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Facebook claims trademark on the words 'face,' 'book,' 'wall' and 'poke.'

Facebook is using its user agreement to assert trademarks on a list of very common English-language words. A newly revised user agreement says:

"You will not use our copyrights or trademarks (including Facebook, the Facebook and F Logos, FB, Face, Poke, Book and Wall), or any confusingly similar marks, except as expressly permitted by our Brand Usage Guidelines or with our prior written permission."
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Melina M
Is that any worse than Apple trying to claim ownership of the term "app store"?
We'll have to invent new words just to get around IP laws. Maybe that's why so many Silicon Valley startups have completely random names.
Fabio \m/
So... Will I have to ask permission if I want to throw a BOOK on someone's FACE??? XDDD
The odds that those would stand in court against anything but a look-a-like rip-off site are very very long...
Clearly, they are saying I should start calling them FacePokeBookWall (tm).
I have been using Fuckbook lately but I think theres a porn site with that name. How about Fecalbook?
So what am I supposed to call the thing on the front of my head with the nose, eyes and mouth?
Companies have gone overboard in trying to copyright words already long int he public domain. They should back off.
facebook can eat s@#t its whats wrong with america nuff said
This Nuts..."wall" for real they don;'t even call it a wall anymore.
They'll never get that registered in the US. Claiming a trademark is not the same as having one registered.
Wonder if they'll start claiming the word "rape" too soon... As in face rape...
Good thing they didn't keep their original name.

The (tm).
Idiotic companies who think they have rights to words in the dictionary need to be ignored. Zuckerberg is nothing but a pompous jerk who thinks he can tell people how to think. Trademark only gives you the right to do business using a certain word as a mark of your trade. It doesn't give you the right to tell people they can't use that word in a sentence such as: "Facebook sucks."
Twitter has similar "weird" trademark. Did you know "Tweet" is Twitter's trademark now? :-)
This reminds me of the time Paris Hilton tried to trademark the phrase "That's Hot"
Can we put a hot woman at the head of each of these companies? So at least we can claim that they are "hot" trolls? I mean, Fox News tries to do does it to make everything they say more palatable?
Next will be the color blue. IBM is already lining up their attorneys, I hear.
Didn't work for Paris Hilton doubt it will work for Facebook. That is the beauty of a trade mark. If the public does not use it or recognize it as a TM it legally losses any validity as such. Coke-a-Cola tried with coke and failed- repeatedly, Formica lost it all together, sure there are others but I have already given free ad time to two companies.
Poke, poke, poke your book, throw it at the wall
merrily, merrily, merrily Facebook must be dreaming.....

Come and get me Face Book. (look ma no TM)
well, if you do, the cops won't be able to book you. or throw said book at you. or slam your face against the wall while they poke you with something.
On the plus side ;), this means that no one can ever put Nicholas Cage's "Face Off" on air again.
Seriously...trying to trademark words... anyone else thinks business's are going a little bit far to protect their ideas? It feels like when someone tried to claim they had invented the GUI and everyone owed them money... next thing you know drug companies will start trying to copyright things like pills.
This is really silly of +Mark Zuckerberg to pursue. People will use those words just to see how far they can push the envelope just as fans of South Park did with " Everybody Draw Mohammed Day." I guarantee you there will be backlash if the words "book" and "face" are trademarked.
Can I trade make the colour "blue" so Facebook and IBM pay me FOREVER? :D
Didn't IBM try to do with it think.
Many people, such as software engineers, agree our patent system hinders innovation. And most businesses turn to legality when their industries have gone stagnant. Supposedly some court ruling forced the USPTO to allow pretty much anything to be patented-- but don't take my word for it.
I love to read those things which have chapters and you can flip pages...unfortunately I cannot say its name :(
Maybe we could resort to 1337 5p34k... call it a b00k?
They're on the same course as Apple is on, the one that stifles creativity so that they can make a few extra dollars. New technologies are built on the backs of old...nothing is permanent. Some execs really need to study a bit of eastern philosophy.
Facebook is now seems like to have introduce with a new kind of dictionary!
to please go to recontra shit
q porfavor se vayan a la recontra puta mierda
Face hit Wall <repeat as required> like a boss!
Patents and trademarks are becoming a joke.

They are meant to protect the intellectual property of a company but all they really do is keep companies like Apple with a monopoly on the system for stupid things like gesture parents...
So if we use face or book in the same sentence or not is that illegal?
I am copyrighting the words "the' and "a"
When he left the presentation of the Public Offer IPO there were major reasons for designers to be concerned.
"They turned the company private to the public sphere."
Today face reality, and the best deal is to block everything for them, they alone are the owners.
I issued that "would argue that investors who were captured through certified mail," not see any response to it all.
It's like Apple trying to stop other companies (namely Amazon) from using the name "app" in "App Store"
Facebook is already near the top of my "Don't like it anymore" list, and if they keep changing the way the site works every 10 minutes, and doing crap like this -- I'm DONE WITH IT!
How do you own the word book and face? Do libraries have to pay up now?
Thank goodness they have not claimed LIKE. Have they?
I'm just going to read a book... damn I got sued again.
Huh, i think it's about time i actually shut down my facebook account
Whoever is writing the Face Book's EULA is either on crack or trying to be funny. The attempt to claim trademark of "FB" is pretty funny though.
As far as I know, everyone's got a face... so we're all liable to come under fire!
instead of worry about such petty crap they should worry about what the users REALLY want instead of forcing it on people and say oh well they will get over it.
I guess we better trademark our names before Facebook does.
This is so stupid I have to believe an unsupervised lawyer did it.
I love how the internet is a magnet for people to make quick, short-sighted, and usually wrong assumptions. Guys, they're trademarking the specific style of those words, not the words themselves. Basically they're positioning themselves to try legal action against sites like Fuckbook. If you see "Face", "Book", "FB", et cetera, it has to be obviously relating to Facebook themselves.

Don't worry about your free speech.
from the MS site "Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries." - but it's generally not just the word Trademark is also the look, feel, and usage of it... So poke no, but if you try to use poke in a product name with similar font, color, etc to the Facebook version, and if it could cause confusion, then it's legit.

Same for Windows above... MS isn't going to suddenly sue Anderson or Marvin unless they create software products that could cause confusion.... As Rich Butler just pointed out too, it's all in the context of how they are using it.

No rights or freedoms are being trampled (and don't confuse Trademark with Copyright)
oh and... Coke is a registered TM to Coca-Cola (but not... coke, also add font elements, placement, etc.)
PlusTickelWhiteBoardDiary LOL :)
well I'm reading my law book..erm, law text...and I don't think they can do that! You should see the expression on my face...erm, front-of-head.
That headline really DID make me LOL
'Patent' and 'intellectual properties', etc. such 'legal' 'copyright' concepts have been heavily abused.

Look at what Monsanto is doing!!!
SO students (and teachers alike) are not allowed to use 'book' in class, and construction workers can NEVER build a 'wall'?!

Ridiculous facebook!!!
@Cheryl Hung
Monsanto's ass is covered by the USDA they can do whatever they want.
+Cheryl Hung no it means another business can not use those words, in that font, with those colors in a way that could cause consumer confusion. This is Trademark not copyright. Microsoft, for example, has trademarked Windows, but you don't see the sunning Anders Windows or Marvin Windows over it. Trademark has a specific context and is not random.

Flip side Amazon, the online store, once sued Minneapolis bookstore Amazon and lost because the Minneapolis store predated the existence of the on Lin retailer by more than a decade.
I think they've missed a trick. They should also trademark the words fa, ace, ebook, bo, boo, oo, and ok.
I think that I am going to start to use face, book, wall , poke in EVERY single post I put out from here on out :D
reply on Paul Comeau's comment actually windows is trademarked you cant put the tm after it unless yo put a thing that says you dont own it some where else
rubbish的FACEBOOK 哥從來不用!!垃圾東西
They gonna trademark the word "like" next? Assholes.
In which case, give me a moment while I trademark the words Ass, Hat, Douche, Bag, and all the vowels...
Hasn't Poke been around since the early days of Unix?
You hear that? It's the sound of the copyright trolls having their weekly orgy with their lawyers.
I think Pink Floyd might have something to say about this...
greed kills! "Face" it the "wall" they have created needs to be "poked" and a "book" written about it. LOL!! Dumb asses
It's not April 1st yet, is it?
Jack Le
So from now on, I have to use "ass" to describe my "face". What a asshole as assbook LOL!
wow this renews my reasons for deleting my facebook account.
Ahhhhhhh, I hate facebook so much, face book wall poke f FB. I trademark "trademark" so get pay every time
Why doesn't it also claim a trademark on FaCeBooK's sound translation in Chinese? That would simply be awesome. ;)
Well.. Why not? After all, Monsanto tried to patent the pig. According to their patent application, the pig wouldn't even have to be a genetically modified organism (GMO).
I'm trademarking...then giving to the community "I don't give a crap about *ace*ook"
I wonder what's next: Ass and sheet?
F*ck 'em. Wait, did they also trademark F-words?
Zuckerberg has lost it now, adding insult to the injury of the stupidest public IPO ever. What's next, the layout colors???
Fuck face, Fuck book, Fuck Facebook.

And fuck poke.
+Jason Pezzimenti zomg dude. Sooooooo much copyright infringement. A lot of these posts. You guys are such criminals. You're gonna get like 50 life sentences without trial and millions in fines. They're gonna put you up against a wall and poke your faces with books. Now I'm a criminal.
back in the day, IBM tried to take a certain drug company to court for a drug name ending in "486"
sing: I do the poke poke and I turn you all around, That's what is all about!, Isn't that copyrighted already? mhmmmmm
Next they will claim trademark for the letters a, b, c, e, f, k, l, o, p, and w.
.........or better give me a few days to ask the fucking mexican supreme court their take on this subject.........
+Facebook+ Pray tell,

What are acceptable alternative terms for:

A> the structures of my home that connect the floor with the ceiling, and

B> the front part of my head, and

C> the container in which I might purchase a pig, and

D> a collection of pages with writing, or printing, thereon.

Please answer soon, as I want to refrain from violating any of your copyrights or trademarks.
[To avoid lawsuits, a change has been made to the following sentences]:
Did you that the Great (tm) of China can be seen from the moon?
After the Second War, the city of Berlin was divided by a (tm).
If you visit Jerusalem, be sure to visit the famous Wailing (tm).
You can read about these marvels in a (tm) at your local library. and you don't have to (tm) around to find this information because it will be right in front of your (tm).
I knew there was a reason I'm not liking FaceBook anymore!
Jack Le
There's a solution to fight this bullshit trademark madness. Each of us have own butts. Just print our own butts on a A3 size paper then send to trademark bureau to apply for individual mark rights. That way will overwhelming the system then force them to reconsider the law in that shit madness.

Yeah, who can get my own ass trademarks? I bet cha LOL!
I already left "the one that should not be named"
Does that mean I can't poke you in the face against the wall while holding a book........:(
they shouldn't be able to get trademarks on english words by themselves, maybe "facebook", but not "face" or "book". Any trademark lawyer will tell you that on the spot.
Who here's going to shut down their Facebook account on account of this news. I bet nobody. I won't either.
screw zuckerberg and facebook. He should be "poked" in the nose or slammed against a "wall" to knock some sense into him.
What an idiot.
+David Long Chances are Zucker had nothing to do with it, sounds the work of company lawyer-douchebags to me. If I had his money I wouldn't waste one second of my life worrying about things like that.
Facebook's really starting to annoy me, All of my personal notes including the notes function was removed without notice!, so i switched to sportkin, because thats how social networking should be.
One of my friends from india said "they should have called it (FACE VIEW)" to me that makes more sense.
Did they actually trademark them? I didn't think that you could do that with everyday words unless it is the full name of your business?
These are just words. I heard that a woman actually bought the sun for $20000(US)!!!
Not sure wtf this is about or if true. Accepting at face value let's take a common sense perspective...while it's possible for anybody to 'claim Trademark or Copyright' status on anything including common terms, that's only 1 step. Large companies do it fairly often as a 'warning or threat' to competitors with some degree of success. The claims on their own are NBD....enforcing them is a different issue. Cutting though the BS to the bottom line....a user agreement has yet to trump established legal precedent or usurp accepted 'common practice'. The better point is what is FB going to do? Terminate users (re: customers) who violate? Even they can't be that arrogant can they? FYI I do not practice law, but have had the good fortune to work with a few of the good ones.
Facebook has gone messing with the A-Team
Huh! It seems my child when want to say "Mommy, me face is dirty" at the breakfast should ask permission to use this words. And Mommy to when she want to say "Ok, baby, let me wipe your face". ;)
Bob B
@ +Mike Biros " Hasn't Poke been around since the early days of Unix?" .... In computing, PEEK is a BASIC programming language extension used for reading the contents of a memory cell at a specified address. The corresponding command to set the contents of a memory cell is POKE. read more about it here:
Nalla J
Dear FB,
Is this article really true and Facebook has sunk to a new level or is this article just a joke and no need to wonder what they'll do next?
Facewall Booklike! Come and get me, Zuckerpoke!

I'm surprised they didn't lock down "Story."
This is when people should say f. you 'face' 'book'
Ugh. These words have existed way before them. What arrogance.
+Lyne Archambault it's the same as Apple trying to tm the word 'app'. Downright wrong. Just a bunch of lawyers getting carried away.
Facebook no fun at all, watching their dumb actions, "priceless"!!!
I'd play it safe ;) and remove any f******k words with connections to f******k, APIs, Apps, Widgets, buttons ,L***/s etc.. on Sites/Blogs that contain f******k words or any other Free Advertising for f******k
..LOL...It works both ways!! ..
It could have been 50% worse, considering their original name was The(tm) Face(tm) Book(tm).
FYI if anyone here tries circling me and is peddling FACEBOOK, FB, THEIR WALLS THEY WILL GET POKED AND BLOCKED BY ME
Need any clarification from this FACE ?*
This has to be one of the funniest comment threads this week :)
these reactions made me remember the movie tagline...
I just got one question. Are you out of your F_CKING MIND?
They have already ruined a more important word, "Friend". When talking with people, and they introduce a friend ("Hey Aaron, this is my friend So-and-so"), my brain thinks about Facebook.

I think that they need to allow people to use their name. Since they have historically blocked it, if they suddenly allowed people to use the word "Face" or "Book" in the names of their Facebook apps, I think that many developers would rush to build new Facebook apps, just to get the app names that they want.
Chan Li
It's ridicules ! How about ibook . The "book" trademark doesn't make any sense !
I'm gonna poke my face into a book about a wall. Hey, I think I hear the Trademark Police ouyside my house...
So if I have a mobile mechanic business, can I trademark "Mobile"? I would pretty much own the wireless phone industry...
They get above themselfs dont they:) Google should put an ad for Google + on face book. It would be quite funny. So i am going to get my face back into me book. Bye.:)
Oh to bad I already did to dis them :)
Just because they have a trademark on a common noun or verb doesn't mean you have to stop using them.
Good morning utk semua dunïa
I don't understand what the message is about?
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