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L.A. imposes $1,000 fine for throwing a frisbee or football on the beach.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors agreed to raise fines of up to $1,000 for throwing a frisbee or football on any beach in the county during the summer, which includes Malibu, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and many others.

They're doing it for safety reasons, even though your chance of being hurt by a frisbee or football at the beach are one in a million, but your chances of dying in a car crash driving to the beach are like 50-50. (Kidding.)

Props to +Bill Bartholomew
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In Australia, if you hit someone with a football on the beach you get bonus points...
They banned kite flying on the beach in Sydney a long time ago! I must say people playing sport on the beach has always annoyed me, but I don't think it should be banned. I just prefer to go to quiet beaches.
Was the guy in this photo dropped from a plane? That seems more dangerous than throwing a frisbee.
I seriously don't get that law or fine. Very WTF.
because it's all those damn junkies and winos playing catch, that are ruining LA's beaches. Not the other stuff
Seems kind of crazy. I love the 50 50 line. 
I really can't believe this, beach football is an American past time!

I guess it's the same lame concept that I can't erect a tripod in a park. 
The beach is a bit more crowded than the pic during the summer.
I suspect there is an insurance policy tied to this.
Now we know why Jersey Shore wasn't filmed there.
Can't believe the Board of Supervisors spent their time on this. The county is in serious financial trouble, you'd think they would be concentrating on solving that crisis, not passing nanny-state laws.
I guess since they don't want dogs on the beach if you throw a frisbee to your dog, you go to jail for life
Volley balls are still OK, and we all know it's just not possible to hurt somebody with those. The exact wording is unclear about persons throwing a deflated volley balls in a manner similar to a frisbee though.
How crowded are those beaches? Is it so packed in the summer that anything thrown is going to hit someone? Or were there any violent incidents sparked by something thrown by one beachgoer to another?
It might be a strategy of private beaches to monetize beach football and frisbee throwing
Seriously, before you know it, they'll ban sun bathing at the beach because it causes cancer...
+Trenton Ray if you miss them you generally lose points because the ball ends up in the water/stuck under a bush.
It's California. Nothing surprises me over there anymore. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my visits in the state, and I have many friends over there, but some of the things they do in the state or in cities are a joke, just like what Mike just posted. :P
When I first glanced at the headline quickly, I almost thought it referred to throwing a football or frisbee at a football stadium. I wonder how high that fine is? I know snowball-throwing can cause loss of season tickets.
Someone gets hit by a frisbee, sues the County... insurance carrier says ban it or we drop coverage/hike your rates.
And you can't hide the evidence by digging a 2-foot hole either... 18-inches is the limit.
How long until they outlaw going within 50 feet of the ocean? You know, that dangerous body of water that has claimed thousands of lives since the beginning of time.
Unbelievable..... Big Brother is alive and well even at the beach!
Horrible idea. LA and other communities should be encouraging, not discouraging, physical fitness. Games can be a good motivator to get people to run, jump, etc. Many of the beaches in LA County are spacious enough to accommodate diverse activities, if people act reasonably. The dozens of beach volleyball courts are terrific, but some prefer other sports.
Funds from any source is welcome from your government,
What's next outlawing surfboards because they are dangerous projectiles? (smh)
Maybe citizens should fine lawmakers for creating ABSURD laws...we could make a FORTUNE!
Will probably generate a good deal of revenue. It is interesting to note that the ordinance expands the definition of "beach" to extend 1000 feet from the shoreline, and includes parking lots and bike paths. (page 10)
Civil rights are all but eroded away, so now the government moves on to the silly things in life. If we keep going like this, there won't be any personal freedoms left, and we'll still be bankrupt. The sea creatures better watch out. LA County may be taxing them for feeding on or near the beach, and start fining them for sitting in the sand where they might be stepped on. Salt water is dangerous to drink, so maybe LA County will outlaw salt water next. All water coming onto the beach must be desalinated!
Could that guy in the picture teach me to fly?
Someone tell +CBS's David Letterman, we have a new entry for a list of the Top Ten Dumbest Ideas.
I came up with several comments to post while I was scrolling down, but by the time I got to the bottom I realized they were all violent and inappropriate to be sharing with the public. Makes me ashamed to live in California.
+Edwin Castillo And don't spike the ball if you get a touchdown! What's the fine for that?

Though I think the best penalty for any of these offenses might just be 10 yards. As in, move away from whoever got hit with the ball, so it won't happen again.
I'm going to buy 100 frisbees and give them away for free this summer!
I guess the NFL & the American Frisbee Golf League got tired of people stealing their sport and not paying them for using their game.
Should I +1 even though I dislike what the post is telling us or should I +1 because I appreciate being informed of this piece of ridiculous law? No matter. I will share.
When the chinese come to collect on their loans they can laugh at how absurd we have become over in the good ole USA
Good old California, leading the way...
i'd think this was from the onion, but i see it's l.a. which rivals the onion in absurdity. the wackiness of l.a. governance rivals s.f. and berkeley
I wonder, how did he get so high?
+Mike Elgan Yes, the last thing we need in this country is for people to get healthy outdoor exercise. We want people to remain prostrate on the sand increasing their chances of skin cancer instead.
They should be put in jail for a year and cained horrible crime
Loop hole? What if you were standing in 2 feet of water? Is that still the beach or the ocean? Who owns the ocean?
+L. Gray Not if you are clothed like the guy in the photo. I'm sure he uses sunscreen. ;)
my guess he'll need more than sunscreen to stop the burning hahaha hot chick watching and he's bout to do an Osterich Impression ~!!! 8)))))
How many ways can they suck the fun out of being outdoors? Maybe someone should organize a frisbee/football flash mob on the beach? I don't live anywhere close so I can't take action on that one easily. Nice pic btw.
That is a precaution in case you'll be that dot in the statistic. lol!
that picture looks ridiculous. i wonder how high he actually got. also, as a person that enjoys playing ultimate frisbee (and beach ultimate is so fun) that makes me sad that people cant throw frisbees on the beach
NFW! In my home town, they made skateboarding on Main St illegal. No one had been killed or maimed by a boarder, but those pesky cars!
i Cjay
California always makes me laugh real hard.
I have accidentally ran into a kid while chasing down a Frisbee. My knee hit him on the side of his head. I was lucky he had a hard head and was not too hurt. I think I could have been sued.
Next thing you know, they'll be fining people who don't shake the sand from their feet when they leave the beach because they want to prevent beach erosion....(o_O)
Every day the government takes away just a little bit more of our freedom. And it usually results in making them more money… 
California is bankrupt, so no wonder they are trying to make money with bagatelles. May be you should make the crosses on the right places on upcoming vote ...
Sometimes I miss California.

Then I read the local news down there. Suckers!
Lawmakers. If they don't make a law then they don't have anything to do and become unnecessary...oh.
Well my kid got hit by a football on the beach when she was 2 and it was kinda bad so I support that something needs to be done may be have a designated area, a $1000 fine will not do even if its a 1 in a Million chance of getting hit :(
But this BAN on Frisbee by LA...the place where it was invented is funny :)
Hah..!! what a nanny state CA is. Just another litigation pecuniary spin deal in the making for lawyers.
What ever happened to personal responsibilities. Next they'll ban surf boards, at a beach near you.
God forbid anyone in the fattest country on the planet get some exercise in the beautiful, California sun. Morons. All of them. Vote them out of office because they clearly have no grasp of reality.
Taxes from mustache only in Soviet Russia :D (not any more)
More disgusting legislation. California is one State that I could never live in.

Govt should stay out of our personal lives and allow people to responsible for themselves.
nice pic esp. the lady .
Okay let me ask you... Would you like to be hit by a football or a frisbee?
good pics , floating in the air!!!
Home of the free, lol. Can you even drink alcohol on the beach in the US?
+Fermin June III Alegro Trust me, this is not about protecting the populace. If it was, they would fine people for hitting other people on the beach. People can already sue if they get hit, but the state doesn't get paid. This is all about the money.
Lmao its like no walking in the park. Just plain fucking stupid. They're just doing it for the money.
Retarded rules are being legislated all over the world it seems.
Sure the chances are small, but those people who get hit by a car don't sue the County. People who break a leg in a hole in the sand, do. They don't sue the kid who dug the hole, or the parent who left without refilling the hole, they sue the Board of Supervisors. Unless sand castle builders and Frisbee tossers get together and petition the Board to reconsider, it's a no brainer.
...I played football on Redondo Beach as a kid all the time... this won't last long... back when I was 14, they tried to tax snacks at 15%... imagine a $4.00 bag of Fritos.
Erik S
Who came up with this law!?!?!?! I am sure this was not voted on... Volley Ball was probably skipped over, due to revenue made off the events.
I cant help but to think its because people are so ready to sue! Seriously, you are out one day and you get hit by a ball or a frisbee, or even someone stands up and you get sand in your eye. Its just bad luck! Theres no mallice behind it, take it on the chin and continue sunbaking or whatever you were doing! What is the world coming to...
Hey lets ban breathing while we're at it, no?
Ridiculous. Next they'll be stopping people who love each other getting married, just because they're the same gender. OH WAIT.
hehe ,human suppose to be on feet ,not flying where you going dude
No beer on the beach now this!?
America, fuck yeah.
so what about beach volleyball is that out too? Today's politicians are just out to see how much money they can get from the people they are suppose to be serving. We should replace everyone of them.
Damn, what's next? No running on sidewalks?
It seems that there is no end to this sort of crap and it is world wide as well. We will have to ask permission to breathe soon grrr
Stuff like this doesnt suprise me. If they are going to ban smoking in open air outside places anything is possible
It's a case of the few ruining it for the many. I'm sure people in public offices would rather not legislate if they didn't have to; but, if some elements of society can't see beyond themselves to respect others then what choice is there.
Is it me or did I just sound like a killjoy???
Another hidden tax. All of those visitors that won't know the rules will be fined. It isn't about safety, it is about raising money. Not sure how my dog will be able to pay, but if they take licks as payment, we can figure something out.
i think this is a stupid law and is a scam just to get money
What a hospitable legislation. NOT. The Californians who will have to live whith this bullshit of a law all the time will at least know about it. But what about tourists? Chances are they won't. It's a way of ripping off tourists. And about being hit by a ball or frisbee: There are nicer things that could happen to you but it won't really hurt or let alone kill you.
Their getting as bad as Boston, MA . Pulling about an (8) on the Tightass Scale.
is that reference to american football? because that means that real football could still be allowed. it's a great way to meet girls, like in this training video i found online: Karate Kid Beach Soccer

maybe they should make beatdowns on the beach fine worthy. these guys might have thought twice about beating up daniel-san over footballs, radios, and girls. what a world we live in!
But leaving your hypodermic needles and condoms in the sand is still socially acceptable.
$1,000 fine for throwing a frizbee or football? I want to know what they are smoking because it must be REAL good! I await the first handful of lawsuits against LA County against these. I can see $100 at the most, but $1k is WAY over the top. One more reason I will NEVER put up residence in SoCal unless I have a very damned good reason to (such as a job paying 6 figures minimum).
Why go to the beach then , those are activities that kids want to do . I agree needles and condoms they will accept ( stupid ) !
wow a beautiful girl on the right
Talk about trying to impress the girl!
Next there gonna fine me for not flushing the toilet right?
I grew up in Santa Barbara county where you can do anything on the beach. I remember taking my kids to Santa Monica beach (in L.A. county), and the lifeguard told us my son wasn't allowed to have his inflatable ball in the water. Why? Because only approved lifesaving devices were allowed in the water because people might rely on unapproved devices for floatation. It's insane.
Lots of comments here, so apologies if I'm repeating what's already been said, but the first thing I think of when someone says LA is people playing Frisbee on the beach. This is a ridiculous law and it's health & safety gone mad!
You can be fined for trying to impress attractive, bikini-clad women?
Oh I didn't notice the lad in the air holding a green frisbee!
Major Nanny Government...
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