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Why your coffee table will become the most important (and most expensive) piece of furniture in your house.

Today, coffee tables are almost an afterthought in the home design decision-making process. But soon, they'll become multi-touch supercomputers that control everything else in the house.

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I wouldn't even want one. I know it can be done, but why bother? A tablet PC can do all of those things, and you can move around with it. 
It kind of looks like it'd be uncomfortable, given the angle of the screen.
My friends have all heard my "real 3D" rant, but basically I won't be satisfied with 3D until I can watch football on my coffee table with holograms running around.
all fine and dandy till you have drunk neighbors over for New Years.
A desk I would consider but not a coffee table. I agree a tablet is much more portable and useful.
I don't think it makes much sense... but then I do have three wee boys who love to get up and stand on our coffee table and singalong to Postman Pat when I'm not looking!
Put it at a tilt. Our multi-touch display at works R&D lab is that way and it is easier to use.

/also, no drink spills because no one will put their coffee on a tilted surface!
won't be using it for coffee anymore ... ;-)
I don't see it. The ergonomics of a coffee table are not so good for controlling or viewing. What makes more sense is a mobile device that commingles with a big screen
Awesome... in the meantime though households can get or build a media PC which will soon enough run a windows version of kinect.
I have been sketching plans for an embedded touch-screen coffee table for years. Now I would like something where you can just "attach" a Tablet (with adapters for Android and iPad's). But of course a fullsize and permanent touch-screen like this one ranks right up there in the "cool factor" category!
Worst choice if you have children at home... they'll either be at the coffee table all day long or spill sticky stuff on it.
Nope. Who has time to sit down in their lounge and watch a coffee table? I don't even watch a TV any more.
Will this device be where a household consumes media or is this the ultimate control center for the whole house and we truly open the door to using multiple screens simultaneously? Now, where will I be able to set my drink down?
And your chiropractor's best friend.  Not exactly the most ergonomic designs. 
Now include some kind of smart location, identification, and way of charging and syncing devices when they are put on the surface.
Eu acho que não doi só o pescoço mas o corpo todo.
When two or three of these can be a person's desk at work, we won't need paper.
Hum something tells me Microsoft already invented this, but Apple will release it in 5 years and claim they did it first
Don't forget the nice flower arangement that goes on top, Dano.
If it were a coffee table, it wouldn't be useful as an intelligent device, because the screen would always be covered with magazines, books, remotes, Kindles, eye glasses, coke cans, etc. etc.
I can see that being accidentally broken is SO many ways
Think I'll wait until all my kids are over the age of 10 before I get one of these.
+Sam Sager I imagine someone will put cupholders somewhere. Already, many chairs have them built in.
What an old crap
Microsoft surface!!!!
Could i still spill coffer over it?
Yeah great...but where do you put your coffee???
+Tony Baker and it will only work in the iHome, which will cost twice as much as a regular home.  Also, all electricity in the iHome will be 153 volt and need a special 30 prong plug for any electrical devices.  Oh, and people with more money than sense will be lining up to get the first version, even though the iHome 2 will have retina windows.
While it'd be fun to have a computer like the one in the classic Tron movie, doesn't that defeat the whole point of a table as a flat surface to put things upon?

Conversely, where can I get one?
A low-to-the ground, single and expensive control surface will have limited appeal and utility. Instead, configurable HD wall touch surfaces will be the way forward. With the cost of capacitive, flexible screens coming down, it won't be too long before touch-screen wall paper becomes a reality. We'll be able to have touch surfaces throughout our built environments for a small fraction of the cost of a lumbering piece of furniture.
You neck will be broken after using this for more than an hour...
What about jet packs? Where's my jet pack? It's the future dang it!
10 grand seems a little steep. Get a skilled carpenter, a large yardsale coffee table, 2 grand worth of 50'' smart HDTV from Costco, a touchscreen kit from Newegg or Fry's, (plenty of tutorials on the web), and voila! Is it a table? Is it a PC? Introducing "The Table PC"! (ShamWoW sold separately).

Wall touch devices make sense to me...
Looks uncomfortable to lean over like that. I am thinking the huge flat screen is going to be the most important item.
You know, if they could project holograms over the surface that you could interact with instead of a screen to control the home = perfection.  Think kinect + hologram.  Just like that movie with Keanu Reeves  - Johnny Mnemonic.
Doesn't seem very practical.  Where will I put my piles of old mail and my XBox 360 controller?
I don't know whether it'll take off as a central computing device in the house. But a single control device that can't be picked up and moved around and lost? I love it! I'm sure they'll figure out the ergonomics of it and the tablet isn't going to go anywhere, so you'll still be able to use that.  Instead of having to constantly find the one table that is set up correctly, because inevitably one of the tablets never works quite right, you'll have everything in one place that's close to where it's used. And on top of that you won't have to configure every tablet to do all the tasks if you don't want to. As for the durability, gorilla glass takes care of that problem, it'll be stronger than any current glass coffee table.  I think it's a great idea.  
As several people have mentioned or alluded to, the major problem with this idea is that in houses not owned by naturally tidy people, any and all flat surfaces quickly become covered with... stuff. It's nice to envision a future that approaches a paperless society, but unless we figure out a way to stop glasses, toys, and random detritus from accumulating on it (eliminating junk mail would be a good start), it's going to be a problem.
Here's a thought: coaster sensor. The table turns bright red and a playback of the wife screaming "use the damn coaster!", activates by contact with any type of moisture coated glass surface.
A tablet and a few strategically placed touch screens built into the wall is much more practical. 
+Christina Talbott-Clark I agree.  Look at the picture.  A white fabric couch?  Who in their right mind but an obsessive-compulsive person in a clean room jumpsuit would have a couch like that.  At least make it leather so you can wipe it off!
took me a while to notice the table :)
Whats the point? Nowhere to put your drink much less prop your feet up. Its just an ipad with
I'd want it if it were installed as a wall panel, not a coffee table. Vertical surfaces are much less susceptible to damage than horizontal ones.
Oh, yeah -- that looks ergonomic. I guess hunching into an upright monitor wasn't preposterous enough ...
Can you imagine the conversations you would have if it wasn't working. "Darn coffee table is on the fritz again." "Yes operator, I need a number for a good coffee table technician....stop laughing."
I see the woman is already holding her neck in pain.
Bri Boo
so fricken kool! but what if it breaks? will the whole house shut down?? 0.0''
Unless it has the ability to magically produce snacks, I'll stick with my $39 Home Depot table and my iPad.
If I had one of those, every guest would be handed a coaster whether they drink or not. It's cool in a Dr. No kind of way.
Not much sense here as phones are the power of everything today. Why a coffee table? And how about the awkwardness of presentation. Looking down, gives me a kink in the neck thinking about it.
Nobody who has kids would suggest making the coffee table into a computer. For starters you'd never be able to see the screen on ours. And if you could it would be sticky.
Um, like this is news? What about the Microsoft Surface? This thing isn't that groundbreaking.
Why on earth would a person want these controls in a coffee table instead of a tablet that can be in any room?
Compare how often you use controls on your TV versus on the remote control. Then think, why would anyone want non-movable controls when movable is so easy.
please, don't put your cup of coffee on the table...haha!
This would be terrible for coffee table. Coffee tables often have food and drinks on them. Someone else already mentioned that tablets serve the same purpose. They are better for home use. Surface tables might be better for restaurant use. 
Mike, I will take that bet.  In fact, it's already the 2nd most important because it holds my glass of scotch.  Unless I can sit on it too, that's as high as it will ever get.
...until it gathers mounds of dust...
Ya trust will be a long time before everyone buys into this touch screen coffee table bullshit. I saw someone saying this 5 years ago and said it will soon to be a standard thing in a household. I still say bullshit
I saw these at CES. They were presenting them more as a concept for restaurants where you could order from the menu, on the screen, at your table. After ordering, various time wasters would be displayed while you wait for your food thereby having to avoid any and all conversation with your guest or other flesh dwelling beings. 
Extremely nice. Probably really expensive though?
I agree +Veasna Chiem.  Just having a big plasma TV already threatens to make my wife's head explode.
The usual breathless nonsense. Why build it into a something so hard to move around the place and with such a poor viewing angle and that you'd have to keep clear of crap to use?  

Am I the only one who thinks being able to play Monopoly with  electronic pieces isn't a sufficient USP?
Sorry, I'd rather have control from my smartphone or a tablet. Coffee table is too big and wouldn't be as useful.
Besides +Jim Bergman, it ruins the line of a suit when placed in the inside pocket. Jeans, for that matter, when sitting down.
oops just spilt my coffee, or the kids jump on it when your not in the room,, Absolutley silly  idea.
Didnt microsoft put somthing just like this in their future home a few years ago?
Where are you going to put your feet on now?
This is the first one of these I've seen for a house.  I sell a similar product that is used in Business, by the Government and in schools made by Smart Technologies.  It's called a Smart Table.
that is the most unergonomical of all possible positions to sit comfortably looking at a screen on the table no thanks. That ppor woman would sit back and wish she had a tv on the wall to watch.
Wait this is a really really old concept. I saw this a few years ago and people just laughed at it.
No feet on the coffee table anymore
No coffee on the coffee table anymore
No flowers on the coffee table anymore
No books or random stuff on the coffee table anymore

Kind of ruins the purpose of a coffee table doesn't it? 
That thing would get me locked up...because I would kill the first mother f&^*#r that put a glass/plate/cup/feet/whatever on it!  Bad idea!
Only use I can think of is at parties playing digitized versions of board games...

This was recently featured on Touch Of Modern. For $8000, no. where do I put my feet? What sitting position on the couch is actually comfy whole playing with this? Hunched forward? No thanks.
Wrote an article about this about a month ago! Multi touch surfaces will become the norm throughout the house!
Awesome!  We were just talking about the Microsoft Surface (Surface II) announcement the other day and someone mentioned that Microsoft renamed Surface to PixelSense.  Thanks for the heads up!  
It's good to know this project is still alive and well.  I look forward to the days when a tabletop surface type of computer is affordable to the masses.

At this point I think this technology will remain the novelty of the filthy rich that can afford real home theater systems with retractable projectors and THX certification.  But I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these in commercial venues like bars and restaurants.
u can do that wit a ipad table jus connect a ipod,iphone,or anything else wit a i
I would last about four minutes then my back would be killing me
Sure, but not the coffee table. Look at how awkwardly she's sitting trying to use the thing. 
It would be a great gaming/social structure. I seriously doubt it would be the "main" avenue to control everything as I think that direction is going to be on our wrists or in our pockets.
I don't have a coffee table.  I have an ottoman.  If I can't put my feet on it, then it's just an obstacle I don't need.
Not my coffee table they won't. The front of my refrigerator I can live with but hands off my coffee table.
Stupid question, but where would you then be able to put your coffee cup, or magazines??
No. Too uncomfortable to use and look at. People won't buy furniture with technology any more after dealing with outdated GPS in their car. When sitting on the sofa, we need somewhere to put our drink;not on a computer.
Alex, I'll take Microsoft fails again for $200
Just looks like a Microsoft Surface...err "PixelSense"(?) to me.
That is a good way to make some seriously angry people. 

For this example, I am going to use an example price of two grand because that is likely what this stupid thing will cost.

Families: Kid spills on it, tables hooped, out two grand

Teenagers/College Kids: One game of tippy cup or beer pong and this thing is done. Parents out two grand.

Old People: What the hell is this? how do I use it? I can't read this crap, give me a paper.

As far as I can see.....the only demographic this would apply to are mid twenties/ early thirties yuppies with too much money, pretty much anyone on those real housewives shows, CEO who wants a house out of vanilla sky, and total uncompromising nerds.
Am I missing something here? Why would anyone sit crouched awkwardly forward and watch down at their coffee table when they can lie on their couch and control their TV screen with their phone. Which is already here. Having a fancy coffee table will be a waste of money. Which a lot of people like to do, bit this will not become the "most important", and definitely not the most expensive piece of furniture. Does this guy own a furniture shop or what?
Looks pretty sweet!  But I actually put coffee on my coffee table, and all sort of liquids actually.  And I have a kid too.  So I'm thinking coffee + kids might not be such a good idea around one of these!
old news, that technology has been around already.. and yes you can pour liquids on it for about an hour.
Love the modern concept........ retro design??
Problems: not very ergonomic, and ceiling lights or a TV in front of the table will reflect in the surface of the table.
(presses coffee table)

"Who flushed the toilet!?"
With my two year old jumping around is not my choice...Our coffee table is where my little one do his little experiments with all his curiosities..I think Fridge would be an ideal place to control your room rather than coffee table..But then people have opinions.
But think of what will happen to the coffee table book industry!
Riiight. Where to plug it in?
$1000 says apple releases something like this in the future and calls it iTop.
Didn't Microsoft do this a few years ago and it really didn't take off?
Yes, because in the Real World, people have coffee tables that aren't covered with things... 
and then hire electricians like myself to make you an outlet to plug it into!!
No they won't. This is stupid. 
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Let's see what happens when you put your feet up on it
and then we spill coffee on it and a 10000 dollar piece of hardware is screwed
Pee Gee
What's next, the ceiling over the bed????  Completely unnecessary and stupid application of, "technology".
Haven't these been around for a few years now?
Not sure if this will be a main control. Why use something that big when right now it all fits in my pocket? Too expensive too! If I have a 40"+ tv with enough cpu power and that can be controlled with a small tablet-like device, why have something like this?
This must be a Microsoft promotion. Sorry Bill, it's the tablet with WiFi (ie: iPad). You got ti wrong and you cain't change that!
And where would we put our newspaper, junk mail, letters to be opened, phones, coasters, tissuebox and remote controls?  Horizontal surfaces will never work.  Vertical surfaces will ALWAYS be king.
just wait till I come into your house and spill coffee all over you and the amazing coffee table, we'll see how well it works after that
I think this lacks ambition. Why not cover every floor, ceiling, door and wall with this thing?
And then burn the house down.
This table is no more.
God bless
Star trek stuff - this maybe fun at office waiting rooms - but I don't see this in my house. 
First day i bring it home an someone puts a drink on it, and it spills. Money wasted 
+Daniel Carr I totally agree. Humans are just too prone to dropping whatever they are carrying on the nearest flat surface
Where do you set your drink? Around the edge and hope your children don't spill?
1-  My neck hurts enough from looking at books all day as it is.  The last thing I want to do is have to look down at something like this.  

2-  What good is a coffee table if you can't put your feet up on it?
Always?  Kinda short sighted.  Microsoft has been trying to get this mainstream for years now. 
I agree - wouldn't have in my house since already have so many devices, and heck...can plug in the iPad/iPhone to the big screen TV. But it would be nice in waiting rooms. Oh wait...I'm carrying that iPad/iPhone there, too ;)
U totally took that idea from me somehow
Don't let anybody do lines on that.....makes it easy to leave conversation starters and magazines on the table though
So then where the hell do people put their coffee?
I think most people would rather have a mobile device, but a table like this would do well if it had a protective cover that could slide over the screen when u don't have to touch it.....adjustable height and tilt and a wireless charge and sync pad on either side where u could drop your control tablet or any other mobile device.....

Link it to your home server and access to cloud as well I want one of those
Old news, but still a cool concept.  I'll be waiting on a table with open enough hardware to run linux before looking at them with any real interest, though.  A coffee table with an e17 interface and tabletop gaming apps... noms.
Is this a side-mounted camera or I'm just happy to see you?
Very cool! So looking forward to the future:)
the only thing this would be good for is card gaming, any other usages?
Why not make it into an interactive tabletop for bars and restaurants?
Looks awesome right up until the time someone drops a full cup of coffee right onto the display. How rugged is this?
mite need a neck brace um video glass would need a remote to telt my table with n ths coffey table would take ordear s. pivot it on gas ha ha coo. !
It wouldn't last a day in my house with my little son...:D
i saw that down town Seattle
Then it is no longer a "Coffee Table" but a control center.  I for sure would not put a coke, couple of cups of coffee and a plate of finger foods on THAT table.
+Alré Thomas the original purpose of the Surface technology was to provide a table top interface which is already in use in commercial venues with a better touch screen version of it.

Whether this will ever be practical for home use may be kind of a stretch but I can think of some really cool ways it could be used.

Imagine being able to pull out Monopoly just by swiping your hand over the interface and have the whole family gather around a life size game board and play without all of the mess of counting money and distributing tokens?  Well that's one killer application for it.  Just an example of how it could be used.

Again will anyone buy one of these just so they don't have to drag out the Monopoly from the closet and not have to clean it up afterwards?  That's mostly dependent on the price point.  

Since Microsoft is terrible at advertising I'd say it's very unlikely we'll see this in households anytime soon until a company like Apple finds a way to hype it up and get it into your living room.

Maybe with the most recent Surface II announcement, Microsoft is trying to prove that they can do exactly that.
I don't see this idea taking off. I do however see hologram displays that can be controlled with your hands. Like in that Ironman movie. Even voice commands have improved greatly with Google's voice recognition.
I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Steve Jobs had something like this in mind when he conceived of the new Apple TV.
The comments we are reading constitute a focus group for this technology. Folks should keep talking. What would we like to see? Size? Capability? Portability? Durability? Upgrade paths? Someone will extract this thread and use the conversation in design, no?
I wonder how it holds up to beer parties and dropped bowls of salsa and chips.
I would rather be able to just speak to control things. I would, however, like all tables and counters to have this technology. I can see myself looking up recipes and the news as I cook and the kids sitting at the table playing games while they wait. I would like to sit at the counter with my husband and drink a cup of coffee while we both read the news/articles on the counter. The coffee table is not a good idea. Not unless you like being hunched over. 

That is the future that is taking too long to get here. I was kind of hoping Android@Home would be the starting point, but that seems to have fizzled out. I'm all for having a connected, automated, information always at my fingertips home. 
it would never work here. It's the wrong angle/seating position for work (put it on a draughtsman's drawing board and we are talking) and it's a coffee table. Ours is forever covered in stuff, wine glasses, books etc. Most of us would then need a second coffee table as well as our screen. What works well in exhibitions and office receptions is seldom a good idea at home :)
It looks stunning but what advantage does this technology offer over a smart phone or tablet which could do all the same things anywhere in or out of the house?
Umm Ms already moved on. Surface is now a tablet, not a table.
Already being used at some Hilton's i think.
Didn't microsoft launch this 5 years ago?
That is really awesome where do you get that from
SWEET! I would TOTALLY have a blast playing games with my family or discussing the newest manuscript in my writers group. Oh is it pressure sincitve? I could totally sit around doing and cratiqing digital art with my child...Oh the possibilities. Not sure how I like the smart house idea though.
One question - televisions have had vertical screens for 60+ years and no-one has found a reason to have one horizontal - why would this be any different?  Especially when smart TVs now react to hand movements so interaction doesn't require any change in posture and more people can view at once. A gimmick at best, an expensive waste of time more likely.
I just saw the table. Was looking at the girl's legs for a while and missed it. 
1. make it into an office desk - not a coffee table - what were they thinking?
2. invent a special pinch gesture to make a 'coaster circle' appear. (of course +George Takei will say you saw this on Start Trek First, bitches!)  BTW it's Tuesday in Australia, where are you George!?
thats not a coffee table anymore, you put a cup of coffee on that, it'll turn into the most dangerous and expensive spill/stain of your life
that is genius. i want one! How much?
id hardly ever leave my house if this was sitting in my living room
Megan G
Microsoft Surface coffee table!
too bad some people have kids eh
Didn't this use to be called Surface a couple years ago? I think I remember someone doing a presentation in college about it
I think this is a ploy to make men use coasters. Well played clean freaks, well played.
"Coffee table"? We need to come up with a new name. Anyone sets any kind of a cup, glass, etc. on this mine and I kick them out of the house. don't even think about putting your feet up on it either. It isn't an Ottoman. You know, the more I think about this the more I think this is just the wrong angle for the whole thing. It will cause neck and back problems due to the way you would interact with it, and the viewing angle would have to be really wide for it to work at all. I think I would stick with a regular table.
Who tought a flatscreen and a computer would make the perfect furniture item in the for Mr. Bill Gates
Imagine playing playing HD games like NOVA 3, Modern Combat 3, Asphalt 7, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Space, etc... Drinking a cup of coffee just became more entertaining lol... Advancement of technology...
Its getting BIGGER (...thats what she said)
Wow you made an IPad really big and added legs.. Innovative , next thing they will come up with is one that hangs on a wall.....
I like Samsungs idea with the screen in the window better. Just use your kitchen window as a screen, f.e. to control your house and check the weather. And watch your favorite show while you're cooking or video chat while you're making lunches for the kids or while you clean up the dinner mess. That's the way to go, not a coffee table.
If I have a table, I want 3D holograms on it, like in StarWars. =P
something to control the house in your fingertips cool
Don't think it will.  The ergonomics kind of suck.  You can only reach the area near you comfortably, and have to do the toilet hunch the whole time.  Also, the fear of spillage.  And a cord coming from my table?  No.  This is a stupid idea that will never happen. 
Aslo who thought we would buying furniture from Microsoft and Mac.
completely disagree that it will be a central part of anything but a small tiny subset of homes.  Last thing I'd want to do is have to go back to some stationary object in one particular room of the house, bend over, and etc - just to do something I'm already doing on my phone, ipad, etc.  Home automation is already pretty simple through android/iphone apps - the landscape of a coffee table isn't necessary.  Nevermind that most coffee tables are for things to be put on (be they a magazine, coffee, feet, etc) - which would play quite a lot of havok on a touch-screen.  Much rather just hve a couple floating tablets, and then a station that is actually eye-level for those occasional tasks where the area on my phone screen isn't enough.  I can't imagine anyone with kids using such a thing, nor anyone who is elderly, nor anyone who likes to put their feet or coffee on the coffee table, nor....
Somehow, I just can't see how one is going to comfortably have sex on one of those.
I don't think I can ever put my coffee cup on that table
i like it!!!
its really amazing to see that iPad in the coffe table!!..its really big!!
next generation samsung will make iPad it!
Neel K.
Lol yeah why call it a coffee table.... To spill it? Haha
Neel K.
To spill coffee that is
So when did Stark release the mico Arc reactor to power that beast. I am betting maybe 1 in 10000 homes has an outlet under the coffee table
oh yeah, centering our lives around a 18" tall surface isn't going create an epidemic of bad posture...  ;)
Just don't drop your coffee cup on it.  
Would epic for epic Family Monopoly Game
For all those who say they wouldn't like it, remember when Google announced their intention of developing smartphone operating system a lot of people said it was stupid and they wouldn't buy it. I know some of these people and most of them wont go back to Apple. After it takes off and you see it in a store you'll likely want one just like most people. But, some of you wont. That's the nature of free thinking.
Oh that $10,000 piece of shit Microsoft Surface.....which retard bought this in 2008 when it came out!!!!
dont be silly.  we can now make flexible screens and on shirts.  water is not a problem.
The coffee table will cost as much as the wall mount I use right now.  The Market Will Demand Options.  Don't lie to me.  It's wrong.
Think truly bad ergonomics!
Yeah, this won't happen. Mostly because coffee tables are just too damageable. People fall on them, spill stuff on them, drop stuff on them, put drinks on them, etc. I consider it a vulnerable piece of furniture. The core of the home would most likely be mounted on a wall. One could fall into a wall, but probably wouldn't at the height such a device should be mounted. They'd have to be thrown. Not many people throw stuff at walls, put drinks on walls, etc.
This just isn't practical.
I would like to have the original multitouch table: The Microsoft Surface 2.0 in my home but those things are so expensive.
and Pac-Man/Galaga will be cool again...maybe even Centipede...
Omg that is a coffee table I would want for my house!!
I was ready when Microsoft advertised their Surface table years ago. Too bad they never marketed that to the public, enterprise platforms.
Sorry. Bad idea. Neck strain, to big, and where will the coffee go? Defeats the purpose of a coffee table. Put all that into a watch and you'll have people hooked. Really, it isn't a good idea.
Gracy M
Its good to tap the coffee table to get a coffee machine in the kitchen to make a cup of coffee 
Be great for a graphics tablet
Where is Matt Foley when you need him.
You could nearly already have this by just mounting your tv on a table and putting glass over it or something.
Bill probably got one in every room already... this is nothing new.
Neck strain makes this a non-starter. Make it a coffee table with a 45 degree slant ... andbit isn't a coffee table anymore.
i like the Surface project. A coffee table is indeed a good place for a collaborative or solo interactive computing platform because you usually have seats around it and, if you love your coffee, gets a lot of mileage. 
+Matt Grimmett MS has been working on this for many years. In fact, they originally called it Surface PC. Sound familiar? lol...
And this 'controls' the house... hmmm seeing a problem when the kids figure out how it works and start reeking havoc with it :/
That is a pretty solid idea.
cool and stupid because what happens when it breaks down will your house break down too
That big screen makes me think of war-planning tables. It would make me want to play Risk on it.
Intrusting even better saving trees but..will it be part of the house bill?
They have had this technology years ago, they were just waiting for the right time to implement it.
make one that can convert from flat to a slant and you've got it
what a load of about this for an idea a screen in the toilet so you can cut the middle man out and flush it direct... :>)
Lana C
When can I get one!? :D
Awesome,I m Ready for- the - smart - coffee - table
Very cool, but who's going to put a cup of coffee on a supercomputer?
now i can just flush the toilet in the dining room without having to walk all the way back and flush it THIS IS AWESOME
Why?  They can make your cell phone do all that
I've seen the prototyped windows touch table. They are unique but don't have an applicable purpose to everyday living at this point. +sam czaja you're able to set your drink on the device.
Sure looks like a lot of back problems from trying to look at it.
Where is the Hologram table? That would make it better.
Coffee tables are for people who can't dance, so they need something to fill up all that space in their living room.
Giant on a table iPad :D
What happens if you spill something on the dang thing?
I remember when Microsoft used to call that Surface computing. It appears they jumped ship.
Um, that's okay, I'd rather put stuff ON my coffee table.

I'll stick to controlling the house with my phone someday, or a tablet.
I've been playing with Msft Surface 2.0 and the technology is quite impressive. 
Already (sortof) exists. Its called Microsoft Surface (V1, not the new tablet). It was released back in 2010 but had little success. I bet if Apple makes one, the world will trip over it's heals to get one!
If that coffee table was mine, i'll sit there all day....
Sounds good in concept, but if I can't put my feet on it... it won't be going in my house.
What happens when you spill coffee on it?
Fahrenheit 451: EVERY FLAT SURFACE will be part of the system.
Great! We will have yet more brain dead zombies.
Ooh, another new and very expensive thing we get to buy to make ourselves look better than our neighbours! <crabs credit card>
Yeah Command & Conquer would be awesome on that thing.
Is it waterproof hell, my friends don't even respect wood!
And the best thing?  We get to complete the circle, go back to the 80's style video arcade and play space invaders on a table!
I can feel my RSI's getting worse just looking at it!
This is wrong.  We are moving away from a centralized "computer".  There will be huds that you can call up on demand, whether in your house or outside to control whatever you have access to.

Sorry if I'm repeating something someone else said, but there are 450 comments and I can't wade through them.
Preferably not positioned in front of the TV, if not, no one will be watching the TV.....
Why would anyone want to do this?  An iPad can already do 100% of what this might ever be able to accomplish, it's available now, cheap, durable and portable.
While neat, the ergonomics are all wrong.  Show me an average height woman (like her) reaching the items on the opposite side of the table.  Its also the wrong angle.  Coffee table interfaces will have to be 3D holographic and personalized with mid-air motion control to be functional, not glorified tablets.
This is very cool - I was thinking of something very much like this a few days ago (while at my kitchen table) where most of the table surface was a computer screen, different people around the table could interact with the computer that controlled the table (a 4 to 8 core system) and people could push what they were working on to other people around the table so documents and files would glide across the table's surface to where others had their own virtual workstations.
Would b A WASTE OF SPACE, TABLET PC all z way.
no thanks lol my coffee table ended up broken and i dont need that happening to a multitouch computer tablet
It has a certain cool factor no doubt, like the automatic syncing and charging of mobile devices, or playing a board game with the family. It seems very uncomfortable for surfing the web. All in all it doesn't really do any one thing better than devices we already have, and really comes off as an answer looking for a problem. It isn't fulfilling a need anyone has and I smell a flop. 
Anyone with a toddler knows this is a terrible idea.
Where's the joy-stick?
I just reliese take coffei very better to my mind
Given the right tools,tech & know how you could probably build this yourself @ home given the right tech , tools & know how ...
wow! have to get 1 of that.
How many people will trip on the unsightly power cords that will be running across the floor. 
The future my dear is just unpredictable. The coffee table? I hope it will never will dissapear! If it will, i hope a MAC will be on it!
I wish this table will make coffee for me ;)
it will be multi function. E.g.bookreading or baca al-quran is look more comfortable
Remember when the big idea was to do this with your fridge?
I Love The Creativity, But Technology Will End Up Being A Plague To Humanity. What's Next?
Wait till you try to put your feet up on it
Thought Microsoft traded the table "Surface" for a little tablet?
this is great, and i think it would do well on the market with high tec couples who have just sent their last kid to college...  that way they dont have any klutzes spilling liquid on it...  myself included....  :P
now they need to go from this to a system built into your house where u can pull up an interactive hologram projection that u can interact with by a complex series of laser connections like in your classic garage door, that will tell it where you are clicking so that you can pull up the internet in any room of your house, for example.  rather like in star wars 4 i think?
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Coolio!!! I want one of those!!!!!
Is this a Gigantic Electronic Tablet shaped as a table.That's cool but big.It must cost a fortune.
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