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Three Indian politicians resign after being caught on camera watching porn in parliament.

Three conservative members of a state parliament quit in the wake of outrage over their viewing of porn on a mobile phone during a session, which they were passing around. Allegedly.

The politicians from the southwestern state of Karnataka included C.C. Patil, the minister for women and child development (who is a man), the state Minister for Cooperation Laxman Savadi who were passing around the phone of state Minister for Ports, Science and Technology Krishna Palemar.

The three belong to the religiously Hindu, nationalist and conservative Bharatiya Janata Party, which is the second largest political party in India.

They should have bought an iPhone to avoid temptation.
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I do love those I-only-watch-porn-at-work conservatives.
They should have just napped during the session. ;-)
not surprised, sure US and UK politicians have done the same (or they will now) they just havent been caught. yet
Its not about them watching Porn.. Its all about the Hypocrisy.. When they watch it its fine... But God forbid if any of us normal people are seen watching some..... They'd have sent armed goons to thrash that computer around....
No better place to watch then in parliament :) Good Job Indian politicians
Just cuz you watch porn at work doesn't make you a bad person. LOL
That's hilarious. Hard to believe though.
+Bryan Maher true, but being an idiot hypocrite does. These type of people try and force everyone else to a higher standard than they themselves have, often by force. So they deserve what they get.
This is the worst part of politics and politicians. I pity them
That's why some(majority of them) evil Indian politician does not have problem with pornography but have problem with anti religious content on Google and Facebook.If the government really wants to do some good to the people then they should block contents and channel supporting nudity and pornography altogether.
No matter the country, you can't stop the conservatives from denouncing porn, adultery, homosexuality, drinking, etc., etc., and then going back to watching porn, committing adultery with their gay buddies, and getting drunk. It's not so much what they do that bothers me, it's their utter hypocrisy that utterly amazes me. Oh well, if the pattern holds in India as it does in the U.S., they'll be running for prime minister in a few years.
Luckily these frekin' politicians were not masturbating in the assembly.
Well porn is illegal in India, so they probably also downloaded the porn illegally. I don't think the Indian politicians really support SOPA either.
And who made porn illegal in India? That's why they're hypocrites.
Porn is illegal in India and punishable by serious jail time. +Fulvio Gerardi Porn was never legal in India. But no one seriously bothers regulating it.
it was also later alleged that one of the minister actually cut off power supply to his constituency so that they couple not see the transmission on TV. Seriously am not making this up.
+Bhargav Yerneni I disagree with your statement "Porn was never legal in India". For one thing, Pornography wasn't defined until comparatively recently. For another, indian culture has much nudity and sex dating back millennia. If it is not legal, it was made that way by someone passing a law, at which time it BECAME illegal. And the people passing that law are the same sort of people who got busted in this incident. Hypocritical lowlife scum, like most politicians.
+Prateek Kher That sounds like a very harsh punishment for the crime. it even really a crime?
+Rick Taylor its not really that much of a crime. when something bad that happens in India gets covered in international media (or people like +Mike Elgan ), some people tend to think as if their pride and prestige is lost. It is not really about the real issue that happened actually. Its the uneasiness felt, when non-Indians get to know the real-thing that happens in India. The cat that got caught !
Apparently, the incident happened when the parliament was discussing threat to indian culture by bikini clad foreign tourists partying at the state beaches :-)
Oh just the same thing. Non-Indians knew about this ! And now all Indians are ashamed .. If you didn't write about this ... its not that shameful
+Mike Elgan I dont have a problem with the porn . but i find it shameful that they were watching during a debate in the assembly. They are supposed to be respected lawmakers who represent one of the most developed states in India
lol if indians are ashamed of this now they're like 50 years late. This is just a mild taste of indian politics corruption and hypocrisy. MILD.
+sameer jagdale To expect India to be the only democracy in history with 100% infallible politicians is an impossibly unrealistic metric.
I can't believe they felt comfortable enough to watch something like that in parliament, considering that it is a punishable offense!
+Mike Elgan Agreed.. But this is coming on the back of a number of scams and irregularities in the government and the subsequent promises from the government that it would take measures to prevent them which makes you wonder whether they are serious about it or not
This is kind of a serious crime. Watching Porn is not a serious crime but watching porn in Parliament is a serious crime. They are demons inside temple of Democracy. And Demons should be beheaded as soon as possible before they commit more devil jobs.
+Michael Cavano The punishment for this act must be as high as possible so that no one else try to do the same Shameful act again, They are destroying the name of my Nation.
+Prateek Kher - Oh yeah, 'cause the barbaric act of beheading someone would be less shameful than watching porn in parliament?

Sounds to me like you've already been beheaded, 'cause you certainly ain't using yours.
+Prateek Kher - And apparently you don't know anything about a civilized society. I don't have to know anything about India to know that beheading someone for watching porn in parliament is ludicrously barbaric.
If Punishing Bad people is crime in Civilized society according to you then Its good only for you and I would better live with Animals.
+Prateek Kher - If you want to behead someone for watching porn in parliament, then you are far more "bad" then they are. Killing is the worst sin. An eye for an eye means that his punishment should be: watching porn at his house. :-D
Yes and doing all sorts of sin is good thing. There are a lot of Good people waiting to do good jobs, we don't need bad people alive. Atleast bad leaders. where will they lead a nation. And you want to protect them then take them to your home I don't want them here.
+Fulvio Gerardi Sorry i didn't elaborate...

Hardcore Porn is illegal in India, Soft core porn is not, Possession of any such material is not illegal but distributing is.

Indian Culture has a rich history with sex, most notably The KamaSutra, which most people assume is a sex guide, Its not. It is a book about sex, love, family and life. There are various temples which have been declared as national heritage sites which have decorations in nude or depicting sexual acts. If i go into any bookstore I can find books about sex, kamasutra (various versions), erotica etc...

The thee politicians who got caught watching porn were watching it in the assembly, They have already resigned and their political careers for the foreseeable future destroyed. What you have to see is the reaction from their party will they be punished under the harsher points of law (fines, jail etc) to be appease the masses or will the party protect them ?
+Prateek Kher - I didn't voice an opinion on resignation, which would of course be more suitable course of action than killing a man for watching porn in parliament. Frankly, I don't see him as being a bad man - just a idiot time-waster.. But if you're willing to kill a man for this "crime", then I do indeed consider you to be a bad man. Certainly a far worse man than the idiot time-waster.

You are a violent, despicable person with no concern for the value of human life. Sounds to me like you need to let off some steam. Maybe you should download some porn?

And yes, I'd have no problem welcoming them in Canada. People are people. You on the other hand, are violent. I wouldn't want you here.
They were no ordinary dump people,

They were M.L.A.'s you know what is importance of being an MLA Probably you don't.

And I am thankful to you, so when are you taking them to Canada.
Many ordinary people's were killed in near history for doing such acts. And there should be exemption for them just because they are representatives of people.
+Prateek Kher - So just because ordinary people were barbarically killed with medieval reasoning you think that justifies perpetuating such nonsense? How about this: take this stirring of public interest as an opportunity to upgrade your judicial system and/or public moralities to something a little closer to modern, civilized behavior.

I mean for crying out loud. You talk about animals? These guys were following the animal urge to pursue sexual interest. You, on the other hand, want to follow the animal urge to commit a violent act against something that opposes you delicate sensibilities. These guys were just wasting time on the public dollar. But you want to waste a human life on private morality (or lack thereof). They were naturally interested in sex. You are unnaturally interested in excessive violence.

Who's more of an animal?
Harsh the punishment, less is the crime. History is witness of this fact. You don't know because Canada has no big history.
+Prateek Kher the thing is that when the discussion was going on about the rave parties in karnataka, the minister used the internet to see it himself. The media is again taking us all on a ride. First they blame the ministers for watching those clips. then they show those clips on their own channels. They are doing this just to get more TRP ratings.
Sadly, if the law was in your hands, you would have beheaded them who might actually be innocent. It would be better to differentiate between your outrage and punishment. Even punishment should be reasonable, whereas rage would only make you regret.
You think that our politicians are so stupid to watch porn when almost everyone there have atleast one person behind them and cctv cameras and news media cameras all around the place?? The politicians, who have amassed riches in the swiss banks get caught for this?? When they are definitely capable of arranging for themselves a flesh fiesta a hundred times more gratifying than just watching somebody else doing it in a 17 inch screen?? And why would anyone lend himself to this torture where he cannot fully satisfy himself?
Now even if you get them beheaded, would it make any difference? only 560 odd parliamentarians would be afraid of doing this. What about the rest of the viewers in India? I'm pretty sure that such politicians are not a role model for much people.
Probably some people (Relatives of Criminals) just live to protect criminals in the name of Justice. But I am not that kind of person, If someone commits crime they must be punished.
With great Power comes great responsibility and if you misuse the power you must be trashed very badly. You are right I am not using my Head but using my Heart and see what message have they sent to world about India. Some one defames my Nation and you want me just to tolerate it no , I better die killing all traitors.
If they didnt know what is rave party , why watch video can't you just ask someone. Foolishness.
+Prateek Kher i thought so too, but after looking at the comments, i don't feel so bad about it. And i don't think that it has been so effective in defamating India as we both think.
Relax dude, you're so getting pissed off for nothing.
+Prateek Kher - Knowing that Indians kill people for watching porn is far worse for India's image than the fact that these guys were watching it. Nobody cares if they watched porn. They should be a little embarrassed, but you or any other Indian shouldn't. But if you think killing them is okay; well that says something about you and your country. That's despicable.

And as for Canada, we don't have a death penalty. The murder rate per capita in the United States - our closest neighbor and a country that has both the death penalty and far more strict sentencing for crimes of any nature - is triple that in Canada. In fact, just about all areas of criminal activity are much greater in the United States than in Canada. So what does that tell you about strict punishment?

I like India. My first girlfriend was an Indian/Canadian. You and your country should be far more ashamed of having the death penalty than of some "corruption" in parliament. Especially when the "corruption" is as trivial as simply watching porn in an unsuitable place. Really, who cares? If you want to reduce your shame, then reduce your leaning toward violent punishment. That, is something shameful.
+Prateek Kher Canada has no big history ? seriously ? learn how to respect other countries ! See how he is talking and how you are talking ... dude India is not the only country in the world ... not even the oldest democracy or even the strongest .. (its only the largest democracy only because people were born like rats in the 60's and 70's). Before british there is not even a country called India except for a bunch of little ass kingdoms fighting among each other. So please do not give out that rich history shit. British came in and unified all those silly butts and made em into a country called India.
+Prateek Kher And why are you separating politicians from yourself or every other Indian. You elected them .. if people really feel it is wrong they won't elect him again. Talking about beheading makes you far worse than watching porn in the assembly. Is this what your so called rich history taught you ? Personally bashing people about their country saying they got no history and suggesting beheading ? Time for some education buddy !
+Alok Meshram The 'Times of India' is a mouthpiece of 'Indian National Congress' the main opposition party to BJP, the party C C Patil belongs to... Whatever 'Times' say about BJP should be taken with a large grain of salt
Ganesh: Just because TOI is the mouthpiece of indian national Congress does not make any difference. The news came on a local channel which was covering the proceedings.
The worst part was the absurd minister gave a statement that he was watching a news clipping of a RAPE.
Ohh Woahhh... +Alok Meshram +Balasubramanya Avadhani Guys Cooool....

First, I am not disputing the news at all. I have shared the news myself on my steam, probably even before Mike. You can check my profile to confirm :-)

Second, I was referring to the type of news, as the link shared by Alok in his comment, where the 'news' portion is far less as compared to the 'Interpretation/Connotation' portion...Tabloid media (not limited to TOI) just loves it...

A classic example... Delhi police commissioner some time back said "Delhi Police cannot protect girls who venture out to the streets late in the night". A technically 'correct' but politically 'highly incorrect' statement. Didn't the media just love it. They made a big issue out of it, by interpreting the statement as.....wait for it.......... "Police chiefs says that Delhi girls who go out in the night invite rape and are somehow responsible for rape".

I too dislike politicians, but with cases like these (again I am not referring to the porngate) I have started hating the media as much
+Ganesh Nayak - I agree completely. We had almost the exact same thing here a while back. I can't remember if the judge was in the U.S.A. or Canadian, but he mentioned that the victim's provocative clothing may have been a her rape.

Of course the media made it sound like he was blaming her, which he wasn't Though it appears that even the basic idea is still controversial.

Personally, I agree with the judge. Does it mean the rape was justified? Of course not!! Not at all, never. The perpetrator is still guilty of a heinous crime. Just like you'd have a hard time justifying theft. But if I walked through the ghetto waving around $10,000 screaming "I've got lots of money", well, somebody would probably rob me. Are they still guilty? Of course! But I'd also be an idiot who should have thought through my actions.
+Ganesh Nayak : Please keep your overtly dramatic reactions to yourself and keep this discussion objective. Just because you behave as if you're surprised or shocked at my comments doesn't make my comment useless.

Now back to topic: First, I want to point out the utter hypocrisy in telling women that they "ought to know how much skin they should cover" and watching porn movies in a legislative assembly.

As far as declaring provocative clothing a factor in rape - I believe that such opinions are stupid as well as harmful. You are essentially saying that men are not to be trusted - and hence asking women to pay a price with their liberty and freedom.

This is where +Michael Cavano is wrong - it's not about waving your "money" or "property". A woman's body isn't "property" that she is "waving around". It's something she owns and carries with herself. Just like you do. Except that some men think it can become their "property".

A better analogy here would be - "People who roam the streets without bullet-proof armor are partly to be blamed when some serial killer shoots them." You're saying that when a victim didn't wear armor it is a factor in their murder.
+Alok Meshram - What I'm saying is indeed, that people, with all of our conscious ability, are still victims of animal instinct. Most people control themselves, as is and should be expected of us. But there are some who either can't or choose not to. That's reality.

So what I'm saying is, don't walk into bear country smothered in barbecue sauce. Yeah, if the bear attacks we'll still try to find it and tranquilize it - but you should also be aware of what kind of things can happen in your neck of the woods.

Don't leave food out near the bears, and don't be foolish enough to think that all people are better than rape and theft. Reality says that not all of them are, regardless of what our ideals are. Live by your ideals, but don't be blind to the fact that others have differing morals. Conduct yourself accordingly or you might run into trouble.
+Michael Cavano : By that logic, there are some people who have rage issues and also own guns. Should I wear armour every time I go out? Your bear and food analogy works here too. But people don't wear armour every time they go out. Because it encumbers their liberty.

Practicality cannot be used as an argument when we speak of ideals - and the law is all about ideals.
poonam ji I am agree with you and your openion. I am also try to understand to younge age. I am not so active in social media. 
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