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ATM overlay hackers use digital cameras to miniaturize.

One of the most common ways thieves steal ATM card numbers and passwords is with an "overlay" -- a fake ATM unit placed on top of a real ATM.

After the fake ATM scans the card number and captures the PIN, it tells the customer that the ATM is no longer in service.

This overlay, discovered recently in Southern California, covers not the entire ATM interface, but just the card slot.

A tiny hole on the right is for a built in digital video camera, which captures the customer entering their PIN.
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I attended a presentation by an FBI special agent on this very concern, HUGE problem in the industry.
Such ingenuity. One wonders what such thieves could accomplish if they used their powers for good instead.
Tan ker
Believe me, this way in china is common, especially HeNan province
Hello,Está es la nueva, ATM para sacar lingotes de oro,no$ dolares.Honey, you wrong.amen.
this is why i use my credit/debit cards 99.99% of the time. i rarely get cash. my wife only gets cash at the bank ATM.

if a merchant doesn't accept credit cards than i usually don't deal with them
I use cash for the barber.

I accept all major credit cards with my iPhone and Square. My future mother-in-law does the same for her side business. She doesn't even have a computer, the internet or a TV. If your business doesn't do credit, you fail.
+Alen Teplitsky Debit/credit card reader skimmers have been found at retail POS like gas station pumps, supermarket checkouts and fast food counters, too. Handheld skimmers are available for use by your friendly wait staff at restaurants.
in the last 10 years it has happened to me only one time. and that's when the gas pump credit card machine was broke and my wife gave the card to the attendant who skimmed it behind the counter

the bank returned the money within the day
Amazing ingenuity too bad they don't wish to find a way to put their creativity/intelligence to use LEGITIMATELY
as +Richard Reilly said, out of habit I always cover the keypad so it's pretty much impossible to record my PIN...

At least until they invent a card stealing add-on that includes an x-ray camera :-)
la seguridad ante todo oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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