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The transparent iPad design fiction is much newer than the transparent iPhone design fiction.

Weird. +Interesting Engineering ► posted an ancient piece of design fiction (from last summer) of a transparent iPhone. (It's neither interesting, nor "engineering" -- it's a picture.)

The irony is that this stale meme hit the What's Hot list on the very day when Yanko Design published pictures of a transparent iPad design fiction. 

Why publish the old thing when the new thing is... new?

Here comes the video!
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great and very interesting.
Would be cook if the world blurred like in the pic to have a usable wallpaper. :) 
Imagine using these in the sun? Don't, you can't. Transparent displays may look cool but they seem fatally impractical.
After reading this I have no clue what you are talking about.  But it seems you are saying there is a new fictional transparent ipad concept and an old one.  Since neither are based on any planned ipads then both pictures are redundant and so is your post.
A transparant phone or tablet won't happen very soon. There is just nowhere to house the electronics and battery. 
I blocked them after yesterdays "18K White Gold" Mercedes.
+Hugo Seijas I'm sure someone will figure out how to make dynamically frosting glass for it. You could probably use the same principle behind sticking scotch tape on frosted glass to see through it.

Personally I think the possibilities of a large transparent display outweigh the problems of current pass-through AR displays, plus mass marketing would drive the industry to solve those problems quicker.
maybe they were already released, we just cant see them
Samsung showed off working prototypes of large transparent touchscreens, in the form of a "Smart Window" at CES 2012 : 

CES - Samsung's Smart Window

If the battery can be made much smaller (or transparent, as in +Stephen Wakefield 's link), and the other components can be kept small, a transparent tablet could become a reality. Whether or not such a thing is practical is still up in the air though...
Looks like a cutting edge bathroom scale. What happens if you really step on it, will it cry "don't tread on me" ?
I think you could simulate this by having the camera constantly on and displaying what is behind the iPad as the background image. Cool but useless. Depending on who you are, the useless part makes it cooler or less cool.
Hmm, the time may be ripe for a transparent device with invisible icons.
+Joshua Barta
So this is real now ? Safer to ask... yes I can imagine uses in the CG industry but not mass use.
Eddie N
Why? 'Cause I got bronchitis... ain't nobody got time for that!
+Mikhail Garber
I hear they also managed a 89% weight reduction and the entire thing is made from flexible e-paper... now that really is state of the art, no doubt about that -   but it may quickly be gone with the wind.
This is useless technology unless you are needing to see through the iPad when using it...i don't get the point...I get that it looks cool i just don't get the technicality...can someone explain
interesting engineering is crap!!!! nothing to do with engineering....
for me its just another design creativity exploration, its like seeing some weird clothes on fashion show, you might admire it for the wild imagination of the designer, but you dont really like to wear it yourself...
Dan S
starting at 12 thousand dollars
Awesome!!!!!! Thought but of course its fiction. Active matrix organic light omitting diode may be the future of technology
I literally blocked that page two hours ago for this very reason
only an amoled type of read out could achieve that opacity of a display. Good,I want to be able to see my screen in the southern Hell sun. Good riddance backlit LCD!
Transparents? This remind me of At and T telephone 
+Marques Brownlee You don't need a battery because it's just a picture somebody drew with a computer. ; ) 
Hopefully Interesting Engineering takes the hint and tries to post things that are at least relevant. 
Like, its titled iPhone 5. That's already out. 

This looks really nice, impossible for now. But really cool.
Nothing could possibly go wrong carrying a pane of glass around everyday...
Like the flexible phone, cool but totally not practical. When outside, impossible to use. Everyone will see what you type or read. Is there light? Else, no way to use it in the night... 
I wouldn't even want that.. imagine all the care you'd have to put in for that not to crack in 2 pieces? 
Cool but what's the back look like? Will someone be able to see what I'm doing? And if I choose a case what good is see through? 
mabe make it with gorilla glass for no breaking
I still don't see the need of a see through device. Is goes against usability.
Thinking it would be awfully hard to read anything on that screen.
This is not engineering, it's concept design and not even very well done. C'mahn people.
With concepts like this, you gotta "imagine" that everything; chips, battery, cpu, etc are all at least housed in the top and bottom bezels. Although it seems like that isn't possible, you gotta remember that this is just a concept aka an idea that most likely won't see the light of day. 
While it is very impractical and very prone to just shatter to a million pieces unless it's got like gorilla glass 10 or something lol, it looks like an awesome concept.
It is quite possible that this could be made but it would be hard to sell. It's a heavy piece of shiny, fragile glass.

But on the other hand, the renders look awesome!
I wonder if the post would've been made if this wasn't an Apple product.
They'll be using this on CSI no doubt.
Great.. so you can get smear marks from greasy fingers on both sides! Progress!!  (I know it's a gag... )
Totally unusable unless you put it in front of a white or black surface....
I'm really not an Apple guy but I'd dish out the bucks for this. 
If it's coming from Apple, dont ask about the price tag.  Just walk away.
This must be Man'ti Teo's IPAD.
What advantage is there to a 'transparent' device - would seem external lighting will drastically impact viewing.  Glare anyone??  Really, if it's going to be cheaper as is, I'll take that over a 'clear' one any day..
And its only $1000.00 who wouldn't want one...LOL
Wonder how long it will take you yo lose this if it was off lol

why on earth would anyone want a transparent screen on their device? it might seem 'high tech' but it would make content way harder to see. this is one reason why writing on a whiteboard > writing on glass.
Who cares, there are far better Android tablets. Apple is garbage once again without Steve Jobs.
I actually just read on article over on Slashdot that had a prototype transparent phone. No idea why anyone would want one, but if Tony Stark has one, why can't we?
same thing that the project for iphone 5 and look the results lol
Transparent like Manteí Teò's girlfriend? Lol. I had to throw that one in there. 
+Grace Withrow That's what the 32gb 3g version costs in Norway already ($1060 actually), so I assume this will be more like 5 (hypothetically speaking).

Invisible batteries, woo.
Having smart glass in architecture could be interesting and useful eventually, but this is virtually pointless on mobile devices.
and you are helping with a low quality post like that. one would think you'd have enough people in your circles to not need this sort of garbage.
The only way iFolks could personalize their device was by changing their wallpaper. And with transparent screens, you want to take that away from them too?? NO. I will stand up for them.
I am not a fan of Apple but i woukd totally get this
I have to agree that this concept is just tired old meme.  Why can't we focus on real innovation.  Take a look at what Canonical is doing with the Ubuntu phone OS (  Weather we believe it will succeed or not doing things that actually matter like real multi tasking.  It makes these old smart phone os's look idiotic, like launching your program with icons from the windows 3.1 desktop.
Transparent screen invented by Samsung, not by Apple
I think using its camera to have transparent. And maybe you can disable it.
it would be so cool and i would cut off my little toe's if it comes true soon enough for me to enjoy!!!! i wanna see it loaded with the best hardware and coolest software projector key board + many lumina projecter that can put a 50 inch picture on the wall for movies and games + pluss work presentations!!!! if our going to wish it need at least 8 gigs of ram with 1 tarabite of ssd!! best grafics and audio chips just make it insanly cool!!! i wan't yo be able to time warp with it also, thats a must got it!! i can't wait yill its done.
Along the same lines of comments posted above, I also cannot stand the posts that are made by "Interesting Engineering". Today was the first time I ever blocked anyone on G+... and it was them as well as "Did You Know?", who I have also seen post nonsensical, as well as inaccurate/blatantly-false, information.
Of course not we expected that the iphone 5 will have an hologram keyboard and very thin transpernt screen
powered by any kind of light any even invisable light like x-rays and dark light that we cant see, it can pull power from radio waves to, and movement power combined it will power your cell phone even jump start you car app. comes with it!!!
I saw through the crapple scam years ago!
so when you use it, since its transparent, everyone can see what you are doing, no privacy of any sort ?
Samsung made a transparent screen prototype last year
And yet... Transparent screens have already been made and were shown at an earlier CES...
By the way android overtook apple in tablet market share 55% to 43% and the rest.
The tech companies are going to love transparent phones.
"Have you seen my phone?"
"What's it look like?"
"14 square inches of glass."
"Have you tried calling it?"
"It's on vibrate, so you'll have to be right next to it to hear it."
The gay pad has gotten gayer... Just kidding... But really that is not practical, and crapple isn't innovative anymore. Even if it was true , they still would be less than 25% worldwide.
Hey dude thats more amazing the my girlfriend
Ugh thank you:
"It's neither interesting, nor "engineering""

My engineering degree dies a little inside every time one of those posts shows up in the "What's Hot?" feed.
They should call it "Semi-Interesting Design Concepts".
hummmm, transparent circuit board, components and battery are too costy. maybe using adaptive camouflage can be a bit "cheaper".
+Franke Hernandez it's called innovation, and it leads to more practical applications. Make something just because first, think of real uses later. Why does everyone say ideas that innovate are useless? That's a ridiculous claim. I bet most people who first saw one of the first most simplistic computers said it was worthless. Look how far that 'worthless' technology has come. People need to stop dissuading innovation.
+Ronaldo Penna At CES one or two years ago, there were several transparent displays on display. Not using that camera trick. Samsung has a buyable one frankly. It's an all in one desktop for commercial purposes though.
Looks cool, but in practice...have you ever written on a window with dry erase markers?  Depending on the shade of the background and the color of markers you use, it is not always easy to see.  
I bet Samsung is gonna make it first! Samsung already have OLED flexible screen, soon or later it will be transparent OLED flexible screen.
+Johnny T. Vu I literally just said two comments up that Samsung has already released a buyable transparent display...

I would only get if it had a grip on the corner for holding it. You could even do it reversable, so the grip can be on the left or right by flipping it over.
+Seth Dickens

You've completely missed the target audience of my comment but since you're so concerned that you made a point to reply I'll give you a hint it's not the technology in question then it is the originator.

Riddle me that!
I've never understood why people think transparent phones and tablets would be so cool. I imagine the user experience would be absolutely horrible. Trying to read an article would be a nightmare. Transparent displays will have a future in certain commercial applications, but not in a personal computer. 
+Franke Hernandez first of all, please learn to use the + button. Second, can you please rephrase that? What's your target audience? People who agree that transparent displays are worthless? Well then my response is directed at them too, so I didn't miss your target audience. I'm concerned that you have an opinion that supports keeping our society from technologically advancing. What do you mean by originator? The original poster?
TAke my money nowwwwww!!! I want it bad
Great, just what we need. Now, when you drop the thing, the whole thing shatters, not only the screen. Perfect!
Its called the “ Icantseeit"

Samsung has been showing prototypes for at least 3 years if not more. Apple has just started releasing links. Just how they have done before, they see an idea. Try to make it better. Then release poop. 
If these were real, the first thing the apple sheep would do is set a background picture and buy the most expensive case they can find.
Things like this would need a transparent case, which isn't out of reach but would in the long run make it bulky as hell, and as others stated people could see your work. If it ever was created it would be a novelty at best and probably priced very high.
+Seth Dickens

You're clueless I gotta give you that Plus looking at your comments you're the only 1 talking to yourself since not anyone has replied or responded to you other than me and that's only because you needed some attention why IDK!

In any case forget about it this one's over your head.

Peace out. \n/
+Aaack Aardvark Impracticality doesn't matter. Most innovations are at first considered impractical. BTW, they already exist. Google it.
+Franke Hernandez You are the most awful troll I've ever met.

You're not trolling? Okay, I'll take you seriously for a couple seconds. First of all, i'm not talking to myself... I'm making legitimate points to other people. Also, how is doing that asking for attention? You have no credibility here.
that would be sweet if they came out with that!! Apple has came along ways. Just think what there products will be like in the future. I have an iPad 3rd gen and the i.o.s is 6.1 is there a way to jail brake that or not/
The first time I seen a iPad I looked through it and seen its true colors. I didn't like what I seen. 
+nick pederson this isn't Apple's idea. Many companies have thought of this and made prototypes, and Samsung has released an actual model.
I am not sure what practical application this would have.  
+Nomeneta Saili it doesn't matter. This is what innovation looks like. I'm sure people said that about simplistic 8-bit computers and such originally.

Well, really it's not innovation because plenty of companies have already thought of this AND made prototypes, but I made my point.
cool, but its just an ipod that doesnt fit in ur pocket so whats the point???
+Seth Dickens Would it make it lighter?. Or durable?. Or longer battery?.

Is there any actual application of having to see through your device?.

I rather engineers focus more on projected screens and keyboards tech.

I am not knocking this. I am just asking a question as i don't see any real use.  
How cute, they even rendered the launcher in depth perspective..
Apple can't invent, but "Interesting Engineering" sure can photoshop. (Not to mention, start an unecessary hoax)
Bon K
Ok, Would battery and all other internal stuff need to be transparent or would the users need to carry them on a separate packaging? I would like to know how it would work.  Also, what's the benefit of being able to see through or people in front of you being able to see what you are seeing? 
+Nomeneta Saili for example, you could have a laptop with a transparent display that has the ability to mirror what is displayed. It'd be much easier to share content. Manufacturers will think of more practical ideas over time. The point is that the technology is there for people to springboard off of.
First of all no one wants a transparent display is hard too see display some days as it is
Think about trying to fix one of them! Hammer and replace approach!
+Seth Dickens I understand that. I am just thinking ahead about actual practical application of this tech when i saw this. My mind came up with nothing.

Yes these technological advancements no matter how big or small are all very very important. They are like building blocks that current and future engineers will combine to make great products that we don't even think about now.   
+Nomeneta Saili I could see it as my window like samsungs window it would be nice to be able to change landscape at will
+Mitch McCollum Windows that functions like display panels?. I think that would be nice use of these tech. Imagine your car window on the passenger side ofcourse that can display vids and other apps. That would be cool. Or a galss table that can be use as a digital display. That would be nice. 
If apple were to have a transparent device...we would know about. Meaning, there would already be a nexus device to copy! I heard that iOS has the cloud!
This is possible I saw a transparent tv at CES this can definatly be done .

dear android fans being mean to apple, there is a place called hate on there not on my g+!
if only this was real.... or is it...?
Will never happen from Apple. First to implement this technology would most likely be Samsung/LG/ASUS. 
What I want to know is how Interesting Engineering keeps getting on the "What's Hot" List even though their posts are not interesting and not engineering?? How do they keep gaming the list?
why do so many people hate on apple? like who cares who invents the technology first, why does it even matter?
we should just be proud of them.
Oh great, an interactive chopping board.
I have enough problem seeing it now, and you want to make it invisible?
so the people looking at you looking at your transparent tablet/phone will know what you're surfing for?  pr0n?
If this kind of concept came into reality the first thing i want to see is a Drop Test to measure its durability...
IMO I think the whole concept has not been thought out. Its not a good idea to have a transparent screen on a phone it a tablet. Sure it's neat until you wanted to really use it. I really hope manufacturer's don't think this is a good idea and start building these.
Bon K
+Sharjeel Khan We know it's possible on things like window frames... things that you don't have to carry it around. I am not sure about portable devices like tablets or phones which would requires batteries and have enough non screen part to fit the hardware of part of it. I don't think you can fit the battery and other hardware necessary to that non-transparent part in the picture. Plus, I really can't think of benefits of that. Am I missing something?
This still can get a good view experience even under sunlight?
what would happen if you dropped it in water
wat if the scren breaks wont the ipad fall apart
very nice futuristic design. I wish we would see companies and consumers embrace this design rather than call it crazy.
there is a phone with the key board like that that came out a while back
Great... now you can see the finger prints on both sides
Really people? How is having a transparent device an 'Improvement'? It  is only going to make it harder to see what's on the screen. All just so you can say, "look, it is transparent".
but people would be able to see through the other side, they could easily find out your passwords if they watch you type it from the other side
When is this technology going to be put in place where it could actually be useful. On the windscreen of a car maybe. The new Mercedes S Class has infared cameras hooked up to an LCD screen to allow better night vision without the need for brighter lights. Why not use the same system as that but use a transparent screen over the windscreen. During daylight it would be clear, night time it would effectively become a big TV screen but would look as if you were actually seeing through it. Removes the need of ANY bright glaring headlight bulbs as they won't be needed to see the road ahead. 
+Christopher Adams ....I just want to say two words to you. Just two words. Are you listening? #TransparentAluminum.

Seriously, though... can't you imagine how cool augmented reality would be with this? Just hold it up, and overlays of everything you need to see! :-)
It's hard to see the ipad as it is now, why would anyone want it to be transparent is beyond me! Try using this tablet outdoors in the sun!
Looks great can't wait for phones to become like that.
Speaker placement sucks, so it possibly looks good but sounds like crap
If they used artificial light to build the pyramids, they can make this very soon....
I think, there's no privacy on what you are doing by using a transparent tab or smartphone. People in front of you, beside or around you can see, watch, read everything you write, watch and do. Hmmm... Although, nice concept!
I would love to own one of those!
Samsung will beat em to the patent, since they're already almost finished with a functional transparent phone...complete with transparent internals...however, true to apple form, they'll say they invented it...and another lawsuit begins.
Funny that this is apple fiction, but Samsung reality.
its probably coming out within a couple of years
This is so idiotic. And i can't believe some people fall for this. So not only it has a transparent screen, but it also has a transparent battery, motherboard, speaker, microprocessor, connectors, etc. Just ridiculous. 
The transparency is cool, but if they want to make it transparent then they should make it all transparent.
Even if Apple was considering this, they would once again be behind in tech with a device.  Samsung is already demoing transparent display tech.
Nothing Impossible In This Era OF Information Technology
If it's fake then there's no reason to alk about it? Other than to say if it wasn't, I'd buy one
Its a piece of trash if you think about their concept. They cant produce any real concept and just they do some cheat with appearance attraction to sell their ... . Think a little why do you have to buy this ? Just for a transparency! Is this really usefull for you? Why you have to know whats going on back of your 10" tablet? God bless you steve!
+Alberto Vega My intent was not to promote "newer bull," but to criticize old posts that make it to the What's Hot list, and emphasize that point by showing the new bull. What would you have illustrated this post with? Or do you think I shouldn't criticize "old bull" that makes it to the What's Hot list?
Let me see. Are peeps dazzled by the interest in transparency , invisibility or virtuosity?
If only this device was available now - I'll buy one.  I think its the transparency that makes this device Intriguing.  I would have concerns though about privacy - everyone would be able to see what app you have open, what you're viewing or typing.  But nonetheless this concept is a beautiful vision of what an ipad could look like.
Not impractical if integrated into car windshield. Cool heads up display....much could be done.
weird! it is like the glass frog.
i am from Egypt,Cairo is burning now
Needs an option to turn off the back side transparency. This type of device is coming, for sure!
And +Seth Dickens ..I am and have been on Android for ages...what I meant by so sick of the Apple Icons were that in every Apple article, ad or device it is/has been roughly  the same layout, look and feel for awhile. Apple says they innovate..well get a new or updated user interface. Android experience betters everytime. So Seth chill out and stop trolling every post. Besides does your mom know you are here...should you not be in bed?
This is totally freezable and plemty of potential. If concerned other peeps can also see what u be doin why? In ur setting u will personalize acoustic I'm special spectral analysis parameter presets and custom defaults. Pixel by pixel are be able to direct there emitted photon energy in a concentrated manor, so to control an action that is almost only visibly comprehensible to your eyes only distance beyond ynur eyes would mean light travelling through your brain and out your skull. There is also eye and pupil tech that collocts precisely your focal points so to another method of combining. This TAB would need a number of techno bqeakthroughs that are already in existance. Even power. Plasma ionic charges can double as display optronics and graphene is the unit, display, memory, interface, bioportal, and universal in/output device. And alot more. Accoustically that's another subject.
I love the design. Drop it and i am pretty sure a command will change the physical arrangment to conserve internally and restructure the device for protection. But this tech is quite the jump and...u may have to reasearch.
If i have made a mistake in factuality pls let me know.

Oh pls, see that shot/pic what makes anyone auto think its an Apple? I made my G2 SAM look and navigate like an iphone3. I can a 4s. Android phnes are a chameleon. ATM mine runs 5 different ways jnd all look different, abt diff. Lol.
Gee, imagine it temp binds or reacts to mount on ur windscreen infront of ur face. The heads up display would blow me away. U think of the already apps that would transform the driving experience to monster degree. Thermal, telescopic, terrain synched anhance, voice command everything, alarm, id protect and data collect on the guy who kicked ur bumper.
I think the limit is your imagination. If u reckon none of my words can be done starting now for that then pls tell me. Visor or heads up display tech is mad awsome. Check NASA x-wing competitions of jet aircraft goin FAST flying through a virtual course thru the sky against an opponent. Need for speed? Tech at its show off best. Watch the live visor feeds.
I would so pay the money to get that, that is so cool!
That's the ultimate technology that came from the wisdom of God.
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