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Chinese government lifts ban on Google+. Chinese flood Obama's profile.

President +Barack Obama's Google+ profile has been over-run with Chinese-language comments.

About five days ago, the Chinese government lifted or partly lifted its block on Google+. Many Chinese citizens went immediately to the US president's profile to leave comments on a wide variety of issues.

President Obama needs Google Translate for Google+:

Props to +David Chan
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Yeah he does. Interesting move by China...
We hate the GFW.To "occupy" Obama's Google+ is like performance art.
We need a way to filter out the Chinese. How can we do mass blocking? They and others who are not relevant to our lives in some way will ruin our G+ culture. Back to Facebook?
Use google translate on plus. Some of these Chinese have interesting things to say.
你们有什么目的? (what is your goal?)
irish d
hmmm yes there should be a tool to block the flooding chinese en masse
+Google+ should auto translate postings. Mobile users like me can't just "translate"
Rather than block people who don't speak english, why not put in a request to include a quick Google Translate link on every post and comment? This would greatly facilitate sharing among people who might miss out on interesting discussion. +Natalie Villalobos
+Ralph Sevy the sad thing is that; that involves more than an extension.
+Jim Preston wow, you are in for a big surprise if you think the Chinese aren't relevant to your life. I wonder what other groups you would put in that category?

I agree with +john sawyer. Everyone should install Google Translate for Google+ and maybe learn something from beyond their own backyard.
+Søren Dalsgaard Brath I will agree with installing the extension, but for someone like me, who gave up the pc when I got my tablet, well, us mobile types, are SOL
+Jim Preston +irish d Don't worry.Google+ will be blocked by Chinese government's Great Firewall within China a few days later.
irish d
more like zombie agents of the chinese republic otherwise why target obama.
I agree +Ralph Sevy, I really miss it when using my mobile. I hope something similar will soon be integrated into G+ proper and maybe the mobile app too. I think it is the single most important update missing on G+. That extension has really helped me broaden my circles.
Hard to say, a lot of the messages seem to be oriented towards appealing to Western intervention for human rights. OTOH, given the amount of Chinese-sponsored cyber-warfare against the U.S. government, perhaps they will turn to choking elections communications to make it harder for Obama and others from communicating.
And it looks like this is being lead by activists in Brussels and France, etc...
To try and bring down the communist government... Very bold...
This may be a bit messy in the short run, but in the long run perhaps it will be good to have China on board.
+东方清扬 很可惜。。。 加油!
(they are saying that it has already been blocked, that now they can only get on google+ in a few places from cell phones)
This is one things i have noticed with using international social media for politics. the options of the world can and will leak in. I live in Canada and i really keep track of use elections as they have a great effect on the internet as a hole for many reasons. I often get anoid that i cant vote in white house polls but i do know why. With all these tools and communications being international i wonder how much longer we can keep national issues and policies national and how much more with the internet and world wide social media that world governments are going got be necessary not that getting every one to agree on anything is easy.
Thanks +Mike Elgan for putting this excellent list of links to gather give me some of the best news.
I just installed the Google Translate extention and it is amazing
I earlier said that Chinese are not relevant to my life. Of course that isn't true. What I mean is they aren't relevant to my personal interests with the minor exception of paleontology (they rock!).

What is great about G+ now is that comments are not overwhelmed with posts. The scale is small and the threads are manageable. It doesn't require a huge time commitment to follow a discussion.

What happens if there are hundreds of comments, or thousands? Why would I bother getting involved in a discussion when I would never have the time to follow large threads? This may work fine for bored people with little else to do but those of us who make things happen can't participate.

I watched Twitter go downhill when a lot of shallow people moved in and dominated the stream with nonsense or wanted to pick fights on even rather neutral topics. Damit, I don't want G+ to go that route!

I don't blame the Chinese for wanting to join us and I have little against them except for stealing patented ideas and messing around almost daily with one of my sites. What I don't want is the volume of comments that will push me away from G+. I'm probably not the only one who would like a somewhat walled garden as a way of managing my time.
Many of you are looking at this wrong!
They're flood-commenting many things cause they've finally been given at least a little freedom to do so. I personally do not mind at all!
I look at it this way:
The Chinese citizens are finally getting some relevant exposure on the topics online, the comment-flooding is just a fad and a release for them right now (It'll stop eventually), and the biggest reason why I don't mind: IMAGINE THE SPIKE IN TRAFFIC THIS IS GIVING GOOGLE+!!
The more users, the more influence and notoriety. Which in turn becomes even more users and notoriety. G+ needs this.
+Kyle Fritz I tend to agree, I am a little leery of it, though. If it's not orchestrated by the government, then I worry for the citizens. Hopefully it's not the government opening up some "bait" for its citizens to get a sense of who's rising to it and how much trouble it might make for them.
+Kyle Fritz Please consider that a change in culture killed other social media and that some of us refugees don't want our new space screwed up. I agree with you conceptually but we've traveled this route a few times before.
+John Blossom: I sincerely hope that is not the case!

+Jim Preston: I can't disagree with you, however I don't see this as screwing up our culture, this is simply adding in another.
There will be communication between the East and West sides for sure, but with the language gap being a barrier (I suppose "burden" would be a better word given the free translation software), I don't think it will be enough to change our dynamic much. They'll just make their own Google+ culture; I welcome it.
One more thing to keep in mind: If Google+ does win over Facebook, that means a migration of FB users onto G+.... that migration would include all the stereotypical Jersey-Shore-fan type of people. Our culture is certainly going to change, I just hope the kind, communicative, and supportive one we have now is preserved and kept separate somehow.
Not much I can do about it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
irish d
+Kyle Fritz i hope you're right that this is just a phase. they can easily use up the 500 comment limit.
+Robert Scoble has complained a lot about G+ not having any noise control (filtering) and I agree. I welcome new users as I think G+ is the best, hands down. However, without Google giving us some kind of noise control, the new plussers from China could make some of our streams unbearable. My "science" stream already has too many duplicate posts. I'd hate to add duplicate posts in Chinese to that as well.
+Jim Preston (et al) Isn't change what happens during life, apart what you have done before....I recommend you learn a new language, expand your horizons. Even easier, install the google translator function and broaden your mind. You can "block" the entire world - there are plenty of like minded in America, in Australia, in China, in North Korea.... I have travelled widely and have found it's interesting people that investigate other cultures, here is a chance for you to look into another world...and you turn your back. It's your call, you have the power of the "block button"....use it wisely.
irish d
+Michael Ringland you'll find that most people hate being overwhelmed, clicking an extra button to clean up posts, even comments from people who have nothing good or relevant to say is a waste of a precious minute and notification. when you get too many of that and you can't comment coz it's reached 500 already, i'm sure you'll complain too. that's change for the worse. like i said i hope it's just a phase.
irish d
+Michael Ringland blocking only works in your posts. not here or not in obama's post where people congregate.
There was a ban? Odd. I was posting to G+ all whilst i was in China, in November.
+Michael Ringland I speak 3 languages, traveled in 28 countries, expert in several, studied and had businesses abroad, lived on the edge of China, have worked in over 50 disciplines, started dozens of companies, follow a dozen sciences, and the list goes on. I haven't expanded my horizons enough for you?
This is an aside since we are discussing a Chinese "invasion". When I lived in Russia on the North Korea / Chinese border the Russian border guards used to shoot and kill Chinese who came over the border to hunt frogs. This is the Russian version of filtering when you have only 8 million people in an area the size of the US (the Russian Far East and Siberia) and they have 1.3 billion.

That or Russians deeply love to protect frogs.
Jenny A
It got quite annoying to see everything in Chinese on my iPhone app. I had to un-circle +Barack Obama for the time being. For those of you who are saying to install the Google translate extension, I personally don't care to use Chrome or Firefox so it doesn't work for me. There isn't a way to translate anything on the iPhone app either. +Google+ needs to add this function so that you can translate with anything you use.
I'm sorry for some Chinese's behavior. But I have something to say. What will a person do first if he is released from a big bottle which has trapped him for a long time? I think he will shout loudly. So try to forgive these people because they want to communicate with you freely. Give them some time and they will know how to communicate with others. I also admit there are some bad people in China. It's all the same all around the world. Sorry again.
You don't have to apologize to us +Jason Hu. If you send us your bad people we'll send you Republicans :-) All of us want the Chinese to be free of media controls. What we are concerned about is that it may change the wonderful culture we have here on Google + or even if that isn't a problem there will be too many comments for a real discussion. You have no control of this of course.
I just muted a post for the first time. Endless dumb comments in English and lots of comments in various other languages. It was too much action to get stay involved with. This is what will kill G+. When the quality goes down then the real value to Google will also go down. Just try monetarizing worthless chatter.
Part of them believe they can use this act to draw oversea attention on Chinese people, instead of their country itself. Others just do it for fun.
Interesting. I live in Beijing, and although the web app has always been blocked, the mobile apps on iOS and Android always worked without proxy.
Just a kidding
It's strange that PC can't visit G+ but mobile phone can.
I tried several times. I cannot log in withtout enabling VPN first. So the ban on Google+ has not been lifted, at least from where I live. I'm in Beijing.
When i was in Beijing, this past november, i accessed it by both mobile and laptop.
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