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The US diet will be 100% sugar by 2606.

This is hilarious. To illustrate the catastrophic rise in the consumption of sugar in the past 200 years, a scientist blogger named +Stephan Guyenet extended historical growth into the future to project that the US diet will be 100% sugar by the year 2606!
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Thank god I'm long sugar futures. :)
sugar will be our new form of currency
I dont think they took diabetics into this projection.
I always knew I was ahead of my time.
A good example of why looking at statistics with mathematical tools without using your brain produces total bullshit.
So - the future can't be calculated based upon historical trends?
I honestly prefer the song by #echoandthebunnymen called "Lips like #sugar " better!!
You have to consider that the US population went from a few hundred thousands to 300 million over that time span. Consequently the sugar consumption will go up. However, with the major changes in obesity over the last four decades or so, sugar consumption is definitely a big issue.
FYI, this is why rising sugar consumption is a Bad Thing™.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth (TL;DW - Sugar makes your pancreas secrete insulin, which makes it nearly impossible to burn fat)
+Francisco Cisneros The graph is showing sugar consumed per person, not total sugar consumption. The total sugar consumption graph would be much steeper.
+Mike Elgan OK, then. A very funny example of this. There are many that aren't funny. Or weren't meant as such. :)
My problem with such extended projections is that on a larger scale, the numbers become impossible and, thus, meaningless.
It is a very serious problem. Some believe that relatively new diseases like Crohn's Disease is partly caused by high sugar consumption.
Does that mean that by, say, 2625, it will be 110% sugar?
Ooo... How timely. I just finished reading "Sweetness and Power" by Sidney Mintz. If you're interested in a good book on the evolution of international trade from the 1200s-1800s, this a great book. It uses the discovery, production, and consumption of sugar to track the evolution of international trade, colonialism, slavery, changes in mechanical production, and finally free-labor. Fascinating book, with a very easy to read format, yet still scholarly. And for someone who worked and studied international trade for the past 20 years, "Sweetness and Power" still had plenty to teach me about economic history.
I'm halfway through the wildrose cleanse (getting rid of yeasts by removing sugars from my diet) right now
Another worthy and related book -- this one in terms of the nutritional impact of sugar and grains -- is "Wheat Belly" by William Davis.
When you come to the US for a visit, you immediately taste the difference. Everything is too sweet, also just bread. It makes me long to Europe after 6 weeks. (OK, accept for the donuts)
120+ pounds of sugar a year? what are they basing this on? haha
+Ellen Molenaar Europe isn't that much better. The main difference is how the US largely uses HFCS instead of sugar. Which tastes different, and sweeter.

+Robert Quick Our body metabolizes it the same way as alcohol, so that makes a lot of sense.
Not to point out the obvious or anything, but a lot of this is High Fructose Corn Syrup. There's a major lobby on right now to lump real sugar in with HFCS - which is very different (sweeter, worse for the body). I stopped eating anything with HFCS and lost 50+ pounds in 6 months.
Yikes.... right now me and the family are tying to limit it to 15g per day or less. I wonder what the intake was on average 1800-1900
+Grant Galbraith I agree fructose is far worse than glucose, but they're both pretty damn bad. However, in most bread, it's about as bad, because wheat has other inflammatory junk in it.
Like I'll ever give up bacon. How silly.
ow thats going to hurt
in about 6 thousand years from now
+Viktor Lofgren I expanded the comments on this just to see how long it would take for someone to link to that.
Add salt and fat for a 3-way tie with sugar anyone?
+Viktor Lofgren Only industrial yeast-based breads. Traditionally leavened breads have most of the sugars gobbled up during fermentation.
Looks like the future is gonna be SWEET!
I believe we should teach the controversy about diet change. This increase in sugar consumption may not be man-caused. Sugar consumption has fluctuated naturally throughout time.
:-E (That's a smiley with missing teeth from too much sugar)
Problem is, it's going the same way in this country! Why oh why do we have to copy the Americans? We should boycott Macdonalds and all of the other American fast food companies here.
That's OK, we'll all be breathing Carbon Dioxide rather than Oxygen by then.....Idiots.
I wonder if that is voluntary or involuntary consumption?
So you're saying I should invest in some good ole Louisiana sugar cane farms?
I'm OK with this as long as we evolve into giant hummingbirds.
Pero sin embargo los países productores de azúcar han tenido que cerrar su fábricas. Proteccionismo extremo?
There will not be a U.S. in 2606.
. . . and our waistlines and rearends 100% bigger around.
Hey, look on the bright side: everyone gets to become a mellified man when they die! xD
Just another one of those charts, showing an unhealthy hockey stick - still I guess at least by then we'll be capable of metabolising sugar, instead of real food - or be dead, from the overconsumption of it!
Kinda reminds me of that movie idiocracy. If you haven't seen it, check it out and you will see what I mean ha ha ha
Of course, since the data are from production, not consumption. He is also assuming that none of that sugar has been exported.
I'm at the top of that curve! ummm....probably not a good thing huh?
I'm not worried, there are a LOT of people that could do with some "sweetening!"
perfect...I used to have spoonfull of sugar when I was growing up..:)
Wait. You mean you all don't sustain yourselves every day on spoonfuls of sugar right now? Get with the times. It's the best.
Weli A
Sad, and government keeps subsidizing sugary products.

Population probably won't be that much as more and more people will have sweet death.
wow! That I can actually believe...
Never Going 2 happen you can't eat all sugar if the earth is half underwater by 2027
Only because by then we'll all be cyborgs powered by glucose fuel cells. Although, we already kinda are. It's how cellular respiration works.
While this is very shocking data, I do not believe the 2026 results are accurate. More and more companies are turning to aspartame, an artificial sweetener which replaces sugar (found in many diet drinks). While sugar consumption is increasing, aspartame usage is increasing as well.
Everyone quit their jobs and go to Dental School! There's obviously going to be a growing demand if this forecast is true.
Because we can use it! Duu, later gen's will balance our usage, till thAn, bottoms up!
Scary that we haven't seemed to notice, isn't it?!
The graph is not in percent. It is in pounds per year per person.
Bring it on, I say.....It'll make shopping (and cooking) soooo much easier. (thats ausie sarcasm by the way...)
is alcohol included in the sugar count?
This guy is dead serious! He's got a Ph.D. in neurobiology. God save us from scientists with hidden agendas.
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." ~Mark Twain
We'll all be living on Soylent Green before then.
There are lies, damn lies, and statistics =).
But I can't boil sugar water..
+Scott Elisberg , surely a PhD in neurobiology is not needed to appreciate a bit of satire? :) It's a joke, peeps. There is such a thing as making a point with humor, as +Mike Elgan has already pointed out in this comment thread.
It'll be 100% corn before that. They're already working on an outright replacement of sugar with HFCS
Its the added corn syrup that'll kill you, but +John Dotson ...I'm wondering what sort of police state you desire...
Interesting graph indeed, and unless our bodies adapt drastically, we'd be gone as species - or be a very sick one - by 2606. Assuming that sugar won't become our exclusive fuel of choice, it'd be interesting to play with the graph plugging in some variables, such as changes in eating habits and exercise, to see how they might affect the direction of that graph.
Time to get into the sugar business!
This doesnt take into account that the US population was under 10 million in 1822.
I've been at that level for some time and it works well.
Need not to worry, tension increase suger level. Do one thing follow our(india) old tradition yoga. Remember through medical help one can prevent from diabetes but yoga help to cure.
The Google+ diet on the other hand... much healthier.
You could do this what any chart, about any food, humans eat more food now than ever because its available. So continue the "catastrophic" decreases in people dying of cancer and by 2500 nobody will be dying of cancer anymore. Nonsense.
So I could be 600 years ahead of the curve if I just change my diet now??? Where do I sign?
Funny. But more than a little unrealistic, don't you think?
Hooray! I'm almost there. Pass the cotton candy, please.
Can you say 'Diabetes'?
+Hannah Blanco it certainly would be economical. I'd need between 2 and 3 cups a day which would only cost about 2 bucks. Plus think of the time I'd save eating every days well as the time and energy to prepare meals.
No way!
That's crazy but I guess it's possible...
Cool, where did you find that out?
It would be interesting to put the levels of depression per capita on the same trend.
I for one welcome our new insect overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.
Sugar is the hidden culprit in our sruggle against obesity.
Somehow I think the results of this survey are skewed; seriously doubting we will be on an all sugar diet.
I'm away ahead of the curve on this one--I'm already there.
And it's because of my extraordinary sugar consumption that I will still be around in the year 2606.
+Mike Elgan Going off the chart from 1999-2010; our bodies will actually start expelling sugar by 2087. It's scary how fast the rate of sugar intake is dropping in the US!!! Let's not all become mutant sugar producers. Please, eat a Twinkie today!
Jinks B
That will never happen as long as there is bacon in the world.
We'll just start sprinkling meth on our cereal before then.
I love these extrapolations. Did anyone notice that reduced sugar consumption on the graph coincides with an economic downturn? My theory is that reduced energy caused by lack of sugar intake hindered production leading to an economic slowdown. Keep the economy strong...Eat sugar!
It also is good for the fresh water Biz!
Population side by side graph will be helpful to understand better.
Yeah, unfortunately, I am contributing to this evil way of life. What to do when you hate the taste of ANY teas and water, even flavored water.
Doing my best to reverse the trend.
The growth isn't that staggering. It went from less than 10lb per year per person to 90lb per year per person in 100 years, and then it only grew to 110lb over the next 80 years. Recently, it has even fallen back to 100lb, apparently.

The main growth happened during the industrial revolution, and that's more than reasonable.
apocalypse in 2012 dec so dont worry mr. elgan sugar or carbohydrate eveything is going to turn to co2 co and water...:D
+Asad Bhatti and others have said "tax the sugar," but you have to realize that sugar is actually subsidized in the United States. We are taxed, and then the price of sugar is partly paid for by those taxes.
However long before then your entire diet will be man made corn derivatives as well so it dovetails nicely.
Sweet, sweet sugar. How I love thee.
No worries. Skynet will have become self-aware way before then. 
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