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Woman injured during sex while on a business trip to get workers comp.

An Australian woman was having sex in her hotel room while on a business trip. Her partner said the two were "going hard" and may have bumped a lighting fixture above the bed, which came loose and landed on the woman.

Here's the best part: The woman was awarded workers compensation for her injuries!

The woman is an employ of an Australian government agency in charge of monitoring occupational health and safety, although she wasn't doing a good job of monitoring same in this case.

I love you, Australia.
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Well, just 'cause you can't work doesn't mean you can't...
I want to have workmans comp worthy sex!
and bacon afterwards!
Okay, it is funny, but think about it. If she'd just been sleeping there and the thing fell on her, then presumably it would have been covered. So it doesn't really matter what triggered it.
Can't wait to see what the health & safety guys come back with on that one.
How the fuck do you make a light fixture land on you by having sex? Was she screwing a kangaroo?
Holy smokes! I lived in Australia for a year, and this is not totally shocking, but it is funny!
Aha! Lmao! A lot of crazy shit happens in this world!
With a job like hers, she should be entitled to early retirement too.
Now,if it had been a male employee-he would also have got a promotion!
"May have bumped a lighting fixture above the bed"? Going hard sounds like an understatement...
Workers Comp declined to pay. She has appealed.
+Michael Dart, amazing, that! You'd think the land with some of the most heavy-handed censorship in the western world would be heavy-handed in that area too.
I believe when you drill down to the nitty gritty of the situation, you'll learn the actual term describing her injuries is filed under: "workers copulation!" It's a practice whose incidence always escalates during presidential election years!
well , what did u expect that's Australia!!!
f*ck!!!! can I get a promotion now sir!!!!
Why caint this happend in texas
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