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Greenpeace ranks Google best for environmental protection.

Greenpeace ranks technology companies low on their environmental policies and practices. On a scale of 1 to 100, all Silicon Valley and tech companies are ranked below 50 except for Google, which is rated 53 out of 100.

The rankings are based on current and future investment in green solutions, emissions and energy consumption, and environmental political advocacy.

Google rose to the top of the list this year because it published information about its energy footprint and invested nearly a billion dollars in clean energy solutions.

Facebook and Apple are ranked so low they didn't even make the list. Gary Cook, a co-author of the report, says "he’s seen no effort from Apple to lead the rest of the market."
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Hmmm, link gets a 'Page not found'. I got that from another link to that page, too.
So Oracle is a dirty company...
+Mike Elgan Same here. The direct link doesn't work (page not found). However, the article can still be accessed from the Wired Enterprise homepage (for those who have the same problem: )

I think it's well deserved. Google is the first tech company to receive both the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications; something that would more commonly be awarded to architectural or sustainable manufacturing firms. There's also an entire YouTube channel dedicated to Google's green initiatives, if you're interested: . There are videos about the company's electric vehicle fleet, building practices; even organic food.
Cos until Icloud comes popular, all the energy wasting of apple is in the foxconn iphones.
+Eric Windsor " Apple was fourth from bottom, with a score of 2.7 out of 10."
Not too surprising, what with FOXCONN and it's horror stories.
I would have thought Microsoft would have rated higher, and where is Acer, the world's second largest computer company?
Go Google! But didn't apple just blow all the other companies away with their profits? They need to step it up, especially since they have the money.
I bet the people living in Europe aren't too blown away with the title of the window, i.e. "Cool It". It seems a Paradox that "Global Warming" is causing the coldest winter in years. A persistent high that wouldn't be staying persistent if the Gulf Stream was working as well as it once did.
As someone who is passionate about healthy planet, am going to be using only google product from now on. Wonder what Apple is doing with all the billions.
Apple moves an incredibly large amount of units and they use FOXCONN, of course they would be focused on most clearly. You get the biggest dog to behave and the rest will not really have a choice but to follow suit. Before you ask, I do not have a mobile phone, so I am not an Android fanboi nor an Apple fanboi.
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