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That's a really cool post. Thank you!
Do I need to point out that the "UNITED STATES" pictured in this does not include Alaska? Alaska is nearly the land mas of 1/2 of the lower 48.
wow my africa! thnx for adding this map
WOW! I knew it was big, but had not realized HOW big. My grandkids are studying the world this year. I'll definitely save this to share with them. Thank you!
Alaska is 1/5th of the size of the contiguous US (However, more importantly, it is more than twice the size of Texas).
Indeed its a fantastic post,cool.
yeah africa is shorest continent but rich in mineral
Why is he comparing a continent vs countries? You could make the same comparison using North America vs. Zimbabwe, Asia vs. Mexico. Doesn't make sense to me.
It's comparisons like this that reinforce to the ignorant that Africa is a country instead of a continent.
I would like to see how the biggest African country compares to the US.
Brian C
Hmm, yes, Africa is enormous. Isn't it already full of countries, though? May as well compare continents to continents and not continents to countries or groups thereof. People already mix this up enough, talking about Africa as if it is a single country. I'd be more impressed to see how it compares to the continents of Asia, North or South America, or Europe. I guess that wouldn't make as impressive of an infographic, though.
Anyone who thinks Africa is a country has problems that extend beyond infographics.
Ummm, Alaska is 663,268 square miles, lower 48 is 3,119,885 square miles. That makes Alaska about one fifth (21,25%) of the area of the lower 48.
huge resources for cabal's if they can manage before going completely broke in trying to acquire it.
africa is a gud continent to live! and to do ur business in security without congestion.
+Scott Price Just done a quick wp lookup and accordingly, Algeria is the largest country in Africa, very recently was Sudan. Algeria is 919,595 sq mi making it the 10th largest country in the world, the US is 3,794,101 sq mi including Alaska, there's my bit.
It's a beautiful land protect it just like you would anything other piece of mother earth. I'm not into wars God almighty has his own day of vengeance very soon.
with the vast resource the criminal state would continue for a very long time...
Africa is not a is a continent
For Those who think that africa is a country, i can only say that their junior school education was incomplete & still remain incomplete even after they passed out their high school.
+Brian C, this may shed more light.

1 Asia - (44,579,000 sq km)
2 Africa - (30,065,000 sq km)
3 North America - (24,256,000 sq km)
4 South America - (17,819,000 sq km)
5 Antarctica - (13,209,000 sq km)
6 Europe - (9,938,000 sq km)
7 Australia/Oceania - (7,687,000 sq km)

CONTINENTS (by population)

1 Asia - (3,674,000,000)
2 Africa - (778,000,000)
3 Europe - (732,000,000)
4 North America - (483,000,000)
5 South America - (342,000,000)
6 Australia/Oceania - (31,000,000)
7 Antarctica - (0)

CONTINENTS (by the number of countries)

1 Africa - (53)
2 Europe - (46)
3 Asia - (44)
4 North America - (23)
5 Oceania - (14)
6 South America - (12)

Read more:
M Smith
I'm I the only one who sees the 2nd ex down the side with the Continent of Europe inside Africa? The overall point was perspective, the land Mass ; it not the glass-half-empty mentality, but the Great-potential mentality
ok we're aware of that .....Mass land that Europeans,American's come grab and run ....and rather see Africa destabilized and on the hands of corrupt and dictators.......AFRICA IS CONTINENT
+Remy fiston No, africa is not a continent.

I am a Idiot & my school education remained incomplete that's why i will see it as a country.
you're most welcome in east africa easpecially in kigali city!
Just imagine how much land would be opened up to people and animals if seasonal rain returned to the Sahara Desert.
okey Ankit u'hve to learn history again
+Remy fiston so you live in kigali city ?
& obviously i will go their if i get a chance. I have heard that people in africa used to like Bollywood very much. am i right ?
Not including Alaska? ...Would that make a difference?
How about compare USA land mass to Canada or Asia. A country, not continent.
M Smith
No we are not aware; and some now want to turn this into politics, when the Original idea was Geographical
+M Smith someone is eye balling your resource and the jackal's play on both sides of the chess board.
This is why I like using the Google Earth app instead of a normal "flat" map, as you get a much better sense of perspective.
Ankit u're right but it's not all like bolly wood! hahahaha
every time mi news talk about Africa, its either about corruption, revolution (killings) or starvation, ...sad!
Enrique is'not the whole country in africa?
would someone put that fat bastard on a diet.
You mean that Africa is a continent of Independence countries? Yeah, I knew that, but did I made it sound like one homogeneous place? Yup, that's my mistake too, sorry.
Stop eating all the other countries africa. you are getting way too fat for this time. Why don't you shove a finger down your mouth and throw up all the diamonds you filled your stomach with. seriously this is the time of shallow beauty, get with the age. If you feel bad just look at the olson twins or whatever their names are. See money can't fill your stomach.
You can't expect us to use all our brainpower when the environment doesn't allow it.
My theory is, hostile environment equals hostile culture. I develop a software for this and it result proves my theory right.
I made the software by programming data of all harsh weather and climate like desert, hot sun, extreme cold, thick forest and run it against and it gives me what i expected.
It should be huge compared to a country - it's an entire f***ing continent!

Ain't huge compared to Asia.
Africa is not only the biggest continent but is the most energetic. All the wealth that is hidden in western countries is ill gotten from Africa. German is the greatest exporter of coffee but they don't grow even one bush of a coffee tree. God bless Africa!
I wish more people knew this. There's nothing more irritating when you (living in South Africa) meet a foreigner who says "I know Sam in Nairobi - do you know him"? That's only about 8,000 kilometres away!!
I do know this.I will go to Africa one day.
+Abiuth Maronga - Asia is a far bigger continent than Africa. About one and half times the size, and with 4 times the population. Here's the info:

Also, while I do recognize that some Western countries are employing Africans to export African products, I find it exceptionally offensive for you to proclaim that "all the wealth that is hidden in western countries is ill gotten from Africa". Not only is that nonsense, but it's insulting.
And if anyone is wondering why the maps have been skewed, it's because even to this day, 88% of the population lives in the northern hemisphere. Just 12% lives in the southern hemisphere. So for all practical purposes throughout the history of map making, it's only made sense to give the populated and used parts of the planet more real estate on a limited size paper or screen.
I don't understand how so many people got off on the country/continent argument. Nowhere in the original post did it say Africa was a country. It was only showing ignorant people the true size of the continent. 
+Steven Phillips I just found it odd that people are surprised at the size of Africa to begin with. Every continent is the size of several countries. Why would Africa be any different?
+Michael Cavano _i do not see any nonsense. No insult either when expressing my view. You got all right to disagree but don't make me eat your words. However, I will have to congratulate you for your link.
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