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How to get back up when you've fallen down on the moon.

If you ever find yourself falling down on the moon in a bulky, 70s-era spacesuit, you might take some pointers from astronaut Charlie Duke on how to get back up.

Here's how to bunny hop: Bunny hopping on the Moon

Actually, the best way to get around is on a dune buggy: Moon Car Rover Running on Surface

(Props to Reddit. Charlie Duke on the moon )
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What? No LifeAlert? LOL

Great share Mike, Thanks..
+Mike Elgan Thank you for getting the verse to Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" stuck in my head....

" I get knocked down, but I get up again - You're never gonna keep me down "
Nice images about human being, something so simple on the Earth but so difficult on the Moon.
This is certainly a side of the moon landing we don't get to see very often ;-) What does he say during this clip? Explaining what he's doing, explaining his predicament? Sounds like a bit of a chuckle at the end.

[I can't hear.]
It seems that Jack Schmitt fell down enough on the Apollo 17 mission that at one point Mission Control called him "Twinkle Toes" and asked his fellow astronaut to help him with his bag of moon rocks.
Has this been trolled yet? Not about moon hoax but for jamming his "penetrometer" deep into Luna's sweet bosom?
An even better video is the one of the astronaut punching the moon landing skeptic in the face.
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Él está besando el suelo después de un viaje muy largo
He's fallen and he can't get up.... except he can... :)
+Cindy Brown

Guy on radio: Hey, John. While you're sampling there, you might look around and see if you see any of that vesicular basalt.
John Young: That's what I'm a looking for.
Radio: Good show. I told them you were.

[Charlie leans on the penetrometer to drive it into the ground, but then loses his balance and falls]
Charlie Duke: Oops! [Catches himself] Okay.

Radio: We see that one went all the way in.

[Charlie starts trying to get back up]

Duke: Not quite.

[Spends a good few seconds trying to get back on his feet]

Duke: But there it is, all but about 5 inches.
Radio: Okay.
Duke: That one was smooth.
Radio: Okay and John, stand by for a feedwater tone.
Young: Just got it!

Radio: How's that?
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