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Which Batmobile would win a race between the 60's TV show and 1989 movie versions?

No need to guess. Super Power Beat Down races them.

Props to +Jiraporn Blue Suetrong
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I used to have the 60s batmobile as a toy made by Corgi. You could shoot missiles and it had other gadgets. I wish I still had it and all the other cars that I have lost. Definitely the 60sis a winner for me.
+Susanne Namdar if you still had it with the ammo you could sell it for quite a lot these days. I played with it too btw. :)
I'm into Batman Animated Series,are these mobiles and races comes in animated too? It's must be exciting if it so
+Marc Roelofs finally someone who knows what I am talking about and knows how valuable they could be now. I had many more, the Avenger cars, the Green Lantern car, and great other models, like Jaguar 1957 E-type in maroon, my favorite. All gifts by my dad.
protip: skip to 9:05s
The 1989 version had voice recognition technology.
Walt B.
I'm almost sure the ultimate goal of this race was to get the chick into a bikini afterwards,a goal the guy driving the 89 also had.
I don't know but I have seen a couple of versions of the Batmobile and they just take your breath away. Amazing looking.
So basically this was a 9 min intro to having that redhead in a bikini.
How very COOL!!! 2- Batmobiles Awesome!! Always,Lori H-Smith 17th.March 2012
Brian P
Ya can't beat a great car. nope, not at all.
The last minute is the best.
Brian P
I have that CORGI car, there were 2,, one was matchbox size and the one you are talking about was bigger,, had flame that came out the back and the slicer on the front, you pushed a button it would pop out.the missles were always the first thing to be lost.
+Brian Pawson lol with that T-shirt on you should damn well own the car. Did you buy it or was it 'heirloom'?
Kinda long video.. But in the end EVERYBODY WINS
That was pretty freakin awesome. The car race wasn't half bad either. heh.
Which one would you rather own? (I would take the TV version.)
That was really cooool! Thanks for the post! I'll take the 60's batmobile!
verry cool. i agrey
IIRC, the 60s batmobile was built by the same guy who made the Monkeys car (both are beased on Pontiac GTOs), and the Munsters cars.
The old bat mobile had higher maneuverability. The new bat mobile has a higher top speed, and thicker armor.
ok so i rewatched the vid just for marisha ray... and i kinda noticed something funny... facing both cars at the start of the race you'll see that the 89 is on the left and the 60 is on the right... but at 08:37 the cars have switched places...

tl;dr who cares? just watch marisha ray...
Just watched the attached video. So never mind what the cars are in fiction. In reality, the one with the higher HP/gear to weight ratio would be the faster. However any one paying attention would note that the new bat mobile has ram scoops for the false jet engine, these effectively act as small parachutes even though the car is very aerodynamic. Something some one might also notice is that the two cars constantly change speeds back and fourth. This was obviously never a real race to begin with. There is no way they would have let any one but her wash the bat mobile in a bikini, it would have been bad for ratings.
ya.....its real car and its nice race also.........:)
I m not interesting with the Bat mobile,but the Host..hahahaa
Always Loved the First Batmobile ! . . and First Cat Woman . . . :~)
300 hp....9 i'm the quarter mile....Naw I no believe....
Good point +Jin Metsuo. I was more concerned with the hot chick and totally forgot. The '66 being based on a Corvette chassis with a fuel injected Corvette engine should perform similar to the C4 Corvette it is based on. Speeds in a quarter mile are not really high enough to make a significant difference in elapsed time. It would be hard to get accurate C4 Vette ETs now, but stock C6 Vettes seem to be good for mid 12s and stock ZR1 (the new bad ass one) run in the high 10s to low 11s. Both of these cars would be considerably faster than a C4.

Also, there is no way on God's green earth that the '89 is good for 180 mph top speed. Just because it looks swoopy doesn't make it aerodynamic and that thing would be losing parts at 180 mph. I'd be surprised if the '89 could break 120, it barely has more horsepower than my V6 Camry.

At the end of the day, the cars look cool, but they do not perform. The girl on the other hand is hot as hell. It's worth 9 minutes of dork debate to see the last minute of the video.
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