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More on the international distribution of Google+ circles.

More people have circled me in Vietnam than in the UK. Whaddup, UK? ; )
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They're probably still talking about this new thing called Twitter.
you know, its kinda creepy when im looking at something, then i go to google+ and you shared it.
They outsourced their circling to India, obviously. 
Are these numbers percentages of all the users that have circled you or what? Does this have to do anything with the fact that India has a population something like 1,2 billion people?
We're very early adopters, and still Google's second biggest market after the US - maybe your content is too US-centric.... ;P
WoW, Glad to see Pakistan on no 11. Facebook is holding the chunk but seems people are moving in to G+..
Not one Spanish speaking country in that list, which makes the whole moon landing debacle the other day a bit weirder and the possibility that someone got his followers to troll the post even more likely.
It only counts people who have made their profile country public - maybe it's a sense of privacy that's holding my fellow countrymen back?  Who knows.  I've got you in my circles +Mike Elgan, and that should be all you need :-)
I can't speak for my compatriots but maybe it's just the natural British reserve! ;) lol
Of course +Patrik Soderstrom could also be right. We may have invented the computer & the internet but many Brits are loyal FB & Twitter fans. 
I'm with Matt - I think you are quite US specific. 
+Geoff Dykes That would be "The Web" you're referring to there.  Just thought I'd correct that before someone else did :-)
I live in the UK too, and I'm an early adopter. The British media are too much in love with Twitter and Facebook, and don't really talk about Google+. For instance, the very popular BBC website doesn't even have +1 buttons. Most of the articles here are just lazy tweet transcripts (even the BBC) . The TV adverts were not very successful, because they missed the point, by making G+ look like a FB clone. Mind you, maybe it's the same everywhere.
+Heli Järvenpää Yes, exactly. You'll note that the number 2 and 3 percentages far exceed the number 1 percentage, which is amazing. Typically, you would expect your own country to far exceed all other nations combined. That's how it was for me on Facebook and Twitter, I'm pretty sure. 
They don't like you just like me in America I have mostly from India 
Greg M
Remember that this relies on people on G+ actually putting their real location in their profile vs no location or a fake location.
Brasil at 3o!!!! Looks great.
G+ it's not so famous in Brazil, but glad to know we're in third
I live in Scotland. Everybody has been on Facebook for years and most my colleagues are active on Twitter as well. I was surprised to see that none of them heard of Google+.
looks my country, Indonesia, catching up fast :)
I'm thinking that when an Englishman reads the Queen's English turned into "Whaddup", extended pinkies curl and scones are dropped.
In my experience, Facebook seems to have a stronger hold in the U.K.
I, or rather YOU people have probably crashed it. ; ) 
I'm in the UK. I'll recommend you to a few people. G+ is getting more popular here so hopefully these figures will change ...
I wonder how many people migrated from Orkut?
i would be surprised if 10% of people know about google plus here in uk. Its an unknown gem over here. I used it a lot in uni, but thats a small group of comp sci students.. all other friends use hotmail and facebook in tandem.. kids use twitter heavily too. 
(Brit here) I've worked hard to promote G+ to my friends and colleagues.  A few have signed up, but most did the whole "none of my friends are here" thing and didn't bother coming back.  Somehow it seems that most of us don't get it.

I rank quite highly (relatively) in CircleCount's UK rankings, which tells me there aren't many of us on here!
Didn't see my country there...most of the people here still haven't heard of G+, but everyone is on FB and Twitter. :p
I spent a whole month traveling in Vietnam, and Chrome was installed in every computer I used.
You should plan a trip to India.. Would be glad to host you
Hey , where is South Africa?oh , your other post...
last time i checked, G+ was blocked in China. I couldn't even get onto picasa web, since it was directed to the G+ domain. I wonder how did China come up to 2.4? Does it refer to HK and Macau?
good to see some southeast asian countries, that is great for google considering many in our region still use yahoo search and yahoo mail. Blackberry is still most popular phone in Indonesia. Good job Google+.
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