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Woz is first in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store

I'm 7th. :)
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Thats funny. Gotta love Woz!
I'm first in line at my door with UPS, lol
That is a great picture to have in your phone or well, your Ipad
Sucks for him that he has to wait in line.
Can't the poor guy just get the latest iDevices free at this point? Seems like he deserves it. Or, are they just paying him a ton of money to build up the hype?
Why don't you queue up for the Nexus Prime in Hong Kong instead
Eric Nay
It speaks to Woz' character more than Apple's. I am sure Woz could get one early if he really wanted it, but he wants to be part of the community.
so nobody has heard of the internet??? or online ordering?
On Woz' stream there's a post that says, "I'm first in line at the Los Gatos Apple Store. Elgan is 7th."
That is just like Woz, does not like the special treatment but loves hanging out with others :D
If I had the cash I would so be there. Thanks for sharing with us!

Should not complain, typing this on an iPhone 4.
You guys couldn't order it and have it delivered? ;)
+Mike Elgan because Woz is the real deal!

Just discovered that when you type Woz on the iPhone it auto completes to Wozniak!
+Mike Elgan That's my neighborhood Apple Store too. And it's dangerously close to Powell's Candy (just two doors down). :)
Love Woz's enthusiasm.
Why does Woz have to wait? Give that man the phone the day before. He is one of your founders....
does he seriously not get a free phone from apple?
He is the original brain that created all of apples hardware....why is he in line at all? He should get it free. 
Nope. He's no free loading Tech guru.
First, Steve Jobs doesn't even let him have a final visit. And now they make him wait in line? Geez.
The man is just sitting there holding court, being friendly and chatting with everyone who approaches him, posing and smiling for photos, etc. What a cool guy. 
what is he exactly CEO of Apple? (the other Steve, Wozniak)

He's the head honcho now anyway.
Oh, and tell him I said "hi" - and yes, he really knows who I am. :)
haha.. teh woz! wish he'd come back to apple..
Hey Mike or anyone who knows. Is there a website or blog on how to use the Iphone to take good pics?
"he loves the atmosphere". And it in no way helps build up the hype for Apple, eh? If he 'just enjoyed the event' he wouldn't announce his presence.
I've got a question about the Woz +Mike Elgan. Why doesn't Apple just give him the latest Apple devices?
its called immediate gratification...
@Jim Ice cream sandwich man.
Why didn't you just pre-order? Couldn't wait a couple hours? That's when you know you're addicted
Wow can't believe some of the comments above!

Back in the 70's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were members of the homebrew computer club. Steve Wozniak build a super small computer that could be hooked up to a TV, Steve Jobs saw a market for that and convinced Steve Wozniak to start a company with him, they had an order for 200 straight away. Steve Jobs sold his car and they started making the Apple 1 in Steve Jobs garage, the rest is history.

Steve Wozniak is not the head honcho of Apple, he's still employed but has not worked there since the 80's. He gave lots of his stock away, organized music events, was part of several small companies and taught computer lessons from his home to kids for several years.
I watched "Pirates of Silicon Valley" the other night. Woz was the only one who came out looking good in it.
+Rajarshi Chakraborty what's half assed? Sync of email, contacts, calendars working as expected. iChat in combo with iMessage is not 100% what I expected but then again this is the first public version.

silly fanboys, of course he has the new iPhone in his pocket. Its a great press op and will be the cover of every report on the release..
+Rajarshi Chakraborty Ah yes I noticed that with the contacts. I don't use Google calendars so was unaware it did it with that as well. I'm sure some 3rd party will offer a solution, there are several products that do calendar and contact syncing.
I preordered mine on the Apple site last week. Problem is that it went from Shenzhen to Hong Kong to Anchorage (where I live), then to Louisville to clear customs before coming back to Anchorage...
+Zach Pawlak does anyone read the previous comments? He loves standing in line as he never has seen himself as the founder but more as one of the geeks. We are talking about a man who ran a free joke like just because he liked to make people laugh.
+Zach Pawlak yes he's on most social networks but not super active.

Don't know about tennis but he plays Segway polo.
I sure wish I understood you Apple fans, and I do mean that in a nice way. :) I'm too Googley, my brain just functions more in their mindset than in the Apple mindset. I'll be watching the Google ICS event next week with just as much geeked-out fanaticism as those people standing in line for their iPhones. But when it comes to Apple, I can't understand how a company so driven by secrecy and carefully manipulated product cycles garners so much love and devotion. I like Apple's hardware and their focus on quality, but I can't stand the "Apple way or no way" approach.

Anyway, have fun, enjoy your 4S!
Eddie N
Steve Wozniak is a bawse. Even when he does things that are totally out of his comfort zone (e.g. Dancing With the Stars), he still comes up smelling like a rose. I just can't hate the guy! :)
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