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Should movie makers keep improving old movies, or just make new ones?

Don't you find it annoying when directors keep updating and improving on old movies? Titanic, which wasn't filmed as a 3D movie, has now been 3Dified.

The Godfather trilogy has been digitally remastered, and was sent out for a limited release in theaters.

And, of course, George Lucas can't stop tinkering with his old Star Wars movies.

Shouldn't they just move on, and make new movies instead?
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The two actions aren't mutually exclusive.
there out of original thought, there all about the money...
Dearth of fresh ideas in the movie making biz.
It's refreshing when someone creates something not from the same Shake'NBake idea recirculation box.
Holywood has gone green: they don't make it with new ideas, they recycle instead.
Remastering is fine for filmakers, as a weekend project, but for Heaven's sake, get some new original ideas!
They should improve the new ones.... especially their plot
New movies.Be creative Filmmakers.
LOL!!! Excellent so original!
They need to create new, inspiring films that take a genre to new heights. Hollywood's getting lazy with turning books into blockbusters and less than stellar sequels.
This reminds me of the point that is frequently raised when discussing reforming the duration of copyright rights. We've reached a point now where some of these "creators" feel entitled to just keep receiving infinite amounts of money for the thing they produced several decades ago rather than any need to produce anything new. And the culture is less-rich for it. This is just another manifestation of the same underlying attitude towards living off the past.
Well, arguably Cameron has done new stuff. He's invented cameras for the industry with the making of Avatar. I think we can forgive him tinkering with the most profitable movie of all time.

However, Hollywood is full of people who are living in the past. They are clueless individuals who do not read, do not study, do not even venture into technology. They are so self-centered, thinking the whole world revolves around their beauty and fame that they cannot fathom a new concept unless it's a guaranteed moneymaker.

Independent filmmakers are different. That is where all the new stories lie. It's just the way it's been, for quite awhile now.
Make new movies! But it would be great if they've 3Dified really good movies like titanic!
I'm fine with remastering older movies for new technologies. I'd like to see Titanic on Blu-Ray (3D I couldn't care less about). Changing the story/scenes within a movie isn't cool.
I don't think it's a lack of new ideas, I think it's the exec's being terrified of failure and not letting anything new get made. They know they'll make money rehashing old favorites so that's what they keep doing.
Film critic Stephen Whitty said it best, when he said that it's not the good films which need to be remade!

I took his quote to mean, there may be little a remake does to improve a good film. On the other hand, some bad films may be unsalvageable.

Overall, I think Hollywood has become so eager for a "sure moneymaker" and so timid, they think the only solution is to release remakes. On the other hand, adding 3D might help some films. But it reminds me of the record-to-tape-to-CD and VHS-to-DVD-to-BluRay rat-race which annoys customers.
not sure if you noticed the Hollywood trend of the past 8 years or so but they've stopped making new movies. They make remakes of films from a few years ago. They make English versions of international films.They make sequels. NOTHING new.Hollywood has been bankrupt of ideas for a long time.
Fear of failure can prevent small failures, but also ultimately lead to large ones.
Don't worry +Elle Gray Everyone else liked it too, look at the money it made.

People who bash it now are just being hipster, because it's cool to hate what everyone loves ;)
I don't blame them for re-releasing the titanic. There is a lot of money to be made. The 3D aspect is a pure gimmick but I think a lot of ppl want to see this film again just for the nostalgic part of it. (Back on the big screen).
And it's not like they won't make new good movies because they are all busy with converting old movies to 3D.
I think digitally remastering may be one thing but making new cuts of movies over and over is ridiculous.

Presenting the New, Definetely Ultimate Version of the Director's Cut.
I can kind of understanding re-releasing Titanic on the 100th anniversary of the event on which it's based. But overall yes, there does seem to be a dearth of creativity coming out of Hollywood these days.
Yes. I believe they should stop with the "re-imagining" of the old stuff, and show us if they can still be creative with something new.
The problem is that, even when they make a new movie, it is often not new. It is a redo of a cartoon series, a retread of a 30 year old successful one or yet another unnecessary sequel to something that started off so well.

The problem is that the idea is no longer just to make movies. It is to make boring people wearing suits happy. Business backing has always been needed but now the backers are in charge of yet another industry they can't begin to comprehend.
Well, movie makers should be free to do whatever they can do best and people are willing to pay for. If there is a market for it, it proves that tinkering with existing work is fine. Otherwise they will be just wasting a pile of money.
It's normal that creators that already ran off their steam will default to squeezing whatever they have done in the past. And others with an eye for profit may find that with just a little extra investment they can get extra milk of an old cash cow.
As it is normal that people who have fresh ideas will want to play with them.
depends on the movie but it's like what happened when Ted Turner started colorizing movies. it's a step up for some and for others no
There really does appear to be a startling dearth of originality.
Yes, they should move on and make new movies. That said, they should move older movies to digital format just to ensure continued availability. I don't know if is apocryphal or not, but there were those stories about how the original Star Wars film had degraded significantly before restoration efforts were made. We don't need re-releases, but it would be nice to preserve older movies in a viewable format.
When was the movie industry ever about anything but making money? If they can recycle their tired old crap to the masses.. why would they bother being innovative and original? Same goes for T.V. The crap that is on there today compared to years ago you can thank the writers guild strikes for. The networks realized they could put crap out there for cheaper than almost anything else they did (read: reality T.V.).

These are the same people who are trying to litigate or legislate the consumer to hell rather than try and come up with a better way to monetize their products. Hand in hand with the morons running the music industry.

A little less psychopathy and a little more creativity is required. In most fields these days I would guess. The nature of capitalism?
I don't mind when they remake films, as long as they improve upon the original... or at least keep it the same quality while making it more modern. I'm OK with the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair, for example. And Al Pacino's Scarface was so good that everyone forgets that there was a 1932 original. But Tim Burton needs to be reincarcerated so that he did to Willie Wonka - taking an awesome classic and making it... creepy!
It's probably been mentioned, but Hollywood is too huge nowadays. With films costing tens of millions, and summer blockbusters easily approaching 100+ million Hollywood is not taking any chance on different films, they need something that will recoup the cost and then some...hence, sequels and remakes.

What's worse are the shady bookkeeping practices and exorbitant amounts required to actors, plus marketing, leading to some situations where movies that surpass their budget still don't make a profit.
People can complain all they want, but new, original movies ARE being released. Inception was a remarkable movie, and just last year Chronicle proved it can do something different with the 'found footage' genre. The next original movie I'm looking forward to is Cabin in the Woods. Let these directors mess with the classics as much as they want, there are plenty of other movies out there to enjoy.
Without sounding like the old dude on the corner screaming "You kids get off my lawn!", it seems real creativity in movies is more infrequent than in the past. So many of the movies now are heavily dependent on CGI and not quality writing. If Godfather was written today there would be slow-motion multi-angle spatter shots of all the hits in the film and less devotion to character development and scripting. There is also a lot of pure laziness. I mean Charlies Angels II WTF? The TV show was mediocre at best but did it warrant the making of two movies? There are still great movies being made but it seems that the vast majority are independent films ala "Fargo" "The Usual Suspects" et al.
+Tim Witters if you look at my dvd collection you will mostly find "uncommercial" movies. Most of them were probably flops at the box office. But I am aware that they probably exist because others made the money that allowed producers to invest in other projects without worrying about money.
And although I regret that we waste so much of our efforts into stuff just because there is a public, and seemingly no other redeeming feature, I must be tolerant to other people's choices, just as I hope they accept mine.
So, to answer your comment, following the money is not my choice, but that wasn't Mike's question.
For me, Titanic is an overvalued movie. It isn't even the best of 1997, despites their Oscars. I prefer Good Will Hunting, L.A. Confidential, The Fifth Element, The Game, Boogie Nights, Gattaca, MIB, Con Air, As good as it gets, Full Monty, Donnie Brasco, Face/Off, The Ice Storm, Life is beautiful, Mad city...
i do wish they would stop recreating all these old flicks, at least do sequels or something, remake after remake after remake, barf, and they keep going further and further back, Three Stooges, really,
New movies....they need too get off their assess and create new thought provoking ideas and stop rippling of foreign films and rebranding those same films as original ideas.
i don't mind remastering but don't make it 3D and don't add new scenes.
Greg M
The reason they keep updating their old movies is that people continue to buy them on DVD/ Blu-Ray.
It's a classic problem a lot of Directors face, a weird film thing you'd have to have directed a film to really understand. All my time in independant film and I've come across SEVERAL directors who have this problem.

Ideally, you make a film once, close the doors on it and leave it alone and move on but some can't seem to switch off the post production process and move on.
New movies! I think we have a lot more creativity and nice art to share!!
In all seriousness, there is hope for the film industry. Chris Nolan is the first person to spring to mind. Well, him and his brother. Memento was a great ride, and Inception is arguably one of the best films of the last couple of decades.
I don't mind if the studios digitally re-master the movies since film does degrade over time. But only as long as they limit themselves to cleaning it up. The Star Wars special editions were a great example of that, George Lucas' plot tinkering aside.
That video is superb. Sums up my feelings. I don't have a problem with them doing it, as long as the original is still accessible. For example, George Lucas remaster is a major pain because you can't buy the original on Blu-Ray. With 3D, the 2D versions are still readily accessible.
I don't think changing a 2D movie into 3D necessarily qualifies as an update and I certainly don't believe it is an improvement.
We'll know the moviemakers are out for a buck if they announce 2 more films, Olympic and Britannic, describing the stories of the Titanic's 2 sister ships which were launched before and after it.
the question is irrelevant. as long as people go, the studios will continue to do it.
According to Newsweek, the first film about the Titanic came out 29 days after the disaster. So, there have been quite a few films made since then on this subject!
Only remake the crappy stuff to make it better... don't remake the movies we all love like 'Foot Loose!' that was a mistake!....
OH MY GOD IM IN LOVE WITH TITANIC! Who wants to see the movie with me over break!!!??????????
Your question makes the incorrect assumption that a remake somehow does improve the old movie or television show. If a program is good, there is no way a remake can improve on it. If it is bad, why would anyone want to waste time seeing it again? Either way, it should not be remade, even by the original maker.

Hollywood has run out of original ideas, and they've run out of money. Their bet is that in the rush to take our children to see the movies we grew up with, the movie will make its money back, a "guaranteed best seller". This is why I have largely stopped going to movies.
I think movie makers should just make their own movies; remaking a movie is almost a waste of time, the first one was a hit, and the second one probably won't be as good, or make as much profit. It annoys me to see movies being remade all the time.
I'm not against all remakes...but it seems like Hollywood has gone crazy for them because of the risk involved in creating a new concept. And, I am very, very against tinkering and "improving" on an existing movie. It's fine with me if they release an extended version (like Lord of the Rings) but not if they go in and add Darth yelling.
You answered your own question. If they are improving movies then, of course, they should keep re-making them.
Remastering is a little different than remaking, then they are doing the equivelant of cleaning an old painting so that the original color and visual intentions come through.
I'll go see it anyway........good movie.
I haven't seen the real thing , but I wanna see this ! :)
i wanna see titanic soon, i hope i dont cry
shows a lack of ideas and talent

not to mention a lack of courage.
you will ALWAYS cry each time you watch this movie. But ,not always in the same spot. :(..
Why take a chance on an unproven plot and the expense of making a new movie when you can re-release a movie that did well the first time around? People will give you money to see it again!
I don't see the different it's just forces on person but backgrowund is bleewy.. but i love them as same.
New ones. We need movies that my kids can grow up with. Not remakes of movies I've already seen as a child. That's my small opinion. :P
Hollywood has run out of ideas.. ...the new Three Stooges Movie is such a slap in the face to the classic Stooges... and I hate the idea of rehashing classics.... Hollywood has zero new ideas..
Remakes can be a great thing, if they add to the original. They sadly don't do in most cases.
We are a race of storytellers... .there is some repetition that's GOING to happen. However I'll admit there is a fine line between retelling a story and FIDDLING with a story. And this is not to say I don't want new stuff either:)
Although I think there is no harm in making the previous work even better, I really think movie makers should focus their creativity and energy in new productions. As a consumer most probably I won´t expend my money on those movies again.
Well, won't our friends laugh at us if we watch old fart movies? Nah, it's cool to watch the in thing and it also garuntees the producers that it will make good money as it was successful and since it's a better remake, there's no way it could not work!
I don't really mind watching old remakes of what-I-didn't-or-haven't-watched-before-hand. If they'd let me watch the remake for free because I had paid them good money for something that was to be good, a remake or two isn't bad at all.
I'd like to see Avatar reworked with an intriguing story.
Reminds me of years ago when they thought colourizing old movies would be the next big thing. As it is, there already seem to be signs that the public is growing weary of 3D and the studios price gouging. Honestly, how many DVD versions of the same movie do they think we will buy? (Probably more than you're willing to admit?)
Lol I LOVE Titanic n cant wait to see it in 3D
I don't think people should remake classic movies or the movies that suck, because in the end both of those movies suck.
make new ones.... if i wanted to watch old movies, I'll go on netfilix
Yes movie makers should make new movies but remaking is a great way to keep old movies alive. maybe they just shouldn't make such a big deal about them. remaking would be okay if they where just simply sold instead of taking up all the movie theaters. :-/
the best option would be "both", ideally. possibly it would be looked at as "old and new" "splashing together harmoniously". there really isn't much to "grasp" as far as new "ideas" or "the basic elements of story" - however, the way a person or a team presents these will or can always be new, fresh and unique. then, when this becomes a shared experience this can become really amazing.
There still is some air in this "new technology"so the market absorbs it. But after a while it will shorten up. At least I hope so!
yes. yes they should make new movies
First, they have to improve the old movie. They have yet to do that....
Its the same movie if its old dont put it in the movies again.
Going back to the original comment by +Corina Iane , the studios really are making new films too. And there are creative and imaginative films made. The problem is, it's the trite ones that get hyped in the TV commercials and are very prevalent at the multiplex.
Jimmie Kimmel had a great trailer replaying all the typical themes, in Movie, the Movie. In about 9 minutes, it covers all the familiar themes from action to romance to sports etc. (You can view the entire trailer on YouTube.)
I literately just had this conversation moments before I saw this post, Lucas is milking his cash cow to death, leave the movies alone, they are part of our culture and history, if you must screw with them leave the originals alone for those that loved them to watch unedited. Star Wars (Originals) were 3 of my favorite movies but now they have been reedited so many times they are unwatchable to me now. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Some young people don't have a chance to see the old ones
I didn't like the 3d one. I am a fan of the old version!
how about they just recycle the old ideas into new movies and make sequel after sequel and prequels... ooh plus reboots.
What annoys me: People failing to have creativity and are merely money whoring. What annoys me more: People Fall for evil peoples money whoring!
I think improving old movies is fine, to a point. 3D-ifying a movie which you have no original 3D data for is thick, you should leave that alone, but taking the masters of an older movie, which are always going to be at a higher quality than they were released at, so rereleasing them at a higher quality (say, the original release was at 480p but the masters were recorded at 1080p, so the rerelease is at that higher resolution) is fine.

Changing things in the movie, like an actor or props, years after the fact, is just plain stupid (hear that George?) and will earn ya no points. I still have my VHS Star Wars, and cbf buying the dvd or blu-ray just to have Darth Vader have a different face!
Leo T
They do make new movies. And if the market couldn't support the remastering and re-releasing of old movies then they wouldn't do it. Find something else to complain about asshole.
I got no problem with updating new movies, but I dont find a reason to put them back in theaters. If they are going to do this then they should give out promotional stuff that goes along with the remastered version. You know, some incentive to waste to to see this movie. Maybe a 3D poster for a 3D movie. Yeah that sounds cool.
I dont have a problem with old movies being remastered. I do have a problem with those movies being released in theaters again. Why not just release them on blu ray,dvd or digital downloads?
New ones only! I'm sick of the classic horror movies being trashed by the current directors.
They should stop while their ahead, trying to improve a classic or hit movie is just lack of their imagination and cockiness on thinking they can do better than the original director, stop the stupidity and just move in to the next best thing....
Best. Movie. Ever. Right there!!!
this my febreta movie frind.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahah!! Is this for real?! Gotta watch it if it is.
reminds me of Jake the Dog from Adventure Time
well i don't mind 3Dfying a movie if it has anything 3Dish in it. Titanic had that quality to be upgraded into 3D. Although I wouldn't mind even if Kate couldn't cry 3D tears on a dead Jack.. oh God! that scene gives me the kicks!
its very romantic movie big big thanks for james camron
I honestly dont see the point in the remaking it better and better. when they make a film it is done for a reason at that time, not to keep getting updated over and over again then there is no age or purpose, or even meaning to it, plus the fact they are wasting time and money which could be spent in different places like the really needful charities at the bottom of the list, they are tthe ones who put their time and effort into what they do with no recognition for the cause ........
They can't make new movies, it'd be a breach of copyright. The industries shooting itself in the foot by asking for more copy protection.
+Darrel Sadanand You're right about that. Did you know that making circular movement with your hand next to a camera is copyrighted? Some guy patented that hundred years ago, when it was used to actually power the camera. So if you make a circular movement with your hand (like cranking the camera or your own brain) in proximity to your digital camera or even the phone (Google is fighting that patent in the court now to avoid paying at least that, as they have to pay to Apple and Microsoft for patents of such integrity), you have to pay royalties to the family of the late representative of the late person that patented that?
Mia G
It would make movies more interesting if they didn't keep remaking old movies. I would like to see an original idea in a new movie for a change, one that isn't based on a book or a true story, or even an old movie. I would definitely go see a movie like that. :)
Simply they can't come up with enough ideas. And since the people are paying to see remakes of movies... If nobody was paying for remakes nobody would be making remakes...
Box office dollars decide that. People keep coming back for more. Also remember you have a new generation that never heard of the movie, they want 3D
Yeah, only "the good' die young, huh?
I'm waiting for the 2050 remake of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. NUKING THE FRIDGE IN HOLO-VISION AND DOLBY SURROUND SOUND EAR IMPLANTS!
Its not just 3D, its SUPER 3D!!!
Keith B
Crap in 3d is still crap.
Is it the movie makers fault for not having fresh ideas and remaking old films, or the viewing public going to see the remakes?
hahahahahaha awesome movie!!!!!
I mean, the source is financial, obviously. If we keep buying movies that they remake, then they will keep making them. Pretty simple...
Now we finally get to feel how fat Kate was, 3 dimension-ally, when she let Leo drown.
I finally saw The Titanic. It was great.
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