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Man implants magnets into his wrist to hold his iPod nano.

A guy named Dave Huban drilled holes into his wrist and installed magnets to hold his iPod nano. He calls it the iDermal, rather than the iDumb, for some reason.

Here comes the video:

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magnets under the skin...I bet airports are fun for this guy!
Yep, iDumb it is. Of all the reasons one can think to implant magnets under your skin (good luck in airports) I can't think of a dumber one.
Yeah, it's proper name is the iDumb for sure. When the arteries and veins in his wrists are blocked due to the magnets attracting the iron in his blood, I'm sure he'll realize his folly. 
Well, it's true that he doesn't have to worry about iPad nano wristbands now. 
He must really like his Nano! or he's just a Twat. Either one.
Hahahaha He probably gets paid to have his pictures in piercing and tattoo magazines for a silly modification like this.

Most tattooed and pierced people that get advanced "treatment" like this do it for the pictures and article and remove it.

Trust me, I was paid a few thousand for a surface piercing rosary I had on my chest for about 2 hours by Savage Magazine.
I would love for this man to start a fight with a "Magneto" - "Why are you hitting yourself friend-o?" (If only)
I wish I had thought of this when I was doing PC repair. Would have been nice for holding all those tiny screws.
Wow that's a crazy idea +Markéta Gajdošová. I wouldn't want it done to me, but it would be cool to see on someone else.
good luck with the tsa, buddy! i see long delays and cavity searches in your future.
Do you remember the fake story going around when the iPhone debuted, saying that people were getting surgery to shave down their fingertips so they could use the touch screen more accurately?
after you've shown the three people that would be impressed with the nano that magically sticks to your wrist, you've still got a stupid magnet implanted in your arm......
Nice ink though :)
Hey at least, you can use it with other stuff as well.
Consenting adult. (Weird consenting adult...)
iDumb should be the default nomenclature. .
Not that I would do this, but it's likely the only way I wouldn't lose the thing.
interesting, yes. Foolish? I don't know.
This guy is really cool! .......not
that is the most stupid thing i have ever seen!!!!! that guy is just a dumb a$$
What happens when he has to go through airport security?
I guess that's one way to screw up your circulatory system!
Oh, come now, +Harmohn Laehri Everybody knows magnets make everything better. Otherwise, the I-Bracelet (or whatever the brand is) and all those other fine products would be some sort of fraud…
So it begins... next step? subdermal cellphones talking to subdermal bluetooth earbuds w/ inductive charging (or better yet, a bio-electric chargers)
Perhaps there's a magnet application under the belly skin for dispensing with belts?
Becky R
I hope if he gets in some sort of accident whoever takes him to the er mentions the magnet, in case he needs an mri.
What do you expect from a guy who has Seymour on his arm.
oh nano's have screens now!! ^_^
That's just crazy, great way to gain attention though
That's gives me the heebyjeebies
+Becky R I have a feeling the magnets are probably the least of the metal this gentleman has modified himself with ;-)
wonder if he has to stay next to a socket while charging ... dumb ass!
That's real smart way kind of dumbass would do that 
+Rudy Salt Nanos have always had screens. You're thinking of the shuffle. That said, this is completely idiotic.
this is not a good idea, represents what obama wants to do with the rfid. into our skins or else get on a bus.
As much as I love Apple, this is very iDumb! Smh! 
I read an article where someone implanted small magnets in their fingers and it would react with electric fields, you could feel the 60Hz hum present all around us and feel the strength of appliances, it gave you a whole new sense. I would totally do that, except that I work with magnets and electricity a lot and would worry that the darn things would rip out of my fingers.
Please. If it was an Android device he'd attached to himself, you'd be posting green robots all day and high-fiving each other.
Well it would all work out fine... until he needs an MRI
I so hope this doesn't catch on. We must have limits. lol...
Didn't he realise that it's already got a clip. Use an elastic band or something I if you don't want an arm band. iDumb indeed!!
Right now, I'm thinking about installing macbook coolers into my thighs. Am I alright?
And people wonder how stupid the world is...
I didn't even know iPod had a nano. I hope this doesn't catch on. Makes me wonder, where will it end?
This guy is an I-idiot. He is going have fun going through airport security.
How stupid can one get..He has taken dumbness to the next level..
I think that Apple should denounce this at the earliest to arrest this trend..
so scary
i hope no one else does this.
Uhh don't magnets wipe electronics?
FAIL!! get a bracelet that holds it on your wrist
When the arteries and veins in his wrists are blocked due to the magnets attracting the iron in his blood, I'm sure he'll realize his mistake.
Wow u can just get the iPod nano watch thing
Denounce it? Apple will probably market their own iMagnets in time for iChristmas.
If I didn't utterly despise Apple as a company I wouldn't be above doing something like that.
Magnets cannot attract the iron in your blood. It is in the form of hemoglobin, and is chemically bonded with other substances in a way that makes it non-magnetic. This is similar to how you can't pick up rust with a magnet. If the iron in your blood could be attracted to a magnet, it would be unsafe for anyone to handle magnets.
But aren't iPods made of anodized aluminum? Are they ferromagnetic?!!!!
is this really true some thing attached to the body thats really bad
Hope he never gets arrested... cops will surely rip that from your arm.
Oh my goodness!!! That would hurt sooo much.
It won't be as much fun after he erases his credit cards reaching for them!
He'd better not get arrested. They'll never get the handcuffs off!
It's not like it's an isolated incident - he's covered in tats so implanting magnets is just the next phase. Needs to be careful near MRI machines too, in addition to airports
wouldn't do this either... but lets not hate! its his thing... my opinion
Liz K.
thats so cool!
Who cares if it is idumb or idontcare. It was his choice to do that. Nobody need to judge him. I find it scary yet cool.
and what happens when they stop selling nanos and sell giant ipads... i'd like to see that
at Jason: see Teletubbies
+John Blanton they would have to be some pretty powerful magnets to attract the iron in his blood, but it is pretty dumb.
The reality is that augmented reality glasses are just the beginning. We'll be wearing our tech (shirts/jackets made of material that transforms body heat into charge for our devices, augmented reality glasses, etc.) in the very near future. It's a small step from wearing to implanting, and that will be a common step we'll be making before a child born today becomes a teen.
For a real iPod maybe I would go there, but a Nano?
this sounds like trouble. surely a man smart enough to own an iPod is smart enough to see the future implications of such a procedure :P
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
That's bound to be dangerous. The body runs off electrical currents and the brain generates and electromagnetic field. A magnet in the body would be potentially deadly.
Why is everybody hating on this guy? We can't go from zero to full-on William Gibson-ian neuromancy without some sort of intervening phase.

Step 1: magnets in wrist for ipod.
Step 2: ...
Step 3: neuromancy.
Ewwwwwww i think thts just weird
That's a first. Cool that someone would do that yet dumb. It's like those things when you think it's cool on other people (or in this case in) but not for yourself
Nav H.
im going to implant a ipad to my chest and call myself iron man.
Won't that mess things up on his computer like erase his hard drive?
Hm. Don't magnets interfere with the operation of the tiny hoogie-thingie devices?
I'm sure it won't be the last device that will be useful for...
I hope he doesn't have to do an MRI scan soon ;)
WHY does the human race insist on reaching even higher levels of stupidity?
can he hear it with no earphones to himself? :o
How was that even remotely easier than just grabbing a nano watch band? Plus I would imagine his wrist is attracted to a lot more now.
yuk who would do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know they make wristbands for that?
OH SHIT! that's hurt!
ya, there's no chance of him rubbing against something and that thing popping off it's polarity...doomed to be lost forever. Somebody has more money than sense. (sarcasm intended)
Ya, but some apple fans take it to the next level…I still don't see the point in that
Ryan A
How does one get past airport security lmfao.
The guy should have a tattoo that says iStupid...
thank god he didnt own an ipad.....i'm just saying
Fury Us
Does he know they make double stick tape now?
The danger here has nothing to do with magnetic fields, and everything to do with the fact that strong magnets are made from highly toxic materials. A gold or titanium coating should make it safe, but if the magnet breaks he's screwed. Hello blood poisoning. 
Fake...there is nothing ferrous in the Nano case
Great idea, beats those fruity copper bracelets for health too.
you can buy a wrist holder to implant magnets in your arm?
You should see where he installed his iPad
My friends just get the holder and I call it the iwatch
we drill holes into gums now to help hold in dentures...but not so sure about the electronic device..i call it hurt like hell!
Kassy G
wow... thats probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard
incredibly stupid. why bother? this guy needs a life
Because the clip on the back of the ipod didn't work so well, right?
self-inflicted singularity. curious.
The first step to becoming a Borg ;)
at least he was tring to find a new thing for them
This is great,I could have many uses for magnets under the skin.The first would be a tool belt.
I know a reason for putting magnets in your wrists that's even more stupid than this....for absolutely no reason
When a new model comes out this guy's fucked.
It's a pity he never got the help he needs.
That's what fucking straps are for.
A lot of hate, but I think a lot of people desire the ability to merge with their devices. If I had a flexible phone that I could have permanently strapped to my forearm, I'd be ecstatic. It's his wrist, he can do what he wants with it.
how will he charge it ? anyways great work,maybe i'll do that one day.
Scott R
Is it possible to "-1"?
Thats Badass and no different then dermals and peolpe gets those in their face with little jewels. I think it is badass!!
Doug C.
Some how with all of our technological advances he have circumvented Darwinian law... It's going to be a rough future T.T
Anyone notice his Mario piranha plant tattoo?
The guy's an idiot.................................
Interesting, I wonder if he has any other magnets on his body, maybe one to hold his brain in place.
i'm guessing he couldn't find a strap to go with the tattoos...
so cool
People can be so unaware on what affects this can have on a persons body. Not only is he going to have troubles when he wants to fly but it will cause problems when he needs an emergency CT scan and doctors don't know about his magnetic implant. That will just rip straight out of his skin. The human race seems to be getting stupid I'm afraid to say.
What all of the haters and "iDumb!" screamers are missing is the fact that for someone in the body modification culture, this is a very a simple, easily reversible and cool idea. I don't support Apple, but I do support doing something different. +1'd and shared, sir.
And if he takes up sewing he'll have a handy place to hold pins!
He'll think he's smart right up until someone tries to give him a nice powerful magnet and it snaps against his wrist, pinching him from the inside.
I just hot-glued my magnets to my wrist for my watch face...
he got the Mario tattoo right at least...
Neil X
wow so many haters....
Hope those iron won't stuck on his wrist while he walk across those metal stuff
i have hello kitty implanted in my heart!(^_^)
wait until you have to get past the airport security...
but why would you do that even if it looks koo lol!
What's he going to do to keep his hat on?
Obviously a card carrying member of the "I.D Ten T" club.
Stupid. What if the next iPod not metallic body?
haha, I wouldn't do it my self, but at least its an original idea.
If the next iPod isn't metallic then he'll have to keep an outdated one around all the time, that isn't very apple of him.
I hope he has a patent for the design or Apple could sue him later just like they've allegedly sued everyone for infringing on their original ideas.
Did they really sue +God for copying the apple design or was +Scoopertino joking?
Don't freak out TSA! My body is full of magnets :D
Stupid decision, it will be nice if people use ipod nano like hand watch ?
Who ever thought that putting a live animal inside your body would be a good idea???
They actually make a strap and case for that. Ew.
Insane.....,but kind of cool! 
i dint know that a man could love something so much that he would have the erge to drill it in so that he could be with it 24/7

imagine if that was his girlfriend...
why not just wear a watch with a magnet on it?
you do know that they sell stuff to strap your ipod on your wrist its better and less pain full (^_^) hehehe
that is so stupid of him and it must have really hurt
so what happens at airports for him?
Sid J
iDermal? It's iDisease - people get crazy to have everything what starts with i. Maybe these magnets will hold also iphone,ipad,imac
I checked out the video, and before I watched it I thought he was just going to be some crazy guy, but it must have hurt like hell. I honestly give him props for going through with it once he started.
He doesn't know that Apple keeps changing the design, it may not fit it the future versions of iPod nano.
I wonder if he has any piercings. I imagine a horse shoe inserted through his neck and around his vertabrae.
He Already has tattoos all over his body, so, what the Heck
I wish someone will upload a video of his getting through a metal detector... 😝
I don't want to hurt myself for something stupid.. O.ô
Better then a round ball. Seriously .... ..... ........ ........
What the article fails to mention is that he fine tuned the approach by practising on his head!
People, please don't be ignorant. The procedure is quite simple (though I've only seen surgical steel implanted before), doesn't involve drilling, is reversible, and does not permanently attach the Nano to his wrist. When he gets bored with it he can remove the magnets and the holes will heal (though perhaps with small scars). And stop mentioning MRIs and airports. I have piercings and have never had a problem at any airports, and if necessary for an MRI the piercings could be removed.
that's insane someones got a creative imagination on him
Looks like he doesn't have much of a problem with body modification
This guy is screwed the moment he wants an iPod touch.
my sister has the same iPod so i wouldnt want her to see this,she might get ideas
I can't really imagine this would be a medical problem. Only last week a medical breakthrough reported restoring sight with diodes implanted behind the retina, powered by a battery magnetically attached behand the ear.
And imagine how handy it will be for DIY. Got to be safer than holding nails and screws between your teeth.
FAKE: Magnet won't work on a non-ferrous metals like aluminum... and if this really happened then this guy is the biggest dumbass ever born on this earth. ;)
The future skin ! Maybe now he knows what time is in Peru and the weather report :)
Just buy a fucking watch strap accessory!
That's old school. Colour e-paper tatoos are next.
You can only expect this from attention seeking Mac users...
why not just use a watch strap...
lol@Hassan Dibani iCrack
Ken Dai
OMG ! It's so crazy !
ide love to see him go through an airport. lmfao.
they need to make them bigger not smaller smallest size should be about 4''
It will still be hilarious when he develops an iTumor!
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