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Stun gun iPhone case adds 20 hours of battery life!

A new iPhone case called the Yellow Jacket delivers 650k volts of stun gun juice -- and 20 hours of juice to your iPhone. 

Just don't zap yourself in the head while you're talking on the phone.
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I don't carry an iPhone anymore, but they do win on accessories.  This is pretty slick.
tobi wood
So my phone is in my pocket next to Captain Winky....
Great idea...hopefully, they institute some sort of early warning system if you just happened to forget to charge your phone. IN addition, I don't see many people get attacked while holding their phone...that would be practical suicide for a would be attacker anyway... Great idea nonetheless, and seems to be worth the $85 out of sheer convenience...
I look forward to the first idiot that gives themselves a jolt to their ear.
File this one under, "America. F*** Yeah!".
How many things do you think can go wrong with this +Mike Elgan ?

Not to mention carrying it in your pocket is carrying a concealed weapon, a felony in Arizona.
Just don't zap yourself in the head while you're talking on the phone.

Good point.  Maybe combining a phone and a stun gun isn't such a good idea.
i love some of the ideas that come out for apple phones i just hate apple 
Badly needed, was away for the weekend using the camera on my Iphone, it was dead in a matter of hours
+Jonathan Crabtrey agreed.  If the device manufacturers would standardize a bit we'd probably see some cooler accessories for Android.
thats a really good idea ...kinda ::))
Oh...accidental stun to the head while talking on the phone trick....sounds like kaos is up to no
It dosent matter what you get for this device it does not change anything it is still iphone :(
This may be a good idea. Will it come out to other phones as well?
What would be neat is if someone managed to steal your phone you can zap them from a distance. Until they had no choice but to drop it off. 
+Cory Blair Aaah man....I really needed that laugh this morning. Wonderful jolt!
Why don't they just charge the phone and lose the extra weight?
You're doing it wrong. The tricorder and phaser are TWO separate devices.
+Mike Elgan A stun gun in my pocket connected to a phone that vibrates every couple of minutes? Nothing could go wrong there, nope. I'll take the extra battery life though!
That thing looks buuulkyyy though :-\
I can hear a new Seagal movie coming... Push to Kill
Well I guess you would need something like this when you can't remove the battery and replace it with another.
Wast of money I stick my USB and wall charger & car charger !! Not on phone 24/7 like every one who has no life :) 
Now everyone is gonna get one just to extend battery life. Lol
Kinda cool. A bit bulky though but for that kind of battery life its a fair trade off. I was mophie juice pack user myself. The iPhone should ship with one of those cases lol.
fuck that shit, weapons on a toy ...yeah right =(
Can't wait to see the new Apple commercial for this one ...
Self-defense?  (a creepy dude in a hoodie sneaks up to grab a female jogger) There's an app for that! (as creepy dude jumps out from behind a bush, female jogger grabs her iPhone and zzzzzapppp!)
Hmm I like how he says its a Stun Gun Disguised inside a smartphone... thats not exactly true.... its more a stun gun that happens to hold onto your phone....

Oh well - if it helps personal safety thats a good thing... if it zaps me in the butt when i sit on my phone.. thats not so good... Just imagine that meeting at work....
This will go well with Apple's new NFC air plane boarding patent.  
Funny how many think this is a good idea. Wait till you see the flood of lawsuits as idiots begin using the stun gun on people. That is called Felony Assault, carries 3.5 years in Arizona in a real prison.
Hmm... amusing, too bad you can't just change out your battery like a normal phone.
I can see this being a leading nominee for the next Darwin awards...
"Siri, I'm being attacked! Use tazer!"

Siri: "Searching for restaurants near you.."

"Siri, I'm bleeding! Call me an ambulance!"

Siri: "From now on, I will call you 'An Ambulance'"
True +Chris Lang but makes you think what they could do with cases with built in batteries. I would definitely buy to keep my GalNex running for over 24hours.
Don't really know if I should laugh or cry?
So if you end up using it to stun someone..does it drain the are you supposed to call for help then?!
I would definitely wind-up zapping myself with this case!
I can only imagine that it will help apples battle against all those other copiers who so blatantly copy apples copied products!   Wow, I can't believe I got all that out in a sentence!
I was really hoping for a product demonstration in the video. 

felonies involving the discharge, use or threatening exhibition of a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or the intentional or knowing infliction of serious physical injury

You may want to consult with a lawyer before going to prison. practice clenching your butt cheeks too...
Can't wait to see someone exploit this and set it off remotely.
Like I said to my friends, a taser is useful in every situation
Their waiting until next Black Friday, "I saw that first!  Doesn't matter, I have a Zap for that!  BZZZZZZ!"  "Mace don't have nothing on my Izap"
Sri K
love it
is there any way they can make one for an iPod touch
Best substitute for guns!

Make affordable ones and have them licensed to everybody for self-defense.
If you jump on this now, it will only cost you $85, otherwise you’ll be looking at about $100.
+Denise Morgan Kalicki ...unfortunately yes. It is still legal to carry an Iphone. =]
compared to the Galaxy S2 the iphone is heavy and solid enough to beat someone over the head with

this is going to sell in some of the trendy NYC neighborhoods that happen to border the not so trendy neighborhoods
Yes let's give the iphone a huge battery.  Then we can market them again later without it as a slim model.
Yea thats or iphones what about ipods? My dies all the time and i keep my brightness down alll the time.
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TSA may have fun collecting these at the airport?
+Jeffrey Hamby with Google now owning Motorola maybe they will standardize their Nexus devices. 
me regalan uno :) si si 
+DJ Evans good point. Maybe some standardization around 3-4 phone sizes (micro-usb always in the same place etc..)

Then as a bit of a fanboi I have to hope Samsung will comply.
How about remote activation of the stun gun incase your phone gets stolen..
I am buying this when I get,my iPhone next month !
"650 volts" is a typo, right? That wouldn't even arc through the air, never-mind someone's skin. Hopefully that company has good lawyers, because the first person to attempt using one of these is going to get their phone stolen, and the crap beat out of them.

Edit- Yep, it is a typo, their site ( says 650,000 volts. That makes more sense.
Wait.. I don't,need my Aunt who is a cop to woop my ass,for,getting,this,so,forget buying this lol
You know somebody on the phone is gonna blow up a gas station, right?
Apple, another word for lawsuit.
+Chris Lang its only considered a lethal weapon if it uses gunpowder as a propellant. Only the early models used gunpowder. The ARC has stated air powered versions are not considered firearms. So fire away folks! Disclosure, info from wikipedia, use info at your own risk.
where do you buy it?
Correction, ATF, dang auto correct...
looks kinda big....and heavy
I posted Arizona ARS. Each state is different, and most states disregard federal statutes. I can't even carry a folding pocket knife in AZ, has to be clipped and the end visable.

Read the law +Greg Youree, problem is most don't read them until they are headed to court.
If u like your phone to look like tank buy this :P
THIS is a great posting---love it and will get it---a big need filled by this----THANKS a LOT, much much better than photos of dinner or political rants about how to improve the world
Gta admit, this case kinda makes me like the Iphone now. never b4
Why do that when you could just root and...oh wait
i need that my iphone runs out of battery so quickly
Yeah, if I wanted a bulky phone then might be a good thing. But I don't. I'd rather carry a spare battery somewhere. Oh wait.. you cannot swap a battery on iPhone..
A lawsuit waiting to happen. Why not make it shoot bullets?
Sweet gotta get me one of them
in a month u'll c someone on the news dying from be hurt by that thing.
i can buy all these phone i have the money i am rich i get money 
i want an iphone so badly bu im stuck with tmobile. they are a very bad phone company. i wish at&t bought them out. apple is just awesome
CLEARLY designed especially for Georgia Tech students, for multiple reasons.
Is there any site that i can buy on line with this accesories?
I like the idea of people using phones for protection.
Social Networking with built in EST.  What could be better????
wow.can we customize with different kinds of colors like FC Barcelona with old and new logos(bronze,silver,diamond,gold and platinum limited editions)?
Android = shit. Shit = Brian Decker. x)
Android phones rule.!!
I guess iphones have become a major buzzkill.
This is very nice... but the iPhone is not good
20 times the battery life, twenty times the ugliness
+Chris Lang I agree with you about the tazer. I just want a case that gives that much battery life, or even more without the tazer.
This is.. This is brutally awesomely coolest must-have iphone accessory ever..
But wait!.. Is it voice operated? Y'know..
"Siri.. Zap that guy.. ZaP that one.. Target that fella.. Setting change to: zap, roast and criminate.. Etc.."
I'd love to be the guy in line at airport security in front of someone trying to get on an airplane with one of those...
cult of apple..... ugh disgusting 
Wow ican't wait for other companies to do this
Ugly? I think the design is pretty Cool, doesn't look much different in terms of bulkiness from what a standard HardCase would be for an iphone.
I can't wait to start hearing the stories of people accidentally tazing themselves!

"Don't taze me, bro phone!"
If we #boycottapple there will be increase in accessories for Droid. In a meantime this is the most pointless idea Eva.
yeah everything showing disgusting 
"Just don't zap yourself in the head while you're talking on the phone." ROFL!
I don't have an iPhone, but if I did I would totally get this!! Obviously in Pink!! The manliest color there!!
Every object of desire has to be turned into an offensive weapon. It is in the constitution, dammit.
give me one sample..........
Why it's so big? looks like more than double the size of the iPhone, then I rather have an extra battery and switch when the first one run out, oh, it reminds me, iPhones don't have a battery you can just change by opening a hatch.
fyi potential difference has nothing to do how hard a electric shock feels fyi dragging your feet on the floor will static educe millions of volts in you 
Yeah but will it run android?
That's a disaster waiting to happen... I can see now the Black Friday crazy shopper crowds beaming with energy... zaaap... zaaap... LOL
How many times can you taze yourself in the nuts before you can't have any kids.
Or, they could half the size, take out the stun gun and just give the 20 hours of battery life.
I wonder if it's true my mom has a iPhone 
apple might sue itself for useing slide to unlock
"I keep getting shocked."
"You're holding it wrong."
A stun gun in your phone. What can possibly go wrong?
If you are talking on the phone while driving and you weave or fail to maintain a constant, adequate speed, you should be jolted automatically.  Call it the "thinning the herd" feature
Hate for that to go off in my pocket
Great idea! More crApple consumers should stun-gun themselves.
Phone already looks like a child's toy, now even more so =)
Okay..... that's interesting. A cool idea, but I think they need better advertisement. It should explain the case as a *brand in that first sentence...Man I thought is was a real stun gun *app. Darn, but anything that puts extra battery time, (especially 20 hours!) is AMAZING. 
Does it work on Realtors? There have been a few..........
This is the latest iphone yet! 20 hours of battery life? I can use that all day for Google+. :)
Dio S
Yellow Jackets????
its funny that all the cases (or whatever they are say) 'yellow jacket' when only one of them is yellow.
+Kaley Maier please don't troll and spam, that post deserves to grace your fb wall.......not here. comment on the thread, no one is interested in that crap.
I've gotta check this out......
I'm an Android man but This I really like.
Great, now they are going to make phone cases illegal on airplanes.
They should make it work with the alarm clock app. Try to snooze and it zaps you
You can buy them online at: for $85-$100, the company is closing funding so it is going to be produced and sold in a few big box stores this fall.

-NOT a firearm or concealed weapon
- 100% legal in 44/50 states, check for full legal laws
- 1 in 9 U.S. women WILL be physically attacked in their lifetime
Does 20 hours of battery life factor in any amount of actual usage? 20 hours idling in my pocket isn't worth squat.
Wtf .... That's Crazy ,, wonder what Steve Jobs would think of that !!!! Lol
No, no, no, no!! Not this, every other kid at my school has an iPhone... And knowing how screwed up my generation is, this wont end well..
Putting in headphones just became more interesting
I was listening to Grand Puba when I saw this. Remember this line: Puba, the devil roaster, I keep a (i)tool in my holster. Mess with me and I'll be on a wanted poster. Cause that's how we move it. This is how we move it. 

Hah I was talking about how they should make one, I hate carrying both my phone and my stun gun.
In a breaking story Android developers are testing a polarity reversing insulated case code name "snakebite"
I can already see someone killing themselves with this and the maker of the Yellow Jacket being sued.
Sounds like a great way to prank your friends xD
i hate the yellow jackets man when i go to a different schools i am going to be happy
Somebody give Chris some attention please so he does not have to mention the word felony anymore..
Nice zapper, shame about the iPhone !   Android Rules !
Cris Q
I don't know how I was able to get this post but fuckin awesome. I personally carry kabuton sometimes and it can be bulky in you're pocket.
Tina Vu
dint zap myself um no
Cris Q
Haha thats not a lawsuit waiting to happen. There has to to some kind of safety mechanism to avoid such things from happening
Very awesome! Only wish I would have thought of this first LOL!
Lovely now you could use your piece of shit for longer and instead of boring us to death you could just stun us instead
Don't keep in your front pocket!
pretty cool, but i wonder how easy or hard it is to zap yourself. do they make one with just the extended battery life?
i have the weirdest boner right now
I need one I have an otter box and I can literally throw it against cement walls 20 hours of life sound better than abusing my phone for personal entertainment
What could possible go
Hel...bzzzt! WTF happened? 
I can see it now.
One of those rare things that I hope doesn't get funded. Lol. Though I guess it would make an iPhone at least slightly useful.
Worse than the head, what if you zap yourself while your phone is in your pant pocket???? Just sayin'

does it actually work like a stun gun?
It makes the iphone become more bulky
Is it possible to use together with the iphone chain saw chase (TM) and the iphone shotgun case (TM)? 
Can you get on a plane with it?
thats awesome.. Hope this feature will be there in the next iPhone 5 series!!
Naw Ing
Then why are they wearing black pink jacket

Wow...that's pretty innovative. I wonder how illegal this is or where it is legal?
To Kevin Coleman:  That is defintely illegal. 
Is it responsible to carry a gun on ur phone? I'm pretty sure u would taze yourself
Hahahahahaha. I would absolutely shock myself.
Smart idea but dangerous in the wrong hands
Why didn't they call it the iZap?
Haha iPhone users can't swap battery so they need this monster case instead, lol you isheep
A stun gun on your phone? What could possibly go right?
that's bulky.. iphone users don't want slim phone i think..
I see a law suit on the horizon. "This week in daily news: new IPhone case gives customers a SHOCKING surprise"
Wow watch out phone jackers!
Looks pretty nice.. I love the colors too!
The only bad thing is that you need to have a Fisher price phone to use the case..
So would a removable battery. Just sayin'
Wow! Finally there is a way to multi task with an iphone.
I just want to see what this will be rated as? How many complaints and lawsuits!
At WWDC 2013:
Tim Cook: Introducing iZap-
Some jerk in the crowd: Lame! iOS sucks! Androids the way to go and anyone who thinks otherwise is a complete idiot! Your all iSheep even though it's ironic because I snook into an Apple conference just to say all this trash about Apple and clearly show loyalty to Android-
Tim zaps the jerk
Tim: Anyone else like to talk some trash about Apple?
Is there a chance this could be done for android phones too? Our court house doesn't allow cellphones for this reason.
Get a Razr Maxx and you don't have to worry about battery life or make your phone thick.
Now i might buy me a iphone just for this case.
As long as children are completely safe around it OR do hear LAWSUIT!?
Anyone wanna see a movie with me on YouTube? I'd be honored! Ha, I can do it on my iPhone with that case.
Just let me know!
Love ya!
Even if they made these for my big boy phone (galaxy nexus) I probably still wouldn't get one
This is awesome. No, super awesome. Not last comment!
i have a stun case that is not a phone but it will deliver 500k watts of stun power to a potential attacker.""""
Just to update all you lovers and haters, we hit our $100K fundraising goal on Indiegogo and Yellow Jacket cases for iPhone 4/4s are in production. We are currently designing the iPhone 5 model. Follow us at for up to date info
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