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Has the zombie thing jumped the shark?

Or does this make you want to go bowling?

These hand spray-painted zombie bowling balls were created by artist Oliver Paass that look like cut-off heads.

Here comes the video!

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For me, zombies jumped the shark years ago. I tell ya. Nothing gets me going like the thought of shooting corpses!
The "zombie thing" had been going on since people started telling stories. It's never over, it only rises, falls and sometimes shows up in new forms.
ewwwwww.... and.... bwwahhhh....
Let's hope so. I see a zombie Fonzie on water skis. You make the call.
..planning on showing this to a friend of mine who bowls...he already has one of the clear ones with a fake skull in it..this would be a neat addition..
Pretty twisted.....I like it!
I must be misunderstanding what 'jumping the shark' means...I don't think a genre/creature can technically jump the shark.
I love that awesome gruesome bowling ball.
Both zombies and ninjas have jumped the shark.
squeamish, never got on board the zombie bus
lol.. I don't even like putting my fingers into my own nose...
Never heard of anyone that hates bowling. Such a harmless activity lol. 
Kay Bo
great idea - good paint job!
its kind of funny because zombies are already dead
That's the best thing I've seen all week!
like a zoobie from the grveyard
If only it could glow in the dark, right?
C Bear
Awesome details, love the mouth.
For its fans I don't think that's possible.
no interest in zombies but that's some cool artwork!!
That's a great bowling ball! George Bush would look better.
Night of the Living Dead b&w version will still scare the crap out of you,even to this day.
Zombies aren't going anywhere,like Vampires and Werewolves.
Although it is time for Frankenstein to make a come back!!
+Mike Elgan zombies fill a void in a politically correct and sensitive world. They are in human form, so fit bad guy roles that normal humans once filled. But they do it without worry of offending anyone. They can the be the enemy, feared, hated, mocked, killed, etc. Zombies didn't become popular by chance.
Gruesome!!! Can we get those custom made?
Wow i think those are amazing. I want one of those
omg!! >.< lol I'd never own one of those, but it's quite creative and talented!
Kara O.
Zombies FOREVER!
Zombies are definitely saturating the landscape but by no means jumped the shark!
Nice! That would be fun at black light bowling night.
Tom Ho
Pretty creative. I want to stick my fingers up some Zombie nostrils and roll the head down to crash into some pins.
would be cooler if your own face could be on there.
I wish there were bowling balls like that where I live. The person who created it must of been in a good mood when he/her thought of that.
Thats the weirdest bowling ball ive ever seen.Pretty cool though i want one so i can stick my fingers up a zombies nose wherever i go
wow that is creepy hands down!!!!!!!
Ash ley
I don't understand the obsession with "zombies"
zombies have become a metaphor for the people who go through life like automatons without thinking or giving attention to anything (aka most of the US). also it's fun :P
The Vampire trend ran it's course, and the Zombie one will eventually run out steam as well, it's just going to take a little time.
It would be cool if you could make a custom ball by sending in pix of the head you want to be zombified.
It's creepy and awesome at the same time :-)
Sorry dear but verry bad sine [ think to carime ]
yikes... and I thought he was just trying to pick his nose... yuck
ssssssssssssssss koi h !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its weird but kool at the same time
very very creative.... n scary :-)
haha thats the coolest thing iv seen in a long time
That's a little disturbing.. but....nice creativeness.........!
It makes me want to go
I'm absolutely no fan of Horror but I have to say I like this guy's creative flair. I would buy one less horrific of course...dolphins, rainforest, beach :)
Jay Tee
Holy **.....I'd definitely buy one and bowl the hell out. LOL
Where can I get a bowling ball like that
Mg Shi>>>>
The concept and art aspect of it is nice, but it's not the bowling ball I'd prefer to use.
That would put you right off your game but how cool is it anyway!
awsome idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two words, "Zombie CSI" (ok, one word and an abbreviation) or "Law and Order: Zombie apocalypse"
Nice! More »harmed« balls instead of harmed people!
Definitely there's a shock value to it that'll either distract your opponents or just put them off their game altogether.
Intentional or not, I must say NICE!
Ooohh nOoo he have no marcy????

Just a bit disturbing.
Coolest looking bowling ball ever
an var
hello pooja
hi vrushali...nice 2 see another punekar commenting here
Most definitely jumped the shark. Gross!!
This are kinda grosse but at the same time are pretty awesome.
das ist sehr schon, It is very good
I agree. This ball might even make bowling fun.
Very cool. If I were a bowler I would definitely want one!
this makes me want to have such a bowling ball~ lol
I'm still a fan of the genre when it's done right. But i'm having a hard time being excited about since it's so mainstream now. The bowling ball is a great piece of art. Hell i wish i could have done it. But thats another example of sparkly horror.
mizo nih hi ava nuam tak em!
Heck, if I could get that ball I might start bowling!
The artists should partner with a bowling ball company and sell these commercially.
Where do Zombies bowl? "LLLAAAAAAaaaaaaaaannneeessssss"
This will be stopped by Chinese goverment!太不和谐了!
feeling bad
some days you feel like the bowler and some days you feel like the ball-ouch!
Looks crazy,but like especially when u pretend its the one u dislike...jajajaja
very nice picture good
i like your photo grhapi
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