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Why fake pregnant bellies are a growing business.

A report from China Daily says says of fake silica gel pregnant bellies made in China are growing rapidly, both for export and the domestic Chinese markets.

Apparently customers in the West buy them for the entertainment industry and art performances, while Chinese customers buy them to fake their pregnancies so neighbors, co-workers and extended family members won't know their children are adopted or from a surrogate mother.
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The world gets stranger every day. Interesting concept though.
Soon, they'll use it to get a seat on the bus.
Okay, I take that back...I thought I had seen everything, but apparently not...LOL
Tren C
Also a convenient storage spot for stolen groceries
no surprise're all fake...should I name all of it....fake breasts, lips, tummie, etc. lol
Well - this isn't an it's slightly different than those other items you listed.
This appears to be more of an "appliance" than an "implant". Just like the fake breasts & butt pads worn by MtF cross-dressers & entertainers. (Think Robin Williams in "Mrs. Doubtfire".)
the world is getting TOO WEIRD for me and I'm very strange myself. LOL
Well, this is strange to me to fake having a child. But, they certainly do make a good job of having it look realistic.
There's a fetish for everything, but this is one I have great difficulty wrapping my mind around! However, some women are addicted to being pregnant....I'd rather they take this route, than pay more taxes to feed the children people make so casually!
Hmmm... Wonders if Angelina Jolie could have employed this method to justify adopting another baby...if only to avoid the bad press/paparazzi.
You mean like that crazy Dugger Family? It think having 19 kids is abusive. The older children have no childhood, they have to be surrogate parents to the young ones. Sickening stupidity.
I have two adopted children and WANT my friends and neighbors to know they are adopted. Adoption is such a gift and I want to help others to accept and support it. 
You should have to be licensed and pass a psychiatric exam to have children.
the chinese market also had fake pregnancy too
Raising kid in China is more of lifetime investment. U.S. kids are gone at 18. 
"Chinese customers buy them to fake their pregnancies so neighbors, co-workers and extended family members won't know their children are adopted or from a surrogate mother." Wow!
If you think US kids are gone at 18, think again!
"...some fathers in the United States and Japan wear them so they can grow along with their wives during pregnancy, and experience weight gain, breast enlargement and a kicking baby."
any father you know doing this?
I grew right along with my wife, though it wasn't because I was wearing anything special. I just ate as much and as often as she was now doing.
'Who rules the world, Girls'... Have I said a name?...
Couldn't they just eat bigger portions? That looks as shiny as a "beach ball."
Using a little baby powder or corn starch usually takes care of the shiny-ness.
China, the home of fake everything!
So we fool neighbors, friends, and families but do we lie to the child in the future? A mother and father is who raises the child, but do we need the deception?
never heard that, I just know some adult product made by silicon.
long Da
Yeah, I also never heard that.I think you need provide more thing to support your idea.
BTW, I lived in China.
hello! i'am kennypham
+Mike Elgan Thank you Mike, Where is the world going, at the pace humany is going of doing things just for the sake of what the neighbors will say or just for the sake of money is running the straight thinking a humanity already in jeopardize. For things to change positively we all need to live by sound and sane principles of life.
Anyway the news is really good, i like it. Cheers.
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