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Is 'Hunger Games' really a good wedding theme?

Is this awesome? Or a bit too trendy?
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Stupid. The idea is to make promises to each other, in front of those whose friendship and company you value most. But, hey, if you're looking to buy a show... maybe.
The first word that popped into my head was silly.
Huh - so the bride and groom are preparing to commit suicide in that last pic. Short marriage!
Questionable. Speaking of that movie, I really hope "Bully" doesn't get lost and swept up in its tide.
Have these wedding theme participants read all the books? Specifically the end of Mockingjay?
nice photos but i wouldn't want this to be the theme of my wedding.
To each his/her own, I say. If they're both into it, why not?

Besides... I like in Kentucky. Who am I to cast stones? Shotgun wedding anyone?
Reminds me of the dingbats that used "Every Breath You Take" in their wedding without knowing what it was about.
Kind of weird. Base your wedding (lifetime commitment event) off a movie that just came out and possibly no one will remember?
Did they actually read the books and see how they end?
+Mike Elgan Your marriage success reflects how seriously you take it. If you start conflating it with a popular fiction, then your marriage is likely to end up a fiction.
I'd say no on the basis of what the story is built around. The games and the way civilization has turned doesn't seem to play to romance.
Off-Topic: Jennifer Lawrence is sucha hottie <3 Screw Hunger Games, it's all about "Winter's Bone"!
Movie themed weddings could have some great marketing potential. I'm thinking an "Alien" themed wedding would be good. The groom could have a small creature explode out of his chest when the minister says "You may now kiss the bride."
I'm gonna have to say that it is not a good wedding theme. Everybody's (including the author) desire to force some kind of idea of romance into the story is just sad.
Wow, no way! It is fun. I really need to see this movie. The general reception is fantastic.
I'm with +Kenneth Campbell - I haven't seen the movie either and I'm sure this would not be good unless ZERO alcohol was served. We all know archery and alcohol don't mix...
Too trendy, bordering on juvenile and silly
just as bad as a Twilight wedding. i hate things that are too theme-y
Reason: If she finds out you cheated on her at the wedding, instant death.
I think it's just lovely... although killing off the rest of the wedding party was a bit much. Still, who doesn't love weddings!
+Roger Weber That would be the ring bearer...the flower girl would hide under a pew, while the best man sprays his flame thrower around!
LOL +Michael Stuart I can't imagine... the happy couple fighting off all their hungry relatives racing to the cake while everyone's tipsy after a few glasses of wine :P hahah
Looks like my "kind of girl" ! :-)
Have to say that I'm glad my wife didn't want something like this just like I'm glad she didn't want a Justin Bieber wedding. I'm not one to pass judgement, though. I hope they enjoyed their wedding.
I for one am glad I had a Terminator themed wedding. We did it classy.
Killing off the rest of the wedding party may be a bit much, but it ensures no gift returns if they divorce w/ in the first year.
The concept of a theme is that you adopt the look of something without having to follow all aspects, like the ending. You can have a Pride and Prejudice themed wedding, for example, without having to go live in a huge mansion.

Personally, and considering how stressful a wedding can be, I'm iffy enough about giving the bride a cake-knife - let alone a bow and arrow.

Now a Zombie Apocalypse themed wedding sounds good...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies themed wedding is the real winner.
this silly woman aint going to hit shit when she doesnt even aim correnctly. its one thing I actually like about the Hunger Games, she poses with the string to her lips and across her aiming eye...
Oh, the first one is usually alright. It's the next 100 that are teeth gnashing.

Not really sure it makes a great theme anyway. The themes in the book don't really lend themselves to a wedding.
Too trendy? you're kidding right. It is It is Daggy and bogan. Where is the reception McDonalds?
To trendy, and also I don't want to be the groom right now if he has a arrow pointed strait into his head by the bride
Trendy? Yes. But not "too" trendy, in my opinion, I see no improper manner here. It's lovely. Marriage is a big thing. Young couples should have the right to choose a way they like. 
Its a smart idea for wedding planners looking to make money on fans of the book and movie. Its actually rather unique and quick as the movie hasn't been out long. So as long as the series of books and movies remains popular then I can see some intelligent wedding planners making some good money on this.
Ew, who'd like to put that stamp on his/her wedding? Saw the movie last night. Like a bad omen! But hey, if you're a fan. Mh, so how would my Star Wars themed wedding look like? I'd love to have Darth Vader do the cermony! ;-)
oooooops..... just awful.... as shelly said :D
Is this something you can plan on Pinterest?
Edit it, give her elven \ pointy ears and then we have a lord of the rings wedding. :)
Weird? It's kinda like having a Star Wars wedding, sounds cool on paper, just plain stupid in reality.
That is a beautiful dress.
Lmao... now i'm gonna end up running. My wife wants to try the whole wedding dress thing with the hunting bow and arrows. She wants to see how far i'll run. =P
Hunger Games was a total piece of crap. Younger people have their blinders on because marketing works on them, but in 10 years they'll feel the same way. Just like Independence Day was an utter piece of garbage but nobody would acknowledge it at the time.
The book was poorly written, the main plot twist artificial and totally predictable, and the ending anti-climatic. I don't think Suzanne Collins is a good writer; it was clear that the book went through several rounds of editing.

Worst of all, after reading the book I can tell you with complete confidence that they hired the wrong actor to play Katniss in the movie; she needed to be older and much more gritty.

But is it a bad story? Absolutely not. I'm disappointed by what's been done to it, but the premise of a confederation of "districts" held together only by an egotistic "capital" and the hunger games is absolutely mind blowing. Clearly the capital has post 21st century technology, while the districts do not even have electricity 24/7.

P.S. Independence Day is still an awesome movie. (Except for the bit where they let the President's wife bleed to death... never heard of blood transfusions in the '90s, did they?)
!!!The Hunger Games wasn't a total piece of crap!!!
Rue is black?

It's worse than I thought... I was looking forward to seeing the movie, now it looks worse than ever. (Hint; Rue was not black in the book.)

Edit: It's a better trend than sparkly vampires, that's for sure...
But the important thing was that Rue reminded Kat of Prim; I attributed the dark skin on Rue to the fact that she was outside lots, probably in an area like Oklahoma or Arkansas. (agricultural district) Your skin will darken if you're outside for an extended period of time.

Now such a connection (edit: between Rue and Prim) seems like it would be far-fetched.
In fact, for all the time they spent outside, they all would have had dark skin.
No, we're disappointed by the actors the movie cast for the characters in the book. I have grievances with the actor who plays Kat as well.

I suppose I shouldn't say any more before I see the movie...
Just think of how much money you could save on the reception. "Sorry. No food. Hunger Games, remember?"
+Mike Elgan I would "kill" (get it?) to be the best man and end my speech like this: "Happy Marriage.. and may the ODDS be always in your favor." LOL

Odds are, this couple has a more than 50% chance of divorcing..
You're welcome, +Kyle Kimberlin ; thought you'd enjoy this witticism from Sir Winston Churchill :

"Woman on Street: 'Sir, you are drunk; very, very drunk'.
"Winston Churchill: 'Madame, you are ugly; very, very ugly'.
" 'I shall be sober in the morning.' "
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