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iPhone app tries to influence your dreams.

A 99-cent iPhone app called Sigmund lets' you "program your dreams." The idea is that you enter keywords from a list of 1,000.

Then a voice reads you those words while you sleep, but only during the times when you're most likely to be dreaming.

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What could possibly go wrong? ;)

Every now and then it sprinkles in some ads.

"Forrest, unicorns, deers, rainbows, drink coca cola, ocean, clouds, beach, ..."
With the new iphone app and anal adapter you can be "plugged" in all the time. Never miss a new app. You love Apple. Buy more i products. The new i thoughts pack. Ever get tired of thinking? Let your new i thoughts do it for you.
+Mike Elgan Sounds like sublimate the dream with influence on thought pattern. Subliminal programming of an individual to influence thought
Wait... people can't choose their own dreams without an app?
Hehe im gonna try this on my wife
I'm more excited about the guys sleeping bag in the pic
maybe under hypnotic trance, I wouldn't try it...weaker mind can be programmed.A person can be under suggestions in all that periods duration.
wow cool...can i have one...nice invention
Does it come in an evil twin version, called Stephen, that gives you nightmares?
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