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Guy builds awesome tree house in a Canadian forest.

Unfortunately, he doesn't own the land, and it could be taken down.

He calls it the HemLoft. It's a really nice egg-shaped wooden cabin built around a single tree in Whistler, Canada.

How cool is this?

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Real nice and creative, it should be a tourist attraction.
That's nice. And in one of my favorite places in the whole world, too!
Interesting. but what about wild animals?
Is it safe enough?
i haven't seen such house like this.. nice!
that hay va tot cho moi truong
A pity. Nice accomodation indeed!! But does he live there all the time?
The guy doesn't own the land, seems clear enough to me. I have no problem booting him from it.
wow impressive i like it, i wonder how long it took him to build it. i'm going to build one myself next week :-)
Technically he shouldn't have to own the land, just the tree. ;) But this is way cool. Only thing I would miss is internet connectivity.
In jangal ....... celebrate mangal (enjoy).......! Nice......!!!!
As I was watching this video I was thinking, 'Where's his laptop?'
Extremely cool what a clever guy, but what a stupid guy for building on soemone else's land!
A nice place to go to when you wife gets annoying
Nice! - Just sucks that he brought his laptop!
+Mike Elgan Why you post such super-freakin awesome stuff in my stream!!!Why u no understand!!
What a beautifully designed and built tree house!
+Brad Jones To be fair, he's building on Crown land.

So land owned by the government.

Which is generally owned for preservation purposes, to explicitly avoid these kinds of things.


+Jonathan Morley He'd need to own the land around the tree that the treehouse covers though.

someone also confirm he didn't use the trees nearby/in this area of Crown land to build the treehouse? Because that would be all kinds of wrong, and in this case, would also be something he'd have to own.
Love the fact he uses his mac books isight as a mirror.
I love your little " HemLoft " . Its creative , fits in very well with the surroundings and I can't see where it is hurting anything. I hope you get to keep using it when ever you like. Offer to trade your plan's and design for a small plot of land that it is on . Maybe they will work with you somehow. Good luck.
+Alexander Ryan: I read some parts of the story & it looks like some/most of the house is built w/ parts from free furniture turned up on Craigslist!
magnifica casetta e posto....bello
mike elgan . where do u get this stuff?
Đẹp quá đi
I want to have a house like HemLoft! So cool!
Kushbu tere Pyar ki mujhe Mahka jati hai,
teri har baat mujhe bahka jati hai,
Saansen to bahut der leti hai aane jane me,
Har saans k pahle mujhe teri yaad aati hai.
i du 2. very cool plce to pass tyme.mhhh i lyk it
What a shame it might be take down
Looks cool but the balancing acts are a little scary for me.
how to v get google+ in this home???????????
I found the tree house awesome to say the least - please don't take it down!
That is awesome. Makes me want a treehouse. :)
Enjoyed this piece Mike, thanks for sharing...
I've seen a house like that before.....:)peace
Lan Le
i can't understand
This is a true beauty
i want to live like that ,,, it is amazing
no one owns land. some act like they do and take money by force for the resource they've taken from all. also: neato treehouse!
Wow I love it! Obviously a summer destination. The shower would be way too cold in the winter.
i want that house no words can describe its awesomeness
oooo... such a cute cottage i wana dat can i go n stay....
A dream....superb but he shud hav done this in his own land...sad they are going to mow it down :(
The Occupy Movement needs to make their shelters as cute as this.
you must be very careful...

Eh, when it said secret tree house I was thinking Star Wars or Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. This was more like a Hobbit house from Lord of the Rings. It may have been around a tree but it wasn't even off the ground.
awesome... i want one
Since it's exposed, that's secret no more...
Dan S
That's great!
great place but he is a dumb shit... Maybe I should build one right on top of his so he can understand why people aren't allowed to just build wherever they heck they feel is a good place.
I love it! I might have to build one myself...
Based on the shape and size I would bet that it's really an alien spaceship in camouflage ;)
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