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Pictures of Chui Lodge.

Our two days of safaris this week was punctuated by a night at Chui Lodge, the craziest place I've ever stayed. It's part of the 18,000-acre Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary. The restaurant/lounge and the 8 cottages are over-the-top Africa themed. You gotta see this.
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Love it.  Thank you for sharing these.
Are you able to pick up the no agenda live stream in that hut? :)
+Mike Elgan Words can't describe how bad I want to see photospheres of the places you visit! Maybe you could get Google to toss a Nexus 4 your way. 
tôi rất thích . những phong cảnh cổ ma mị hoan khai này .bạn rất giỏi
Wes C
love all the photos - so when is the best time to go to Kenya/Nairobi (for Safari)
tôi rât thích những cảnh nhà ma mị này . đáng yêu quá 
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