, ведь при агрессии если заметили пульс учащается.но при этом не забудьте что он вредительно влияет на другие системы. я не хочу в пользу рассистов говорит!!!
Propranolol can act as passifier of racist hatredness, it may also be used as cure for war mongering political heads who are the cause for frontier conflicts, communal elements who create hatredness in the name of religion
Perhaps this reseach if more advanced internal conflicts, border conflicts can be reduced and instead of arsenals we can spend on propranolol formula research- vk
Bunch of crap Racism and other haterds are taught from the home.Hell I wonder what the side effects are?America You want change its praying time.
my english is very poor but all depends on us, from chillhood what we wants 4 our humanity, please go on.
the stuff gave me hives and made my face all puffy. it deadens all your emotions, really just zombies you out and it will add ten pounds or more to you in no time.
I'm just confused as to how a heart pill can have a side effect capable of reducing racial feelings.
Even if it wasn't designed to or even have the slightest possibiltie to do such a thing but hey thats life and anything can happen.
Any way racism isnt something to take lightly especially if its racist feelings. Feelings are a very dangerous game that shoouldnt be fucked with. We can control racial out bursts even if it is a belief or a feeling it can be held back if the said racial person chooses to do so, if not then he/she will cause problems. That drug that helps reduce racist feelings isnt gonna help since racial beliefs are a common thing in life everyone is a racist at some point in there life even if they're saying racial slur in a form of a joke it is still considered racism and you cant cure that or misplace it.
it may be just me but if your walking down the isle in cvs and you grab that off the shelf and buy it at the front counter people will be thinking ''wow the guy is a total dousch, he is buying racism drugs''
Sorry, cannot fix rascism- especially witha pill
this sounds like total BS.  Pills cannot cure racism, people control their racist feelings.  They have to care about themselves in order to care about others.
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