Why bad search is one of Tumblr's best features.

+Adam Rifkin, writing for +TechCrunch, says that one of the main reasons so many young people are using Tumblr is that they can't be found on it, and if they are found, can't be identified. 

He explains that privacy, and privacy settings, are hard. Many people under 25, he says, prefer "security through obscurity and multiple pseudonymity." 

"Pseudonymity" is allowed on the site. And "obscurity" is delivered by a search feature that doesn't work very well. 

As a result, the site is great for people who "don’t want an audience," don't want to be found, but would instead rather interact only with a few close friends who they have explicitly shared with. 


(Pic props to the 'Food On My Dog' Tumblog: http://foodonmydog.tumblr.com/ )
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